Zeller leads No. 1 Washington past No. 2 Princeton

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Washington’s Cody Zeller meets with the media following the Hatchets’ 65-62 overtime win over Gary Lew Wallace in the 2010 Class 3A state championship game. Photo by Inside the Hall.

Throughout the season, Inside the Hall will keep you posted on how 2011 signees Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller, IU’s eight verbal commitments and other notable prospects with interest in the Hoosiers, are performing at their respective schools.

You can send us stats or results for this report at [email protected]. Here’s our latest update:


+ Austin Etherington (Hamilton Heights): Hamilton Heights fell to Maconaquah, 73-66, on Feb. 4. No official stats were reported, but did receive a report that Etherington shot just 3-of-15 from the field. (Update: Finished with 15 points according to commenter LDIU.) Game against Westfield on Feb. 5 was postponed due to weather.

+ Cody Zeller (Washington): Thirty-two points (13-of-16 from the field) and 14 rebounds as the Class 3A No. 1 Hatchets beat No. 2 Princeton, 78-61, on Feb. 5. The win was the seventh straight for Washington. Twenty-five points in a 74-47 win over Vincennes Lincoln on Feb. 5.


+ Hanner Perea (La Porte La Lumiere): Twelve points in a 78-45 win over Summit Christian Academy (MI) on Feb. 5. Game at Gary Lew Wallace on Feb. 4 was postponed due to weather.

+ Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell (Park Tudor): Seventeen points in a 52-47 win over Brebeuf Jesuit on Feb. 4.

+ Peter Jurkin (United Faith Christian Academy, NC): Out until February with a stress fracture, according to The Charlotte Observer.

+ Ron Patterson (Broad Ripple): Did not play this week. Broad Ripple returns to action on Feb. 10 against Indianapolis Manual.

2012 CLASS

+ Gary Harris (Hamilton Southeastern): Twenty-one points, nine rebounds and six assists in a 60-46 win at Lawrence North on Feb. 5.

+ Jeremy Hollowell (Lawrence Central): Did not play this week as games against Franklin Central and Indianapolis Manual were postponed due to weather.

+ Mitch McGary (Brewster Academy): Team-high 10 rebounds (points not reported) in an 89-55 win over Next Level Prep of Canada on Feb. 3. Not listed among the leading scorers in a 81-54 win over the Robinson School (NJ) on Feb. 4.


+ Collin Hartman (Indianapolis Cathedral): 17 points (five 3-pointers) in a 69-60 overtime win over Indianapolis Howe on Feb. 5.

+ Devin Davis Jr. (Warren Central): Twenty-five points in a 66-57 loss to Center Grove on Feb. 5.

2013 CLASS

+ Basil Smotherman (Heritage Christian): Did not play this week as games against Triton Central and Covenant Christian were postponed due to weather.

+ Darryl Baker (Jeffersonville): Eleven points in a 77-60 win over Evansville Reitz on Feb. 4. Seven points in a 74-67 loss to Evansville Harrison on Feb. 5.

+ Mark Williams (Cleveland Benedictine): Fourteen points in a 74-62 win over Collinwood on Feb. 4. Ten points in a 62-46 win over the University School on Feb. 5.

+ Zak Irvin (Hamilton Southeastern): Nine points in a 60-46 win at Lawrence North on Feb. 5.


+ James Blackmon Jr. (Ft. Wayne Luers): Sixteen points in a 69-67 win over Ft. Wayne Wayne on Feb. 4. Game at Indianapolis North Central on Feb. 5 was postponed due to weather.

+ Trey Lyles (Indianapolis Tech): Did not play as game at Indianapolis Arlington on Feb. 4 was postponed due to weather.

2014 CLASS

+ Ernie Duncan (Evansville Harrison): Twenty-one points in a 87-66 win over Evansville Memorial on Feb. 4. Twenty-three points in a 74-67 win at Jeffersonville on Feb. 5.

+ Jaquan Lyle (Evansville Bosse): Career-high 34 points (12-of-12 from the foul line) in a 93-86 overtime win at Jasper on Feb. 4. Bosse fell to Evansville North, 59-58, on Feb. 5.

+ Jaraan Lands (Brownsburg): Nineteen points in a 62-59 triple overtime win over Crawfordsville on Feb. 5. Lands scored eight in the final overtime. Fourteen points in a 55-45 win at Westfield on Feb. 4.

+ P.J. Thompson (Brebeuf Jesuit): Fourteen points (four 3-pointers) in a 52-47 loss at Park Tudor on Feb. 4.

+ Trevon Bluiett (Park Tudor): Eighteen points in a 52-47 win over Brebeuf Jesuit on Feb. 4.

(Note: 2013 prospect Darryl Hicks, who has an offer, is sitting out this season at Louisville Trinity due to KHSAA transfer rules.)

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  • The difference is that Don Fischer is a hall of fame broadcaster and Dan Dakich is a former IU player and coach. What they say has more weight than you saying that, and I quote, that Etherington plays “like a thug.” That goes beyond your “facts that I have witnessed” defense.That said, I’m not digging any further into this. We’ve been here almost four years now with relatively few problems on what is and what is not acceptable. And as I’ve said, we’ve been plenty lenient in allowing people to express their opinions.

  • Thanks. My day is not ruined.

  • stonaroni

    Do you go to Heights? Let me tell you exactly what your team would be without the Etherington Brothers, 2-16 with wins against Eastern and some other crappy school. Oh, and by the way, that is where Ballenger came from…Eastern. Ballenger being the great coach of Hamilton heights came from Eastern, one of the worst teams around.

    And I have been to several Heights games and those fans cheer for AE. So do not start painting this picture of AE being some monster.

    And Roth 43, you want to everstep your bounds a bit by posting some of the things you have. Are you an adult? And do you go to Heights? Maybe you should talk to AE about your thoughts.

  • Keywanes

    Not excusing anything that has been said about him becuase I don’t know about any of it but to say an 18 year old kid is an adult is definetly an overstatement.

  • stonaroni

    What did AE do? Did he mouth a kid for undercutting him while AE was going up for a dunk? Yep I have seen him do it> Good for AE for standing up for himself. AE has a future in basketball, the 5’9″ kid from Nowheresville, IN doesn’t have a future in basketball.

    Have you seen AE get physical for a rebound? Yep me too

    Have you seen AE get in the face of an opponent to stand up for him or a teammate? Yep me too?

    Have you seen AE get absolutely tackled by an opponent and AE lie on the floor in pain because of an over the top, no hold barred, approach by an opponenet? Yep me too.

    I don’t think AE has done too much out of the realm of what other players do AEnotcool.

    I agrre he needs to ge refocused, but lets not lynch a kid for being aggressive or playing with an edge. He is carrying a far greater weight on his shoulders than most Indiana high school basketball players ever do.

  • stonaroni

    Roth43, please tell me the offense Heights runs. Please tell me the plays they run for AE to get him wiide open looks from 3. Please tell me you have seen him play against better competition like AAU and how pure his shot looks then. And, if he is money in warm ups, what might that tell you about his in game performance? he is pressing? Maybe?

    Roth 43, I played a baseball in college and when I faced a pitcher throwing in the low 80’s, I had very average days, but when I faced pitchers throwing in the mid 80’s to low 90’s, I had good hitting days. This is what seperated me from avg high school baseball players to good ones who got college scholarships. And while in college, my ability to adapt better pitching allowed me to be very successful.

    AE playing against mediocre competition is the least of my worries. He scores the same amount in summer ball with top D -I talent. And, just because he is playing mediocre talent doesn’t mean he should score 25 ppg. There have been 4 or 5 games this year where he has taken less then 8 shots. How in the world does that happen? Coaching, selfish point guard play, and AE’s willingness to be a team player!

    Roth 43 you know so much about Heights, AE, the team, the community, and the Etherington family one would think you are part of the team or a guy who is jealous and critical because you cannot make the team.

  • Anonymous

    A friend of mine went to the HH @ Mac game, and he said that AE was terrible both in attitude and play.

    I’ve been saying for awhile that I think he is extremely overrated. We can correct some attitude issues, but I really don’t see AE cracking the rotation at IU next year. If he can’t crack it next year, he definitely won’t once the ’12 class comes to B-town.

  • Anonymous

    AE also went 0-10 from behind the arc. Seems like he might be a chucker to me. Shooters like Hulls can score 20 on 9 shots, but guys like AE will fill the box score with 16 pts, but it will take him 16 shots to do it. I’m not impressed.

  • MillaRed

    Fact is, in about 5 months, CTC is officially AE’s coach, dad, mom, minister, teacher, policeman and any other mentor you want to throw in here. As far as AE’s attitude and future on the court go, CTC is The Almighty himself.

    Why are we even talking about this? It’s been told a million times. These kids are all put on pedestals at the high school level and they get a reality check in college. Par for the course.

  • Stonaroni, I think it’s best if we all move on here.

  • Anonymous

    I went to see the Broad Ripple – Manual game and found out when I got there that it was canceled. We then hurried over to Brebeuf to see Yogi play, but the game was sold out. Obviously not our night. The ticket-taker let us watch the game from the doorway under the basket (pretty good seats actually), and we did until we left at halftime. Having never seen Yogi, I was impressed by his size since I was expecting him to be about as tall as Mugsy Bogues. If he’s not a true 6 footer, he’s close enough, and he’s very strong. And I agree with the other comments that we don’t have anyone on the team now with anywhere near his ball handling abilities and that he will be a big addition to the program.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with most of what you said, but one thing concerns me…and it should concern all of us. You mention that he is pressing, and that is probably the source of his shooting woes lately.

    I think all of us can agree that HH doesn’t play the state’s toughest schedule. HH has a lot of fluff to play against, yet AE has struggled shooting recently. Of course, all shooters struggle from time to time, but if he is struggling to get his shot to fall against middle-of-the-pack MIC teams, what will he do against OSU, MSU and PU?

    I wish AE nothing but the best the rest of this year and his four years in Bloomington. Personally, I think that he may not have the on-the-court impact for which we hoped. Obviously, he has had a TON of impact in recruiting, at least according to many.

  • stonaroni

    Fair enough Alex. Maybe this entire thread needs to be dropped. This kid is starting to get a run by people who have had a friend see AE play or talk about the community around AE, the family, etc. This is really doing no one any good, and I feel it is painting a poor picture of AE. There is no video evidence and my brother was there and has a different account of the slap to his brother’s groin area. This has become like a high school rumor. AE has a responsibility to conduct himself a certain way and as you and many of us have seen he does so in an appropriate manner.

  • I’m not going to drop the thread, but we should all move on. Discussing it further is not going to do any good.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Hey Stoni,

    What have you heard about the riff between team/coach and AE? I’m from the area and I’ve heard that the Etherington’s aren’t real happy with the coach and the system and the fact that they do basically nothing for an offense or for the good players. I’m just guessing but could it be a case where the player is actually better than the team/system/coach he is playing with and is getting frustrated?

  • stonaroni

    Hey, I played sports in the MIC. I can talk trash about every court or field, player, coach and fan base I encountered. It is part of the deal.

    I remember when opponents, fans, and others didn’t think Brett Etherington from Western was very good. Yet, he was an Indiana All Star and got a full ride to Butler where he was a very solid player.

    So, players, fans, opponents, etc can be wrong or have a skewed insight to what they are seeing.

    AE has not been at his best this season, don’t read too much into it. He got into it with his brother, do you know all the fact? Do you know what was behind it?

    I am goint to guess that Alex has seen far more of AE than 5 minutes. That just proves your ingnorance to what Alex does for this site and the due dilligence he performs for each recruit.

    Go to another site if you want to be over critical and decimate a person’s character. We all make mistakes, even people from Maconaquah, Tipton, and Hamilton County.

  • IUfanatic023

    Can we please get on Harris!? the kid is a monster. Ive seen Yogi, Zeller, Hartman, AE, Buss, Hollowell all at the recent IU games but Harris is nowhere to be found!? What is up with this? MSU has been terrible the past 2 weeks, Louisville has looked okay, and IU has looked amazing!! So why doesn’t CTC have a full court press on the last piece to the puzzle that is the “Crean Team”

    Is Harris afraid of Creek or Watford that first year? because Creek has been nonexistent since the start of the season and both of them have been non existent since they’ve been hurt, or is he afraid of Buss? I know they both play the same position but at times were running 3 even 4 guard sets out there. If you’re a highly guarded recruit like Harris you have to be loving everything that IU is doing right?

    Somebody help me out on this, because I know if I were Harris id be jumping on that train before it left the station to title town.

  • stonaroni

    The kids on the team are indifferent? And you know this how? The fans do not cheer for him and you know this how? I have been to many games, they swing from his success as an IU recruit!

    His high school coach discredits high school basketball and the fact that this is an issue game 18 into the season should tell you that he has yet to handle the issues you seem to have with AE. I know far more people who know something about basketball that have an epic problem with the way the Hamilton heights program is handled and run by the head coach.

    Everyone who knows AE, including CTC, Buckley and gang, knows he is in a bad situation at Heights.

    Enough said.

    You and the naysayers will be the same guys acting like he is the worlds greatest player when he has success at IU. CTC loves his grit and toughness.

    Dane Fife was the most hated player his sr year, but we all loved him because we cheer for IU.

  • stonaroni

    Have you ever seen him play?

    Also, I will take the 6 3’s he nailed as a soph and jr in multiple games in the summer circuit in front of CTC, Roy Williams, Coack K, Billy Donovan, Steve Alford, Thad Matta, Brad Stevens, Chris Mack, Mike Brey, Izzo, etc.

    I will also take the opinions of the coaches who saw him play and offered him a scholly over a guy who had a friend see him play. I know a guy who is friends with derek Jeter, that doesn’t mean I can accurately speak to his hitting slump in 2010 does it?

    One week at Cook Hall and AE will work out his shooting. So much of it is rhythm as well. There are no screens set for him ans spotting up is damn near impossible since he is the best player on the floor.

  • stonaroni

    I am not going into details, however, to say Austin is too good for that system is an understatement. There is no structure from scheme, to discipline, to in game adjustments, to play calling, to you name it.

    This is something that has been brewing for quite some time and Ballenger’s inability to manage, or coach a team is evident every night out.

    AE will be fine at IU, he is a perfect fit to their system and his name will be used in the same veign as Hulls when it comes to shooting.

  • Anonymous

    I seen where ppl bashed Jeremy Hollowell and Mike Chandler on this site same about their attitude and work ethic and it seemed fine… but that’s probably because they didn’t play a roll in getting Zeller or Yogi commenting…nor did I read anyone say their young let them mature or use there team or coach as an excuse…

    I dnt think you should bash any high-school athlete then again I dnt think ppl should protect the ones they like either

  • Anonymous

    I can see where AE could be almost to a breaking point with his situation. Our local high school sounds very similar when it comes to the varsity coach and his inabilities and poor decisions. We had a kid that rewrote the schools record books in almost every category but his accomplishments could have been far far greater in the right system. You could see his frustrations in every game. The coach would not or more likely could not adapt a system that showcased his abilities, or any other good player he has had for that matter. His reply to his critics is that no player deserves special plays being run for them, that it is a team sport, that there is nothing wrong with his system and that they will have to learn to excel within his plays, which by the way have not changed since he first arrived on the scene over 10 years ago. To prove a point this kid led a team made up of the same kids he played school ball with to a state championship in 7th grade and state runner-up in 8th grade but yet the varsity coach was unable to even win a sectional with the exact same players.

    AE sees what he is capable of in AAU and that only serves to magnify his frustrations.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I’ve seen him play. My alma mater is in the same conference too, so I know who he is playing against and their talent level. Also, one of my good friends does play-by-play for the conference and sees AE play numerous times a year. One of my old coaches has seen him play numerous times also, and he thinks he is very good, but not great. He isn’t the best player in the MIC, and it isn’t like the MIC is a state powerhouse basketball conference.

    Look, I hope that he ends up being a good player for IU. I think he is could be a fine player with some coaching, but I don’t see him contributing immediately like others do. I think that many people are expecting a little too much out of him.

    I think so many of us (myself included) see every recruit that IU gets as a savior that can be plugged in immediately. I remember some people on here thinking that Bawa and Capo were going to be fantastic for us. I am not suggesting AE was not worth a scholly, but I do think that he isn’t one of the top 100 seniors in America.

  • Anonymous

    Very well put and correctly put on all points. Just as a great coach can make a good player great a bad coach can make a great player look not near as good as they are. A good coach can take a team with average to slightly above average talent overall and beat the team, with above average to well above average talent overall, almost every time. Like I replied to Stonaroni above I watched a bad coach take a group of kids, that had tremendous success under other coaches, and lose to teams over and over that did not have near the talent level that his did. Needless to say, and as you say, he was not respected, at all, by any of his players, he did nothing to try and earn their respect and as far as he was concerned, he had the privilege of deserving their respect no matter what he done or how he done it simply because he was an adult and was the coach. All of this led to a very frustrating situation that spilled over into bickering between players that has always been best of friends and had played bball together for years and had never behaved in a way that even remotely resembled how they acted after 3 or 4 years under their so called coach. I can see where, in AE’s situation, this kind of thing could boil over into how things are with him and school bball real easy.

  • Plane1972

    With all due respect, fanatic, you’re insane! Do you really think that Crean has all of a sudden fallen asleep at the wheel and decided NOT to do everything in his power to lure Gary Harris to Bloomington? Do you really think Harris is scared of two talented, but injured guys? Do you really think anyone would turn their back on playing for a couple of legends like Izzo or Pitino simply because they not playing well as of late?

    Gary Harris is in the driver’s seat with at least three amazing programs pursuing him. He does not need to be in a hurry and appears to be very patient and smart throughout the process. I hope we land his services.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Doesn’t have anything to do with it. When people offered up their (probably false) opinions about JH, the response was almost resoundingly, “shut up”.

    When people spoke of the rumors about Chandler and the facts about his de-commitments, most people understood where they were coming from because of the facts, but nobody said he was a thug or played like a thug. I didn’t read the post in question but I will say this . . . I’ve been frequenting this site for a few years and contributing and I have seen the ITH admins be pretty lax in what they allow and they don’t usually cut comments so I would guess they probably had a good reason, at least in their eyes.

  • KD

    It was over the top Ace. Glad it’s gone.

  • BackoffAE

    I want to put all this AE criticism to bed…

    I know him well. Some of the critical comments about him are too critical. With that said, there have been some actions that could be improved upon. He has openly admitted it to me. But I have to tell you this as an onlooker trying to keep an independent mind…there is a lot of unnecessary chaos in the Hamilton Heights basketball program.

    I am hoping that readers of ITH have heard of the pyramid of success, well I believe that at Heights, it’s the pyramid of disaster. Where as all members of the program (coaches and players) should be a team, that is not the case in Arcadia. Here are a myriad of problems I see as someone who has invested their career in teaching students and coaching…

    1) Coaching. As a coach, I hate to knock other coaches because it is not an easy profession, but honestly, there is no rhyme nor reason as to what Heights does on the floor. My biggest complaint is they don’t have an identity. All players are allowed to chuck it from all over the court. The Etherington brothers are both 6’6″, why are they not being played in the post or opposite of each other on the floor. They often see zone, why not post one and flash high the other? This doesn’t happen. They both can stroke the 3, but should establish an inside presence 1st, then let their game evolve from there. Their PG, Small, is very quick and skilled. But honestly, he kills them a lot. He often out runs his teammates in transition, or forces the issue when he should distribute and control the flow. he needs to be reigned in. Often vs. a zone, Heights has 4-5 players outside of the arch looking to launch, no rebounders are present. This is a terrible philosophy, even if you have the 3 best shooters ever. There needs to be balance O, but there isn’t. Very little is done to take advantage of AE’s skills. And because many players shoot at will and the O doesn’t go thru his hands, he fights for shots. Amazing isn’t it…the 2nd best shooter in the nation is fighting for shots…COACHING!

    2) Players and Coaching. The players aren’t playing hard. That is their fault for not giving 100% and their coach’s fault for not demanding it. On D, they stand around. On O, they are stagnant and make things up as they go. Their passing is lethargic, helpside D is non existent, and all they want to do is reach and slap, create a turnover, and cherry pick/run out for an easy dunk or basket. When playing a zone, they don’t swing the ball or look to attack creases. Instead all 5 players are doing what they want. If they see a shot, they take it. In turn, players are forcing shots. The #1 forcer of shots is AE. Sometimes he is overzealous. Sometimes he is trying to get in the flow because 4 minutes into the game, he has 1-2 touches and no shots. I believe their coach demands little respect. Since when is it ok in Indiana for your players to not hustle by doing the little things right? This is the HS mecca of the world. If there is something that Indiana kids know how to do, it is play the game right by blocking out, closing out, rotating on helpside D, taking a charge, and using the pass and dribble drive to breakdown a D, especially a 2-3 zone.

    3) Players. There is so much jealousy in the Heights locker room, it is ridiculous. There are double standards for all players. The PG seems to do no wrong, but yet doesn’t play within the team. They are truthfully at their best when AE handles the point. Alex Etherington is trying to get his, too. Why shouldn’t he, he’s talented. But, he over exerts himself at times. AE is a mess on O. He can score at will on the blocks, dribble drive for the J or dish, and can shoot over the top from deep, yet he is regulated to shooting primarily 3s. When he gets involved in the O inside the 3, he gets points at the line. He should truthfully be getting 10 FTs a game. Why isn’t he? Some is his fault. Some is his teammates look past him (there’s no denying it and it is allowed to happen). Some is coaching. But at the end of the day, with his talent, he can set up his teammates through crashing the boards and handing out assists. but too often, he is 25 feet from the basket. that is a poor utilization of his skills, along with his coach’s poor usage of his skills. The rest of the players are quick to launch. Too often, Bowen, Sauertaig, and Kerfoot are looking for their shots and not trying to play smart basketball, which is to work through AE. Recently, vs. Tipton, Heights got down 12, but made a run to get it within 5. They next 5 possessions, shots went up by players not named AE.Maybe that isn’t bad to you, but the fact he didn’t HANDLE the ball in the flow of the game is terrible. Terrible recognition by his teammates, and terrible recognition by his coach.

    4) Frustration is building. The kids want to win and the coaches want to win. But none are on the same page. Why? For whatever the reason, the leader of the team is the coach. He is a professional and must demand that everyone work together. The coaches aren’t on the same page, the players aren’t working with coaches, and the players aren’t working with each other.

    So for those of you who complain about AE’s shooting woes from 3, let me ask you this…why is he allowed to keep chucking them? In his mind he is a shooter. Watching him last Friday, I have to ask, why was he not put in the post? He scored at will when in there. Coaching anyone?

    For the goofy comment about him not being the best player in the MIC conference, you are crazy. The best 3 players in the MIC are AE, his brother, and Small. Anyone who thinks otherwise are ridiculous. NOW, with that talent, you can see why the players are frustrated, especially AE. Those kids believe they can win state. They are unraveling at all levels, top to bottom. It’s stressful for everyone involved.

    Those criticizing the physical contact with his brother. His brother ran his mouth, and AE took offense. He is upset how he racted. He knows it is wrong and has vowed to fix it. Sounds like he is a typical kid who screwed up and is sorry for his actions.

    Those criticizing the coach (me included)…maybe it isn’t easy coaching this group of guys. Maybe he sold out to their style (whatever it is) with hopes they can use their athleticism. It works sometimes. I just hope as they move towards the tournament, they can all learn that systematic teams that are disciplined give them trouble.

    To those personally ripping AE, until you walk a mile in someone’s shoes, don’t judge. What is this kid going thru? Are there issues with brother? At home? Maybe a friend is struggling? Maybe he can’t get a hold of HIS team? Maybe his confidence is shook? I know I could have made better decisions when I was 18. That is what is awesome about AE…he is human. CTC will make this kid a well respected man. I’ve been disappointed in his attitude and play at times, too. But there is more going on in this kid’s life then running up and down the floor for 32 minutes on Friday night. As a coach, I know this. You never get your best from your best player every night. In fact, if you get it 50% of the time, you are lucky.

    At the end of the day, a little more discipline for all involved will go a long way at Heights. Accountability from the coach, players, and all others involved will go a long way.

    AE’s true colors aren’t what some are saying, but he definitely knows he has somethings to work on, and if you ask him, he knows it.

  • KD

    Sometimes you guys crack me up. Wish a kid the best then rip him and compare him to Bawa and Capo. Then say you know 99 other seniors that are better. CTC would not have offered if he had your opinion of him. Let’s wait and see

  • BackoffAE

    The best player in the MIC is AE, followed by his brother, and Seth Small. Your view is jaded.

  • Andrew

    Pray tell—who is the best player in the MIC? If that is somehow true, wow that is not good for IU (and hard to believe). I was at the game Friday, and he definitely nut-punched his bro. Thought I was seeing things. Very bizarre.

  • Anonymous

    Travis Smith of Peru. He is a better HIGH SCHOOL scorer than AE is. I believe AE has a more D-I ready body. Smith is a little too small for D-I.

    I am just going off of the information I get from a play-by-play guy in the area who does a couple MIC teams each week. In AE’s defense, however, he does say that HH is not a very good team outside of AE and his brother.

  • Anonymous

    That’s fine for you to think that way. I am in no way jaded, though. I have no axe to grind. Just an opinion. You are more than welcome to have your own as well.

  • walt

    Roth 43 in these posts appears to have a set agenda against AE that he will not stop talking about. All I have ever heard about AE has been extremely positive, and am really looking forward to him coming to IU. Roth 43 you say he is a “role player”, discussing his family, you are really out of place. Maybe you are a UK or PU fan, who knows. Have not seen your type of agenda on this program, you have said enough nonsense so move on.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t “rip” anybody. The only comparison that I made between those three is that we, as fans, overrated each of them. That has nothing to do with wishing each of them success. I hope that AE proves me wrong. I hope Capo turns out to be an assertive, rebounding machine over the next 2+ years.

    Some of you think that AE is going to step in next year and become an instant contributor. I just don’t see it. Who does he replace in the rotation next year at wing? Creek? Oladipo? Sheehey? Jones? Roth? And once we add CZ, Watford won’t have to play as much 4 and might see some a lot more minutes at 3.

    I just don’t see a ton of minutes for him. My contention is NOT that AE is a bad player nor that he is not an IU player. My contention IS that he won’t make an immediate impact.

  • Anonymous

    I will defer to your assessment of the club. If that is true, it is too bad. However, I think that Travis Smith of Peru is a more dominant player than AE is right now. You may be right that it is because of scheme, but Peru’s HC realizes he has a scoring machine, so he runs an offense that allows him to be the focal point.

    I do agree that his attitude can be corrected. It is difficult being the best player on your team when the rest of the team is not as committed. I never played on the same team as my brother, and I think that would be challenging. I am confident that will be ironed out by CTC and once he is playing with guys that are equally committed.

    That said, if I can disagree with you on one point, if you are right that the three best players in the MIC are all on Heights, then they would be in 1st place instead of 2nd.

  • Anonymous

    I will defer to your assessment of the club. If that is true, it is too bad. However, I think that Travis Smith of Peru is a more dominant player than AE is right now. You may be right that it is because of scheme, but Peru’s HC realizes he has a scoring machine, so he runs an offense that allows him to be the focal point.

    I do agree that his attitude can be corrected. It is difficult being the best player on your team when the rest of the team is not as committed. I never played on the same team as my brother, and I think that would be challenging. I am confident that will be ironed out by CTC and once he is playing with guys that are equally committed.

    That said, if I can disagree with you on one point, if you are right that the three best players in the MIC are all on Heights, then they would be in 1st place instead of 2nd.

  • Kelin Blab

    I don’t see it because of Hulls improvements and Yogi will have to go through the learning curve….but not a lack of talent. He is a great hand off from Jordy…like Favre and Rogers. I do believe they could play together very very well.

  • Diesel

    Who is asking for a ton of minutes from him? What are the expectations? I haven’t seen anyone set expectations on AE that would seem unreasonable. I know Stones is a big fan and that’s fine. It’s not a big contention to say he won’t make an immediate impact.

  • BackoffAE

    By the way Calbert, he was brought in as a 2 guard, not a wing. And there will be ample playing time for him if he can give Hulls some scoring relief on the perimeter. Know your recruits and your team. For me, my fear is he can’t play the D needed to get a lot of minutes. But AE can give them some O off the bench, he handles well for his size, and he can get to the rack. Like any Freshman, there will be growing pains, but if he is healthy, he will contribute. Crean sees him as a Travis Diener style player.

  • stonaroni

    Well I am interested to know which high school in the MIC you attended. Who your coach was and the name of your buddy who does play by play in the MIC?

    Who is the best player in the MIC? Who else has a major D-I scholly offer? Obviously you think he is not top 100 talent if he isn;t the best player in the MIC?

    Please answer my questions, I am so interested to hear your comments.

    AE is the best player in the MIC since his dad, Brett in 1987 at Western. And AE is far better then Brett ever was as a SR in high school.

  • stonaroni

    Travis Smith of Peru. Travis who? a better high school scorer, what the hell does that mean?

    Who is the play by play guy? I probably know him too.

    Everyone who knows MIC basketball know that HH is weakly coached that is one thing your friend got right.

    I am calling IU athletic office tomorrow in hopes of reaching CTC. I need to let him know about Travis Smith of Peru. The best kept secret in the MIC and central Indiana, Cant believe CTC has overlooked this guy.

  • stonaroni

    are you serious? The best players in the nation can be led by a lousy coach and 99% of the time the team underachieves, There is your answer. BackoffAE put it out there for you.

    Peru’s coach knows he has a scoring machine so he makes Smith the focal point. Ballenger has the best MIC talent in 50 years and he can’t seem to utilize his talents. Sounds like a real issue and BackoffAE is 100% correct.

    Let me guess Smith is better than Kyle Macy while he was at Peru. He would have to be if he is better than AE because outside of Macy, AE takes the cake. And back then Macy wasn’t in the MIC.

  • stonaroni

    Very well put. Sounds like you truly know AE, and are not some fan from afar with a misinformed opinion.

  • Plane1972

    No offense to anyone’s opinion, here. But, by the looks of the photo on the latest thread, the kid better hit the weight room and start eating 3 PB sandwiches just before bed if anyone expects him to take it to the rack in the B1G.

  • Anonymous

    Just because Smith has a better coach, you shouldn’t hold that against him.

    You may have seen more MIC games than I have, but I know that Smith has tore up some really good opponents like Kokomo (as high as 5th in 4A) with over 30. The kid is a scoring machine.

  • Anonymous

    I played at Taylor in the mid 90s. We were pretty terrible! The varsity coach there now is the same one that I played for, but he isn’t the coach who said anything about AE. Different coach. For the record, Fisher is an excellent coach who gets far more out of his team than he should, because Taylor does not have much talent.

    Brett was before my time, so I can’t speak to that, but I know that he was very talented just like his sons. The best that I saw in the MIC ever was Austin Parkinson (don’t throw stones, please). He was the best point guard I ever saw in HS around here.

    For whatever reason, stona, you seem to take my comments about AE very personally. I am not intending to be offensive. I think AE is a fine player, and if nothing else, I am very grateful for the help he has been in recruiting other players to IU. I think he deserves a roster spot. My only contention is that I believe some on here (you included) expect him to be a better player than I think he will be at IU.

    For the record, I hope you can copy and paste these comments a year from now and show me how right you were.

  • Anonymous

    If exhibiting the most vitriol in posts were a contest, I think you’d take the cake.

    I am simply suggesting that if HH has the 3 best players in the MIC, they’d win it outright and going away. Currenty, they are half a game behind Western. They are probably going to finish 2nd or 3rd depending what happens against Peru. I never suggested that conference standing ALONE dictates who is a better player. Stop putting words in my mouth.

    I don’t know Ballenger, so I can’t speak to his coaching prowess. If all that you say about him is correct (and I will defer to you and assume it is), that is unfortunate for AE. Still, I would think that if AE is “the most talented player in the MIC” in a generation as some suggest AND he is backed up by the 2nd and 3rd best players in the conference, they might be able to overcome the deficiencies of the coach.

    I know Joe Thatcher personally. He improved a TON after HS. He was good, but became great. I don’t see the correlation, however. I know McCauley and Coomler as well. They were great HS players, and very good college players (both were all conference players at an NAIA school). I know Parkinson and Conner and they were both very good HS players that, imo, got better in college as well. Again, don’t see your point. I never suggested that AE would hit a plateau and never improve going forward.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see that game. I think it will be tight. I hope you are right about AE going forward. If you are, it means nothing but great things for IU.

  • BackoffAE


    I flat out don’t agree with you on Smith from Peru, no vitriol. That’s ok, we are entitled to different opinions.

    you know all the guys I mentioned, then you probably know me.

    My point was, good players don’t always perform well, and sometimes their teams get beat, no matter the sport. So when you say things like, “My buddy said…” and “my former coach doesn’t think he’s that good” and you reference his team’s success…great players can have bad games, bad coaches, and moments of weakness.

    That’s all.

    I hope you are right too…he will be fine at IU and play well. Defensively, he will have to pick it up. Offensively, there will be a reason to the offense instead of the madness with no reason at Heights!