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Thoughts on a 64-63 loss to the Hawkeyes:

Iowa did it again.

It marched into Assembly Hall — where the Hoosiers have been playing inspired basketball of late — and punched home their second win in as many seasons in Bloomington. Both victories mark its only road conference wins in the last three seasons.

Somehow, someway, this Hawkeyes team just has IU’s number.

After Will Sheehey’s awe-casian slam over Melsahn Basabe ignited the crowd in the second half, the Hoosiers eventually mounted a 10-point lead (58-48) at the 7:47 mark, and it seemed like they were on their way to a third-straight home victory.

But thanks to a few turnovers and some stagnant offense on Indiana’s part, this Hawkeyes team got right back into the game with a 10-0 run to tie it up at 58-58 with 5:34 to go. And the Hoosiers were only able to muster five total points the rest of the way from the 7:47 mark to Iowa’s 16, and it was pretty much the difference maker here.

This was a game where depth and personnel issues finally caught up a bit with the Hoosiers. (Two Bobby Capobianco jumpers and a Jeff Howard sighting, anyone?) Oh, to have Christian Watford, who hung 30 on these Hawkeyes just a few weekends ago.

And the Hoosiers returned to their bad fouling habits a bit as well, allowing Iowa to shoot a lot of free throws (20-of-25 for 80 percent). Iowa also asserted some serious dominance inside — Basabe posted a monstrous line of 20 points and 13 boards (five offensive) — scoring 34 of their 64 points in the paint.

As Tom Crean said in his post-game press conference: “When we had a chance to keep momentum, we just didn’t really guard well down low.”

Still it was there to be won in the closing seconds, despite Indiana’s issues out of the first timeout.

It’s easy to do some after-the-fact complaining about Verdell Jones — he of 1-of-9 shooting for the game — taking the last shot instead of Jordan Hulls.

But he did create a pretty good look for himself that just missed. And Victor Oladipo’s tip-in attempt just missed as well.

A good shot with a board opportunity to tip home for the win? It could have been worse, folks.

Other thoughts:

+ Sheehey rose to the occasion this afternoon, tossing in 12 points (4-of-9, 4-of-4 from the line) for a team that needs some scoring help without Watford.

Oh, and there was this:

+ Indiana did a nice job capitalizing off Iowa’s 17 turnovers, as the Hoosier scored 21 points off turnovers.

+ Jordan Hulls was sensational, tying a career high of 24 points (10-of-17, 4-of-9 from three) though he had three turnovers and only one assist.

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  • jgongora86

    Even though we lost, I was still not ticked off. I know this theme is repeatedly said but the athletes are coming. I’m just happy to see that when they do come, and actual offensive and defensive system will be in place for them to succeed. I’m happy that Hulls, Elston, Watford, and Creek will be hear with a monster 2012 class. That should be a monster team.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I have no idea what to say!

    I post in vain!

    There were some nice performances and they played hard for 32-33 minutes but then failed to do the simplest thing in the world . . . take care of the ball when the other team really isn’t pressuring you that much. Iowa didn’t really do much to get back in the game. We handed it to them in a matter of a couple minutes with with unforced TO’s.

    That one hurts because it really kills momentum. I posted this on the game blog, but it’s like seeing your one chance with the hot girl at the bar disappearing in an instant and you are left standing there with her hard-up, ugly friend. We were looking at a possible blowout win (redemption) against Iowa and then a chance to put together another 3-4 wins and possibly finish with a winning record and in postseason play and instead we are left standing there looking at a probably losing season.

    I know this team is shorthanded but that’s a very, very bad loss. That’s worse than losing at Iowa or at home to PSU because we had this one in the bag, seemingly.

    Can’t blame this one at all on coaching. The players choked this one away. Maybe they were tired? Maybe they just got too excited? Maybe they still just aren’t there and they let down? No matter the case, the players gave this one away, not the coach. They wouldn’t even run his play at the end of the game and you could see him jumping and screaming for them to get into it.

    Oh well. It’s just what we’re used to and will have to live with this year but I still see good things on the horizon with these guys getting better for next year and the players we have coming in.

    It’ll come but this one really, really hurts!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tough, tough loss…

    In addition to the positive points listed above (Jordy and Will rocked played great!) I thought Rivers did an excellent job on Gatens. Not only did he not have a good shooting night, JR frequently defended him to the point where he barely touched the ball for long stretches. As much as our post defense was lacking, just thought I’d bring up some good defensive play.

  • Anonymous

    had a chance to win and didn’t get it done. the effort was there for the most part. hats off to iowa for hanging in there in a tough environment; they did something top 25 teams IL and MN couldn’t do. big ten looks tough if these are the two worst teams. i will hold off negative judgment on this team tonight – I am more interested in seeing how they bounce back after a tough loss.

  • Diesel

    After seeing CTC call a second timeout to draw up another play because the players couldn’t execute the first one, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt this season on end of game plays.

    Right after FLAGS (8:00 timeout), I just said to my wife “We are in the drivers seat up 8, we just need good possessions and play some defense – what the heck? who was that to? Weak foul, dang. Stop turning it over. Get a rebound! Dang it!!!!!” Just handed it to them.

    The freshmen played great, but still looked like freshmen at times. Great post D by Vic and great free throw shooting. Good pull up by Will and monstrous jam – haven’t seen anything like that since EJ. Both made bad fouls, and only had 3 combined boards in 46 mins, and spent a lot of time at the 4.

    Verdell, got to hit some shots, we needed your scoring. Thanks for no TOs today. Can’t fault your shot at the end, I’m glad you had the confidence to take it. Anyone thinking Hulls was going to find a shot there is nuts.

    Jordy chucked it up 17 times, connected on 10 and was 4-9 from three land. Tied his career high of 24 which was on eight 3’s, and that right there just shows how much his game has matured.

    We need an inside presence in a bad way. Wasabe (sic) tore us the heck up. Here’s to a quick recovery and a good showing in West Lafayette. PhD should be sneaking into practices or at least knock down PurduePete in the snow a time or two on campus this week. I actually think we’ll match up well with Purdue – Pritch on JJ, Rivers on Moore, double off LewJack to JJ, stay on Ryne Smith – GO IU!

  • MillaRed

    Timeout usage and play calling after timeouts continue to haunt this team.

    We are down by 1 with 20 + seconds to play. 9 out of 10 times in the college game the guard rushes the ball past the half court line and calls timeout. We waited until 13 seconds were left. This is why this is a problem……..

    If the play breaks down, you have more time on the clock to call the next time out. 5 seconds is not enough to run anything. We call a TO at 13 seconds, and run what exactly? I saw 5 guys completely confused. This was not fun to watch. Then we run Verdell? He is not 100% and was off the entire game.

    I am not calling anyone out. What I am saying with 100% conviction is whatever we do with timeouts and play calls in crunch time are well, unique.

    The standard practice here is to extend the game, right? You have 23 seconds. Call the TO at 20 seconds. Send Will or VO or Jordy or JR to the lane and force the refs to make a call. If you miss, you foul and force free throws. The pressure is on them to knock them down and you have one more shot with 10 seconds to go. Worst case you are down 3.

    With a healthy Jones and Watford this is a comfortable win. What I find unfortunate is Coach does things differently down the stretch and tonight it didn’t work out.

    Really pleased with our freshmen. They both have a chance to start next season and maybe should.

    I will summarize this by saying without Watford and an unhealthy Jones, I really don’t expect to beat anyone. I felt like this was one we let get away. But I am not real upset about it. I cannot wait to start smoking their a$$ next season.

    PS – Big Ten officiating is the worst in the country…….again.

  • Kelin Blab

    I am very very please with the effort, energy, and improvements. Some old execution habits came back and bit us….however

    + I have mentioned in another thread I think we have a very good shot against PU on tuesday.

    + Wills dunk topped pritchards, but it won’t be the top play tonight…wait til you see Al Thorton’s….

    + Will and Victor are just a joy to watch.

    + It has been mentioned very little but since CW has gone down, Elston has been playing very well and smarter

    + Jordan Hulls should be all big ten something or some team.

    + Love Iowa’s frosh, he is the type of kid we need, not flashy plays around the basket and athletic. Pitchford!

    + I really really really like the Big Ten this year. I have watched more non IU games this year because from top to bottom there are some good teams. OSU won’t go undefeated.

    + Kudos for Jeff Howard coming and getting involved.

    + We have the #1 Fans in the NCAA. Not debatable.

  • Kelin Blab

    The officials were so inconsistent tonight

  • Anonymous

    IU’s execution, or should I say the lack of it, in the last few minutes was the culprit not the Hawkeyes. Some games you get beaten and other games you lose.

    I don’t think I have ever seen CTC as upset as he was when he called the second time out at the end of the game.

  • Anonymous

    Tough loss. Very, very tough loss. I am confident these guys are going to bounce back and keep pounding away. They continue to improve and I am proud of their efforts. That being said, we had to find a way to win this game. It would have been a good win against a team that continues to have our number.
    -We need a way to get some easy baskets. Watford would have helped a lot tonight.
    -Kudos to Iowa, they kept fighting back. We had several opportunities to put this team and we couldn’t do it.
    -Jordan Hulls is turning into a very good Big Ten guard.
    -I was glad Verdell took the last shot, thought it was good.
    -We need to find a way to flip the script on Iowa next season. They are a team we need to be consistently beating to get into the top half of the conference.

    I am disappointed by the result but thrilled by the continued effort and passion. This team is fun to watch.

  • I thought Howard did a nice job — definitely looks like he’s hit the weights a bit — and I wouldn’t mind it if he got a couple minutes a game.

    Elston has played well of late, but whenever he gets the ball in the paint, he always looks nervous or jumpy or something. It’s weird.

  • Anonymous

    Do the officials even review the games? I’m sick of terrible officiating. We’re having a hard enough time winning games, we don’t need more people against us.

  • Q95

    tough loss for sure, but an easy win with watford. officials did not cost us the game, but the charging call against elston by the guy with no hair was horrific. the defender was clearly moving, defender was too far under the basket and the bucket should have counted anyway.

    have not heard this mentioned, but we are going to miss rivers big time next year. great have a player to put on the other team’s top one, two or even three. we may not be able to replace this guy until patterson show up in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Now that we are getting the effort down, next up is the execution.

  • Anonymous

    When I was thinking about the last shot, VJ was the only one I could imagine getting it. Hulls has the deadly shot, but usually only when he gets a clean look. He has a tough time creating it on his own and we have not looked good setting him up for it. VJ’s specialty is creating for himself and he makes that shot more times than he misses it. It’s something we are going to need to work on. Why not have roth in the game in this situation? Who are the best players on the court to make a shot in any situation?: hulls, vj, roth, oli to the rim…..???

  • defendtherock

    I agree. I think we get in the NIT with a below .500 record if we can finish the season playing this way. I am optimistic about the Purdue game, but I am confident when they come to the hall.
    It should be mentioned on College Gameday that we have the best fans in America. There is not another program who could get these crowds and this passion from a .500 team who has been horrific the last 2 years. Not one other program!

  • LDIU

    Tough loss……….we were there and hard to imagine we lost the game.
    After we had the 10 point lead, bad turnovers by Moore and TP really hurt. Also, Jones going 1-9 was just a killer.

  • defendtherock

    We didnt react to their zone very well….which sucks. I cannot believe that matt roth and jordy could not find a way to light that thing up in the last 10 minutes. We better figure it out, because everybody else will be using the 3-2 against us except for Purdue(they go with the clutch and grab defense).
    I am very pised that we lost. I got reamed for kicking the ottoman and smacking the couch when that tip in didnt go in. We missed an important opportunity today, and I hope it doesnt come back to bite us as far as the NIT goes.

  • Diesel

    Completely agree with this assessment. Jordy had his shot to make a play, and CTC was going to let him do it while bringing the ball up in transition. Once it became clear nothing was going to happen, he called timeout. I have no problem with that. He was going to let Jordy make a play, and when he didn’t a play was drawn up for Verdell and that’s who you want shooting the ball in that situation, even when he was 1-8 at that point.

  • Anonymous

    Something like 28-58 the last 3 seasons……..yeah – we have the best fan base in the country

  • HoosierDavey

    At the game and there is no doubt that our fans are the best there is. Hall was very full (minus a chunk of student section) and enthusiastic over a .500 team playing a less than that team. The only drawback (besides losing) was the dead silence in the halls as everyone filed out…sad scene. Some observations:
    +Will’s dunk- took everyone a second to react…like we were all stunned…then HUGE eruption. LOVED that moment!
    +Hulls is the truth!
    +VO and Will are going to be awfully, awfully fun to watch for 3+ more years!
    +We looked really young down the stretch. Just didn’t seem to have the confidence to say, “We are going to win this thing now.” Tentative play, especially in the last 30 seconds. Taking way too long to run the play set up for them, kinda like they just weren’t sure if they could do it (which caused CTC to call the 2nd TO). Hopefully, this will go away with experience.
    +C’mon Big 10 refs! They completely changed how they called the game in the 2nd half for one thing. Plus, why do other teams get the home court advantage on calls and it always feels like we are on the road? It wasn’t like the crowd wasn’t applying pressure, that’s for sure. I don’t like to blame officiating for losses, but it sure didn’t help.
    +Man, I am sick of Iowa! They ruined my trip to a football game this year, and now this. Grrrrr

  • MillaRed

    I think the fact we are playing a road game every week is the biggest challenge we face. I just don’t get it. The charge on Elston along with Moore’s terrible unforced turnover that cost up 3 points changed the game.

  • HoosierFromCT

    I know most of would of liked to see JH take the last shot but I’m not mad at all that VJ got the call (or called it himself). Can you ask for a better look? That’s HIS shot. That’s the shot we want him taking. I can understand the frustration if he took a long contested two or deep three but he didn’t. I though that shot was money because you can’t ask for a better look for VJ. Plus he’s proven to take big shots before. No hating on CTC, please.

  • Kelin Blab

    Anyone notice we never block any shots?

  • Anonymous

    That’s what happens when you have unathletic bigs. Wait till the Jurkin and Zeller types come, that will change.

  • Anonymous

    Totally true about the fans – considering what most of these fans have been through the past few years, showing up like they do is incredible. I’m moving back to Indy this summer and I can’t wait to go to games again.

    As you said, those freshman really are a joy to watch. They play hard, make plays, have emotion, don’t back down to anyone, ooze athleticism, drive, shoot and play D like they mean it. At one point VO looked like he was doing a JR impression on the perimeter (on D).

  • parvalue

    + Jordy is good when not forcing shots.
    – Jordy cannot play defense.
    – Elston is quietly — and quickly — becoming terrible and unwatchable.
    – VJ3 killed us on the last two plays.
    – Rivers is a liability on offense.

  • Anonymous

    If we have Hulls, Creek and CW playing to their potential, I am 100% okay with that class. Those 3 could easily average a combined 55 points, 10 assists and 15 boards a game if healthy.

    I’m still okay with Elston’s contribution and Capo can bang for 5 minutes a game but even if they didn’t play, those first 3 are a really good class when healthy.

  • Anonymous

    Will Sheehey’s dunk was just named the #1 play on SportsCenter. Two top plays for the Hoosiers in one week is pretty impressive. Would’ve prefered the W today instead but props to Mr. Sheehey. I am excited to watch this kid grow over his time at IU. I think he’s going to be a great 4 year player! He also just seems to exude enthusiasm all the time and that’s fun to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah…who do we have that has any shot at that? JR has had an athletic block or two and I could see VO doing the same. But Capo and Pritch can’t jump, Elston isn’t exactly sharp on D, and Watford gets muscled. It’s been a while since we’ve talked about him, but I imagine Guy could be our leading shot-blocker.

    Long story short, we have no one who can block shots regularly.

  • Anonymous

    If only he didn’t make the worst decisions on the court :P, but he is a freshman, I am excited at the athleticism he shows though. He will be a solid player with experience.

  • Anonymous

    Have to (respectfully) disagree with you on a few of your points.

    While Jordy certainly isn’t our best defender, I think he’s improved this year and has worked harder at fighting through screens lately. Sometimes he gets caught and isn’t the fastest guy but his court vision is good and his effort is always there. Definitely can make improvements though and I expect that he will.

    I also don’t think Rivers has been a liability on offense much this year. He’s generally not taken bad shots, is hitting some midrange jumpers and has greatly improved his FT shooting. At any rate, we can’t afford to not have him play significant minutes because he is by far our best defender and the only player that really has the ability to shut an opposing team’s player down. Even though offense isn’t his strongest point, he more than makes up for any deficit on the defensive end in my opinion.

    Just think Jordy and Jeremiah have both played hard this year and seem to frequently leave it all on the court!

  • Theres only 1 medicine for a loss like this. KORMAN. We need a mid-season report.

  • parvalue

    You (respectfully) did not disagree with me. Jordy is certainly a better defender this year, but his defense hurt us on the last few possessions. I.e., Jordy had his ankles broken twice late in the game, and one was on the game-winning shot. Otherwise, I love Jordy. He is our best player, no doubt. He is simply incapable of guarding high-caliber players.

    On the Rivers front, I love his defense. Who doesn’t? However — with such a young team — our lone senior needs to score, especially if he is going to play so many minutes. More specifically, he needs to be a threat to score, if only to open up scoring opportunities for others. Also, he has been somewhat careless with the ball, lately. I don’t think that is accurately reflected in his stats. I won’t even dip into being clutch at the free throw line late in the game.

    Long story short, our main problems don’t lie with Jordy and Rivers. I’ll leave it at that, for now.

  • parvalue

    Ok, CTC drew up multiple plays on these TOs (well, at least on the first TO), and VJ took it upon himself to create. However, VJ had been having a horrible offensive game, and he is somewhat obviously playing at less than 100%. VJ botched it by playing selfishly. We needed to draw a foul, and we didn’t do it. If VJ wasn’t capable of drawing a foul, he should have passed it. That was our only chance. This is on VJ, and CTC and Jordy hinted at that during the after-press.

  • We got a dose of Basabe Sauce tonight and couldn’t handle it. That was pretty much the game.

  • Anonymous

    He didn’t call timeout until 13 seconds were left because Hulls was pushing, with numbers. As soon as he pulled back instead of attacking, Crean called timeout.

    Out of that timeout, Verdell came to the backcourt to catch the inbounds and then started walking it up…Crean was obviously furious about that, and he was trying to call a timeout immediately, refs didn’t give it until 5+ seconds.

    And then he draws up another play, which was obviously Jones getting the ball and either passing or shooting depending on what he saw…obviously he was going to shoot, that’s just how he plays. But if you’ll notice on that set, Crean had Sheehey/Oladipo in great positions to rebound/tip-in, which I didn’t think about right away, but if Vic’s tip goes in they win, and if it doesn’t slightly catch the back of the rim a second time and bounce over Sheehey’s hand, they win. That was a well-drawn set.

    I wanted a timeout earlier when Iowa was making a run, but other than that, I didn’t have a problem at all with plays out of a timeout/timeout calls. That set at the end of the game created a good look on a jumper (for the wrong guy, but I blame Jones’s selfish tendencies more than anything else) and the set-up on the play put two guys in great positions to rebound and put it back in. It just didn’t work out.

    Hard to blame the coaching on that. Personally, to me, today it seemed like they really missed Watford down the stretch. This would have been a good matchup for him, and it would have eliminated some of the sloppier play, perhaps.

  • LDIU

    I think the short leash Elston has been on since he arrived has gotten to him.

    Bobby needs to find another sport.

  • Anonymous

    That one was disappointing, but you can see the improvements. Take 2 starters off any team in the nation and see how they respond. Am extremely proud of our Hoosiers. Not a big Verdell fan but this team needs him and I found myself wanting him to take that last shot. This was a team loss that in the future will be the exception not the rule.

    That dunk……WOW are you freakin’ kiddin’ me!!!!

    GO IU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JerryCT

    I hate to be ok with the loss but just being competitive is all I expected this year.

    + The seeds for this loss were sown in the Minny game where you saw them thwart our offense consistently as we went late into the clock way too many times. Iowa just picked up from where they left off.

    + Throughout the game Iowa got better shots , closer to the bucket than we were able to generate on our side of the floor. Our offense seemed to be pushed out to half court line. I give a lot of credit to Fran McCaffrey. Iowa looked to be the better team all night

    + While Hulls had a great offensive game I am not sure that when you include his defense he had a net positive effect. His defensive assignment got 15 w 8 assists. If you give points for assists and take away points for turnovers you see a rough stalemate or net negative

    + McCaffrey called timeouts as soon as we got up several points and each time Iowa came back. CTC sat on his timeouts during their late 10pt run. I bet he would like to do that differently .

    + Very disappointed in the stat line of DE ( 1 rebound ? ) and Matt Roth MUST be automatic from 3pt land or there is no reason to be on the floor. The two shots by Capo were open shots but in a game where we are not getting rebounds I think those shots need to go Roth or other shooters

    + I have no problem w VJ3 on the final shot. We all saw the end of half attempt by Hulls. No reason to repeat that fiasco. My problem is that VO was wide open in the previous in bounds play yet we got the ball to Jones where then nobody but VJ3 moved at all ……… all too typical for this team

    + I question the final lineup that did not include a screener like TP or a big who could put it back in

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    That block call on Will was terrible! It was at a minimum a no call on our home floor. He was set FOREVER and his feet were on the lane stripe so he definitely wasn’t under the basket. Too bad Valentine or Hightower weren’t there. That would have been a charge every time with those guys! HA HA HA! I hate those guys! B10 officiating is the worst in the country!

  • Luke72

    This team as about one Cody Zeller away from being a really good team! Victor and Will played very well for being freshmen! No need to say much more about Jordy except that he had a Mr. Basketball game.

  • Anonymous

    Now that I have had time to cool off, I’m still pissed. Iowa, really Iowa? Are they really just that much better than IU? I hate the fact that we try not to lose down the stretch rather than just doing what we do, which is pushing the issue. Even with the injuries this is the one game that we all had circled as a win. Especially after last year. Yuck!

  • Kelin Blab

    Yeah Jerry VO was open before the ball was in-bounded, after the ball was in-bounded and against a guy who was bigger but didn’t have the foot speed to stay in front of him.

  • Kelin Blab

    VJ makes that shot over and over. How was he playing selfish. He had no turnovers today, took shots that he normally makes but was off and had a very good look at it in the end. There is not a ref in the country that would call a foul on a last shot of the game ……

  • jgongora86

    I want to pose a question. Do you think the Sheehey and Tom Pritchard dunks benefited the program more than the possibility of beating Iowa? I thought about this when I saw sportscenter’s top plays and they said who cares if they lost. If you think about, these are prime examples of what happens if Crean’s offensive sets are run appropriately. I would think recruits can envision themselves doing it as well. I would only imagine that Perea was chomping at the bit to be playing at that moment. Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Crean called VJ’s number during the timeout and he got off a clean look.

  • Anonymous

    I hear what you’re trying to say…ie, the buzz from SportsCenter is great for recruits. But here’s the thing…we already have great recruiting classes coming. Crean has sold the program to the next four recruiting classes regardless of how many times we make the Top 10.

    It’s very likely this loss cost us a chance to play in the NIT. I think the program would be better off with more opportunities to play games, especially in the postseason, just to get the experience of playing in pressure packed situations.

  • Anonymous

    I agree the charge sent me up the wall. Particularly when it’s called differenltly the whole game. And I think they took two points away from us and I thought, though I could be wrong, Iowa scored on that possesion; a four point swing. Wish the zebras were consistent

  • Anonymous

    Another school might be even better:)