Film Session: A trip to the Breslin Center

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Though the Hoosiers fell at the hands of the Spartans yesterday, they flashed a varied offensive repertoire which helped them stay in the game from start to finish.

A look at three plays highlighting this in the latest edition of Film Session.


Christian Watford has the ball on the wing against Michigan State’s Delvon Roe:

Tom Pritchard sets a pick for Watford:

With the slower Garrick Sherman now on him due to a switch, Watford makes a move around him to the rim:

And is fouled:

This one won’t show up on any highlight reels, and it’s a simple setup with just a pick. But it led to two made free throws and was one of several occasions where — as Shon Morris pointed out on the broadcast — Watford worked a mismatch on a slower player to his advantage.



Derek Elston sets a pick for Daniel Moore:

Moore passes to Matt Roth who brings it to the top of key and shoots it over to Victor Oladipo:

Oladipo swings it to Moore, who has cut across to the strong side of the court:

Elston sets a pick for Oladipo:

Seeing that Oladipo has broken free from Draymond Green and Durrell Summers, Moore tosses it up at the rim:

And Oladipo slams it home for two:

This was the exclamation point on Oladipo’s 5-for-5 day.



Watford hoists a three:

Pritchard skys in and swipes the rebound from Kalin Lucas:

Pritchard kicks the ball back out to Jordan Hulls, who swings it over to Watford:

Watford drives in and shoots a jumper:

It misses, but Will Sheehey out-leaps Derrick Nix and Green for the tip-in:

No practiced set here. Just some nice offensive rebounding and hustle to get a score, which the Hoosiers desperately needed in the extra frame.


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  • JerryCT

    We have added some stuff to our offense and in general been sparing of the dribble drive since Iowa and VJ3 went down.

    CTC has mentioned the screening more regularly in interviews. We are slowly looking like the screening/ cutting/ shooting team many have thought we could be .

    Elston’s off ball screen for VO was nice.

    Green beat us on a shot that began with his own off ball screen. I hope we continue to develop this offense

  • InTheMtns

    Thanks for doing these film sessions, Ryan. They are just the best! My favorite part is where the Big 10 announcers are expounding on one theory or another of theirs and they completely missed the Moore-Oladipo alley-oop. Maybe they can tune into your film session and see it. Too good to miss, that’s for sure!

  • Marsh21

    nice work

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, gives those of us that would like to be able to reexamine parts of a game, but can’t, the chance to do that in a small way.

    I remember the plays that you highlight a lot of the time and it’s really nice to be able to examine different aspects of it that I wasn’t able to watching it live.

  • Anonymous

    And here I thought you had secretly been hired as an offensive assistant! The coaching staff is really adding screens on their own? Clearly you’re not a secret defensive assistant yet, as they are still switching on ball screens…

  • Absolutely love the film sessions… possibly my favorite part of the site. Very unique and gives me a much better perspective on what I’m watching on game day.

    The one thing that has impressed me the most is the fact that we currently have 2 of the 5 starters that we thought we’d have at Hoosier Hysteria (sorry Guy, VJIII, and Mo) and yet CTC has managed to take these parts and out-coach seemingly everyone we’ve played (save @Iowa and @Vegas). Imagine what will happen when he has better parts to work with.

    Speaking of better parts, how great will Vic be after an offseason of training? He’s got Jordy’s fire with athletic ability unmatched by anyone else on this team. I’m also more and more optimistic about the progression of Shehey every game.

  • JerryCT

    Funny and you got that right ! Thanks for paying attention.

    I enjoy the problem solving process so I take it seriously but , for the record, I have no illusions that anybody including posters on ITH ever pay any attention to my musings. It’s not why I do it anyway.

    Half the time I am wondering out loud what I am seeing wrong assuming the staff is always right. It is a way of inviting comments I can learn from.

    CW is even setting some screens now …… in his own way …. and this was suggested by several of the ITh posters a long while back. How else do we get the CW mismatch except to get the opponent to switch on D ? Screening and cutting are good ways to get there from here.

    On defense I stick by my point: that to learn toughness you have to embrace the full responsibility and accountability of your own assignment and not have your head on a swivel looking to help your buddy who got beat.

    So help and switching are opportunistic and here are my rules:

    1. switch only between 2 post players or 2 wing players
    2. never switch between post and wing players
    3. no cross court double teams ever again
    4. help and recover only on the high ball screen

    Once we have the basics we can get fancy.

    Also defense is the most difficult to practice;

    You need 2 defenders and 1 handler and 1 screener at the same time to teach anything .

    Sorry for the novel but I am snowed in today

  • Anonymous

    Hey that’s what makes the internet age and sports blogs in particular so fun and interesting. You can only talk basketball strategy with your wife and dog so much before you start sleeping on the couch, especially for those of us outside Indiana. And I don’t think I’m the only one who appreciates reading your thoughts on the team’s strategy. Even if we don’t see things the same way, it’s still interesting to see how everyone interpret the games differently.

    CW setting screens “in his own way”? haha, that was a nice way of putting it.

    What do you think about the zone D’s we were using? Probably not breeding toughness as you say. But if we can execute different defensive strategies effectively, it does seem to keep the other team’s offense off-kilter. I’m just not sure yet if we’re ready to use all of them effectively. This seemed to be one of the few times Crean pulled them out regularly, so maybe we’ve gotten better in practice or maybe he thought we needed it to stop MSU.

    Snow is falling HARD right now in Boston. Should be alright for today (thank you public transportation) but I’ll definitely be snowed in tomorrow…

  • JerryCT

    IUMIKE; You make a good point. My hat is off to Ryan who always does a great job on this. Since I always breakdown the plays ( even during the live game and I go back and slo-mo so that sometimes I am 20 minutes behind the live game), I know it takes some work to pull this together.

  • MillaRed

    I agree with Jerry, we had many nice sets in this game and used our talents well.

    Someone mentioned we look like a Big Ten team again. Well said. We are no longer a step child.

    When I saw this alley-oop to VO, I realized we were getting back to where we want to be. We have been on the receiving end of these for too many years. You gotta have the horses to complete this play.

    In general, Victor needs to attack, attack, attack as much as possible. He has unbelievable body control and I would venture to say his “ceiling” is higher than anyone else on our roster. An absolute steal in the “draft.”

  • MillaRed

    Was really nice to see Sheehey hit those two 8 footers. With his size the mid-range game should be open.

    Not sure anyone knew what we were getting with a class of VO and Will, but if you look up and down the list, they were very underrated.

    #144 and #141 (dis)respectively? What teams would not want these two in their future? Two dudes that can stuff a stat sheet and commit themselves defensively.

    Getting them on campus and developing them may be CTCs biggest achievement so far at IU. I absolutely love the thought of them being here for 3 more years.

  • JerryCT

    I fully agree about your zone comments. They make the other team change their offense even if we are not yet good at it.

    Thank the Lord we have not seen JH or DM defending the baseline in the 1-3-1 in a while. I think this set should be reserved for JR , or VO back there

  • Anonymous

    I read comments when I’m around and I’m sure there are many registered and unregistered reads who do as well. Keep posting.