Film Session: Leuer’s first half

  • 01/25/2011 7:01 am in

While Wisconsin’s Jon Leuer was able to pop in nine points against Indiana in the first half Thursday night (and 20 for the game), the Hoosiers did a pretty solid defensive job on one of the better players in the conference.

In the latest edition of Film Session, here’s a look at how the Hoosiers D’ed him up in the first half on all nine of his shots, as well as some possessions in which strong defense forced the ball out of his hands.

Enjoy with audio accompaniment:

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  • JerryCT

    Possession 1: I notice how again the unnecessary cross court double team results in 3 open players. Hulls is nowhere near anybody and we were lucky they missed the shot. This double team or trap using the help side wing furthest away is getting ridiculous as it fails consistently.

    Possession 2 : Check out Hulls . Who is he defending ? This obsession with help is resulting in “over help” and open shots that we for example never seem to get on offense.

    Later Possession: An amazing sequence where Pritchard defends Taylor better than anybody did all night ……….. why was he on him however ? ……….. the switching again resulting in the mismatch they wanted

    I guess the debate at this point will be whether our lack of defense is due to player execution or coaching. The ridiculous double team is coaching .

  • Anonymous

    No offense to the video and commentary but I prefer the still shots followed by the video. The closer you can get to making it like the better, in my opinion.

    Plus, I can’t view video @ work but I can see the pics.