Film Session: The Sullinger effect

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Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger scored 19 points (5-of-6 from the field, 11-of-12 from the line) on Friday night, scoring over 20 percent of the Buckeyes’ 87 points.

But often, it was his ability to attract the defense and pass out of double teams that allowed his teammates to get some solid looks.

A look at three first-half plays displaying this in the latest addition of Film Session:

No. 1:

1) Ohio State wins the tip and initiates their offense with a pass from William Buford to David Lighty, as Indiana starts the game in their matchup zone with Christian Watford at the top of the key:

Lighty kicks to Jon Diebler as Buford starts his cut to the strong-side corner. Sullinger is down near the block:

Diebler kicks to Buford over near the corner as Sullinger moves up to the strong-side elbow:

Sullinger gets the ball and faces the basket, as almost the whole Indiana defense swarms him. Lighty calls for the ball on the weak side of the court:

Sullinger turns and spies Lighty:

Sullinger moves towards and eventually kicks to Lighty who moves farther down toward the corner.┬áDerek Elston sprints out and is able to get a hand in Lighty’s face, resulting in a rare miss for the Buckeyes beyond the arc:

No. 2:

Watford and Tom Pritchard double team Sullinger, which leaves DeShaun Thomas open under the basket:

Hulls tries to sneak in for a steal, but ends up fouling Thomas, who converted two free throws at the line:

No. 3:

Maurice Creek plays some tough on-ball defense against Diebler, as Bobby Capobianco fronts Sullinger and denies an entry pass:

Sullinger moves around and Diebler is eventually able to work a pass into him over Bobby C.:

With Watford coming up to meet Sullinger, Thomas again is open under the hoop, and Verdell Jones and Victor Oladipo charge down to the rim anticipating a pass to him:

Sullinger instead passes to Aaron Craft at the top of the key:

Craft quickly kicks to Jordan Sibert on the weak-side wing:

Oladipo chases to the wing, but is a little too late:

Nothing but net for Sibert:

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