• defendtherock

    I posted this on the Zeller thread, but I thought it would get more exposure here.
    I really wish Nic Moore was coming to IU. I have only seen him play in person 3 times, and he was the x-factor each game. He is a winner. No way Warsaw should have been in that championship game last year. He was big time in the tournament, and I don’t know one name of anybody else on his team. I watched him and Dejuan Marrero last year on the same day during their semistate games. They play different positions and are on different teams, but Moore was much more of a difference maker. At clutch time, he comes through. We have ZERO players who can do that right now. Moore thrives at winning time.

    My main question is this…What kind of guard should Coach Crean be recruiting? The dribble drive offense is something that fits a scoring guard who can get into the lane right? A traditional point guard seems more passive, which is less effective in this offense. Should we follow the Villanova plan of 4 scoring guards of similar sizes and one big guy who is just solid and can rebound and defend? I bring up Villanova because, they have been the most successful with this offense. They never seem to have a traditional point guard at all, but it works because all of their guards can get to the lane.

    I just want a guard who can dribble with his head up like we are taught in 3rd grade, and be able to drive without dribbling off of his foot. We don’t have that right now with our pg.
    One other question. Do you think some of our problems at the end of games are because some of our players are selfish? They did come to IU because they wanted to play right away. Are they trying to ‘get theirs’?. I heard Dakich say the other day that he thought this team was overconfident somehow, which leads to some of the slow starts. That could be because of the inflated ego of a few players from our first recruiting class.

  • jgongora86

    Ugh, I would be happy if we didn’t lose by 30. This is going to be tough to watch. Lucky for me I can excuse the drinking to the upcoming new year. Was this planned?

  • CutterInChicago

    I think Alex tweeted it yesterday – and I certainly don’t mean to speak for him – but Nic is apparently 5’9″ on a good day and has a shoot first, second and maybe third mentality and ball-handle after that. While I have no doubt he is a fine Indiana HS guard, especially in class basketball, I am not sure he is Big Ten material.
    Your desire for “want[ing] a guard who can dribble with his head up like we are taught in 3rd grade, and be able to drive without dribbling off of his foot.” is something we all want and are frustrated by at present.
    IMHO, we need a post presence, (preferably a solid 5) before we address the guard issue.

  • Kelin Oladipo

    I agree….we just can’t lose by 20 at home. I tried to come up with a formula for IU to win and I don’t have one….but if they do it is the equivalent of Villanova beating G’Town years ago.

  • CutterInChicago

    I’ve got the red wine flowing now, both in celebration of the New Year and as a medicinal agent for tonight…

  • Kelin Oladipo

    Cutter drink one for me, I may need it after this game…..COME ON HOOSIERS….show up tonite and pull an upset.

  • CutterInChicago

    Will do Kelin. Despite tonight’s loss, I feel better about IU than I did after seeing the PSU game in person. Happy New Year. Let’s get DSR, Harris and Hollowell in 2011, we’ll figure schollys out later

  • dfitz

    They are all 12’s unless we see a triple Carlino.