• Ots

    1. Creek-grab some wood and stay there. 2.continually allow drives to basket for scores. 3.At least 7 shots completely wide open by PSU 4. IU could not beat IUPUI 5. Thank GOD for VO and Hulls. 6. CW no defense and where the hell is the rebounding? 7.Mix of players- at times who the hell is going to score? 8.Cannot even execute a 2 on 1! 9. Big 10 record 2-16 if lucky. Pathetic performance against PSU in first 1/2 and Battle has not even cranked up yet!!!

  • Hoosier75

    I’m tired of Crean and Crimson brand. Time to start coaching Tommy. Worst three games I’ve ever seen at IU. No energy. Fundamentally unsound. Stop recruiting and start coaching.
    Hoosier 76


    Did IU run one offensive set all night? Wow. At Marquette Crean was a horrible offensive coach and he still is. This offense is sickening to watch. Its worse than a JV high school team.