Report: D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera back on the board

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Update: Smith-Rivera told Greg Rosenstein of The Indiana Daily Student that’s he’s considering the following schools: Florida, Miami, Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas and Ohio State.

When asked about IU, here’s what DSR told Rosenstein: “Maybe they’ll continue to recruit me, but who knows. I really like the atmosphere there and they’ve shown a lot of love.”

According to a report by Brian Snow of, 2012 North Central guard D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera has decided to re-open his recruitment.

Smith-Rivera committed to Xavier back on October 24, which was not exactly surprising given the relationship he had built with both Chris Mack and assistant coach Travis Steele.

The 6-3, 210-pound guard spoke openly in the past about his desire to play with two of his AAU teammates, Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin, but it’s unclear how the Hoosiers might fit into his recruiting picture this time around.

Smith-Rivera, rated the No. 25 prospect nationally by and No. 22 nationally by, described himself as “wide-open” to Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star.

Indiana currently has commitments from Perea, Jurkin, Yogi Ferrell and Ron Patterson for its 2012 class.

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  • Kelin CreDavis

    Just heard Dakich say IU needs to set more screens off the ball, get more movement etc. The dribble drive works well against SIU edwardsville but not against the big boys. He said they need to work together more and Fish mentioned this team needs a leader.

  • JerryCT

    Kelin: If CTC does this it makes my day.

    I must have compulsive obsessive disorder because I keep chanting :

    ” we are shooters”
    ” we must screen and pass”
    ” thou shalt not dribble in traffic” ………………….. and if you do ……………

    ( just like in the Island of Dr Moreau ) ………………….. you are sent to “House of Pain” !

  • Diesel

    I’ll tell you, CBB recruiting has gone the way of college football recruiting. Just look at the programs he mentions – Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State, etc. The IDS kids asked him about IU and he said that IU hasn’t shown that much interest as of late, but then admitted that was probably because of his committment to Xavier.

    So why the hell has he been hearing from these other schools? Slime, that’s why. Thanks CTC for keeping integrity as part of the IU basketball program.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you but I would only caution that I do not feel that character/attitude issues are why we lost those two games in Vegas.

    Our team is still very young and Crean is still trying to figure out his best lineups. I think he moved towards using more screens to get some players going (Elston in the first, Hulls in the second), but he needs to run more plays to ease our players into the dribble-drive a little bit more. First of all, we don’t really have an aggressive driver that can kick it out right now, so we need to find other offense in the DDO until VJIII settles down some in the lane, Hulls continues to find his confidence, Oladipo moves a bit more under control, or Creek drives more surely off his knee.

    I was optimistic that VJIII would show big-time improvement between this year and last year but he hasn’t shown that thus far. To me, he’s the only real disappointment on the team development wise.

    Creek isn’t as healthy as I thought he would be, and I thought I was a pessimistic grader of his ability coming into this year.

    I never had much hope offensively for Pritch or Capo.

    The rest of the guys just need to learn to pull the trigger more. Hulls and Elston need to show up in each game, not just in some games. I think Crean needs to run more offense for both of these guys until they play a bit more aggressively on a regular basis. I think our biggest problem right now is that some of our players don’t attack enough when they get the ball and some don’t move well on offense off-ball.

  • MillaRed

    You make some good points Banners. You mention our kids need to bring it every game. IS it possible since most of them have 1 1/3 of experience they just plain haven’t seen everything yet? Don’t get me wrong, talent brings production. But Hulls, Elston, Pritchard, Verdell and most of the team are not ever going to be superstars. They are role players. And to be most effective, they need playing time.

  • Diesel

    Hey man, I was a few days behind on the blog and didn’t want this to get completely buried in heap of posts, just wanted to say I appreciated your “even keel” stance of supporting CTC.

    There is no doubt in my mind that CTC believes in his players (Mo Creek and VJ3) much more than us fickle fans. What’s it say to you “best” players about your confidence in them if you are yanking them over a bad shooting effort. There was a lot of encouragement from CTC to CWat and he had a much better 2nd half and was one of the main reasons we came back offensively. Are there a lot of things to work on and improve on, and does CTC deserve some criticism, yes. But it seemed like there were only a few of us willing to give CTC and our squad some benefit of the doubt.

    Most of us made predictions of 10-3 that included Guy and confident Mo Creek. I was disappointed we didn’t take one in Las Vegas, but we all need to stay the course and support our team. Thanks for leading the way MillaRed.

  • MillaRed

    Right on Diesel. We have to get behind Coach. We can bicker here and there, but long-term he needs our support. It is possible to do both!

    Let’s knock out Penn State and start hooping Hoosiers!

  • Bleeding Crimson

    IU banners/MRed, Get points. Also my point. We don’t have the talent and they are young. We are who we are. Coach can’t get much more, it’s not the system or dare I say the coach.
    2012 is around the corner.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Sorry…GREAT points.

  • BFowler

    I watched the 30 for 30 about SMU in the ’80’s and also the one about Marcus Dupree and I tell you, that was slime (not Dupree or the players, but the recruiters). (I am a little behind on my DVRed shows.) I appreciate that Crean saw a committed player and stayed away, that is what you are supposed to do.

  • kentuckyhoosier


  • dfitz

    Why didn’t any of us think of that?

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Right there with ya…as most on here. We were just pissed.

  • dfitz

    An additional PG should have no problem in a DD offense. If Yogi is at the 1 the 2 and 3 also need the drive and either dish or finish or move to the arc other times.

  • Luke72

    DSR is winner, he may not fit in terms of the exact position we need to be filled but if we can get him to come to IU we will have the depth at the 2 that will get us into the NCAA every year he plays for us. He is a winner!!!

  • Anonymous

    is there any new news to report regarding IU and DSR?