Report: D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera commits to Xavier

  • 10/24/2010 12:11 am in

This is coming from our friend Kyle Neddenriep at the Star. I would link to his tweets on the subject, but I’m blogging from friend’s iPhone and don’t know how to link. I will say Neddenriep didn’t mention IU as one of the schools included in Smith-Rivera’s reckoning.

More tomorrow.

Sunday, 9:00 AM update by Alex Bozich: Here’s a link to Neddenriep’s story and here’s DSR on why he chose Xavier:

“They answered all the questions I had,” Smith-Rivera said. “I didn’t have any questions left.

“The way they run things and the system and style of play that have really appeals to me. They get up and down and play the way I like to play.”

This is not exactly a surprising development as Smith-Rivera had been high on Chris Mack’s program for quite some time. With Ron Patterson already committed and a huge focus on Yogi Ferrell and Gary Harris to round out the backcourt for 2012, it’s possible that Smith-Rivera was a little bit lower on the priority list than he was a few years ago when the Hoosiers initially began recruiting him.

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  • Anonymous

    Seemed like DSR fell off IU’s radar screen lately.

  • hoosierfan2

    yeah, not that much upside, I like him but it seems like there’s better options.

  • hoosierfan2

    I like DSR, but it seems like Crean has cooled, and I trust his judgement, unlike 4 guards.

  • Ryan Goods

    It’s probably all because of his injury troubles. I’m sorry DSR didn’t pan out but I’m happy with the position we are in

  • N71

    There wasn’t room for everyone and I agree, his injury was the problem. He’s a top 50 if not top 25 player but it’s hard to tell how much more he’s going to grow and develop. The one good thing about this is that he’s not in the Big Ten giving us fits. Butler or Xavier are both nice paths to take.


    Not much to say about his decision, except we wish him best.

  • Gustin

    I too wish DSR the best at Xavier. I hope he has an outstanding career there except if they ever play IU. Study hard DSR and get a quality education.

  • Anonymous

    He just didn’t seem to fit into IU’s plans, which happens. Xavier is a good program, and a good place for guards to play. I’m sure he’ll do well.

  • Outoftheloop

    IU can take only 5 max for 2012. Our list for the remaining 3 scholarships, after Ron Patterson and Peter Jurkin (whom I would not trade for anyone) is Yogi, Perea, Hollowell and/or Harris. Indiana has rightly focused on these recruits. IU needs to get 3 of these 4 guys! DSR is certainly a good player.

  • Uncle Joey

    Huge pickup for Xavier.

  • Anonymous

    best of luck, kid.

  • MillaRed

    I always felt like DSR was the odd man out if we landed the kids we really want in this class. I like the powerful EJ type guards but it seems as if he realized he wasn’t in our top 5. He will do well.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    That is a nice backcourt with D.Davis from South and DSR….

    Crean needs to finish strong with 2012. I have been hearing OSU has cooled on Hollowell. The interesting thing is who is the odd man out in 2012? Patterson and Jurkin….Yogi will have a scholly. With the remaining two….How long do we wait on Hanner? Harris could be the Eric Gordon type of player entering college and Hollowell is a big big time player.

    For me…I want Harris and Yogi for sure, everything else is icing on the cake.

  • If all of the players you’ve mentioned here want to come, I’m sure the scholarship situation will work out. I wouldn’t worry about that at all.

  • Anonymous

    Now chandler to the “X” too. Xavier is on roll right now. Seems like we didn’t show much urgency with Chandler after we watched his practice. I’m hoping this means coaches know someone else is committing for that class! Who knows though funny how a few months ago something like this would have had us all worried but now its not nearly as a big deal to miss out on a player since there are so many other good ones we are after. Best of luck to chandler and DSR at xavier.

  • Luke72

    Outside of Cody, Yogi and Hanner should be our focus! Hollowell fits but’s not a class make or break. Chandler would never be an BT impacr player anyway. Harris will be hard to get to commit with OSU and MSU in the hunt. Really believe Harris is an NBA first rounder, landing him would be huge!

  • Anonymous

    DSR was 5th on my list of remaining 2012 players and we have room for 3 more. Yogi is definitely the priority followed by Harris, Perea, and Hollowell. With where we stand currently, landing 3 of the 4 is very possible. I don’t know exactly how they will pull it off but we may be able to haul in all four. That creates a huge imbalance in the classes for us but some of these guys will not be here all four years. But oh my how incredible would that group be for us. Your looking at one of the best teams in the country easily.

  • OK I wish DSR the best. Chandler (good size but with luggage and only a big help IMO if he bought into the work ethic of CTC) and DSR to the X. Then Miller #4 6’9″ SF chicago and Bello to Baylor. The baylor haul is impressive. Either Drew knows how to recruit better than anyone in the midwest or he is bending the rules – but he is effective. We will learn the whole story soon with the NCAA investigation underway

    I like Patterson (same toughness as DSR and Jurkin,) and would like to see CZ, Harris (the best upside short of Miller), HP or hollowell and yogi of course…would be nice to see some commitments soon.

  • HoosierNshaker

    I will wait as long as it takes on Hanner…he is #1 on my wish list for 2012. Even if he isn’t a 4 year player he has the kind of raw talent that adds instant toughness.

    After that for me it’s…

    As for the rest of this class they are solid backup options the scholly situation will be taken care of CTC is a smart guy.

  • Anonymous

    If Cody Zeller commits then you have two scholarships plus the over sign for 2012.
    Total of three spots for six guys. Ranking them right now I would say:

    1. Hanner Perea
    2. Yogi Ferrell
    3. Jeremy Hollowell
    4. Gary Harris
    5. Wanaah Bail
    6. Sherron Dorsey-Walker

  • Casey

    I share your excitement for Hanner, but Yogi has to be #1 in my opinion. We’re going to need a solid PG that can keep up with all of this talent.

  • Anonymous

    thank you! i think peter jurkin and ron patterson are very very underrated with HUGE upsides. i too would not trade them for anyone. when its all said and done i think jurkin may wind up a 1st round draft pick. too bad the # next to the name isnt as high as it should be and fans aren’t more excited. to me, when u factor in character, academics, potential, and 4 years…jurkin is the best recruit

  • MillaRed

    It seems both DSR and Chandler were fall back plans so this isn’t a
    surprise. However, if one of the others we covet so badly do the same, I’m
    thinking we’re not where we thought we were in the bigger picture.