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Thoughts on a 78-69 loss to Colorado:

Here’s what I think happened in Las Vegas.

The Hoosiers came in thinking they could win this tournament. No reason for them not to. There were some more talented teams than they’d been facing, sure. But it’s not like Duke was on the horizon.

Yet, Northern Iowa knocked them off their game a bit, knocked their confidence down a notch. The Panthers put a seed of the doubt into their collective team ego: “Maybe we aren’t as good as we think we are.”

Remember: The core group here won 10 games all of last season. And guys like Verdell Jones and Tom Pritchard remember when Michael Santa got to wear a uniform during the six-win season of 2008-09.

So nine wins with two non-conference games to go, no matter the competition level it’s come against, had to have these guys feeling good. Success is something they’re not accustomed to, and they were riding high.

I don’t blame them.

Judging from some of the comments on this site, a lot of you were feeling pretty good about the Hoosiers heading into this tournament, too.

But tonight against Colorado came, and that doubt snowballed into some awful play.

Christian Watford missed shot after shot after shot in the first half (0-of-5). And despite working from the block in the second half, it was much the same until he hit a few late to finish 3-of-14 on the night. Some sharp free-throw shooting (8-of-11) allowed him to sneak into double digits (12 points).

With their offensive rock not playing like he has for pretty much the entire season, Indiana hit a huge offensive rut to start the second half, and suddenly they were down 19 points at 55-36 with 11:50 to go. About the only reliable offense for much of the second half was Victor Oladipo’s five offensive boards, which aided in his 16 points (7-of-9 from the field, 2-of-3 from the line). We’ll never dog you again, Vic!

On the strength of a full-court press, Indiana was able to get a run together to make things interesting, as the normally turnover-free Buffaloes — their turnover percentage stood at 15.4 percent heading into this one, good for fourth in the nation — got sloppy and the Hoosiers capitalized, scoring 12 points off turnovers in the second half.

They were within three with 2:31 to go at 67-64, but Jones missed two free throws which could have cut it to a one-point deficit and the Hoosiers never got any closer.

The other team executed in the final two minutes. Indiana didn’t. Same old song and dance.

And when you’re trying to win a game with a desperation full-court press and offensive rebounding, it’s not a recipe for success.

Plenty more to gripe about in this one — Indiana’s poor defense in the first half, which allowed Colorado to get a bunch of easy layups (20 points in the paint in that first frame for the Buffs), is a good place to start — but I’ll leave that for you guys.

Two losses in a row if tough to stomach, especially after charging out a 9-2 record. But if these Vegas games have taught us anything, it’s that the 9-2 record was deceptive and sucked the team, and its fans, in.

Remember: If we’re projecting this team around .500, there may only be another 5-6 wins the rest of the way. It’s easy to lose sight of that with all the early wins.

But if Indiana can’t figure out a way to play at a higher level when the lights get hot against teams they’re capable of beating, the Big Ten season isn’t going to be very pretty.

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  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    The only problem Jerry is we saw the “comeback” scheme WAY too late!

    Also, Danny Moore and Matt Roth played the BUTTS off on the defensive end. Roth got one deflection that led to a steal and Moore was in his man’s jock strap on at least one possession that I saw. I hate to say it because I don’t think there’s much hope for a winning season if those two guys are playing 20+ minutes a piece, but they freaking deserve to!!!

    If they are going to play defense and hustle the whole game and also make some good plays on the offensive end then they deserve to play and Mo and VJ can sit (and Hulls sometimes on nights where he’s killing us defensively)!

  • bluegrassHoosier

    Oh dear…

    “Hide your children, hide your wife”

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    We were in games like that last year too though friedman! We beat Pitt at MSG where they NEVER lose. We played with pUKe and actually got beat by less than this year. We played with a good Maryland team. We played with three teams (two decent ones) in PR but lost. We did get beat by a couple teams we shouldn’t have but at least we beat someone we weren’t supposed to.

    This year we beat several transitional D1 schools and schools I’ve never even heard of, got beat by 12 against a rebuilding BC program, got beat by 19 at pUKe even though we “played” with them, and lost to two teams you shouldn’t lose to on neutral sites.

    That’s not much “better” than last year. Boston U last year had a winning record and beat Oregon State as well. George Mason had a winning record, took Villanova to one point, and played GT to 8 points. The only “bad” team IU lost to last year was Loyola. The losses to Boston and GM were at a neutral site as well. So, if you compare last year to this year it’s about the same. This year we didn’t lose to anyone we weren’t supposed to but we won a game we weren’t supposed to as well (Pitt). This year we didn’t lose to any of the freaking cupcakes but we didn’t win any of those “iffy” games like we did last year.

    So, other than the schedule being more difficult last year, how is this season a big improvement so far over last???

    Last season – Losses to Maryland (home), Ole Miss (neutral), Boston (neutral), GM (neutral), pUKe (home), and Loyola (home) with win against PITT (neutral)
    This season – Losses to pUKe (road), BC (road), UNI (neutral), Colorado (neutral) with no good wins!

    It just looks like the schedule was friendlier to me?

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Exactly Kelin!

    What good does it do practicing the lob to Will and Vic against SCSU and SIUE if you aren’t going to even attempt ONE freaking lob during this tournament?

    Why do we have a PF averaging 14.3 ppg and 5 rpg sitting on the bench the whole game when the other team obviously has no good matchup for him?

    We’re going to have to stop talking about this because I’m getting more pissed off as we go. It is not that hard to see these things. The two coaches we played against in this tournament played their matchups well, adjusted to how the game was being called, and forced their tempo on us. Why can’t our TOP TIER coach do the same thing???

  • bluegrassHoosier

    Hate to admit it Aceman, I agree with you. I am as big of a CTC supporter as you’ll find. I still have confidence.

    But as of right now? I don’t see us as being much, if any, better than last year.

    Some individuals look better (CWAT, Elston, Rivers) and we added acouple nice freshman. But as a sum? I don’t see much.

    That does concern me. I just want IU to beat ONE top 150 team this year.

    C’mon CTC, I know you are the man for this job……show us something in game to mirror the great work you have done in all other areas thus far.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    2 Things:

    One, Danny Moore drove past someone for a dish last night. Maybe he can do the dribble drive – HAHAHAHAHA

    Two, CTC did have a one answer to how to beat CO last night, the press. HE JUST FORGOT HE WROTE THAT DOWN AND SOMEONE REMINDED HIM WAY TOO LATE!!!

  • IU ED

    In reply to #5, he is going to clap. He is a VERY BAD bench coach. Can recruit, but has no idea on how to make good game time adjustments. Jones and Creek would not start. They are LIABILITIES.

  • Diesel

    Jerry, thanks. I listened to the first half and then streamed the link which was a little choppy. That’s exactly what should have happened then, but also needs to happen to Mo, CWat, and VJ3 and I don’t give a rip what the score is, no excuse for that crap. That’s part of basketball, and if you don’t want to play hard, find the pine.

    I’m perfectly OK with a lineup of Hulls, Rivers, VO, Sheehey, and TP if I see the effort. Send the message CTC, and I think that is what he was getting with the quote I posted.

    Do you think Crean was worried about the athleticism of TP against Colorado, or was there something else I missed?

  • Anonymous

    Totally with you on all fronts Ace. Let’s hope Crean watches the tape and sees the same things we do. AhLaDuhPo needs a longer leash (as does Elston, obviously).

  • Anonymous

    I’m a fan of JR and think he should start, so here comes my viewpoint because you’re missing out on a few key attributes he provides.

    Can’t dispute JR’s ability to shoot. It’s beyond mediocre from outside 8 feet. We know it, he knows it, Crean knows it, his defender knows it.

    Fact is, though, he only took 2 shots last night: one was an airball, turnaround 15 footer (awful shot selection there, but I can’t recall if the shot clock was running down), but the other was an attacking drive to the basket resulting in an easy layup. So its not as if he isn’t aware of his abilities (unlike Creek, who continues to flick at will trying to rekindle last year’s magic).

    In terms of passing and handling the ball, are you sure you aren’t confusing him with VJIII? Rivers had 2 TOs last night, one of which was a ball-handling issue off his leg, but that’s hardly been a pattern this season. When I see JR on the floor, I see a guy keeping the ball moving on offense, ooking for the open man and driving the ball. He’s a pass-first guard as opposed to guys like Creek and VJIII who constantly look for their shot first.

    What JR does bring to the table that you neglected to mention is outstanding rebounding from the guard position, especially on the defensive glass. That Kentucky game was a fine example of his talent being put to use against bigger teams that we’ll see more of in the Big Ten.

    And if Crean continues to go small as he alluded to in his post game press conference, he and Oladipo will be playing the 3-4 spots because they play much bigger than their size.

    Also, let’s not forget Rivers is our 2nd best free throw shooter behind Watford. Though Wat missed a few the last couple games, so I’d have to check the season stats to see if he’s still hovering around 85%.

    Oh and he’s tough as nails. That ankle injury was supposed to keep him sidelined during the Vegas trip. Glad to see him bounce back so quickly.

  • Anonymous

    Yea I am aftraid too, I know crean is approving the team but who wouldn’t with the Indiana name and his determination he should be able to recruit. We can’t be living for the future, I feel like we have for the past 6 to 8 years besides Gordan’s freshman year. So the fact of the matter is we have the talent to compete with these teams which we are so if we can compete with these teams we should beat on or two? We went 0-4, so I am just ready to make the next step so hopefully we will in the next few months.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Man, watching this replay right now and TP looks bad, bad, bad. His guy has gotten two offensive rebounds in the last minute and a half!

    Roth was really hustling and playing great D for one whole possession and CTC pulled him out right after that. What did he do to no earn more time than that?

    The last minutes of every first half are killing us!!!

    Jones forces stupid shot after stupid shot after stupid shot!

    And I just watched the play where Elston loafed back a couple minutes ago and he was gassed! I know that’s not an excuse for loafing but did he really deserve to sit the whole second half for one bad play when he was sucking wind?

    Hulls was really looking for his shot in the first half last night. He was apparently one of the only players to learn from Wednesday, the others being Vic and Roth.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, I am very disappointed in this Indiana team. Getting beat by Kentucky is understandable, but Northern Iowa, Colorado? Maybe the last two years but NOT now. It is time to finally take some real steps forward instead of staying where we are. I’ve seen it on some other posts and it is right: No more moral victories. Let’s get to the point, a win is a win, and a loss is a loss. I am tired of hearing, “we played with them for most of the game,” or “Hey look we out rebounded them.” It doesn’t matter how a team plays, if you win, it goes in the left column and if you lose it goes in the right column.

    Okay, how can we even consider this “offense” we run an offense. It is NBA style play. It has no screens except on ball, no cuts, and we simply drive and throw up a runner, floater or some kind of unneccasary deep three. Will we ever run some kind of motion offense? We have a very good team for it. We can turn Pritchard and Capo into screeners. We can run Hulls, Creek, Roth, VO, Sheehey, and almost anyone off these and get wide open GOOD shots, as opposed to the shots forced up by VJ, Watford, and basicly everyone else. Also, this will immediately cut down turnovers because a lot of turnovers are because of excessive dribbling. The motion offense is definataly something this coaching staff should look into.

    Defense was terrible in Vegas. We left so many shots open which especially NIU took advantage of. We flew out at shot fakes, refused to move our feet and keep the ball in front, lost our men, didn’t help and didn’t rotate. If we continuously make these same mistakes, we will get blown out by almost every Big Ten team. Defense isn’t a matter of skill or athleticism, it is hard work. In ’84 Dakich shut down Michael Jordan. Obviously, Jordan was more athletic and had more skill but was held to 13 points. Even VO lost his man and didn’t rotate several times in Vegas, there is very little hard work and dedication on this team.

    Hopefully Indiana can turn it around, run an offense, play some defense, and win some games.
    Go Hoosiers.

  • JerryCT

    I agree with you except wrong Aceman on DE:

    I thought he was actually hurt at 15;48 he was so slow. CTC gave him a rest and he came back in 13;33. Again an obvious failure to get back so he again gave him a rest at 9;28. He comes back in at 6:34 and at 4;44 he is beat again. Now I am just talking about his own defensive assignment not even the concept that our big needs to get back to be a “stopper” on the trailer.

    Crean says DE’s injuries and the night before wiped him out. I believe it. I give coach credit for recognizing this and sitting him down. We have also played 4 games inside a week which may explain CW’s inaccuracy on his deep shots

    On Hulls ==> he is effective when playing w/o the ball but this usually means VJ3 has the ball so forget about it. This is where JR is essential for his ball movement and PG duties. Ball movement equals Hulls shots. Without it …………….nada !

    Also as Lappas said Hulls is vulnerable to the trap when he dribbles.

    Unfortunately JR looked and played like he was injured so he could not be an answer.

    I guess we have to see what coach does from here. My own feeling is that:

    + Moore and JR need to be floor leaders because they move the ball
    + Hulls needs to run off screens etc for shots.
    + Creek exchanges minutes w Roth
    + No more switching on man-man D
    + Run the press at any time in the game
    + Play DE whenever we can but that might be <20 min
    + CW plays low post 70% of the time
    + No VJ moves unless it is off the pass in mid range

  • Kelin CreDavis

    Jerry I have COMPLETELY given up on Hulls, Roth, Etherington, Sheehey EVER coming off a screen. It makes too much sense which means it won’t happen.

  • JerryCT


    I am going to agree with you on almost everything with some modification;

    1. JR appeared more injured last night than the night before so I put no stock in anything he did last night as representative

    2. I believe right now his FT% is best on the team. I actually want him to shoot because i think he can improve his scoring just like he improved his FT%.

    3. You did not mention his ball movement which I think is the best on the team and somethign we need more of

    His potential impact on the team is huge. If he can play in a way to enable our best shooter Hulls to play w/o the ball then we score 10 more pts per game

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    At about the 11:00 mark last night we went to the 3/4 quart trap and then a zone and almost got a steal from Moore, then Colorado was forced to heave up a near half court shot with the shot clock running out. They did it again the next possession and got a charge called on Colorado. Both those possessions are because we sped Colorado up. Moore then dished for the layup to Oladipo. In less than two minutes we created two turnovers and cut into the lead and all three plays were from Sheehey, Moore, and Oladipo. They zoned for a third possession and got a missed three and a steal off the rebound by Hulls, the Oladipo went right down the floor and scored again and a three point play. They did it again and got a crap foul call on Rivers on a wild layup attempt on Knutson where he wasn’t touched. I thought that last night too. Then previous offensive possession Sheehey hurt his leg. Then they pressed and nobody came back to the ball. Oladipo threw it away and they hit two FT’s. Rivers then hit a layup and Colorado beat us down the floor for another layup off the press. After than CTC pulled the press off until about 4-5 minutes to go.

    My question is why. I just named six offensive and defensive possessions where we outscored our opponent by 6 points, got three empty possessions by them, 1 crap foul call and one legitimate foul call and only one trip where they broke the zone easily and scored on a layup. They scored 4 of their 6,points at the FT line (two probably shouldn’t have been attempted) and we scored on layup after layup after layup. They pressed a couple possessions between then and when they went back to the press but the personnel on the floor just couldn’t make it effective. I’m not sure why Oladipo came out because Crean didn’t yank him when he threw it away. That was at something like the 7 1/2 minute mark. He didn’t pull him until less than 5 minutes. Sheehey had to go out with an injury.

    It seems that the zone and the uptempo defense is the only way to go. Zone press and trap and if you don’t get the turnover then drop into the quick 2-3 zone or trapping zone and you’ve taken up ten+ seconds of their shot clock. It speeds the other team up and leads to quick scores for IU! Jones killed us last night with an incredibly dumb foul with the shot clock running out at 4:11 and his two missed free throws with about 2:25 left!

    There doesn’t seem to be any other way to go???

    BTW, watching this replay it is obvious that Crean continues to play Mo Creek because Creek really does hustle his butt off and give 110%. Unfortunately, his best right now just isn’t good enough because of the injury and that isn’t his fault, but CTC should use him more wisely in short spurts where there’s a couple designed plays to get him wide open set shots.

    Also, at one point coach McClain and coach Crean were sitting on the bench talking to each other and you could tell by their body language and facial expressions that the gist of the conversation was “I don’t have any idea what to do either. Nothing is working.”

    MY FIRM BELIEF AFTER WATCHING THE REPLAY WAS WE WOULD HAVE WON LAST NIGHT IF SHEEHEY HAD STAYED HEALTHY AND VO HAD BEEN LEFT IN!!! When those guys both left the floor (VO was still in until about the 3:30 mark. I’m not sure why he came out, but when both of those guys were on the floor with Rivers we were pressing and really causing Colorado trouble.

    HHHMMMMMM, isn’t it weird that so many of us called for the press and uptempo style with Will, VO, and JR even before the season but last night was the first time we’ve really seen it and just for a few minutes at desperation time??? I REALLY hope CTC and the staff learned something from that last night and that all three of those guys are healthy and ready to go in the Big Ten season because they need to play and we need to press!

    Okay, that’s the last monumentally long post I will make after the Vegas tourney.

  • JerryCT

    I think coach kept trying to use DE against their bigs using TP to rest him but DE proved he did not have the energy. By then we were behind such that there was no clear reason to play TP.

    What TP does well we did not need ie help defense, hedge on ball screens, rebound/blockouts etc None of that would have helped.

    they drove us, we fouled, they hit FT’s. I donot remember too many ball screens even

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I’ll give on the DE thing after watching the replay again.

    I agree on Hulls off the ball.
    I agree on JR and Moore handling the ball. Hey, Moore proved last night again that he can do it.
    I agree that Roth should play as much or more than Creek.
    NO MORE SWITCHING ON SCREENS!!! Teams hedge early against us because they know we aren’t going to hit the roller. WHY CAN’T WE DO THAT TWO.
    Play DE as much as you can play him. I hope he gets in better shape but part of that isn’t his fault because of his short leash he isn’t used to playing long periods of time.
    CW can do what he’s done pretty much all year because he’s been good at it.

    We’re pretty close on all these points.

  • bluegrassHoosier

    Kelin, you are without question one of my favorite posters. So please take what I am about to say in the manner in which it is attended….for your own mental stability.

    Take a breath, enjoy Christmas, keep the passion, don’t have a stroke or heart attack before next year. Off the ledge my friend. j/k

    Your love for IU is great, man. You make me laugh even when you are through the roof mad. I think the madder you get, the more you make me laugh. And I mean this in a good way, seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Jerry — glad to see others understanding his value beyond simply scoring.

    You and I are seeing the same things about Rivers and what he brings to this team…he’s the epitome of a glue guy. Someone who doesn’t need the ball to be effective, knows his role to a tee and makes those around him better.

    As a senior, I’d like to see him to take a stronger leadership role on the floor. I see it with Jordy a lot more, bringing the guys in for mini-huddles on the court, so perhaps it comes more naturally to him.

    For what its worth, I did mention ball movement in my original post – I damn near wrote a deposition defending Rivers, so I don’t blame you for overlooking it:

    “When I see JR on the floor, I see a guy keeping the ball moving on offense, looking for the open man and driving the ball.”

    I wish we had one more year with him to improve his jumper. He’ll never be his younger bro in terms of offense, but like you said, if he can make that much marked improvement over the summer on FTs, I imagine the same could be done for his jumper.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I hope not Kelin! Something better change big time or he may lose some of these recruits when other coaches start to point out the style conflicts.

    Why were Jones and Creek on the floor together the last 3:00 minutes to go in the game??? Jones got beat once and Creek was too slow to help and then Creek got beat and Jones was too slow to help. One for a dunk and one for a layup and three point play in the final minute and a half. And Jones can’t hit a clutch FT if I had a gun to his mom’s head!

    THEY FREAKING KILLED US while VO and Moore and Roth all sat and watched for most of the last three minutes. I am so freaking confused. Elston was limping at the end of the game when he returned so I’ll say “uncle” on the Elston PT from last night, but ONLY last night because he should be in.

    Kelin, I am so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wrong defense, wrong offense (for the personnel), wrong players . . . is there anything I’m missing???

  • Tberry

    “1/2 court or anything”

    I’m nor sure what type of offensive structure we have?

  • JerryCT

    I think our team is a little schizo.

    We have 3 reliable scorers who are shooters DE, CW, JH with Roth’s unknown reliability and Creek ………………..

    Then we have broken play , open court type scorers in WS, VO and VJ3.

    Of course I have already voted several times for the press etc and a different defensive lineup. But I also think we can become a screening shooting team as well based on ball movement.

    TP set a nice screen for Hulls last night for example.

    We are not out of ideas yet …………………. hope the coach has some too

  • Tberry

    “Okay, how can we even consider this “offense” we run an offense. It is NBA style play. ”

    As Bob Knight said, “I’d rather watch two frogs get it on.”

  • cdog

    I just hope none of these hot young recruits that have verballed notice that this team is no better than last year. The only way they were going to improve was with Guy in the middle and MC fully recovered. Neither happened. VJIII is just not a very good shooter (including free throws) and is a turnover machine. He is a junior and should have shown better development to this point. MC looks nothing like the MC of the first dozen games last year. Either the injury is far from healed or he has lost the mental toughness he had last year. Unfortunately, I agree with a lot of you in that it seems VO and WS bring more energy than anyone on the team. I don’t understand the lack of focus on the part of the players. We are 0-3 against mid-level teams and 0-1 against a low top 25 team. These kids all won in high school and at the AAU level. Why did they need to learn how to win? I was never as talented as anyone on the IU team, but when I got to the locker room there was absolutely nothing left in the tank. I hustled on every play and if I slacked for one moment I heard it for two days from my dad. CTC has some real issues with this team. Bob Knight won 20 games with less talent because the kids endured tough love.

  • dfitz

    We are somewhat better than last year but the only changes are that we lost DD and replaced him with VO and WS. That is the extent of it from the personnel end. It helps a lot but not a major game changer especially if they don’t get some more minutes. Creek, sorry to say is for all intents and purposes not the same guy we expected back and likely won’t be before next year. So it’s like not really having him.
    Guy would have been a big addition but well the NCAA…you know. Otherwise we only are a year older and stronger but not improved enough to do what everyone wants but I also think we are more capable than we have shown so far and the remainder hopefully holds a few good surprises.
    Merry Christmas

  • bluegrassHoosier

    I was with you all the way cdog, until the Coach Knight reference. Not disagreeing with the statement, but for the love of sanity, Coach Knight isn’t coming back. Let’s just deal with where we are and where we are going.
    Eventually, we have to stop comparing our wives to our former girlfriends.

    Crticisms and suggestions are great. But we don’t have to compare every move to what The General would have done.

    I am waiting for the WWCKD bracelets to replace the WWJD ones.

    I hope Coach Knight approves of my post!

  • Cheny

    No. I am just referring to the fact that we shouldn’t make excuses for Coach Crean or this team. I don’t see how we lose to teams like this. We have good talent, we are definitely more talented than Northern Iowa… Yet we lost?

    The cupboard is not exactly bare at Indiana.

    I do not mean to imply that we should be like UK. But, I do think we need to let our voices be heard. We need to insist on excellence. Three years is enough time to start winning some games against average opponents, we have not done so yet…

    I do think it is a coaching problem. I do not think it’s time to fire Coach Crean, but I think he needs to feel some heat…

    I live in New Albany, in the southern part of the state. It is unbearable to live in Indiana and see more UK fans down here than IU fans. When we lose to UK, it is awful down here. A UK fan said this to me the other day, “Tom Crean wouldn’t get three losing years in Kentucky” – and he is right. That is why excellent programs remain excellent.

    Consider this, Billy Gillispie’s record at UK 40 – 27 in two years. And, he was fired. Love them or hate them, UK would not tolerate mediocrity. I don’t think we should either…

  • Kelin CreDavis

    Cheny my bad…we are on the same page. Lets also not forget those crazy UK fans got Tubby fired and he won a title there. I have the patience of Job, but I don’t have the patience when I know this team and staff can do better. Sure MSU thumps us by 15-20, they are the big boys. UNI and Colorado….nope.

  • Let me amend this poorly thought out statement. Casey, it is true that this team needs to demonstrate better fundamentals and the coaching staff on this team has its work cut out. In order for our team to work through its fundamental issues it is going to take the complete talents of our coaches. Thus, fundamentals takes coaching and I must trust that Tom Crean is the right man for the job. I apologize for reacting in such frustration that i alluded Crean was doing an inadequate job at coaching the fundamentals, however; observations from the Vegas tournament conclude that the whole team needs work including the coaches.

    Honestly, I have been patient with the rebuilding process until last night and I can’t explain it but I got so terribly frustrated that it affected my sleep. I know it is ridiculous but its true. This tournament really bothered me.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    He actually came out a minute later when he pulled up lame on the offensive end.

  • Anonymous

    I think Crean can be very successful here if he will rethink his game philosophy. He should watch tape of the great teams and coaches like Wooden, coach K, Knight and see what works and find common themes. If he has never read coach Wooden’s book that might help.

  • Anonymous

    Every once in a while “ole Kelin” hits the nail squarely on the head! Keep that hammer handy!

  • Anonymous

    On this post you are WAY too negative Kelin! We need a real leader on the floor! One or two players who can grab shirts, yell in the face of other players, AND back it up with really good selfless play! Guys who can say “I will not let you loose this game”-and prove it!