Zeller opens season with 30-point, 13-rebound effort

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Throughout the season, Inside the Hall will keep you posted on how 2011 signees Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller, IU’s seven verbal commitments and other notable prospects being recruited by the Hoosiers, are performing at their respective schools.

You can send us stats or results for this report at [email protected]. Here’s our latest update:


+ Austin Etherington (Hamilton Heights): Six points in 62-54 overtime loss at Lebanon on November 24. 16 points (three 3-pointers) in 58-54 win at Mt. Vernon on November 27.

+ Cody Zeller (Washington): 30 points and 13 rebounds in a 70-42 rout of Barr-Reeve on November 24.


+ Hanner Perea (La Porte La Lumiere): Nine points and 10 rebounds against Rakeem Christmas and Academy of the New Church (PA) on November 25. 15 points and 17 rebounds against the nation’s No. 1 prep school, Findlay, on November 26. La Lumiere also played Brehm Prep (IL) on November 27, but no stats were available as of early Sunday morning.

+ Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell (Park Tudor): Following his commitment to IU, Ferrell scored 13 points as Park Tudor crushed University, 78-29, on November 24. Park Tudor moved to 2-0 with a 53-36 win at Indianapolis Washington on November 27. Ferrell had 17 points, four steals, four assists, six turnovers and one rebound. (Thanks to Chris Engel for the stats.)

+ Peter Jurkin (United Faith Christian Academy, NC): No information available.

+ Ron Patterson (Broad Ripple): Will open season on December 3 at Guerin Catholic.

2012 CLASS

+ Gary Harris (Hamilton Southeastern): 32 points in 84-78 win over Indianapolis Northwest on November 27.

+ Jeremy Hollowell (Lawrence Central): 22 points, including four 3-pointers, in 61-55 loss to Lawrence North at Hinkle Fieldhouse on November 24.


+ Collin Hartman (Indianapolis Cathedral): Will open season on December 3 at Warren Central.

+ Devin Davis Jr. (Warren Central): 11 points in 66-52 loss at Noblesville on November 27.

2013 CLASS

+ Basil Smotherman (Heritage Christian): 18 points in 76-70 loss at Rushville on November 22. In a 88-50 win over Tabernacle Christian 88-50 on November 23, Smotherman poured in 24 points.

+ Bryson Scott (Ft. Wayne Northrop): Northrop won its season opener, 52-49, at DeKalb on November 24, but Scott missed the game with a sprained ankle.

+ Darryl Baker (Jeffersonville): 13 points, five steals and three blocks in 62-55 win at Evansville Bosse on November 27.

+ Zak Irvin (Hamilton Southeastern): 16 points in 84-78 win over Indianapolis Northwest on November 27.


+ James Blackmon Jr. (Ft. Wayne Luers): Game against Muncie South was postponed due to Luers participation in the state football finals.

+ Trey Lyles (Indianapolis Tech): 12 points and 19 rebounds in high school debut, a 53-45 win at Manual, on November 24.

2014 CLASS

+ Jaquan Lyle (Evansville Bosse): 20 points and 10 rebounds in 62-55 loss to Jeffersonville on November 27.

+ Jaraan Lands (Brownsburg): 15 points as Brownsburg beat Decatur Central, 66-61, on November 27. Five points in 84-71 loss at Carmel on November 24.

+ Trevon Bluiett (Park Tudor): 15 points, 13 rebounds and two steals in 53-36 win over Indianapolis Washington on November 27. (Thanks to Chris Engel for the stats). Bluiett scored 15 points in Park Tudor’s season opener on November 24.

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  • Brian

    Wow. Terrific updates. Thank you.

  • Kelin OlaHarrispo

    The stats that jump out to me….
    +Bluiett with 15-13, going to be tough to beat Park Tudor this year with a scaled back Yogi.
    +Gary Harris is a stud…few weeks removed from football and puts up 32!
    +Jaquan Lyle with 20…another frosh getting off to a good start
    +Hanner is a big time big time big time talent. From the video I saw he looks bigger. He also may be suffering from Oladipo You Tube disease….which is where all of your highlights are of you dunking on or over people when in reality you have a decent jumpshot and can do alot more.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I was happy to see Trey Lyles all-around effort. 12 pts and 19 rbs is a great career opening stat line. 19 rebounds is a huge number!!!

  • This is a great feature ITH, Indiana fans and alums outside the state would have no access without you guys. You did omit whether Perea’s time won all those games. The more detail you can provide the better (give us an inch and we’ll take a mile).

    Is Etherington primarily a scorer?

  • Could only find stats for Perea and not final scores. We’ll update once I’m able to find scores for those games.

  • Could only find stats for Perea and not final scores. We’ll update once I’m able to find scores for those games.

  • Just as a FYI: I’ll update stats within the post if any updates are received.

  • Anonymous

    I love that over half of these guys are committed or have signed a LOI with Indiana

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Great info Alex.
    We have to land Harris, primary target. Maybe when CTC says he has to go recruit he’s actually visiting with Harris.

  • GFDave

    Really great info here, thanks.

    What jumps out at me are the number of double double games so many of these players had.

    Lyles grabbing 19 boards in his first game is very impressive.

  • Anonymous

    Sooner or later Alex you will have to answer my question….do you no anymore informaion on the 6’8″ kid Luka Zivkovic of Traders Point (2011) read he had 21 pts, 8 rbs, 8 blks, and 2 assists against Lighthouse Christian….also seen youtube footage of CTC and McClain front row at one of his games this season….Maybe we sign him in the late signing periode….

  • icousins5: I do not have any information.

  • Anonymous

    This is the third time I asked thats all twice on this blog once on a chat…no disrespect intended as you are IU main source of great baskeball info and we all appreciate your hard work, that being said…

    I watch highlights from 2 games and he seems like he can do a little bit of everything he plays for an Indiana high school (although it seems like he is playing againts 7th graders) in Traders Point…

    The school also have a 7 footer in the class of 2012 who looks to be more of a mid major prospect at this point….Maybe the lack of AAU ball has kept in under the rader hopefully that could turn out to be a good thing for IU

  • Anonymous

    Nice video of Hanner Perea here that shows more than DUNKING from the Tournament of Champions


  • Kelin OlaHarrispo

    He is and he was at Gary’s game….. the guy is relentless….

  • Kelin OlaHarrispo

    I have never heard of this kid or the other. I do know Blueitt use to go to Traders Point, but the level of competition is pretty low. The stats may be a little inflated….but at least coach is doing his due diligence.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you about the stats being inflated…I’m pretty sure more information will come out especially after June 29th when they go to Laporte and face Hanner Perea and La Lumiere

  • BaseballBuc

    Hopefully I can get up to a Lalumiere game this year to see Perea. So get ready for a report!

  • This is a great feature, Alex … but in some ways it’s a curse because it makes me drool thinking about the dream team in 2014 (assuming Hanner stays for his junior season). Our opponents will sue IU for causing a bed-wetting epidemic among its student athletes.

  • Anonymous

    Where the hell is Traders Point? I’ve never heard of that school.

  • Drep

    Ok, what about this scenario: Guy does not qualify via NCAA. Does IU: pick-up another Juco to fill the gap, try to add a another 2011 recruit from a thin (remaining) class or hold it for a 2012 recruit. If (when) IU picks-up Harris, they will have SEVERAL 2012 kids. If he gets a Juco, it would be available for a stacked 2013 class. For the record, Dakich said he thinks Crean thinks he will NOT get Guy qualified. We all know Dakich is a Soothsayer. Not sure if he has ‘inside’ information or was saying CTC is planning for the worst and hoping for the best?

    Also, how about E-ville beating Butler. Statement towards E-ville, Butler or IU?

  • Anonymous

    Bucky the two vids I saw he showed good lift on his mid range jumper but while open he didnt have that lift but made shots out to the 3 pt line…he seemed to pass well used the euro hop to split defenders and get to the basket….I see good things from the kid and if CTC and McClain (two great talent evaluators) are there for not 1 but 2 games then he must be worth something

  • Scott W.

    Ft. Wayne Luers and Muncie Southside game was postponed until Dec.

  • Nice start for a lot of guys. I enjoyed the video of Hanner knocking down some jumpers. Lyles grabbing 19 boards is my favorite stat. The sooner Gary Harris joins the movement, the better. 32 points straight from the football field?! That’s pretty amazing. We need to make sure he wears red & white in two yeares, not green & white.

  • Kelin OlaHarrispo

    Christian school in Indianapolis, they could be on the verge of getting the #1 rated kindergartner their next year….Kelin OlaHarrispo Jr.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Man, I can’t see that happening! How could a kid who just played two years of JUCO ball and played a grand total of 2 minutes in 5 games for a club pro team be ruled ineligible. I don’t know about you but I can’t see that pro team paying him over the room and board if he average less than a half a minute per game!

    That being said, I think that could be why he’s looking at that Traders Point kid, possibly. The glaring need for more size tells me he may take a shot at another C. Or he could surprise me since Zeller is coming in and just hold it for another class. You never know.

    I just can’t see Guy being permanently ineligible given his situation, but I don’t work for that Mickey Mouse organization otherwise known as the NCAA.

  • Thanks for the update.

  • Thanks for the information.

  • Jmfriedman

    Heard a rumor that Guy may get reinstated in the next week or so. Hope it is true….

  • Bucky

    Good points, IC5. I did see only the one vid, and it was only for a few plays.

    I like the way many Europeans play. It’s a fast, passing and shooting style. I don’t know any more about the player you’re talking about.

    Thank you for not taking my post as directed at your opinion (which it wasn’t). That’s why I like this site so much.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps, but we all know not to trust ESPN’s rankings. Rivals has him #7 and Scout has him at #12. I want to see him play some legit elementary school ball before getting too excited.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t commit too early, shop around for the best deal- maybe you can get a Cam Newton/Anthony Davis type package.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Some member of the media needs to make it a point to specifically ask Coach Crean what his feelings are about the situation and if he thinks we’ll see Guy at any point this season.

    Maybe he’ll at least say, “Yes, we expect to have him at some point.”

    That would put the rumors to rest for me about Guy leaving to play overseas or being permanently ineligible.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Some member of the media needs to make it a point to specifically ask Coach Crean what his feelings are about the situation and if he thinks we’ll see Guy at any point this season.

    Maybe he’ll at least say, “Yes, we expect to have him at some point.”

    That would put the rumors to rest for me about Guy leaving to play overseas or being permanently ineligible.

  • IU has no further comment beyond the statement that was released prior to the season.

  • stonaroni

    Yes, he averaged 20.7 ppg as a junior, 15.7 as a So. He didn’t play well in the opener.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Well, that just sucks!

  • Anonymous

    No problem at all I spend a lot of time reading, researching, and studying all basketball and football…I never heard of this kid til a week ago but I feel like if CTC heard about the kid and is willing to evaluate him then their must be more information out there…someone must believe he is D1 talent…I just want to know why they think so…

  • Anonymous

    Jerry saw him and said he’s solid on the (booger) pick

  • Anonymous

    How do these stats compre to those of other division 1 recruits? I always imagined high recruits normally put up video-game-like stats. These stats look below average of what I imagined those of highly valued recruits should look like. Zeller is good; his stats look in line with what he put up last year. Parrea probably will never be a high-scorer, if he is still not scoring highly as a HS junior. I maintain a wait-and-see attitude to these recruits despite the hype. At some point rivals.com and other sites will rate recruiting classes. I wonder how IU’s 2012 class will rate. I imagine that 2011 will have a hard time cracking anybody’s top 20. One area of concern is that it is almost all in-state. Basketball is played in New York and California. It is encouraging to see that program start its upswing after the last two and a half years. Over the nextfew years I imagine the program returning to the top few in the Big Ten, while not quite getting to a final four.

  • Anonymous

    If the level of in-state talent is on par with what we’re seeing right now you don’t need to go to New York or California. Sure, you go with the best players you can get, but there’s something to be said for getting homegrown guys who grew up watching/rooting for you and who understand the historical significance of the program. If you hit a certain level of achievement, you’re program will sell itself to whomever you choose, anyway.

    As for the stats that aren’t that impressive, there were some head-scratchers, but also explanations for those. Yogi’s 13 don’t look like much, but look at the final score and you’d assume he didn’t play a good portion of the game (and there wasn’t really a need to lean on him.) Austin’s 6 point output I wonder about, but other than that there’s not a lot to be concerned with, as a lot of these guys listed, talented or not, are merely freshmen and sophomores. Also, look at the scores of the games—if the guy’s team scored in the 50s it’s not likely that he’s dropping 35.

  • stonaroni

    I am assuming you like what WS and VO are brining to the table as FR at IU. Well WS avg about 15ppg and VO 12ppg last season. There are a ton of variables that gets mixed into these scores.

    Furthermore, college coaches watch more AAU games than hogh school because AAU teams and games have a much better collection of talent, thus they can see who truly stands out.

    Your CZ, HP types will always amass huge rebound numbers in high school because A) they are excellent rebounders and B) they are that much taller or more athletic than the man guarding them.

    Types like AE, RP, Harris, etc. will have some games where they drop 15, then 27, then 20 , then 12, then 30. They are guard -forward type players who are on the perimeter of the floor more often.

    Indiana has the best in-state/homegrown class in 2011 and 2012. I agree that getting a player from NY or CA is important too, but not as important as locking down the in-state kids and exhaulting your program to top 10 status.

  • stonaroni

    AE just played a bad game in the opener. It was nice to see him get 16 in a win including 3 treys. That is a good sign that he is shooting the ball well since he usually doesn’t take more than 4 or 5 threes in a game. He will get his 20 ppg by season’s end. AE is also a very unselfish player, he likes to get others involved such as his brother. I am guessing AE knows that if Alex, his brother, can start solid this season, they will be a better team in March. But, if things continue they way they have started for Hamilton Heights, AE will turn it up a notch and be more selfish.

  • Anonymous

    Not only to see Gary though. Crean killed two birds with one stone last saturday, sitting front row to show not only Gary that he’s loyal to him and getting his commitment, but also to show Irvin that he’s on IU’s list for 13′.

    Definitely a Tommy Crean like move, showing up to show 2 GREAT players that he’s very interested in both of them.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Wow, he had 30 and was only 6-11 from the FT line? He’s normally a good FT shooter so that’s a good sign. Another good sign is how much of an athlete he is. Did you see how high he climbed to grab that apparent lob pass in that picture? He can get up!

  • zellerfan
  • Anonymous

    I was at the game watching Zeller and I have watched him through his four years. In past years Washington would only run its offense through a Zeller. This game they did not and he still posted 30. He is by far the most athletic of the three. The stat that got me the most was not the poor FT shooting or the points, but he had 0 fouls. He did not sit on the bench untill a couple minutes left in the 4th. The kid knows he has got to stay in the game. For IU our bigs have got to stay in the game. This is what he is going to bring.

  • JerryCT

    I agree that CTC can continue w NYC and Phil/Balt/Wash recruiting. It seems to me NYC worked out at Marquette and our Balt recruits are not too bad either

  • JerryCT

    nice job