Davis’ AAU coach: “He just brings another dimension”

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Matt Green is no stranger to coaching elite, high-major talent.

The Eric Gordon All-Stars coach led a stacked roster this past summer that included Hamilton Southeastern’s Zak Irvin, Heritage Christian’s Basil Smotherman and Warren Central’s Devin Davis Jr.

And last night, Davis, a versatile 6-6 wing, ended his recruiting process early with a verbal commitment to Indiana.

Green said he wasn’t surprised by the decision and spoke highly of what Davis will bring to Bloomington upon his arrival.

“Right now he’s one of those guys that can get you those extra hustle plays,” he told Inside the Hall on Sunday evening. “He’s really good on the boards, a high-energy guy, a hard worker. He just brings another dimension to IU basketball that’s not there right now.”

Davis is ranked as a four-star prospect by Scout.com and also had offers from Illinois, Purdue and Xavier.

He was one of just 33 underclassmen invited to try out for the 2011-2012 USA Basketball Developmental National Team over the summer in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Green, who along with Davis has three other players with IU offers on his roster (Irvin, Smotherman and Brownsburg’s Jaraan Lands), complimented Tom Crean for his recruiting of in-state players.

“I think the Coach Crean is really working hard towards the in-state talent. Kids are seeing the vision and they’re buying into it and they’re going ahead and pulling the trigger,” Green said. “So he’s doing a great job selling the future of IU right now. All of these kids play against each other, know each other really well. I guess they’re choosing to play with each other right now.”

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    What a great pick up for IU! Yes, IU needs more “high-energy guy” and “hard worker,” and Davis perfectly fits. Congratulation, Davis !!!!

  • Luke72

    Being a native Hoosier and IU Alum makes Coach Crean’s recruiting of our Indiana homegrown talent seem that at last we are headed back to where the program belongs! So many great people and players have been part of this tradition. Thoughts of Calbert, Damon, and so many others have brought so much to so many of us that love this game of baskets!

  • N71

    You know, whether we win another championship or not it doesn’t matter as much because all these kids are Indiana kids. Win or loose I’m behind them and will support them whether they’re 38-0 or 20-18. They have our same values, play our brand of ball, live in our neighborhoods…this is awsome. On top of all that these are create kids, no thug punk types.

  • Look at the past 3 months.

    Just take a second and look at it.

    The Hoosiers are (albeit sloppy) 4-0.
    Tom Crean has landed 8 recruits.
    -3 of those are 5 star recruits
    -2 of our 4 star recruits are in the top 50 players in their class and one more is in the top 75.
    -Remember that Yogi Ferrel guy? Yeah, his decision is coming Wednesday and it’s likely that once he pulls the trigger, Harris or Hollowell will follow suit… 10 in three months?

    Any Tom Crean haters left? Bueller? Bueller?

  • N71 Sorry to disagree with you, but winning another championship matters greatly to me. Just being a top team again is paramount.

    Second I would like to see it done with good smart kids and no NCAA problems. Having the players come from Indiana is nice but it ranks behind the other two aforementioned goals.

  • Steelhoosier

    Forgive me. I made a comment about the state of IU as a whole in an article about a GREAT ball player who just committed to Indiana. These comments should be about him, he deserves that.

    I really think he is the kind of player IU has been searching for: athletic with good size and speed for our system plus he’ll have the experience by the time he gets here.

    This is a huge, huge, get for us.

    Welcome aboard, Devin.

  • stonaroni

    I like this kid. I am guessing he will end up being 6’7 or 6’8. He will have a lean powerful physique in a few years. Even better he is connected to Greg Graham and he knows as well as anyone what it means to be a Hoosier and play for IU. CTC is on fire. If I were Matt Painter, I would be terrified right now! What if Painter leaves Purdue and was only using them as a stepping stone to a higher profile program?

    Painter, Stevens, and Brey’s chances of consistency, and elite program status are now gone. The door has closed and CTC is running this state in a way that IU hasn’t seen since the late 80’s. In fact, CTC is making more headway the RMK did. RMK was choosy and didn’t always take this Indiana kid.

    Anyone else realize that if we go .500 the rest of the year, we win 17 games?

  • stonaroni

    I could really see Davis being a SF/PF tweener who is a great defender and solid scorer.

    Just like AE, CZ, HP, Buss, Yogi, Jurkin, etc. these guys all have friends with top tier talent and they are all from Indiana.

    Devin, go be that ambassador that Greg Graham is, and herd in the talent. You are “the man” in the 2013 class. We fans will appreciate your efforts.

  • Anonymous

    the past few has been like sticking your head of the window going 60 mph and it taking your breath away! GREAT time to be a Hoosier!

  • Anonymous

    the past few has been like sticking your head of the window going 60 mph and it taking your breath away! GREAT time to be a Hoosier!

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome!!! (Voice from I love you man Character) haaha

  • Anonymous
  • HoosierFromCT

    YOGI, can you just commit now?!!? Stop playing games and get it over with.

  • Anonymous

    Going .500 the rest of the year is a lot easier said than done

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but it is NOT more probable than getting 20 + wins!

  • Anonymous

    I know that you meant no disrespect, but Mo Creek, Christian Watford, Verdell Jones, Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey are all GREAT KIDS and very good basketball players!

  • Anonymous

    This is the way it should have been in recent years throughout the state of Indiana and I have missed it very much. Kids grow up dreaming of playing for Indiana and their fathers hope the same. I remember all those hours shooting hoops in the yard, listening to Don Fisher announce the games and wishing someday to be good enough to be a part of greatness. Of course I never made the team but that passion is a large part of who I am today. My love for the Hoosiers has never been second to any team but since the Knight era things have never quite felt the same. Many of the kids growing up in this state have watched our culture slip away, and their dreams of wearing the candy stripes slipped away as well.

    Now everything is quickly changing right before our eyes. The culture is coming back and those childhood dreams are rushing back to kids around Indiana the same way I remember feeling 20 some years ago. You can see it through the words and passion from kids who have yet to play a high school game. It’s Indiana. For those lucky few who possess the best talent and have the right attitude there is a place waiting here for you. A new era is beginning Hoosier fans. Get ready for an amazing ride because everything that is great about IU basketball is here again. And frankly I’m pretty damn excited about it!

  • N71

    Point taken. I’m from Indianapolis though. Grew up here, played ball here, went to school at IU, won a championship while there. Be it right or wrong I will have a predisposition toward a kid who has lived in my neighborhood, goes to the schools and went to, is friends with my children, etc. My affection for Ron Patterson for example has more dimension then a player from Memphis for example. If Ron, Yogi, Colin, Gary, or Devin went to Kansas I would have followed him there. What a great thing they are going to IU and get to play together, very cool.

  • Anonymous

    Point given. I can see each point you make and each is valid.

  • HoosierFromCT
  • Bleeding Crimson

    Couldn’t agree more. I too watched and listen to “Fish” when I couldn’t watch. Thinking about the Knight era, culture, etc slipping away before CTC…thinking it would never be THAT way again. CTC has done just that and then some.

    I can’t recall a team with so many Quality and Athletic kids from the state of Indiana attending IU. Words can not describe how I feel right now.

    Here’s a thought, what if Cody was able to pull his brother away for N.C. and play his senior year when Cody plays his Sophmore year at IU??? Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t he the year before? Anyway, best of luck to him.

  • stonaroni

    Add another to 2013 fellas…….Hartmann !!!! just saw this on ESPN


  • HoosierMike

    You got it, that’s my fault. He was with VJIII, Pritch, Roth, etc.

  • HoosierDavey

    Good to hear from Greg Graham again! I hope we get to see him in the Hall for some games in the future. He and Calbert were so smooth on the court.

  • Anonymous

    Tons of them, actually (in Lafayette, Columbus, Champaign, Lexington, Iowa City…)

  • Anonymous

    Is Davis’ father the Devin Davis who played at Miami (OH)? I loved watching that guy, and he was an absolute terror on the glass. How he never played in the NBA I’ll never understand.

  • Gotta get Guy back if we’re going to sniff 20 Ws.

  • Devindavissr

    No that is not his father. His father is the Varsity Asst coach at Warren Centrel and he played at Warren with Greg

  • Anonymous

    Thank you—I even asked a guy I went to HS with who’s in a TV sports department in Indianapolis, and he didn’t know.

  • Anonymous

    I am with you on that, but I think that we will get the Big Guy back before the Boston College game. Guy has been allowed to practice with the team the entire time so his transition to playing should be smooth. I believe that he had 5 games, but a total of only 10-20 minutes, of play on teams with some pro players. If the Selby case is relevant, that would point to a suspension of 5 games, which will run out with today’s game against UNCC. Now if only the NCAA is as rational as my analysis.

  • … unless the NCAA is looking to take a firm stand against semi-pros from Europe coming to college in the USA…

  • Anonymous

    But semi-pros from the US (like Selby) are OK? There appears to be a denial of equal treatment in that scenario-legally called denial of equal protection of the law. I don’t think that the NCAA wants to go down that path!