The Minute After: Franklin College

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Photo by James BrosherA few scattered thoughts on IU’s 89-37 win over Franklin College in their first exhibition game of the 2010-11 season:

No Guy for you.

After all the positive chatter surrounding Guy after Night of the Living Red, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one curious to get a peek at IU’s new big man. But it wasn’t meant to be.

The NCAA has come calling, and until there’s a resolution in the investigation, Guy’s game will remain in a holding pattern with nowhere to land.

(Thanks to our friend James Brosher for the photo.)

Watford on the rise.

He flashed some polish from downtown. He mixed it up around the basket. He stepped back and nailed a mid-range jumper; he drove to the hoop and scored. Watford’s offensive arsenal was on point from several spots on the court tonight, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this is what we’re going to see out of the sophomore all season long.

It won’t always come this easy for him. He won’t always score over a point per minute (25 points in 24 minutes).

Remember: The competition was not anywhere near Big 10 level this evening. But Watford’s game stood out the most tonight as one that’s taken that next step.

He’s going to shoot better than the 37.5 percent from the floor a season ago. And with Mo Creek on the floor at the same time, defenses won’t be able to key on one or the other without suffering the consequences.

Just one of many reasons why this team can be better this season if things play to form.

Threes alive.

Just a thought, but if Watford is knocking down threes, Matt Roth and Maurice Creek are back in the fold, and Hulls and Elston improve their 3-point shooting in their second season as Hoosiers, it could prove to be a strong asset for them this season.

If Guy can draw some attention down low, IU could even run a little one in, four out — similar to the sets the Orlando Magic run with Dwight Howard and their gaggle of 3-point shooters.

Moore is better.

I suppose this hadn’t bubbled up in my conciousness till this evening, but Daniel Moore is now a senior member of this team along with Tom Prithard and Verdell Jones as they all enter their third year. (Jeremiah Rivers and Matt Roth have been here as long, but both have missed a significant amount of game experience: Roth with his injury last season, Rivers because of NCAA transfer rules. Kory Barnett has not gotten significant burn, either.)

Having an experienced, third-year player in Tom Crean’s system as Jordan Hulls’ backup at the point is not to be overlooked.

He may lost the matchup game at times because of his size. (Again, remember tonight’s compeition level.) But the Hoosiers only need him to keep control of the game and minimize mistakes.

Couple tonight’s performance with his strong showing at Night of the Living Red, and he’s proving capable in that role.

So far. So good.

Meeting (exceeding?) expectations.

They said Victor Oladipo was the type of freshman that can contribute immediately. The type of freshman that brings some energy off the bench, a needed spark on nights the starting lineup comes out flat.

But Vic got the start in his Cream and Crimson debut. Yeah, Verdell is out, Guy is out — there was room. But Crean went to him first, not two of his capable elders: Elston or Bobby C.

I think that’s a sign Vic has impressed his coach so far this preseason.

And check this solid, if understated, line: 4-of-4 (1-of-1 from three-point land) for nine points. Three rebounds. Two steals. One assist. One turnover.

If he brings that sort of line every night all season, I think most of Hoosier Nation will be quite pleased.

So far, Vic’s early returns suggest a spot in the rotation is his to lose.

Now, as I keep qualifying all this with, against this sort of competition so early in IU’s 2010-11 maturation, there’s an infinite amount of variables.

This team’s true identity has yet to be discovered.

But we’ll be watching as they figure it out in the coming weeks.

Your comments are encouraged below. May I suggest some Mo Creek chatter?

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  • Anonymous

    IU does need him on the floor, but there’s no need to worry of NCAA repercussions for the program regarding him. Guy has not played one second for IU, so the only way the team would be punished is if he were illegally recruited, which isn’t the issue. His eligibility is in question, but that stems from his participation in games prior to college, which IU has nothing to do with.

  • Anonymous

    “Uh, ’cause he’s a hell of a lot better than I am, Coach. Sorry ’bout that.”

  • Anonymous

    just telling it like it is

  • joe

    First off, it was nice to see the team in action last night. Very hard to form any opinions due to the lack of competition, but I will point out a few things.

    1. I have read other comments about Rivers being better (at least last night). He was better b/c he didn’t bring the ball up the floor (no t/o opportunities), and he didn’t try shooting anything further than 2 ft. I thought he showed no emotion and looked like a dog that had been recently neutered.
    2. Mo Creek was more than tenative. He had zero lift on any shots and a fast break layout where he got exactly 2 inches off the floor. I love Creek, but nothing close to last year’s Creek yet.

    Overall, IU will be better this year. My two comments are negative, but I could come up with lots of positives. I will leave that to the rest of you. For those that remember the movie Teen Wolf, Assembly Hall last night reminded me of the scene right before MJF turned into a wolf on the basketball floor… People staring into oblivion, blowing bubbles, and showing no real interest in the game. I know, it was just an exhibition game, but not much atmoshphere last night.

    I love IU and have season tickets, the team and atmosphere will continue to improve which with each game!

  • Casey B.

    Oh don’t even get me started on our playcalling. Sometimes, it’s so bad that the only explanation I have is that we’re throwing the game.

    Taking a traditional pocket passer like Chappell and having him run QB reads and draw plays would be like starting Matt Roth at center. You play to your players’ strengths, and the football staff does not understand that concept at all.

    But hey — this is a basketball blog. And we’re undefeated. For now, there is hope.

  • Anonymous

    At the same time, you should take into account that the D-I player should be adept when the situation calls, not adept at just automatically switching to the other hand as dominant. It is hard to remember to switch to a less dominant hand when it gives you no advantage in the situation.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think Creek might benefit from a redshirt? Will he be effective at any time this coming season?

  • JerryCT

    My favorite ” getting to the middle ” play was the classic by JR ( which did not score ) where he cross over dribbled the guy, then blew by him with force , then attempted to jam the ball with 2 or 3 defenders in his face.

    Not sure if TP was in the game to protect him ( someone to seal off the help ) but Mo does not take on guys like JR ………… nor should he ……..unless he wants the physical beating JR took last year doing this.

  • Windycityshowdown

    Let’s get back to basketball.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at Capobianco, it seems he would have a better opportunity to play professionally at tight end rather power forward.

  • stonaroni

    Why would we do that? They guy scored 16 ppg last season; he sat out 60% of the season; he will be unwilling to do that again.

    Meanwhile, he didn’t score much in scrimmage because his shots weren’t falling and I am sure he was told to take it easy.

    He dropped 16 points in 23 minutes against Franklin. I am sure he will be ok. He played a solid floor game as well.

    We’d be better off redshirting NO ONE, we need to get what we have out and have room to recruit talent in 2013 and 2014.

  • Anonymous

    I am not advocating for a redshirt since I do not know his physical condition. However, To answer why it could be possible. 1. Could he re-injure his knee by playing in games too soon? 2. Will he be close to 90% for most of the year? 3. This is not the year IU breaks through (next year). 4. At full strength Creek would be better than almost anyone we could recruit. 5. Olidapo and Sheehy get lots of experience for the breakthrough season. Again I am simply concerned about coming back too soon. Sometimes playing an injured player hurts more than it helps the squad.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    No, I completely agree with most that he will be back to normal by the time the B10 season rolls around. You can tell that he’s just weak on his legs right now and he’s out there to build strength. As cautiously as they’ve played it I would tend to believe that his knee is structurally sound and the doctors and trainers know he needs minutes in practice and games to build strength!

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I agree with you both. He should be better at it but when you consider he’s playing without his good hand he didn’t play bad!

  • Diesel

    Ace – I was just pointing out, in spite of his changed body, it was really hard to tell much difference in his play. He just looked the same to me, even without the 2 blown bunnies.

  • Diesel

    Good assumption Millzy. Watford did look good. I really didn’t miss seeing VJ3, Guy, and I didn’t comment on Watford because I’m not sure I learned anything from watching him play last night, and I don’t think we would have from VJ3 or Guy either against Franklin. CWat did fill up the net and was defintely the guy last night. Will he be when VJ3 is in the lineup? Will he when Mo finds his groove? Will he when he is playing someone who is acutally athletic and taller then 6’6″? (I hope so)

  • Anonymous

    I think we did see some of the mismatch opportunity that Watford will present for other teams this year as long as he doesn’t get stuck at the 5. He is too much of a scoring threat when he has the ability to move around and not have to bang with the big guys all year.

  • Anonymous

    Good point—at least the basketball team can hold someone below 40.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I think he did a better job of controlling the lane without fouling. That could also be due to the fact that the players around him were better so he wasn’t making up for other defensive mistakes as much.

  • HoosierNshaker

    Does anyone know the specifics on Guy? He looked impressive at Night of the Living Red and it’s safe to say we NEED him down low.