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Lost a bit among the Hanner Perea commitment and the official visits of Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller this past weekend was the fact that IU’s primary point guard target, Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell, snuck in a quick unofficial visit on Saturday.

The 2012 Park Tudor guard, who said a prior obligation prevented him from attending Friday’s “Night of the Living Red,” joined the aforementioned prospects at the IU-Northwestern football game.

“It was a lot more fun with Hanner, Austin and Cody down there,” Ferrell told Inside the Hall of the experience in Bloomington, adding that it was “pretty much all the same” as his previous trips.

In an interview last spring, Ferrell’s father Kevin told Zach Osterman that Indiana wasn’t recruiting Yogi quite as heavily as a few other schools. That’s no longer the case and it’s become clear in recent months that Ferrell is IU’s most coveted recruit at the point guard position.

“They’re just showing a lot more love,” he said. “The coaches are coming out, seeing my open gyms, talking to me about being a leader if I come to Indiana. They’re definitely recruiting me more than they used to be.”

Like many who follow the program closely, Ferrell will be keeping an eye on the Zeller decision, which is expected to come sometime next week with the early signing period beginning on Wednesday, November 10.

He admitted that Zeller’s announcement could play a factor into his decision, which he’s doesn’t expect to make until sometime next year.

“It would affect me and where I’m going,” he said. “But I’m just going to look at what’s best for me, really.”

For now, the immediate focus for the five-star floor general is the upcoming high school season and another trip to the Class 2A State Finals at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Park Tudor fell in last year’s title game, 41-38, to Wheeler and should get a boost from two newcomers.

“The two freshman, Trevon (Bluiett) and Troy (Spears), are definitely going to help us on the offensive end,” Ferrell said. “We’re really small right now. We’re actually a really fast team. Those two guys should definitely help us.”

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  • Anonymous

    He won’t be the vocal, or emotional leader that Ron will be, I completely agree. He will be a great leader at running the offense and making the plays you would expect out of a very high level point guard. Once Cody decides how can Yogi go anywhere else? And why would he wait until next year? Maybe he doesn’t want to deal with it right now and will just pull the trigger when it feels right. But like you said if Harris or Hollowell want in first so be it. Something will work out if Yogi commits after them. I’m sure CTC will find a way.

  • Anonymous

    Just seen Roy Williams at a restaurant in Washington

  • Anonymous

    This says one thing to me unc is losing out on cz as of now and Roy is scrambling to make one last push. Otherwise if cz was leaning towards unc Roy wouldn’t have come back to see him especially with the announcement a week away or more.

  • Anonymous

    Is Ledo a PG or SG? I think that may have some bearing because this team appears to be very deep at the wing position, but there’s a definite need for a PG. Tarczewski has been mentioned before, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of the other two in regards to IU.

  • Anonymous

    OK, for all you people in Washington seeing Roy Williams–if you’re all seeing him, why aren’t you gathering a mob with burning torches to run him out of town like Frankenstein’s monster?

  • What was the restaurant?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You know Cody will be going to UNC, IU always have this problem, we get so, so, close to everything falling in place and one little thing will not fall in place. Remember when we had that great recruiting class with Josh Smith and he decided to go pro, same kind of thing. I hope I am wrong, but I just know IU can’t get that last piece together if we look at history.

  • Anonymous

    sorry for the same post above…did not sign in and realized that aftward

  • Anonymous

    Yes, in the past, IU has been the 2nd choice of many great players. They were the 2nd choice for Moses Abraham as well. But not this time. Mr. zeller will be committing to Indiana next week.

    As Crean said when he first got here: “We’re not going to take a back seat to ANYBODY anymore.”

    UNC will be the close second this time.

  • brklynhoosier

    What? You wanna talk history? Last time I was at AH, there were still 5 banners up…

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope you are right, I just will need to be proved wrong before I get my hopes up. I just have seen it time and time again. What makes you so sure that Zeller will commit?

  • Anonymous

    The vibes I get, the people I know, and just pure confidence that Indiana is easily the best fit for Cody. Obviously it sucks to hear things like Roy is in Washington tonight… but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been this confident with such a big recruit that he will come to Indiana.

    And don’t forget… even though zeller might be the bigger recruit for Indiana… Hanner is a higher rated prospect, and we just landed him with no problem.

  • Raybert

    Anybody else hear D.D. talk about Zeller on his talk show today? “His” source is telling him not to count out Butler. He was talking about what a good fit a school like Butler would be for Cody.

  • Rivers2Creek… Splash!

    According to another site, Crean was in Washington too.

  • Outoftheloop

    knox is NO Hoosier. knox does not know anything about basketball. Can you imagine a guy who claims to be from Indiana actually not being able to tell the difference between a basketball player going directly to the NBA for millions and a recruit picking another college over Indiana? knox does not know history. But he is to be forgiven because TN football is SOOO BAD this year that his mind is addled from living in Knoxville. Five times Indiana has gotten all of the pieces together, that is more than North Carolina, more than Duke, more than MI St, more than any university not named UCLA or KY!

  • Outoftheloop

    Typo- North Carolina also has 5 Championships

  • Outoftheloop

    I know that IU has been in touch with both Murphy and Tarczewski. But you can’t put the full court press on players when you can only sign two and three from your home state are great players and say that they really like IU and IU really likes them. Until one or more of the three shows he is not serious about playing for Indiana over any other school, you have to stick to Yogi, Harris and Hollowell.

  • Diesel

    Did anyone hear Dakich today? I missed the 2 o’clock hour and he said there was some news on Zeller that wouldn’t leave IU fans happy. I’m guessing it was that Roy was coming to town? I know some of you care less what DD says, but of course I’m curious.

  • HoosierDavey

    Geez, loop…don’t ya think that’s a bit harsh? He wasn’t being personal; just expressing his opinion and concerns.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, good thing you know your history so well

  • Anonymous

    I grew up in Indiana and will be moving back in May after college. I love IU basketball more than you can imagine. I am not even insulting the coaching staff or anything. I am saying history of our recruits in recent memory. I was born in 87 so I don’t remember the last title. I just know we always seem one piece away. I hope so bad we get Zeller it is just hard to get him with UNC being who we are against.

    I can tell a difference between a guy picking a school and going to the NBA, my point was we just needed that one more piece.

  • VS13

    No all he said was that Butler is still in this thing…don’t count them out. He said Zeller is still a done deal but don’t count Butler out. Doesn’t quite add up.

  • BaseballBuc

    It wasn’t all that big of news. But he did say that he heard from a source that Butler is still VERY much in play. Dakich did say afterward that he still expects Cody to pick Indiana regardless.

  • IU09

    Austin Etherington’s facebook status: thats messed up!
    Comment: Mikey Farahan: what? roy williams in washington making a surprise visit to cody? yeah, shits REAL messed up….

    if true, is that allowed?

  • BaseballBuc

    As the official facebook stalker of Inside The Hall, I saw this too, and am 95% sure that wasn’t what he was talking about when he said “thats messed up.” Yes, It’s allowed as long as he’s coming in for workouts or things of that nature he can have as many as he wants.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ferrell, Perea, Patterson, DSR and Jurkin when I watched them play. They also had Kaminski and Aget from what I recall.

  • Anonymous

    like anyone else, I want Zeller too, but I think if we don’t get him:
    a) we still get Yogi (we need a point, we already got a pf in perea)
    b) we’re still national championship contenders with the 2012 class
    c) i think IU is bigger than one recruit, the pipeline has been established, and everyones already taken notice….heck, didn’t Dave Telep just write on espn that no university has an AAU connection like IU does with Indiana Elite?

  • IU_Fan_99

    < 11 hours until tip off!!!

  • Casey B.

    Yeah…that makes absolutely no sense. Those are mutually exclusive scenarios — if he’s a “done deal” to IU, then Butler can’t still be in the running…

    Sometimes I wonder if Dakich realizes the backlash he’ll be subjected to if Cody doesn’t choose IU. As much as his numbers have surely gone up during the past couple of months due to his willingness to discuss Cody’s recruitment, I have to think an equally negative shift in listeners would occur if it turns out he’s been wrong all along.

    If he’s not actually sure of what he’s been saying about Zeller, then it’d seem he’s running his own little radio Ponzi scheme — getting listeners to invest and invest until one day they discover there’s nothing there…

  • millzy32

    Dakich’s best place is on the radio. He likes to complain a lot and he’s usually pretty sarcastic and actually quite funny at times. I only get to listen when I’m around for holidays or what not but that’s my impression. You also have to know that he’d rather be coaching somewhere so that makes him a little bitter. He just likes to stir the pot on all this Zeller stuff he knows about as much about it as you or I do which is that Cody has visited all 3 schools and will decide soon.

    Who is ahead? Only Cody knows and he’s not telling until probably next week.

    Like all of us I hope it is IU. Maybe best to sleep for a week and wake up just before that opening game and check ITH and see if we got Cody.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in agreement with you. The upward trend has been set and has been growing quicker than I thought it would and I am happy about that. I believe the current players will show much more talent in the coming years and our future recruits look very solid and are highly ranked. Our much improved success this year coupled with the big time recruits already coming in will be able to lure very talented players to IU (whoever it may be).

  • Anonymous

    You’re that guy that at the end of a close game starts saying, “I knew we were going to lose, we never win these kind of games.” Get a grip man. Have a little confidence. If the kid goes somewhere else, oh well. We are definitely in this thing. If he doesn’t see the draw to play in the candy-stripes, then that is his loss. The sun will still rise on Hoosier nation. I would welcome this kid with a few good fist pumps, but not cry if he decides he likes Butler or UNC better.

  • RobD

    depending on what time it is you have to be 21.

  • RobD

    maybe crean and roy williams were spotted in washington because they’ve been told it’s Butler and they want to give it their last desperation heave toward the rim.

  • N71

    Where does Cody play for IU? Guy and Peter are obvious 5s, Derek and Bobby 4’s. Is Cody a 3? He doesn’t have the beef to play a 5 or 4 currently and his brothers never develop into thick Big Ten type bodies. He does have the skills of a 3 though without the foot speed. Is he a good defensive player? Most of the video clips are of offensive highlights so you don’t get a total perspective on a player. You see a good dunk or shot and think the guys the next coming. Really, if we get Cody what position does he play in the Big Ten? I know at UNC it would be off the bench and Butler plays in a more feminine league…good though…for girls. If you start in the Big Ten though, you get your ass kicked regardless who you are, even if you’re Charles Atlas or the Incredible Hulk. I see IU’s weight/strength program playing a huge role in Cody’s development leading him to be the first Zeller to break through into the NBA and be effective there.

  • Anonymous

    Totally uncalled for. What exactly gives you the right to question his devotion? The guy was merely expressing his concern with being 2nd best to a lot of top recruits. Let’s be honest here, we are coming off a 9 win season, and our last banner was put up before these recruits were even born! Notice all those schools you said Indiana had more championships than. They have won a championship and been to final 4’s in the past decade, whereas Indiana went to a championship game with a coach who has since been forgotten.We absolutely thought we had Kyrie Irving in the bag as well, whose to say Zeller just wants to go somewhere else?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope that CTC was having dinner at the Zeller’s house…eat THAT Roy!