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The AAU season, still in its infancy, has already been good to Yogi Ferrell.

Playing a year up with an Indiana Elite team that includes fistfuls of top-level Division I talent, Ferrell has slotted in nicely at point guard, giving him the opportunity to showcase his skills in a more natural role. According to his father, Kevin, early returns have been positive.

“It’s definitely been beneficial for him,” Kevin Ferrell said of the move to the Elite team that includes touted in-state prospects like Cody Zeller, Jeremiah Davis and Austin Etherington. “It allowed him to be able to open up his game a little bit more.”

In no small part because of that improvement — and a trip to the state finals with Park Tudor as well — the younger Ferrell has seen his recruitment accelerate in several directions as well. Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan have all become serious suitors of the 2012 point guard, according to his father.

One team whose interest still isn’t quite measurable yet, however, is Indiana. The Hoosiers have extended a scholarship offer, but Kevin Ferrell said his son hasn’t heard that much from the IU camp compared to the aforementioned schools.

“There are other schools who are, and have been, really recruiting Yogi very exclusively,” he told Inside the Hall. “I’m not real sure that IU wants Yogi, just right now. I don’t know.”

Ferrell said that, when his son visited Notre Dame, he met Jack Swarbrick, the athletic director, an example of the (excuse the pun, please) full-court press the Irish have been employing in recruiting his son.

Ferrell made it clear that neither he nor Yogi felt any animosity toward Tom Crean or IU, and the elder Ferrell even went so far as to say he’d love for his son to stay just an hour away from Indianapolis for college.

He was also quick to praise the new practice facility, Cook Hall, that IU just opened last month. According to Ferrell, the financial investment involved has sent a signal that Indiana is ready to match its tradition on the court with top-notch facilities and opportunities off it — likely the message Tom Crean and Indiana were hoping to convey.

“It kind of tells me that, you know what, IU wants to be back on the map,” he said. “There are so many programs who are trying to build new facilities and use those facilities to try and recruit new guys. When you’re local hometown hero does that, it kind of says, ‘We’re serious.'”

There’s still obviously plenty of time for Ferrell to explore his options. For now, he’s reaping the rewards of playing for a team his father said lacks egos and concentrates only on winning, a trait sometimes hard to come by in AAU basketball. As for fulfilling a father’s wish, and keeping Yogi close to home when his high school career finally does come to an end? Time will tell.

“His junior year, do I expect IU to step up to the plate?” Kevin Ferrell asked. “I would like that.”

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  • Kelin Blab

    Soooo Nic Moore visits next week I believe….IU ends up offering him…..what happens with Yogi?

  • Kelin Blab

    Soooo Nic Moore visits next week I believe….IU ends up offering him…..what happens with Yogi?

  • Kelin Blab

    Soooo Nic Moore visits next week I believe….IU ends up offering him…..what happens with Yogi?

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    The movie's comedic tone will get a little serious when Bizzaro Myles Brand places Calipari's fraternity on “double secret probation” (for the streaking), but they'll be redeemed when the frat produces a respectable GPA (3.5!). Then Cal can go back to coaching at a reasonable $7,500,000 per annum.

  • emgerdes

    I believe the term is….first come, first serve.
    Actually, I have only seen Moore in person, and Yogi on tape. They both look legit to me.

  • GFDave

    Oh, yes. We most definitely want kids that want us. It seems to me that the dad wants Yogi to be recruited by IU, but it almost appeared to me to be a public negotiation whereby the dad was putting pressure on Crean to show the love.

  • walton

    With all these prospects and the ongoing (at times slow looking) progress of IU reclaiming their old stature – these kids are going to want to start considering accepting the offer while it is still available.

  • walton

    I mentioned it above, but worth mentioning again: some of these guys might want to start considering accepting the offers before they are no longer available.

  • walton

    Kind of waiting for that domino effect to take place

  • walton

    Isn't it great that most of us are really starting to see (though not concrete) that this Indiana basketball program could be really really good in the not so distant future?

  • plane1972

    Wouldn't that be the Regular Carlino?

  • plane1972

    Why not? I mean, you can always back out when you change your mind with little to no repercussions.

  • walton

    Does anyone else know anyone named Scoonie or is he the only one?

  • hoosierboy

    What are the differences in Yogi and Moore? Is one a better shooter, penetrator, stronger, more athletic… etc…

    Wud appreciate it if someone would express their observations of the 2 players.

  • marsh21

    This kid has a great ability to stop and turn on a dime to self create a shot or dish it off. He will be a solid D1 point guard for some team. If it works out IU would be lucky to have him.

  • Kelin Blab

    Hoosierboy…the differences are not much….but from what I have seen, read, and heard….

    Yogi is…quicker, better mid range/pull up game, better shooter
    Nic ….is stronger/bigger, more of a leader, better defender

    Both players can get to the basket, moore seems to be able to finish better due to strength. Yogi is hard to stay in front of, very hard. Nic Moore plays bigger than his size…

    We dont need both obviously, I would be happy if either guy said…IU is the place I want to be…there is no word right now on level of interest. Internet chatter is Moore, has no interest in PU and would take IU's offer if and when they offered. We will know 'Moore” next week when he is in town.

    I am of the belief, if IU offered moore, the heat is turned up on both guys…..

  • garyindiana


  • JerryCT

    Considering 1) we play 3 guards, 2) Nova has played well w 3 smallish ones ( 2 last year ) and 3) CTC plays alot of guys i would not be unhappy w both Moore and Ferrell. Of course they may not be as happy .

    I guess I am buying into CTC's statement that there are always limited #'s of good bigs available so …. by inference , you build your team w/o many of them .

    Remember how Jameer Nelson was shunned by the pros for Delonte West ? You cannot make quickness and speed kills

  • Kelin Blab

    Anything is possible Jerry…I would like to find out who and how big was dominic james backcourt mate at Marquette…..He left H.S. at 5'10 165….Nic Moore 5'10 170….same type of player with same type of athleticism.

    My reservations of a Moore Ferrell backcourt or rotation would be if we landed J.Davis and still pursued DSR….that is alot of guards and you know how us IU people love big men….I don't anticipate Crean ever getting or pursuing a back to the basket big, but more of a strong defender, long, rebounder, and shot blocker…that is if he wants to be uptempo and press.

  • Uncle Joey

    No one has mentioned that Nic Moore is 2011, whereas Yogi is 2012.

    I could foresee Crean using Nic Moore as sort of a backup plan in case JDavis falls through for 2011. Yes, JDavis is a more big ten ready guard (point guard if necessary) and overall more polished, but I think Moore could be solid as well. I think we absolutely need a solid PG in the 2011 class, because Rivers will be gone (which isn't saying much) and I'm not sure Hulls will ever be that great of a big ten PG (but I'm willing to be proved wrong).

  • jam

    you mean like this year?

  • JerryCT

    Acker was 5'8″. Mcneil was 6'3″, Cubillon was small too and Marquette small this year everywhere but also kicked some butt. Reynolds/fisher each about 6'1″.

    I am troubled as well because my personal preference is a different style of play while CTC , our coach, is headed in a transition direction. Arguing one or the other is like arguing religion so I try to accept CTC's approach.

    Sounds like you have accepted it too and need a big who ,does things you point out, to aid the transition game. Keith Erikson on the Wooden teams was only 6'6' and was the eraser on the tail of the press.

    As I said I am not unhappy with Yogi and Moore and no Zeller( and I like Zeller ) if the coach is happy with it. I sense CTC's fundamental style is for Negedu, Sheehey, Olapidu, Creek, Watford, Rivers ( yes I said it ) , Thomas ( Yessss ) and not Zoubek, Onuaku, Seikaly, Dean Garrett etc

  • Casey

    Not that it matters, but Moore and PU had been showing mutual interest during Nic's soph year. He had taken a handful of trips down to WL to watch some games and Painter watched Nic play a few times. After PU received commitments from a couple of guards for their '12 class they stopped showing interest in Nic.

  • IndyIUFan

    I have seen both play! Yogi might be a step quicker but Nic is alot stronger than him. When it comes to shooting I think Moore is better…he shot 43 percent from 3 point land this year! That's really solid!

    The difference between them in…Yogi get's all the hype from working out/being coached by Ed Schilling! Schilling is a hype machine especially when parents are putting $ into his “Champions Academy”! Moore is every bit as good as Yogi…maybe better!

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