Video: Cody Zeller at Spiece Run-N-Slam

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Thanks to Dylan Burkhardt over at for passing along the following video of 2011 big man Cody Zeller from this past weekend’s Spiece Run-N-Slam in Ft. Wayne. The video is from four games of bracket play at Spiece including the semis and finals and is a compilation of just about every play that Zeller was involved in and not a highlight reel. also posted video of Yogi Ferrell and Marshall Plumlee if you’d like to head over and check those out.

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  • JerryCT

    He puts that skinny arm out to hook him ( like in the video ) it gets broken ……. I don' t think so but I said that already. Look, I like the kid but when we get all excited about a saviour who cannot beat out current players I get squirrely

  • btowniualumn

    HoosierNation Forums Reporting J Davis is “Ready to pull trigger” according to his facebook page….looks to be heading to MSU. This could be a little premature or completely wrong….just thought I would bring it here just in case.

  • JerryCT

    Luke- Yes I watch TP's game like a hawk and I am also disappointed in his improvement.

    Last summer on ITH I kept asking if we knew what he was doing ………… I even accused him of playing baseball again. He does stuff however Zeller can only hope and learn to do in time and with a ton of work so while I like Zeller he is not the single answer to any of our problems … IMHO

  • JerryCT

    Very very good anaylsis . We all need to look at players with Crean's on court schemes in mind and not our own.

    Example, I would prefer a more screen and cut offense where Hulls, Zeller would thrive. Imagine Zeller in a Carmody offense with his passing and short jumper game.

    I like Zeller but in our schemes I fail to see how he outplays Elston , Watford, TP or Capo in their defined roles based on this video …….. he is young and he needs our development program ……. and I would be glad to have him …. but we have to quit thinking he is going to be an overnight sensation.

  • Kelin Blab

    btowniualumn….HN always somehow gins up a rumor or JD is ready to pull the trigger. It happened about two weeks ago and it was nothing. Not to mention the big news that never happened. I am very glad ITH has never gone down that path of rumor and trying to make something out of nothing. Yes he has a pic of him and izzo on his FB along with a pic of him in an IU shirt as well…..I wouldn't not get too much into the 'ready to pull the trigger thing' unless ITH says so……

  • This has nothing to do with him making a decision.

  • Taskmaster75

    Ahhh facebook, now the main source of news ๐Ÿ˜€

  • btowniualumn

    In fact, I completely agree here. I forgot to leave out “I highly doubt that he is looking to make an announcement over facebook”. I just thought it was food for thought. I don't think we will hear anything about JD until late in the summer…..just my feelings….

    It isn't true to me until ITH reports it….

  • BaseballBuc

    Not specifically in the video. Just speaking of general scouting information. The games I have seen him play, he absolutely has a nose for the ball IMO. He will battle to get boards. Also, 26 rebounds in a state championship game, will impress me every time.


    Amen, This kid has the agressive nature and is a diamond in the rough. Twice the effort needs to be put forth to get him, than was for MA. He is the real deal.

  • Diesel

    Nice Post and completely agree.

    I don't think anyone is calling Zeller a savior, but I do know this – he is good enough to be contributing to our team as a freshman. Liked the footwork, dribble drive and pull up J for a big man was nice, and seemed to play good position defense. This kid will continue to put on weight and muscle developing into that body, and would be a wonderful contribution to our brand and bringing IU back. More than anything for Crean, it would quiet some of the recruiting pundits on finally bringing in a high level recruit.

    Also, I don't think we compare Zeller to TP, I don't believe they would be competing for the same spot. And TP would be a senior, Zeller a freshman.

  • marsh21

    Sorry to be the odd man out but I'm not seeing Zeller as a major impact player and no way he's close to a 5 star prospect as some have said. Now he would help our current big situation however once we get more athletic bigs I don't think Zeller will be the catch everyone is hoping for. He will get pushed all over the place in the Big Ten.

    If he was so great you would see a ton of top schools after him. UNC-Big Brother, Indiana schools and Ohio State seem to be the schools who have interest.

    He's not a low post player and he doesn't have driving abilities so how does he fit in?

    Good passer and court awareness but lacks quickness and doesn't appear to be a great defender.

    The recruiting buzz would help IU but that would be short lived.

    Sorry for not seeing this one. If he comes to IU hopefully I'm wrong.

  • HoosNation

    All these scenarios begin with the word “if”. Simply because we never actually really know who and how and what will work. This site is great for the fact you can say what you feel without someone calling you and ignorant sob b/c they see it differently. This IU basketball passion we all share is why we post. I appreciate and respect what is taking place here at ITH. Im a former blogger of another site and must admit, this one is for the people, by the people. Hoosier Nation!!

  • marcusgresham

    He's not a traditional center, but with his passing skills he can move the ball if you get it to him in the post. Also, with Crean's desire to run he fits the system; and if he can get down the floor the way it appears he can that forces the man guarding him to try to keep up, which not a lot of big guys can—and even those who can, don't want to—-do.
    Sure, we'd all like to see the second coming of Patrick Ewing or Hakeem Olajuwon, but who's been that guy in college basketball since, well, those two guys? (OK, Shaq was pretty good, but he didn't stick around long.)

  • mmarsden

    Agreed. I think you can make the argument that this team needs passers more than anything. Zeller and JD both like they could really help in that department. Keep in mind Zeller has another year and a half to get bigger and improve his physicality. He has a really impressive skill set for a guy of his size and would be a great addition to IU.

  • BaseballBuc

    Any video anywhere of Jeremiah Davis or Austin Etherington?

  • hoosierfan2

    I can't believe people are questioning Zeller. If not him, then who???? We need a big man and he brings nice athleticism, a good jumper, a good IQ, and he's most likely a four year player. It's not even a question of if IU wants him, it's a question of is he'll come here.

    The thing I like most about him is that he looks hungry on the boards, especially in this video and obviously in the state championship game. He should be priority number one for Coach Crean right now, even above Jeremiah Davis.

  • Diesel

    Recently ranked #29, so pretty close to 5-star and not yet finished developing. See my post below.

  • Diesel

    It's no secret, Jerry has a bit of a bromance for TP. But TP is a Hoosier, so what's wrong with that? We've all had our Hoosier mancrushes throughout the years, who didn't have a mancrush on AJ Moye? I've just come to accept it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    New question, what unlikely Hoosier did you have a mancrush on?

    Mine: Suhr

  • Diesel

    Dead on!

    To all the Zeller detractors, who in our state is better at Zeller's position? It is a no-brainer that we have to lock this kid down. No one is expecting him to come in and dominate as a freshman and be the answer to all of IU's problems, but he is a significant piece of the building process. We only have to look north to see how a couple of rail thin players in Hummel and Johnson turned out, the same kind of crap was said of those guys too.

  • Diesel

    Recently ranked #29, so pretty close to 5-star and not yet finished developing. See my post below.

  • Kelin Blab

    Diesel…I think that is part of the problem fans have with Zeller….they ARE expecting him to come in a dominate similar to Cousins, the former player of the new Chicago Bulls coach (prediction)….. I look at JD, Zeller, and AE as impact players from the standpoint of depth, practice competition, filling voids for the long term and those final pieces to a 2011 NCAA tourney birth and run….

    G VJ3 Sr
    G Mo Creek Jr
    F Watford Jr
    F Elston Jr
    C Zeller Fr

    You have have bench
    Sophmores…..Oladunko, Will Sheehey
    Juniors….Bobby C, Hulls, EMan
    Frosh…..AE, J.Davis, A. Thomas
    Senior…Walter Offut

    I know I left names out, still expect transfers, everyone won't be here… is the pink elephant in the room. Typing these lineups makes me feel all March Madness like! (Dear Lord I pay my tithes, I am willing to cash in a blessing on a couple of recruits!)

  • marsh21

    Last time I checked there were 49 other states that might have some basketball players. Why does everyone think all recruits should be Indiana kids? We didn't win Championships with a bunch of Indiana kids before so why now? Yes, I know we need to solidy our position in the state and it's easier to form relationships locally which I agree with but let's not put our blinders on gents.

    You're only looking north because our program has been in the tank for the last few years. If we had another DJ White on our blocks Zeller wouldn't occupy so much of our time. Don't look north because Purdue has NEVER done anything in the NCAA, ever. Their program is solid now but that doesn't mean Championships and I want nothing less.

    Just trying to put things into perspective. Everyone on this site, including myself, seems to fall in love with the next big thing because we want to build this program into greatness again. It's important to recruit solid kids who fit into the program but let's not get drunk on their punch because we lose perspective on other opportunities.

  • marsh21

    I'm fine with him being a priority of Crean's but not above Davis. We have no serious Big Ten point guard who can run the team, DEFEND, and score and thats what wins in College ball. Davis should be viewed as a bigger get than Zeller.

    Our points now don't play defense, turn the ball over, make risky passes and CANNOT break down a defense which means Creek and all the other shooters don't get good looks. This is the reason Crean looks at 4 point guards for every big man he recruits. UK and the other schools do the same as it all boils down to the point. UNC had Zeller and other bigs this year and couldn't do anything because their point position was young and didn't understand how to run a team.

    I would much rather have Davis as he can lead us to the NCAA and be a solid 3 or 4 year starter. Yes, I think he will start day one at IU.

  • walton

    Thanks – is that common with most schools? I would think certain coaches with a history of developing a certain type of player position would have an advantage in recruiting.

  • walton

    That does sound like a winning list of players to me – I look down the list and though much of it is anticipation, it just looks like it is packed with major contributing talent. I would have to expect that lineup would be in the top 3 of the big ten – especially with the assembly hall advantage that once was. I like the nickname Oladunko – a lot easier to spell too. I got the faith.

  • Uncle Joey
  • walton

    I just posted something similar to the more recent message board – but its crazy that we might have to address playing time soon after the above mentioned line up

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I'm definitely not saying that Zeller would be the savior–or even *A* savior–but it also might be a tad unfair to compare a junior in high school to a sophomore in college. That's like pitting Maurice Creek against Eric Gordon — right now (minus the injury).

    (and I respect the fact that you went all British/Canadian on me with “saviour” … it makes for good “dialogue”)

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I like that lineup … and think about all the experience and senior leadership the following year would have!

  • marcusgresham

    Rod Wilmont

  • aceman07

    I have to respectfully disagree. I saw a couple of things out of Zeller that I haven't seen so much in the past. The first is a regular spin move, although he only goes to his right. If he learns to go both ways that quick he could have a nice little offensive weapon. He seems to pass the ball pretty well.

    On defense, I agree he needs some work. The best thing I saw out of him on defense was that when he fouled he fouled and the offensive player rarely got the ball up..