• Anonymous

    I think the individual talent levels on this team will shine much more this year. Last year’s collective inexperience kind of disguised how good some of these players really are.

  • DetroitHoosier

    Ryan…it would be nice if you would put the mike up to the person you’re interviewing…Also you couls slow down in talking and stop slurring your work…Speak clearly my man….

  • JerryCT

    Brilliant my dear Watson ……….. really good point.

  • There is no mic when you’re filming with a Flip Camera or an iPhone.

  • HoosierNshaker

    Love Mo Creek’s attitude…he is hungry to play the first game of the season. He also already knows he’s going to be frustrated not getting the minutes he wants as he heals, what a special driven athlete!

  • DetroitHoosier

    thanks Alex…Sorry Ryan…..

  • WestCoast Hoosier

    I agree with HoosierNShaker.

    Also, Mo seems like a nice guy.

    And it can’t be easy being 19 or 20 and having to deal with cameras and attention and public scrutiny and etc., especially when you’ve been hurt. Y’know, he’s probably getting the same questions over and over again ad infinitum – and you have to deal with them with courtesy and interest and modesty.

    Crean seems to recruit honest, hard-working, intelligent young men that you could envision as a friend in the right circumstances.

    Sharp contrast to the immediate prior coach, who, amazingly to me, has not been sent to basketball purgatory as he should be, which is one of the reasons that I have not been rooting for the Milwaukee Bucks.

    Even those who criticize Crean have to acknowledge the type of people he has brought in – folks we can be proud of. And I think that integrity leads to good things in the long run.

  • Rivers2Creek… Splash!

    Creek and his family are easy to set as the standard. His mom addressing the team after the injury and then his dad posting this on the ITH board shortly after the injury. Mo Creek at 100% = 1st team all Big 10.