Tuesday Notebook: Zeller, Chandler, Ferrell, more

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+ Tom Crean and assistant coach Tim Buckley, in case you missed it, were reportedly in Washington this morning to watch Cody Zeller’s early AM workout with the Hatchets. Crean obviously cannot tweet about specific recruits he is out watching, but his string of tweets from earlier in the day indicate he was in Zeller’s neck of the woods. Zeller is finished with two of his official visits (Butler and North Carolina) and will take his final visit, to Bloomington, the last weekend of October for “Night of the Living Red” and the Northwestern football game. The overall vibe on Zeller continues to be very positive for Indiana, but as most of you know, both Cody and his family are keeping the process very tight lipped. The fall signing period begins on November 10.

+ Crean also mentioned Evansville in his tweets from today and the prospect in that area of note is likely 2014 Evansville Harrison guard Ernie Duncan, who attended Hoosier Hysteria. Not a lot out there yet on Duncan, but there is this YouTube video. Duncan was also listed on ESPN’s first 2014 rankings at No. 75.

+ Steve McClain was also out today, per a tweet from Crean, and according to our friend Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star, the first year IU assistant was at Lawrence North watching Michael Chandler. The 6-10 center, who originally committed to Louisville and then backed out last spring, has already taken official visits to West Virginia and Providence. According to Neddenriep, Chandler will take his third official visit this coming weekend to Xavier.

+ IDS men’s basketball beat reporter Greg Rosenstein posted Q & A’s with both Yogi Ferrell and Jeremy Hollowell and while there’s nothing earth shattering in either piece, both are worth a look to get each player’s prospective on Hoosier Hysteria.

+ Since we’ve had a few emails and questions in the comments, here’s the pertinent info for “Night of the Living Red,” per IU:

Our next public event will be Night of the Living Red, Friday October 29 in Assembly Hall.  Everyone is invited to trick or treat at 7 p.m. And a Cream and Crimson scrimmage will begin at 8 p.m.

+ And also, this was officially announced on Friday, but we tweeted it a couple of weeks ago, Taylor Wayer has been added to the roster as a walk-on:

Taylor Wayer has been added to the men’s basketball roster as a non-scholarship player.  A guard from Indianapolis, he graduated from Bishop Chatard last year and averaged 18 points and 3 assists.  He was a member of the All-City Tournament team and was a preseason All-State honorable mention team.  A three-year letterwinner he was team MVP as a senior and played for Travis Daugherty.

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  • IUJack

    I disagree. I live in the Lawerence North school district and I am not impressed with Chandler. He is selfish. Not someone I want playing for IU. He seems more like a KU player with his atitude…

  • You kind of have to treat the rankings like you treat your 401K or your mutual fund or whatever: it’s okay to peek every once in a while, but if you watch too often, you’ll end up going crazy. I think I want to put myself on the annual statement plan… I’ll check the rankings again (and from Scout or Rivals) after the season in 2011.

  • They just hired one of Scout’s big guns last month, so they are trying to improve in that area (but they need to hire more guys before I give much weight to their opinions).

  • Dpmiller1

    what about calbert channey

  • IU_Fan_99

    has he played a game yet? was this based on performance? or just a shifting of ESPN’s opinion?

  • Anonymous

    But Chandler is a 2011 guy and Perea is not. Is it really Perea’s fault that he hasn’t pulled the trigger on a huge decision quite yet? Chandler, however, is a senior, and actually has to make a decision sometime, but you cannot blame Perea for not committing to Indiana immediately.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I agree with you. Practicing against equal or better talent makes you better. Let’s also remember that CTC likes to pump guys in and out of there and we are going to run, run, run so it’s not unthinkable to have two really talented PF’s and two really talented C’s (especially in different classes) and each of them see a substantial, contributing amount of minutes. We aren’t exactly thinking we’ll recruit one center and he’ll play 40 minutes because that isn’t the way the game is played anymore (if it ever was).

  • marsh21

    That’s been my feeling as well but some around here will take anything if it has a number in the top 100 by the name.

  • Anonymous

    Who knows. The way they run their rankings it could have been that they were just bored and decided to change them around some to make us talk about them, kind of like the commercial that is so dumb that everybody is talking about it because it was so dumb. News flash ESPN guys just because we’re talking about it doesn’t make them better.

    The Professor says that they just hired away one of Scout’s big guns so there should be some improvement but then again the only place they had to go was up and it’s gonna take more than one guy that knows what he is doing to make anyone, besides themselves, take them seriously.

  • Anonymous

    True. I mean, even with Tijan we got Bawa!

  • Anonymous

    What kind of kids does he have around him? I haven’t seen him, don’t know him, etc, and you know more than I do by far in regards to him, but what I would add is that about 10 or 15% of the guys you’ll run across are just fantastic in every way, about 10 or 15% are pure turds, and the other 60 to 80% are somewhere in the middle following whichever majority they happen to be around. Maybe this team has enough class guys that he comes to IU, sees the right way to do things and falls in line. Then again, maybe he’s just got a poor attitude that can’t be overcome.

  • Anonymous

    The glass is always half empty or less because it had Diet Coke in it and CTC got to it.