• Anonymous

    There have been so many class acts at Indiana that it is hard to count or come up with a favorite, but every time I listen to Victor he keeps climbing the ladder in my book.

  • RJG

    What a great bunch of people. It’s obvious, at least to me, that Coach Crean is far more interested in getting M Creek healthy than in getting him out on the floor pushing things too far. Coach seems excited about the season and seems to have a genuine concern and affection for the young men on the team. As far as the players, it’s hard to imagine any team having players of any better character that those Coach Crean has brought to Indiana. I don’t think there is any doubt that these young men are going to go far in life, regardless of their success in basketball. Now, lets get this season started!!!

  • Tom McG

    I agree with Lonestar, Victors reverence and respect for being an IU basketball player, showing respect for the oppurtunity he has speaks alot. He may never be a super star but he is already a fan favorite to me

  • Anonymous

    love the fact CTC says GMM has a hook, it’s a great weapon for a big man.