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    I love it! VO asked for ideas the other day and I suggested a 360 and through the leg. He may or may not have taken it into consideration but I like to think so. Not quite the full rotation but I give it a 10! This kid is pure electricity and a great addition to the team.

    Also paid close attention to Guy and he did make some plays out there. I think that was a skyhook he nailed and he seems to alter what the offense can bring in the paint. Looked solid at the foul line even. Not a bad first impression.

  • marsh21

    Are you kidding me?? This is just what the doctor ordered. I can’t wait until some thunder comes down this year.

  • GFDave

    Good to hear about GMM. I hope he is a player.

  • AZ_Shane

    That is the sickest dunk in the history of Indiana’s Midnight Madness/Hoosier Hysteria.

  • Anonymous

    After Guy’s skyhook (Which turned into a 3-point play when he made the free throw), a guy a few rows above me compared it to the scene in the Sandlot where Smalls finally catches a ball. It was just this moment of, “Okay, this kid might turn out to be a player.”

  • So_Cal_Hoosier

    This was his second dunk, wait till you see a video his first one where he dunks over a pack of kids. Highlight of the night in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    A couple of thoughts after HH (YKZ standard format)

    + Christian Watford drilled what..5 in a row from 5 pt land? Who knew?!?!! Then…fatigue in the finals. My belief is his legs were too far gone to participate in the dunk contest and he needed to save it for scrimage. Didn’t help much – he struggled.

    + Jordy still looks like a proven shooter and Roth if healthy can help from beyond the arc too (a couple 1/2 court shots fell) so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice:) Mo needs a little more time to get those legs back.

    + Nobody is gonna push us around in the paint this season..BC, DE, GMM, TP all seem to have trunks with healthy roots now to support their branches.

    + VJ3 wasn’t as impressive as i expected in the 3pt contest…like WS and VO were in 3pt and dunk, but who really cares about that stuff — game time, VJ3 is all business.

    + JR wasn’t even impressive in Wii boxing.

    + VOs dunks were sick. SICK! I’m looking fwd to 2012HH when VO and HP are head-to-head.

    + YO-GI FER-REL (clap, clap, clap clap clap) HAD to feel the love!

    Remember, these guys had a full practice beforehand and STILL put on a heckova show. CTC is getting this thing rolling and it’s gonna be hard to get tickets very VERY soon.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and i think it would be cool to have an ITH section (and sport cool ITH shirts) at the Women’s home opener. What could they do with just us as the 6th man? I’m Jacked!

  • Hoosier78

    the only real negative, in the recruiting area ( at least for me), was the fact that it seemed like Yogi was the only one getting any love.
    Any thoughts?

  • RJG

    I couldn’t make it to midnight madness and after seeing this I hate that I missed it all the more. I hear that Eric Gordon’s little brother, Eron, was there. Has anybody ever offered a sixth grader a scholarship? I’m starting to get really excited for this season and I can’t wait to be in Assembly Hall for the first game. HOOSIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    78, I completely agree. And isn’t it important to show some love for the CURRENT players too? TP, VJ3, JH, etc. hear people getting the YO-GI chant going and i wonder what they think. Maybe we need BIG SIGNS for the other players (current and future) since it’s so hard to get a chant going for “AUS-TIN ETH-ER-ING-TON” or “BU-US PAT-TER-SON” clap clap etc etc etc….(can’t really do a “PET-ER JUR-KIN” without adolescent smirking).

    SOoooo, “Night of the Living Red” on Fri Oct. 29 we all need to make some signs. Be creative, respectful, complimentary, and LOUD.

  • So_Cal_Hoosier

    I gotta agree with you as well. I was in the student section behind the net on the south side of the stadium, and the only chant I heard all night was Yo-gi Fer-rel (twice, although one was pretty weak). One of the problems is that most of the students (the ones that don’t check ITH regularly) are pretty much in the dark about IU’s current recruiting targets, and even more importantly last night, have no idea which recruits are in attendance. Not only should we have chanted Yogi Ferrell and other potential recruits, be we needed to show some love and support commitments like Trey Lyles, Blackmon Jr. , and Ron Patterson as well.

    One way I think this could be addressed is by installing something similar to what goes on at Duke University (give me a chance before you just hate on Duke) at all of their basketball games and events. A couple of students there hand out fliers before the game listing the players, fun facts, some trash talking points about opponents, and the recruits that are in attendance and when to start their name chant (for example: the first timeout after the 12:00 minute mark in the first half). This gets the entire student section on the same page to start a strong chant of the recruits name and would impress any recruit.

  • Anonymous

    I am totally up for this!

  • oldred1976

    I was not at HH last night , family obligations.I was anxious to see VO in action, like everyone else, but the videos are blurry, or maybe VO is a blurr in real life. Anyway I’m wondering if to really appreciate VO’s athletic ability we ITH might have to invest in a high speed camera you know like the kind they use filming Hummingbirds.
    Also on another note is it possible that we have a potential superhero on our team?

  • Blurry? Looks fine here.

    Shot using a Flip Ultra HD camera.

  • I think you’re on to something there with the Duke plan. Somebody in the student section needs to get on that, and they need to think of a way to chant some of the more difficult names (Basil Smotherman, Jeremy Hollowell, etc.)… maybe just go last names? Something. Anything.

  • So_Cal_Hoosier

    I’m pitching my idea to ITH to get them involved too, shoot me an email if you’re interested [email protected] . If ITH is interested, I’d like to bounce some ideas off you too before I take the full proposal to the athletic department (hopefully)

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure they did that a couple of times last year. Some of the chants they came up with were pretty weak and no one did them. But I definitely remember finding them on my seat a couple of times…called “The Crimson Report” or something?

  • So_Cal_Hoosier

    Yeah I remember them doing that too, but I also remember the facts and chants being pretty weak.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I also remember them handing the sheets out at the door. From experience, half of the stuff I get handed at the door I usually throw away at the first trashcan. If it were up to me, I would go up and down the roads passing them out in the student sections a couple of minutes before the game starts.

  • oldred1976

    My apologies. I returned to the website later an watched VO dunk several times and this time it was quite clear . In my early viewing of his baseline dunk i was able to see him start but all the action near the basket wasn’t clear. All i can think of is my connection wasn’t as good as it could be. In no way were my remarks meant to offend anyone.

  • Bucky

    I get this. I really do. Great dunks, exciting, fun, fires up the crowd and other recruits. Part of the culture. It’s a blast.


    It’s going to take just one player blowing out a knee for this to be stopped. I cringe every time I see an IU player or recruit twisting to do a 360 just for show. The risk-reward doesn’t seem to be there.

    For that matter, I cringe every time I hear of players in any sport running concrete stairs in the football stadium. Grinds the knees to dust.

    Just another perspective, that’s all.

  • Emgerdes

    Duke does many things well, but the main thing that they do that we should is 100% general admission, first come, first serve in all student sections. Our student sections are half empty at the first time out. At duke they are talking trash to the other team at full capacity 25 minutes BEFORE the game.

  • Guest

    I was loosely associated with the group that put out those flyers, and they will be there this year as well. I can’t pretend that there were great chants on there, but we are limited by our ties to the school. Nothing related to recruiting, nothing remotely negative, nothing remotely vulgar, etc. If we aren’t tied to the school, they won’t let us pass them out. So yeah its limited, but we figured better than nothing.

    It is also listed all over the place (flyers, the fbook page, twitter, and website) to email with suggestions. If you have something better that fits with the regulations, please suggest it…or join…

  • So_Cal_Hoosier

    Absolutely agree with you. I camped out overnight in 30 degree weather as a high schooler with my brother’s Duke ID and got 1st row seats for an ACC game in the Cameron Crazies. Their system ensures that the most loyal fans are the ones with the best seats in the house.

    Unfortunately there’s a lot of money being made by IU off of the student season tickets, and I don’t see the athletic department changing their stance on making money any time soon…