Monday Notebook: Hysteria, Etherington, Jaraan Lands

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+ Despite rumors in recent weeks that the event could potentially be moved due to the floor repair in Assembly Hall, Hoosier Hysteria will take place at 7:30 p.m Friday, Oct. 15. We’ve already started to compile a list of confirmed visitors for the event, which we’ll continue to update in the sidebar. As you can see, even in its infancy stage, the list is impressive.

+ 2011 commit Austin Etherington confirmed he’ll be in attendance for Hoosier Hysteria on Monday and also confirmed that he’ll be taking his official visit on the same weekend as Cody Zeller (October 29-31). We asked the 6-6 Hamilton Heights guard to describe the atmosphere in Bloomington this past weekend at the IU-Michigan football game during a brief conversation this afternoon: “There was definitely more students there at the football game. The last football game I was at, the students weren’t totally into the game like they were that game. It just shows how great the fans are not only with basketball, but with football, too. The atmosphere was crazy.”

+ Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star reported a scholarship offer for 2014 Brownsburg guard Jaraan Lands last week and we spoke to his summer coach, Matthew Green of the Eric Gordon All-Stars, to get a quick scouting report on the 6-4 freshman: “Jaraan was our sixth man last year. He didn’t get a lot of attention because I don’t think a lot of people knew he was 2014. He’s a very skilled kid. He can go both ways with both hands. He played the post for us, but really he’s not a post guy. He can take you out to the 3-point line and shoot the three. He’s going to make the transition to the perimeter in high school. I think Coach Kendrick might even be playing him at the point a little bit for Brownsburg. He’s really one of those kids that you didn’t hear a lot about, but if you were in the basketball circles in the 7th or 8th grade, you knew about him. He was averaging like 30 a game in middle school. He’s probably one of the top three or four kids in that class.”

+ According to this report, former Indiana State coach Royce Waltman will replace Todd Leary as the color commentator on radio broadcasts this season. Waltman served as an assistant coach at IU in the 80’s under Bob Knight. Leary avoided prison on Monday by agreeing to pay restitution for his involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme.

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  • marsh21

    Sorry but Crean cannot sell like Cal. If Cal wants any of our players he can just take them away by the snap of his fingers.

    I love IU and Crean but we cannot compete against that guy if coach Cal really wants one of our pursuits. I know I’m probably going to get some words over this statement but I stand by them

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    Marsh21, I cannot pin point where this has happened, where Cal is come in a swooped in on a kid that IU really wanted and had a shot at. For Teague we were always behind Louisville and then Cal came in and got him. Other than that I don’t know of any other times that has happened. I can honestly say if it came down to Yogi at IU v KY, I have a ton of confidence in IU’s chances with the kid….Cal or no Cal.

  • Greg Ham

    This thought crosses my mind all of the time when thinking about this prospect. However, I am from the old school where most kids from Indiana wanted to go to I.U. just because it is “I.U. !! Now, i’m not so sure?

  • Diesel

    I have a bad taste in my mouth just replying to this….

    I’m going to side with YKZ here. I think people like Yogi, the Blackmons, Etheringtons, Lyles, and Zellers all sense the slime that goes along with Cal. However, I would place DSR and Hollowell in the group that would jump at interest from pUKe and unfortunately some of these kids will get strung along waiting for a pUKe offer or conditional offer and the door at IU will close. There are too many quality and high character Indiana kids, coaches, and parents for me to believe that Cal comes into our state and takes players that belong at IU. The borders are closing, ant that includes pUKe too.

  • marsh21

    I want you to be right and me wrong on this issue! However, if Cal wants one of our pursuits it becomes very difficult for a family and kid to turn down the NBA as thats what he’s selling! The guy is slime but he’s the best sales person I’ve seen in College basketball. He takes controversy and turns it into a fairytale. Do you remember when Knight called him out last year? The media swarmed all over Cal and wanted a response. Cal’s response was amazing. He just focused on how Knight attended some practices before and how they shared storied and info about the game. He made it sound like they were friends which couldn’t be further from the truth.

    My point is as much as we all want to believe our kids are somehow better than his kids and they would know the difference I believe he’s such a great salesperson that it doesn’t matter. If he wants them, unless IU starts winning 30+ games a year and puts players in the NBA then he gets them and its that simple.

    Cal has only been at Kentucky for one season. Now he has the tradition, money and everything he wants to go along with that personality. Great salesman aren’t necessarily great people but they win most of the time. 30+ games on average per year?? That is impressive no matter how much you cheat.

    Maybe Yogi has the relationship with Crean and if Zeller comes then maybe he just comes too. But if Crean and Cal go after a kid on even ground then I would say the kid is UK’s to lose.

    This is difficult for me to say but its the truth.

  • marsh21

    that’s because Cal has been going after the top talent in the country not IU’s kids. IU hasn’t recruited the top talent in the country for years. If you put both Crean and Cal on the same kid on the same ground then Cal wins every time.

    These kids can’t look away from the NBA and that’s what he sells. I don’t like the guy at all but he is pulling three top recruiting classes in the country! 09, 10 and 11 locked and loaded. Beating Duke, UNC, Kansas easily. Averaging 30+ wins per season! You don’t want this guy around our guys. He’s pulling recruits that have already committed to other schools!

    I know a good salesman when I see one and that guy is hands down the best in college basketball. Yes, I want to take a shower after hearing him speak but I’ve got some age on me and have seen these guys before. A young 18 year old kid doesn’t have a chance unless the parents step in and call B.S.

  • Diesel

    I think the Bluiett’s are one Hoosier Hysteria Tre-von Blui-ett chant away from a commit

  • Anonymous

    I would say he is a good con-artist, not so much a good salesman. That gives a bad name to all the good salesmen out there. That guy is the slimiest piece of junk out there, and he is good at following through on his promises to get kids through the one year requirement by any means necessary. I don’t know many people that could get so many ineligible kids through a year of college, have a bunch of wins negated, and still have job offers out the wazoo.

    Luckily there are plenty of talented kids out there that want to play for an honest coach and a clean program.

  • Anonymous

    With all the visitors will there still be room in Assembly Hall for the fans?

    Do me a solid and give an extra cheer for the envious, displaced Hoosiers in South Carolina.

  • Glad to see the number going up! I wonder who will be our next commit….

  • Anonymous

    I think Crean has done all he can do to recruit Zeller to IU. If he doesn’t commit then its because of other factors than Crean. With all the exciting prospects lately we have forgotten somewhat that only a couple years ago IU was in shambles. They were in a state where none of these prospects would have given IU a second look. Lately we have enjoyed a lot to look forward to. Losing Zeller will not change that for me. Disappointing? Yes, but not because IU hasn’t been making up a lot of ground since the not so distant disaster, but because Zeller would have added depth and talent to an up and coming IU team. If Zeller turns it down, IU will still be a lot better off than it was a couple years ago, and I for one have confidence they will find enough other players to surprise people sooner than later.

    Lastly – IU is once again becoming a special place to play college basketball as it has been for so many years. Nothing against kids choices not to play there, because there is more to it, but I am going to stick to believing that it’s more their loss than IUs.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I don’t even think Yogi fits Cal type of kid who is clearly one and done, which is why I think Cal has zero chance if he is even interested in Yogi…It very well may be Bluiett who is just in KY for some type of workout. But Marsh21, I know we both hope you are wrong and Yogi and Blueitt are Hoosiers, but I honestly think Cal’s days are numbered in many ways….including recruiting in this state.

  • marsh21

    Ya, I think Cal is flirting with fire. UK just got a new president and if Cal starts screwing up the pressure will be on to replace him. He got lucky recently with Bledsoe but his luck will run out soon. I just don’t want to lose to this guy any more.

  • Anonymous

    Only because it hasn’t been the case for 10 or 15 years. CTC is busting his ass to make it so again, and I’d venture to say he’s making great progress in that regard.

  • MillaRed

    I can add some professional experience on this one guys. This is not a biased answer based on my hate for Cal. Because he is a D-Bag. But INUniv makes a valid point here.

    I have been in sales for 12 years now, and I have enjoyed some success in doing so. There is basically a handful of salesmen types out there. One is honest, fair and looks out for his clients. I do my best to be that guy every day. There are harder working types with long hours, there are others that are more technical.

    Then there are these other guys. And EVERY sales office has one of them at any given time. They are the d-bags that will tell the client whatever they want to hear. They will overpromise and under deliver consistently. They will get little respect from the rest of the office. Or the profession for that matter.

    This guy is John Calipari. All of these guys run themselves into the ground. They find a way to bolt on the current employer they just took advantage of and latch on to another office and go through the same process. Sound familiar?

    Cal will run his course. I’m just hoping he gets Sampsonized sooner rather than later.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    Then there are these other guys. And EVERY sales office has one of them at any given time. They are the d-bags that will tell the client whatever they want to hear. They will overpromise and under deliver consistently. They will get little respect from the rest of the office. Or the profession for that matter.

    “Dwight Schrute”