Monday Notebook: Hysteria, Etherington, Jaraan Lands

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+ Despite rumors in recent weeks that the event could potentially be moved due to the floor repair in Assembly Hall, Hoosier Hysteria will take place at 7:30 p.m Friday, Oct. 15. We’ve already started to compile a list of confirmed visitors for the event, which we’ll continue to update in the sidebar. As you can see, even in its infancy stage, the list is impressive.

+ 2011 commit Austin Etherington confirmed he’ll be in attendance for Hoosier Hysteria on Monday and also confirmed that he’ll be taking his official visit on the same weekend as Cody Zeller (October 29-31). We asked the 6-6 Hamilton Heights guard to describe the atmosphere in Bloomington this past weekend at the IU-Michigan football game during a brief conversation this afternoon: “There was definitely more students there at the football game. The last football game I was at, the students weren’t totally into the game like they were that game. It just shows how great the fans are not only with basketball, but with football, too. The atmosphere was crazy.”

+ Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star reported a scholarship offer for 2014 Brownsburg guard Jaraan Lands last week and we spoke to his summer coach, Matthew Green of the Eric Gordon All-Stars, to get a quick scouting report on the 6-4 freshman: “Jaraan was our sixth man last year. He didn’t get a lot of attention because I don’t think a lot of people knew he was 2014. He’s a very skilled kid. He can go both ways with both hands. He played the post for us, but really he’s not a post guy. He can take you out to the 3-point line and shoot the three. He’s going to make the transition to the perimeter in high school. I think Coach Kendrick might even be playing him at the point a little bit for Brownsburg. He’s really one of those kids that you didn’t hear a lot about, but if you were in the basketball circles in the 7th or 8th grade, you knew about him. He was averaging like 30 a game in middle school. He’s probably one of the top three or four kids in that class.”

+ According to this report, former Indiana State coach Royce Waltman will replace Todd Leary as the color commentator on radio broadcasts this season. Waltman served as an assistant coach at IU in the 80’s under Bob Knight. Leary avoided prison on Monday by agreeing to pay restitution for his involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme.

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  • Kpoconno

    Will hoosier hysteria be televised?

  • VS13

    it will be broadcast on

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I am sure the BTN will have some live look ins on hoosier hysteria along with the other big ten schools…with the exception of PU who I don’t think even has one.

    + Lands is an interesting offer and may be worth a road trip to the burg this winter. I know it is middle school but 30 a game isn’t bad…..and 6’4 215 isn’t either.

    + I wish Waltman luck and hope he is a good fit for with fish…

    + Crean is pulling out all the stops for Cody’s official with Austin coming along…..Cody Zeller has to be a Hoosier, cause if he is not it will be a tough tough blow….not to mention if he is …you can fully expect a UNC v IU Big Ten ACC challenge game in 2011-12

  • Anonymous

    Would the abuse rival that of Sean May if he goes to UNC? I don’t think it would be that bad since he’s not a hometown kid, he gave IU a legitimate look, and his father isn’t an IU legend.

  • marsh21

    Fully agree. Zeller means more for IU than just his talent. It will confirm to the Hoosier State the recruiting tide as turned and now IU will be the school to beat!

  • IU_Fan_99

    Alex, will you be carrying Terry Hutchens (or anybody else) up some stairs in this?

  • MillaRed

    A tough blow? Really? You guys are making me a little uneasy with the CZ love. I mean, I love the guy too but is it the fact he’s 2011 that makes him a priority?

    Personally I am just as excited about Perrea and Yogi. I’m beginning to think you guys are setting yourselves up for another heartbreak!

  • kentuckyhoosier

    Is Perea expected to be at hoosier hysteria ? I think he is a must get for us

  • Southport65

    Look, I understand that Cody will be Mr. Basketball for Indiana and how bad you all want him at IU but Bob Knight only got 7 of 25 Indiana Mr. Basketball’s to go yo IU and could not keep all of them and lost out on Larry Bird too. Basketball is a TEAM sport not a one player sport. Coach has Indiana kids coming and I am sure he will get a bunch out of the 2012 and 2014 classes. I want Cody also but to many fans and media folks have set them selfs up for a major disappointment if he goes to UNC. His brothers have not exactly dominated play at the college level but I understand everyone thinks Cody is better. He plays against class 3A schools so he is not challenged very much. So I would love to see him in an IU uniform just to get fans and the media off coach’s back
    but I am not sold out that he will be a superstar right out of the box. Maybe after a couple years and a lot of added muscle and strength he could be a star. I just don’t want IU to put all their eggs in one basket.

  • Anonymous

    i’m with you 100% millared and southport. i think we have put wayyy too many eggs in the CZ basket, whether or not we get him. I find CZ messiah status to be really, really disturbing.
    1) What have his brothers done at the college level? Both Tyler and Luke were labeled can’t miss. (haha)
    2) since when has indiana been about one recruit? heck, when has anyone been about one recruit since Carmelo Anthony? CZ is not carmelo anthony….
    3) what’s this about if we land him, it shows we’re back? I think Crean’s already proven we’re back. We got Jurkin, Buss, Etherington in 11,12. And the #1, #7 prospects in the ’14 class (the ONLY 2 top 100 commited anywhere). I think everyone, state of Indiana and nationwide has ALREADY noticed this. we do not need CZ to get noticed.
    4) we’ve already been noticed by other top recruits. to quote gary harris, “What they’re trying to do is just great,” Harris said, noting that Indiana’s latest recruiting victories in the ’12 and ’14 classes have not gone unnoticed. “They’re building it up, so I mean, they’re going to have a team.” “(Crean)’s really making a statement now.”
    hmmm….funny cuz CZ isnt one of our recruits (yet)….
    5) Let’s not forget we’re at the tops for HP, Yogi, Hollowell, Harris, with other talents in the background: DSR, Marrero, McGary, Hammons, Dorsey-Walker.
    6) Let’s say our rotation is Jurkin, HP, Etherington, Buss, Yogi, Harris and Hollowell. That’s NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP worthy….why in the world would we go: crap, we missed out on Zeller! we’re in contention for banner #6 but I much wouldda rather had zeller!

    At this point, I’d like to have CZ mostly because of the egg on our face if we don’t land him. Seems to me the biggest benefit from landing CZ is the highly unnecessary damage we avoid to the fanbase. From a bball standpoint I think he is a player, and i’d like to have him, and I think he makes us a better team. but sheesh…to me if we land Perea and Hollowell, this would be like the Miami Heat crying over not signing Amare or Boozer in free agency.

  • Anonymous

    I think one reason for the emphasis on Cody is because he’s a big guy. There are options at the wing/guard positions, but not as many down low. Nothing against some of those other guys, but in comparison as 4/5s, Marrero is a bit short for the spot, Hammons is nowhere near the player Zeller is, McGary still may have some academic issues, and Hollowell is more of a wing.
    Even if Perea signs, I think it would be beneficial to have another talented big guy for depth, as that would really leave HP and Jurkin as the only power players behind the current guys until Lyles comes aboard in what would be Cody’s senior season.

  • Anonymous

    i agree it would be beneficial to have another big guy for depth. but is that really worth setting ourselves up for a potential major letdown and putting all our eggs in one basket for a guy who provides depth?

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    He got Bird but he didn’t last until his first season on the IU campus. It was too big for the small town country boy.

    Knight consistently got the “big name” recruits out of Indiana minus a few like Glen Robinson and Eric Montross but he would have landed Sean May had he not been fired. The list of “big time” Indiana recruits he pulled in consisted of Alford, Bailey, Henderson, and even Cheaney was well recruited not to mention many, many more. He added to those classes by getting guys from out of state like Buckner and Zeke but he still dominated the state nonetheless and that’s what CTC needs to do.

    He is well on his way to doing so and is showing that we’re “in on” every top player in the state practically but Zeller is the “big name” big ticket guy who means more to IU because of the other schools who recruited him and because of his ranking than a player of his caliber would from Mississippi or New York.

    I’m not saying he’s going to come in and be the next Tyler Hansbrough or something because he may not be, but it’s all the other things attached to his recruitment that make him such an important land for IU and CTC.

  • I will not. With a newborn, I’ve gotta be careful to pick my spots of what I will/will not attend. I’ll be returning to the fold officially at Hoosier Hysteria.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I think the letdown would be not landing “the guy” in the state of Indiana right now. Remember back to the differences between the Sean May recruiting war and Oden. Many of us were devastated when May chose UNC but not many of us were as devastated when Oden and Conley picked OSU and I think that’s because there wasn’t as much emphasis on Oden being the saviour at IU because Davis didn’t make a huge push for him (mostly because he was a dumbass and didn’t want Conley).

    Cody Zeller is the guy that IU and other schools have set up on that pedestal as “the guy” to get out of Indiana in the next two classes (even though 2012 is much better – I agree) and that’s why it’s important to land him.

    It’s more of a “defending your own back yard” type thing than he’s the next coming of Larry Bird or something.

  • Anonymous

    Royce Waltman is a class act. I don’t think we could get a better person to do color.

  • millzy32

    Lands will be a freshman this year.

  • deedubbadoo

    I was hoping we could snag Gus Johnson full time.

  • millzy32

    I believe that Knight was actually one of the contributing factors regarding Sean May not attending IU. Knight was not and still is not happy with IU and his good relationship with Scott May most likely persuaded his son to stay away from Indiana.

  • millzy32

    You make a great point but without CZ and possibly without a much improved season this year do we get Perea and Yogi?

    2012 obviously we have two solid guys coming in and 2014 could be a number one class if the guys pan out how they’re projected but they are still a long way off.

    We should be much improved this year (I pray) but we will still need some help from that 2011 class and Cody fits that bill.

    Are we setting ourselves up for potential failure? Yes, but he’s one of those guys that we need to get a recruiting win on.

  • millzy32

    You make a great point but without CZ and possibly without a much improved season this year do we get Perea and Yogi?

    2012 obviously we have two solid guys coming in and 2014 could be a number one class if the guys pan out how they’re projected but they are still a long way off.

    We should be much improved this year (I pray) but we will still need some help from that 2011 class and Cody fits that bill.

    Are we setting ourselves up for potential failure? Yes, but he’s one of those guys that we need to get a recruiting win on.

  • MillaRed

    I think these kids are smarter than that. You really think CZ as a true FR
    is going to make the team 10 games better?

    Keep in mind, we are going to need to fatten him up like a turkey at least
    one season while he gets pushed around in the Big Ten. (see Christian

    I think the 2011 team will be tournament good, would love to see CZ be a
    part of it, but do not think it will be much a factor with Ws vs Ls in that

    Furthermore, I don’t want them to wait that long to commit!

  • I think we’re putting a lot of eggs in the CZ basket because he’s a 2011 recruit and we don’t have a lot of those the last time I checked, especially in the 4 or 5 position (and there’s not much left nationally, either). CZ provides a bridge between the talented five-man ’09 class and the talented four-or-five-man ’12 class. I love Oladipo and Sheehey, but I don’t know if they provide that bridge (and Guy won’t be around after the ’12 postseason), and they are both wings anyway (as is AE). The nice thing about having Goff as a back-up plan for CZ is that he would’ve played down low and provided a bridge (of sorts) to the ’12 class (although he would’ve only been there for their freshman year).

  • slojoe

    Although losing CZ will not necessarily stop our comeback, it will delay it. If CZ commits, it will be a statement to Indiana HS players that we are back. Although recent commitments from 2014 have helped, many are still delaying to see what happens at IU. If CZ commits, the floodgates will open especially for the class of 2012.

  • millzy32

    Truthfully I think Cody has a lot of talent but will he be a game changer as a freshman? I doubt it. It’s all perception. If Cody didn’t already have two brothers that IU missed on then he wouldn’t be as much of a big deal. People are thinking hey IU can’t possibly miss out on all three Zellers could they?

  • MillaRed

    My question is why the obsession based on the recent recruiting success? If
    we had zero coming in I could see why we were holding on for dear life.

    Obviously I don’t seem to completely understand what he means to Hoosiers
    fans, ITH fans specifically.

    I just don’t want to experience the deflation if it doesn’t happen.

    Don’t get me wrong Cody, we want you at IU!

  • Bob Sugar

    Gus is Play-by-Play and not color.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller


    I think the importance of Zeller reaches beyond the Indiana borders. He is a nationally known player/recruit and IU/Crean must show they can land guys at that level and get them to sign on the dotted line. In State…he is the ‘guy’ that other guys want to play with and there are a few guys that are watching to see what he does….example…Yogi Ferrell.

    I use to be on the side of Cody won’t make that big of an impact his Frosh year, but having now seen him alot more this summer, he is not worth 10 wins but he gives IU alot of things that they don’t have now and he is an impact player. He proved it to me over and over this summer and at Adidas Nations. IU should be a tourney team in 2011-2012, with Cody, they WILL be for sure.

    Lyles and Blackmon verbals are great……their hype hasn’t exploded yet nationally, but Cody Zeller puts IU in the conversation with the big dogs again Nationally, UNC, Duke, Kansas etc. I think Crean and IU officially own the state now. PU and Butler are back where they belong as second fiddles and horizon league participants…..

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    Good point….I don’t think anyone on here wants a 2011 class of Austin Etherington ONLY! Love Austin, but IU needs to add depth, skill level, size etc. That is another reason why he is so important and especially when Goff has signed elsewhere.

  • MillaRed

    Well if you have seen him on the floor that means a lot. I have not.

    Let’s hope it just happens so we don’t have to deal with the other scenario.

    Still yet, if a CZ verbal is necesary for Yogi to commit, that doesn’t sit
    well with me. There is plenty of talent there to help by the time Yogi is a
    diaper dandy.

  • I used to be with Milla and some of the others on this, thinking CZ was more symbolic as far as recruiting than what his actual impact on the court would be, but two things have happened to change my mind.

    1) Most 2011 kids are now off the board, we no longer have an Ethrington-Young-Goff class to fall back on, so it kind of is essentially Zeller or bust. And, I don’t think we can wait until 2012 for reinforcements, IU needs a talent infusion and needs it now. Missing Zeller will essentially mean two straight mediocre classes following the 2009 class, not good.

    2) I actually saw Zeller play. I watched that Adidias Nations Championship game and came away convinced he would make an immediate impact as a freshmen. IU has nobody on the current roster with his feel for the game, nose for the ball on the boards and overall skill set, and I don’t even mean at his size, I mean period. I was extremely impressed after actually seeing him on the court.

  • stonaroni

    I agree that Cody makes them better immediately. Probably not the 10 wins but he is tall, can alter and block shots and can pull the 6’9″ guy guarding him out on the floor 17′ out. If CZ makes the shot, they respect his range. If he misses the opponent has 1 less 6’9″ guy crashing the boards and one more Hoosiers to grab the offensive rebound.

    On top of all of this is a 6’11” athletic kid that gets up and down the floor in transition and fits CTC’s style perfectly.

  • MillaRed

    I’m sure all of this has been explained to Cody. The other programs don’t
    offer the same scenario. It really does seem like a perfect situation for

  • Maybe I don’t want to know right now, but I might be interested to find out next month who our back-up plan is for CZ.

  • I had a dream Zeller committed to IU on OCT 17th

  • I like the fact Crean is continuing to load up on talent. The recruitment of Lands brings up some interesting issues – like what if he or other HS freshman don’t pan out. IMO this strategy is good. Just like an academic scholarship – it is contingent on the student continuing to perform well. If a student fails – they lose their scholarship – a principle both parties understand. Conversely, the upside is obvious – if these kids (Blackmon, and Lyles) perform as expected then we’ve got incredible talent (eg Lyles ranked #1 ESPN class of 14) and both parties benefit since they can come into the program well prepared and ready to go on day 1.

    re CZ – I like what I saw this summer. I consider him a “glue” guy. He defers when someone is open, always seems to be in the right spot – and the type of player you want to go through at the end of games. Smart and talented. I do agree that Yogi, HP and Harris are just plain studs and that CZ plus those guys are synergistic – ie better than the sum of the individual talent/parts.

  • yooper

    Michael Chandler should be the backup plan if Zeller goes elsewhere.With coaching and motivation Chandler could be a force.

  • Mark

    I think Zeller is huge. He’s a top rated recruit, from Indiana. We only have one 2011 player committed after a year where we had an average class of two players, of which, neither are big men. See what happend to Purdue, they were unable to follow up their great class with anything but mediocre players. Zeller and Ehterington together would be a nice class 2 years after a very good 2009 class. I think that is the biggest reason why he’s so huge. That and it will help us land some of the other 2012 in-state kids.

  • Agree, which will make it so puzzling to me if he doesn’t choose IU.

  • millzy32

    Wow I was just thinking of Chandler. Do we still have a shot at him? He is still listed as a very high prospect. More of a true center I think.

  • MillaRed

    Yes but this brings up a different issue. Who is responsible for the weaker 2010 and 2011 classes in terms of a big man? So we are going to pressure the CZ situation based on those discrepancies?

    We’re all on the same page guys and are splitting hairs at this point. Everyone wants Cody to be a Hoosier that’s easy. But I REFUSE to relinquish this recruiting buzzzzzz I have going for a few years. If he is UNC bound so be it. I’m still backing IU, CTC and the recruting process as much as ever.

  • Gustin

    CZ commit will also help balance out the classes, though that isn’t the reason we all want him to sign on the line.

  • MillaRed

    It sounds to me like it’s already on the roster. And his name is Guy. We can’t have two “Guys” on our roster moving forward. Capo will have to step up an fill that role for a few years.

  • Gustin

    I am setting myself up for a major celebration…glass half full!

  • Jack in Seattle

    I’m with MillaRed. Like everyone else, I check this site daily for any news related to CZ, Yogi, HP, GH, etc. I want CZ to come to IU, but I refuse to be (overly) discouraged if he doesn’t. If he doesn’t come here then I’m assuming he’ll be at UNC. I can’t ever fault a kid for wanting to play there.

    I guess I’ve been burned in the past (from Montross to May) and that I have my guard up because of it. I’m positive Crean has a plan. I’m also sure that our 2012 class will stacked regardless.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    He’s also an outstanding rebounder who does it with instincts. You don’t have to be the strongest guy on the floor to be a good rebounder and that is something that IU definitely needs right now!!!

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Yeah, I totally understand and believe that but if he would have still been the coach at that time, there is no doubt in my mind that SM would have ended up at Indiana.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    If you are read the tweets on the side bar over yonder, surely you saw Cal was at Park Tudor today. In a way I am GLAD he showed up to check Yogi out and he very well may offer. That is great news for IU because, Yogi needs a big time program to compare IU too, unlike Michigan and a Coach like Cal to compare Crean too. Once Yogi gets the slime on him from Cal, he will soon find out IU is where he needs and wants to be…

  • Anonymous

    CZ is the cinnamon to our french toast. Yeah, I’ll like the french toast if they don’t put any cinnamon on it, and I’m sure I’ll finish the plate. But with the cinnamon, I’m loving it and asking for seconds.

    Stupid analogy? Maybe… but it makes sense to me.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    INUnivHoosier….I won’t call your analogy stupid, if you are a fan of french toast it is great! But somehow I get your point….I think! Wait, the asking for seconds creeped me out a little bit.