Smotherman enjoys IU visit, will be back for Hoosier Hysteria

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If there’s anyone qualified to talk about Denard Robinson’s incredible footballing ability, it’s Basil Smotherman.

The 2013 wing has now seen Michigan’s elusive quarterback — and probably Heisman front-runner — twice this season: first at Notre Dame, where Robinson rolled up a school-record 502 total yards, and then again yesterday, when Robinson’s Wolverines scored inside the game’s final half-minute to seal a thrilling 42-35 win over Indiana.

What he saw from the stands at Memorial Stadium already has Smotherman excited about a return visit for Hoosier Hysteria on Oct. 15.

“That’s going to be pretty fun,” Smotherman told Inside the Hall by phone Sunday. “The fans are pretty rowdy.”

Smotherman, a sophomore at Heritage Christian, has an offer from Indiana already on the table, and Sunday had nothing but good things to say about the Hoosiers, the program and coach Tom Crean.

“Coach Crean’s a funny guy,” Smotherman said, adding that Indiana attended his open gym recently, and that he thinks Crean has “done a really good job with his recruiting.”

Having already trekked to South Bend and with another trip to Bloomington on the horizon, Smotherman said he isn’t completely sure of the rest of his fall plans. Beyond Hoosier Hysteria, the only other trip tentatively planned is a visit to either Michigan, a team that has only recently entered the picture, or Michigan State. But the Oct. 15 visit is confirmed, and it’s one that Smotherman repeatedly said he’s looking forward to.

If he gets the chance to see Victor Oladipo’s rather precocious dunking ability during the event, some of the moves might look a little bit more familiar. That’s because Smotherman has YouTubed some of Oladipo’s highlights and tried to emulate them himself.

“He inspired me,” Smotherman said. “He’s long and I’m long too. … He’s aggressive. I have to be aggressive.”

One player apparently hoping to play with Smotherman in college is Trey Lyles. The class of 2014 forward, who only committed to IU last month, is already trying to convince his friend to come to Bloominton as well.

“He just kept telling me,” Smotherman said of Lyles, “IU’s where it’s at.”

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  • Anonymous

    I thought things with lyles couldn’t get any better but now he’s recruiting friends too? I salute you young lyles keep up the good work!

  • N71

    It’s official…we’re in on every good player in the state. At this point that’s the best we could ask for. Getting just half these guys would lead to as strong of an Indiana team that there’s ever been…at least talent wise. It’s a snowball effect where the players are building a momentum within their own group knowing that if they are together at Indiana they will roll. How did central Indiana get so blessed? Is there another part of the country that has what we have going in the local AAU curcuit? If you look at our population size vs. New York, LA, or Chicago we are off the charts on talent.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    Between the 2013 and 2014 kids, there is a ton of talent and IU is becoming the ‘in’ thing again in this state. Let me prep everyone for this….not if, but when the next big time kid commits to IU, other than Zeller get ready for PU fans to accuse IU of cheating…expect it.

    I heard a PU fan on Dakich the other day having some concerns about Painter, not getting some of these kids…..I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

  • Attaboy Lyles, you are truly an Indiana kid. Its the only place to go.

  • Anonymous

    Basil HAS to come to IU so CTC can name a defensive set after him…”the Smotherman full-court defense” where you’re on your guy so tight he can’t breathe. Yeah, it’s cool the Lyles has his ear too. I keep thinking of Beck after reading Basil’s comment from Trey. “I got two turnovers and an ice-cream cone (or was it two turntables and a microphone?)…i’m where it’s at….i’m where it’s at.”

  • Outoftheloop

    Trey Lyles is a 7 foot Austin Etherington! What a great kid!

  • HoosierDavey

    So, am I the only one who gets on this site every Sunday night half expecting to see another commit? Just lovin’ it that so many of these kids are interested!

    BTW, is there any volleyball this year at HH or do we get basketball starting at 7:30?

  • marsh21

    Dude I’m with you, except I’m on 10 times a day checking for the new recruit!

    We are very close, hopefully Zeller pulls the trigger and the buzz gets to big for the others to wait any longer.

  • Anonymous

    Crazy with the Cheez-Whiz!

  • RJG

    I’m on here every day checking, if something doesn’t happen soon I’ll probably get fired for screwing around on ITH too much at work. Also, the Ladies are in Wisconsin on 10/15 so it should be all basketball.

  • Gustin

    CZ should speed up his decision so we can all get some sleep…VBG!!!