Ferrell, Lyles will visit Bloomington this weekend

  • 09/22/2010 9:59 pm in

Two of the top high-major prospects in the state will be on campus this weekend as both 2012 Park Tudor point guard Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell and 2014 Indianapolis Tech forward Trey Lyles will take unofficial visits to Indiana.

Ferrell (pictured) has taken several trips to Bloomington in recent months and will do so again this weekend, according to Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star.

The 6-10, 210-pound Lyles, a versatile forward who picked up an offer from Indiana in early August, will visit on Sunday, according to his father, Tom.

The Tech freshman is considered one of the top 25 prospects nationally by The Hoop Scoop.

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  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I remember a while back Yogi’s dad said he wished IU would recruit his son more and make him more of priority. I assume the message has been received, now I hope it pays off. With these visits it is reaching the point that if Yogi doesn’t choose IU I will be MASSIVELY stunned. Has he even visited anywhere else.

  • Ryan Goods

    I’m not sure if he has but other schools are definitely showing interest. ex. Yogi’s tweeted “Mike Brey of Notre dame came to my school to say hello!” a few days ago

  • millzy32

    Don’t kid yourself there arnen’t any Butler fans even in Indy. They are IU or maybe even Purdue fans that pull for the little guy during the tournament. Unless you went to Butler you aren’t a Butler fan and even if you went to Butler you are more likely to be an IU fan when it comes to sports.

    Butler is a cute story. IU is a tradition.

    His only decision is between NC and IU. Should be a no brainer to come to IU if he wants to play more and get more love from the fan base.

    He’s gotta have some Indiana Pride and stay in state with the Hoosiers, it just makes more sense on all levels plus the Undergrad B-School is top notch and as many have mentioned the women are unbelievable.

  • Casey B.

    You are the most optimistic fan I’ve ever come across.

  • Rdkd02

    You are correct Mill. I am from Indy and attended Butler in the sixties. While there, I was a Bulldog fan, but a much bigger IU fan. I even listened to IU games on a transitor radio while setting in the stands at Butler.

  • Anonymous

    Tension is growing. Like others have mentioned I think it is all about one or two commitments then we will all be able to exhale. We received a couple very promising ones but not enough to make me completely comfortable. At all levels these players are competitive and want to win. I am not sure if it is so much that these guys want to play with their friends, but that they want to win, while being a major participant. If Yogi commits (along with our current commitments) then the talent level is very close to having a tournament contending team and everyone else will know then that IU is the place to be and I couldn’t see many turning down the chance at that point. IU is so close, but just not there yet – too close for comfort. Yogi accepting the scholarship this weekend or next week will do it – IU will be on their way and I can exhale and know they will be back to prominence soon.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve noticed the same thing but it kind of worries me. He clearly knows IU well, so if he likes it, why doesn’t he commit?

    Don’t want to be Debbie Downer and I think there is a good chance Yogi ends up at IU but some part of me still wonders why he won’t pull the trigger…

  • Qmaui

    Shuuuuuuussssh!!! no need in bringing up something that is not going to happen.Pat Knight was on scholarship when Coach was here.Do you really expect Yogi’s parents to pay for him to go to IU,when he can go to another school on scholarship????Hell Hulls was eligible for a Wells scholarship(and his parents have money) Why should we expect Yogi to come here on his parents dime???? I love Yogi’s game,I would love to see him in candy stripes,but let’s be real.

  • stonaroni

    I see where you are coming from but there are so many players that have us on their short list that we are going to get talent, even if by process of elimination. CTC has remained relevant throughout the recruiting process for all these players. It is not “IF” we sign the next big recruit, but “WHEN” we sign then next big recruit……who will be next!

  • Anonymous

    If there’s ANY group of (4) ITHers at the Akron game Saturday night, we should ALL take GIANT letters “C” “D” “G” “I” “O” and “Y” ….and you’re all thinking does this idiot know how to spell? The answer: No.

    But i know that you can make two names from those six letters. “C-O-D-Y” and “Y-O-G-I” You KNOW it’s gonna be on the jumbotron and the whole stadium will start the chants! Snag these guys for their own good (and ours too;)

  • marsh21

    I read over on the Scoop that Ferrell played the IU offer off a little bit and said he’s no where near making a decision and has many other schools looking.

    Let me say this – Crean is not going to stop recruiting until he gets a PG. Yogi you better either get serious or get serious with another program because this coach will not stop and he will get someone sooner rather than later.

    Maybe I’m older and biased but I can’t imagine going back and visiting over and over and over again without telling the coach I’m in. It gets the point of over extending your stay unless you pull the trigger. If I’m fortunate to have a son with a scholarship offer from several schools I’m visiting two or three times max and I know the deal, anymore and its just a tease.

    Things change in a heart beat in recruiting so I’m not worried about this kid. If not Yogi I’m positive Coach will score with someone else who might even be better!

    Go IU!!!

  • Anonymous

    The only problem however is that it has not happened yet (completely). Sure they have a lot of recruits who have them on the short list but they have yet to get “that” class. We all talk a lot, but I would feel better if the verbals actually surfaced.

  • Anonymous

    Yogi is not the answer, but………………..I would love to see him in an IU jersey. If only these recruits could have lived the lives we lived in btown – it would be a no brainer. Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers.

  • Yogi, Zeller and HP are the key next three to sign up…add Harris (who has the best chance of anyone to turn into a wade type athlete) – and now you match anyone talent wise… I also like our team now – an infectious attitude and love CTC’s approach. Love to hear some good news soon – common yogi aka little zeke – jump in!

  • Marthas_broom

    Wow. Imagine those guys all on the court at the same time:


    Add to the mix:


    Then coming in later:

    Zak Irvin

    Holy schnikies…almost too much depth.

  • Lyles is the next to sign up … and then those you mentioned. 🙂

  • Lyles is off the board. IU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!