Report: B.J. Young commits to Arkansas

  • 09/05/2010 1:54 pm in

It only took one official visit for Florissant (MO) guard B.J. Young to make a decision.

The five-star guard has given a verbal commitment to John Pelphrey and the Arkansas Razorbacks, according to Dave Telep of

Young told Inside the Hall last weekend that he hoped to visit Indiana and also hoped to host the coaching staff for an in-home visit.

The 6-3, 175-pound combo guard is rated the No. 17 prospect nationally by Scout and No. 18 by Rivals.

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  • Anonymous

    well said…

  • Anonymous

    You’re right DMG… plenty of guards just in case we don’t land another one for 2011 class. We’ll still have:+ Jones, Roth, Moore+ Creek, Hulls+ Olidapo, Sheehey+ Etherington+ 2012 – Patterson, Yogi? Hollowell?

  • Diesel

    Coogles, no one has called BJY a bum, and it certainly hasn’t come from my mouth, nor did anyone say that Crean didn’t want him anyway.

    The facts as we know them:
    – he is a top 20 recruit and we would love to have him
    – IU called twice a week, CTC clearly wanted him
    – it was touted that he had family there, although he never said it was a huge factor
    – there were some academic stipulations for him receive an offer from IU
    – BJY said he was going to visit IU and then did not

    If BJY had overcome the academic requirements (much like Mo Creek did) to become a Hoosier, then heck yeah it tells us a lot about his character and resolve and the things that are important to him, we’d love all those things plus the fact that he can play basketball. So it certainly would have put him in a different light if he would have become a Hoosier because there were some things on his end that needed to happen. Now, look at Mo Creek going through an obstacle in his life – a major knee injury – and look at the way he is rehabbing his knee, no one doubts he will make it back because of the character we saw with him getting himself eligible. I see some disappointment in his decision not to do some of those requirements and take what looks like an easier road to college, but we are not knocking him down a peg.

    I don’t believe anyone is wishing him ill will from what I’ve read and I find it hard to believe eph521 gives a “well said” to a post that oversensationalizes the sentiment of the ITH community.

  • Drode

    Apparently, Yogi is visiting again tomorrow I wonder if he could be the next to commit and maybe BJY going elsewhere helps with the Yogi recruitment. I’d take Yogi all day over BJY even if he is a class behind because he helps immensely with other recruits. It seems to be a great sign considering tomorrow is a school night and he was just on campus this past weekend.

  • Anonymous

    I have no evidence to support this theory, but I wonder if Young cooled on IU and IU cooled on Young because of his grades. If so, I am perfectly OK with missing out on Young. I’m very proud of the academic success the players have had under CTC. While it’s likely IU could have been the place to teach Young the practices needed to succeed academically, having standards that extend beyond the basketball court isn’t a bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    I think your comment frames how the ITH community feels about BJY going elsewhere more so than Coogles’ comment does. I do not remember reading where anybody said he was a bum either. Could be wrong but I don’t remember it if someone did, nor do I even recall anyone impling that. I kinda got the feeling that alot of people thought they really wanted him to commit to IU really bad (me included) and that he would make an immediate impact and might even start from day one and so on and so on but if memory serves me right they all pretty much also said that if he couldn’t or wouldn’t get his grades in order that they were not willing to pull a Calipayoff and look the other way while somebody does his work for him.

    Strange that you compare Mo’s resolve to get his grades to where he could play right away and how we were seeing that same kind of resolve in the way he is attacking his rehab as I was thinking the same thing after watching the clip that someone provided a link to on the newest topic and before I read your comment. This just further proves the importance of getting the right kind of kid into our program now during the rebuilding as well as in the future.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is the best-case scenario. I think there’s a lot to like about the way Jordan Hulls is progressing. Young would have been an immediate contribute, but I’m perfectly fine giving Hulls the reigns for the next two years and then letting Yogi learn from him and then be the guy.

  • Anonymous

    No need to make things personal. I also don’t think any one person represents the ITH community, we all do.

    With that out of the way…

    In general, you make some good points about BJ but I think Coogles is onto something… the overall tone and negative comments about BJ’s academics have shot up since he verballed Arkansas. There is definitely a “we didn’t want him anyway” tone to some of the comments. Perhaps you haven’t personally engaged in that, but the comments are out there just the same.

  • stonaroni

    Every person is entitled to their own opinion. Didn’t read where he was a bum. Some ITH folks like him others were more reserved. Generalizations about the clientel on ITH typically go over like a turd in a punch bowl….not very well.

    BJ did what was best for him. Good for BJ. It did not behoove him to wait. His grades were an issue and he needed to take the best option available for himself and his family.

    I do agree that we fans need to suck it up.

    I am dieing for a new thread because this one has gotten a bit too negative and pointless. BJ is gone…..who is the next prospect to focus on?

    Please do not focus on A. Thomas, he is not the answer.

  • stonaroni

    Maybe he is the next piece of the puzzle. As a great scientist once said, “For every action (BJ to Ark) there is an equal or opposite reaction (Yogi to IU).”

  • Marquisimo

    I am glad actually…I think that this helps us as we move forward…2012 has a lot of INDIANA talent…I would love to snatch em all up…our team will be better off without BJ Young