Five minutes with McCluer North (MO) guard B.J. Young

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After a breakout summer on the AAU circuit, McCluer North (MO) guard B.J. Young shot up to five-star status in the recruiting rankings.

Fresh off being named the MVP of the Five-Star Super Session in New York, Inside the Hall caught up with the 6-3 combo guard for the latest on his recruitment:

On the schools currently involved in his recruitment:

“Indiana, Arkansas, Illinois State, I think Kansas and Memphis are starting to get into it, but I don’t really know yet. Baylor is one of them. Iowa, Iowa State, Marquette, Louisville, Providence, North Carolina State.”

On where he stands with his recruitment:

“I’m still really open.”

On his decision to take an official visit to Arkansas:

“I really like Arkansas. I got family from down in Arkansas. They wanted to set up a visit with me, so I got a date set up with them.”

On his recent contact with Indiana:

“I talk to Indiana regularly. They get two calls per week. I still talk to them regularly. I like them a lot. Me and Indiana are still really close.”

On potentially taking an official visit to Bloomington:

“I think they want me to take an official visit and they want to make an in-home visit too.”

On his timetable for making a decision:

“Probably after I take all of my visits and sit down with my family and talk. So probably in November sometime.”

On where he sees himself fitting in at Indiana and how much of a priority he is for IU:

“They’ve made it seem like I’m very important. I think they want me to fit in as a combo guard, but I think I could go down to Indiana and me, Austin and Cody, if we all decided to go, we would be a good trio.”

On how the first three weeks of school at McCluer North:

“School is going great. Everything’s good. I’m getting my classes right, getting my grades. So I’m good for right now.”

On placing an importance on academics and his maturation process:

“Everytime I think about school, I think about basketball and then I think about my parents. I really want my parents to be able to do nothing one day. I just really want to support my family one day, so that’s what really made me mature and grow up.”

On potentially being a part of rebuilding the Indiana program:

“I know if I go there then we can turn the program around. I know Coach Crean and his resume shows that he has a winning record.”

(Photo credit: Jody Demling)

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  • DanTheMan

    i KNEW you guys would rip me for mentioning the two in the same sentence…all i was trying to point out is that its POSSIBLE to be a great basketball player without being a freakish athlete. Thanks though for not blasting me too harshly;)

  • DanTheMan

    Hehehe…know more than us? Really? Doesn’t WS also have a 4.0 GPA and want to attend law school after his undergraduate work..or was i dreaming that?

  • DanTheMan

    BTW, is there a section where all the ITH followers are gonna meet for Hoosier Hysteria?

  • stonaroni

    Rondo was a two year guy and he didn’t get along with Tubby too well. He might have played at UK but he grew up in Louisville so he doesn’t exactly bleed blue.

  • stonaroni

    Coverdale was gritty, lead with his elbows on the way to the paint and was ready to mix it up with a 6’9″ power forward at all times. What he lacked in size, he had in strength and mental toughness. I know Hulls is young, but I do not see the strength or grit just yet. I hope he makes a believer out of me this year.

  • MPmichael2000

    I can tell you why in two words: Kyrie Irving.

    He said all the right things about playing for IU except committing to Duke instead.

  • Anonymous

    Sure, the center of the court, at tip off time. It is “us” against the team and each player gets to pick out individuals who have posted negatively about that player on ITH, for one-on-one poster moves! I hear that Jeremiah has a full card lined up, as do Moore, Capo and Pritchard. Guy is not sure of the posts in English, so he will take on all comers. Will was very polite, but he said that he and Vic would “posterize” anyone who did not repeat three times: “those two are GOOD, I mean very GOOD!”. I am going to hide!

  • Anonymous

    I think business and law. He will probably own an NBA team and then play for them!

  • Bleeding Crimson

    BJY will be a Hoosier if he gets his grades in order. About his talk on Ark…he has to say these things to keep the family happy. Could you imagine him not listing Ark if there is an offer and his family says “what the blank”. He has to list Ark out of respect for the family. Also if IU doesn’t take him he also has to have a backup plan and it behooves him to list as many high profile schools as possilbe to increase his stock.

    Dan the Man, I’ve also have been concern about a meeting spot/section for all of the ITH gang at Hoosier Hysteria…and we should all be sporting the same shirt. I’ve stated this before but I would be the first to put up some cash to get shirts made for the event. I have my own biz and I get shirts logo’d on a regular basis (my shirts are stitched not screen and I assume that they screen print). I would be willing to flip some of the up front design charge if everyone else would help pay for the the shirts and stitched/screened design. This should be a topic on a seperate page to discuss the design and such…but I do think that Inside the Hall needs to be spelled out and not abv. Also I like the idea of the banners as a backdrop and it would be nice to included our call names (up charge) on the shirts. Just a thought but if we are going to do this then we need to start this now.

    Alex, I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes here but I think we all would love to own some ITH logo shirts?

  • Anonymous

    i have been wondering the same thing about the meetup- i would love to own a shirt and would also love to meet the gang at a local bar before hoosier hysteria?

    what is the exact date again?

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    The date is Oct.15 or not soon enough….

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Pitino totally botched the Rondo recruitment when he got all hot and bothered for Sebastian Telfair instead.

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t totally ripping you, I just thought you overshot a bit. I’m not sold on Hulls either–at this point I’m probably closer to your assessment of him than most other people are. There was one major advantage Steve Alford had–he literally grew up in a high school gym. (He also grew up playing with/against another almost-NBA quality kid in Craig Neal, until the Alfords left Washington when Sam got the New Castle job.)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know if he had a legit gripe with Tubby or after he got to the NBA he really went after being the best player he could be, probably some of both, but I have to admit I never thought he would be the player he is or put up the numbers that he does. Of course having the team mates that he had doesn’t exactly hurt his putting up those numbers.

  • DanTheMan

    MP, you never answered the question about CZ coming to IU. Do you know this for a fact from a reliable source? If you don’t answer, i’m going to kick you in the nuts. 🙂

  • DanTheMan

    BC, we’d need a HUGE shirt for all of us to sport it..but maybe we can all wear shirts that look the same. I’m an idiot…that’s what you meant. Sorry. Maybe shirts can be a way for ITH to make a few extra bucks here at the site. Like the idea of screen names for an upcharge too.

  • Dr J

    IU has the third largest alumni association in the country FYI

  • Dr. J

    Has to be speculation….. Let’s just say I have info that he is an IU “lean” at this point, but his visit to NC could sway him. If it was IU for sure, then why even go to NC for a visit? I won’t reveal sources, but you can say the info if from someone very close to Cody.

  • Anonymous

    You would think that he has already visited NC before to visit his brother. Sure it wasn’t an official visit, but I am sure he is familiar with the city and the campus and some other amenities they have there. So him having a lean toward IU beforehand gives me some extra optimism. ??

  • Anonymous

    When do we get to start discussing Zeller’s official visit schedule? Will there be a new post or can I hijack the thread?

    I imagine we were all hoping for the last visit, so that’s good. Hoosier Hysteria would have been nice but I’d prefer the last visit over that. And I assume he’ll make his way to the football game that Saturday (Northwestern). Would it be rude to have a CO-DY-ZEL-LER chant at a football game? I’m not sure what exactly impresses Cody since he knows the recruiting game through his brothers and all, but I have to think that getting his name chanted at a non-basketball game would be impressive.

    Anyways, it’s minor news in the long run but I’m glad we’re going last.

  • MPmike

    I’m not talking about CZ -I’m talking about BJ instead, and to answer your question about CZ- My gut feeling that he is not coming to IU since he is going to UNC’s Midnight Madness and not IU’s Hoosier Hysteria. I hope that I am wrong. Finally, you get results from people when you show less violence and more patience.

  • DanTheMan

    Dr. J – I happened to hear the same thing recently about CZ from someone very close to IU Athletics, but it was beyond “lean.” He too wouldn’t reveal sources, but claims CZ is 100% going to IU. Later, i learned CZ and Yogi were at IU v. Towsen State and I’m feeling really good about both of them becoming Hoosiers soon. It makes too much sense for CZ to chose IU over UNC…and Butler just doesn’t have the big time atmosphere. Sure, they made the final game and got tons of exposure there…and it would have been sweet for them. But playing home games in front of 17,000 at AH, or 3,000 at Hinkle has to favor IU, plus one program is going up…the other has probably already crested.

  • DanTheMan

    okay, so do you have a reliable source to cite BJY attending Arkansas? I have a gut feeling you’re wrong about CZ – and maybe the “kick you in the nuts” comment was intended as a joke. Of course, maybe it wasn’t. You decide.