Open Thread: So, who’s your top eight?

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INDIANAPOLIS - MARCH 11: Guard Verdell Jones III #12 of the Indiana Hoosiers drives with the ball against guard Michael Thompson #22 of the Northwestern Wildcats during the first round of the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse on March 11, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

One of the interesting nuggets pulled from Dustin Dopirak’s Friday post over on the Hoosier Scoop discussed the top eight players in IU’s rotation for the coming season.

If you missed it, here’s the note:

Tom Crean reminded reporters that he has not seen Guy-Marc Michel play live yet, but said that he often asks his players who would be in their top eight if they had to make a rotation. All of them, he said, have Michel in their top eight.

One of the intriguing storylines heading into the start of practice, at least in my opinion, is the rotation.

On paper, you can make an argument for all 12 scholarship players having a shot to see significant time. But in reality, it’s rare for a team to have a regular rotation of players more than eight or nine deep, especially when conference play begins.

So, with that, we open it up to you: If you were to compose a rotation of eight players for the upcoming season, who would be on your list?

Bonus points for showing your work. Happy Monday.

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  • Anonymous

    You’re right Steve Nash is special. But his first 2 years in the NBA were not awesome. He learned and grew into the NBA game. I think that Jordy is similar in that he is a very smart player and he will learn and grow into the major college game.

  • Anonymous

    Here is what I hope to see on minutes: the top 6 players, starters and finishers, Michel 20, Hulls 20, Elston 20, Jones 20, Creek 25, Watford 25; Capo 10 and Pritchard 10 when Guy is out; Rivers, Oladipo and Sheehey playing as a group attacking on defense and running on offense, 15 each=45; Roth with a heat check in the first half 3 and in the second half 2, if he hits 2/3 from 3-pt range he earns more time. That is 200 minutes. IU needs to leverage its biggest strength-depth- while we get Mo and Matt back into shape, Guy comfortable with the level of play and IU’s design of play, Vic and Will with college ball. I think that they all can and will contribute. When we are grinding it out in the Big 10 for conference position and national ranking for the post-season tournament bids, then we can look at 30 minutes for our stars.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the way the game is played.