Ron Patterson joins Indiana’s 2012 recruiting class

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Ron Patterson could have left the state of Indiana for college. But ultimately, he decided it would be best to stay home.

During his second visit this week to Bloomington, the Broad Ripple guard gave a verbal commitment to Tom Crean on Sunday afternoon.

“It was close to home,” Patterson told Inside the Hall of his choice to play for the Hoosiers. “I wanted to stay. After this visit, I knew I wanted to come.”

Patterson summed up Crean’s reaction to the news, which was delivered in person, with four simple words.

“He started going crazy,” he laughed.

The 6-3 guard, ranked No. 57 nationally by, had offers from several schools including Tennessee, Xavier and Virginia Tech. But ultimately, Indiana, the first school to offer Patterson during his freshman season, won out.

He’s the second member of IU’s 2012 class, joining 7-footer Peter Jurkin, who committed on Monday at adidas Nations in Chicago.

With his decision out of the way, Patterson said he’d like to see one of his former AAU teammates join him in Bloomington.

“I’d like to see Jeremy Hollowell come play with me,” he said.

Here’s Inside the Hall’s scouting report on Patterson from the Kentucky Hoopfest:

It’s not difficult to become a fan of Patterson once you observe all of the intangibles he brings to the table. While others are focused on scoring as much as possible or attempting to throw down ridiculous dunks, Patterson sticks to the basics: hard-nosed defense, finding the open man, finishing in traffic and crashing the boards. His shot from the perimeter is also continuing to improve. He’s not the most highly sought after recruit Indiana is pursuing for the 2012 class, but he’s probably the best fit in terms of filling a need. And if he can develop the handle to run the point, that’ll make him even more valuable at the next level.


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  • floridahoosier

    I’m just trying to keep all this sorted out in my head about Cody. I hear the pros & cons of why he
    won’t and why he will go to or come to UNC & IU, but I have heard no one speak of the fact that the
    #7 ranked player in 2011, James MaAdoo is already committed to UNC. In my thinking, along with
    Buss now committed to IU that Cody won’t have the star power at UNC. What think ye?

  • Anonymous

    I think that Coach Crean will always try to keep all of his options open for as long as possible. That is why I hope that Yogi and Holowell (or Harris or DSR) commit ASAP! Then Crean must hold the last two scholarships for Zeller and Perea, and there is just no room for Young until one or both say no to IU. But if either do say no, and if there are no more Indiana kids to get like Yogi, Hollowell, Harris and DSR (or Chandler or Hammons) then I do want BJ Young if and when he qualifies. Lots of “if’s” in this post.

  • BaseballBuc

    Can you provide a link to the sporting news thing?

  • Daburns0

    Wrong. You can get a couple of season tix right now for men’s bball. You will probably need to sit in the balcony or the top of the main level the first couple years. Getting football tix will help you move up. Making a donation will also get you points. I would contact the IU varsity club.

  • kristheboss

    I’ve never seen him play a high school game, I’ve watched one aau game but the EG10 Allstars won by so much it was really hard to access him indv. I thought that the way he moved w/o the ball though was pretty impressive alot of the points he got were from coming off a screen or popping out to the corner, really nice touch.

  • kristheboss

    they actually changed it up this year, theres some point based seat draft system that they are trying out this year online.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Here’s another good question . . . what’s up with Michael Chandler? He should be a lock Kentucky guy but he hasn’t announced yet has he? And IU is still listed on his radar on the recruiting sites but it seems IU isn’t even recruiting him. Has he already chosen Kentucky and is just waiting to see if he can pass his college entrance exam or what?

  • Mike Jones

    I know of one 2013 kid on IU’s radar that is ECSTATIC that Ron Patterson committed to IU. He also told me that if Hollowell, CZ, and Yogi come then he’s a lock to IU.

    Now on another note Gary Harris is trying like crazy to get Hollowell to commit with him to Ohio State. Hollowell was ready to commit to IU after his mom visited but his father talked him out of it. He just spent the last 10 days or so in South Carolina with his dad to get away from the pressures of making a decision now. The problem is that Ohio States system doesn’t fit JH game as well as IU’s does.

    As for the scholly situation, Mo Creek will not stay 4 years. The injury plus the fact that he’s a guaranteed pro (either NBA or overseas) will force him to leave after his junior year if not this year. He might have left this year if he would have stayed healthy. Just remember MOST kids are more inclined to leave because they know worse case scenario is that they can go overseas and make 6 figures. Plus most schools now have programs in place that you can come back and get your degree at no cost.

  • N71

    Ohio State…WHY? If you’re going to leave the state I’d go to Michigan State, UNC, or Duke…NOT Ohio State. Kentucky or Louisville would be the only worse choices. Purdue would even be a better choice than OSU, or Butler for that matter. OHIO STATE? Come on man! Bring both Harris and Hollowell to Indiana and prepare to roll. That would just be rediculous and all from the state of Indiana. Really, the 2012 class could go down in history as the best ever, THAT is something to say in this state.

  • stonaroni

    Tried to find one with no luck. It is listed in the College Football preview of the Sporting News August 16th Issue. The Top 5 shooters listed are:

    1. Myles Davis SG
    2. Austin Etherington SF
    3. Austin Rivers SG
    4. PJ Hairston SG
    5. Nick Johnson SG

    Pretty sweet company. They have Marquis Teague listed as the #1 Playmaker which is for PG’s. Quinn Cook is #2

  • N71

    An additional thought. You’re not going to win a national championship at OSU. If they could do it with Oden and Kentucky couldn’t do it will what they’ve had the strategy is not made for championships. What Bulter, Purdue, Duke, and where Indiana is headed is what win’s championships. The one-and-done has not worked yet that I can remember. Come to Indiana and you can win championships. If you just want to showcase yourself…well…go ahead and go to OSU but don’t take our Mr. Hollowell away from us, we need him…to win a championship.

  • stonaroni

    Not sure but his rankings are starting to plunge. I have heard there are questions about effort and motivation. I would much rather have a Jurkin and Perea a year later in 2012 with tremendous upside and work ethic than someone who has effort issues.

    CTC is on the right track. Elston, Hulls, Capo, Watford, Creek,Sheehey, VO, Etherington, Jurkin, Patterson are all hard working kids without questions about effort or character.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I agree that rankings are subjective but usually the best guys are ranked highly, but in the case of Patterson it is an exposure thing. He was relatively unknown until this past year and shot up the rankings so don’t be surprised if he’s a top 20 guy by the time he graduates. He’s just getting better in all facets of the game all the time.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    One word for defending the one and done potential to win a championship . . . Carmello Anthony. He led Syracuse to a championship in his one and only season. I like Thad Matta and he did a great job at Butler but he does seem to have a whole lot of players leave for the NBA early. I think it’s imperative for a top flight program that eventually you will have a player or two leave early but I don’t like to see so many guys defect so soon.

    Hollowell does seem like he would fit Indiana’s system perfectly and if he was close to committing to IU, then checked with Harris about OSU, then that’s a good sign that CTC is making some headway with these top recruits. In my opinion, Hollowell would be a 3-4 year guy with a game similar to Christian Watford’s game but with a little less size and slightly more athleticism. I also see Watford as a 3-4 year guy as well. I could see Mo Creek leaving after his junior year but he could leave after this year or stay all four too. It depends on his recovery and performance, obviously.

    Anyway, like I just said, it can only be a good sign that Hollowell isn’t willing to commit to OSU unless he can take a buddy with him because he’s already got one buddy at IU!

  • Anonymous

    Hey YKZ, it’s starting to look like the number of posts thing we were discussing the other day might have to include Mr. Patterson’s. If my math doesn’t fail me and you add both, the first post about him committing and this one together it has to be getting close to the top three that Alex told us about plus something tells me that this one is not done completely too.

    If the trend continues and we get another commit before CZ his may just set some kind of record that may be awfully hard to break.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    Yeah I low balled Zeller big time, he could get to 175 the first night, over 72hours 300 easily. In fact Cody could pull 300 even if he didn’t pick IU. I think what helped Patterson was Jurkin got it going and the Patterson news took it to another level. If their is another commit within 2 weeks this place is crashing.

  • Anonymous

    been coming back to ITH nearly hourly expecting the next domino to have fallen. For the love of God give this lurker something else to get excited about. I’m amped up and the recruiting gods need to strike again while the iron is hot.

  • CSIU

    Yeah I hear ya! Who will be next? I’ve heard rumors of someone else committing this week but nothing yet. Come on guys you’re killing us!!

  • Anonymous

    I am in the same boat – keep coming to the page and seeing the same headlined story about us playing Notre Dame – it’s an alright story, but ready for something about a recruit to take its place.