Q & A: 2012 Broad Ripple guard Ron Patterson

  • 03/17/2010 8:52 pm in

With offers from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio State, Purdue, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Minnesota and Xavier, 2012 Broad Ripple guard Ron Patterson is quickly becoming a top priority for high majors in the midwest.

The 6-3, 195-pound Patterson averaged 16 points and seven rebounds and led Broad Ripple to a 16-7 record, the most wins for the school since the 1985-1986 season, and a city championship. Inside the Hall caught up with Patterson on Wednesday for a brief Q & A:

On Broad Ripple’s season and his injury down the stretch:

“The beginning of the year went great. When we got the end, I got a couple of injuries. Teammates got fatigued and I tried to put the team on my back, but I had a back injury. It was real sore and bruised from when I fell on it.”

On playing for a Hall of Fame coach in Basil Mawbey and the change in Broad Ripple’s style of play:

“It was a lot different because Coach likes to run a lot of plays and set screens a lot. He changed our game from last year, because we were a run and gun team last year. He changed some of that up. In some games it was part of our success and in some games we could have used the run and gun.”

On Indiana’s recruitment and his relationship with Tom Crean:

“Last time I talked to Coach Crean was after the Lawrence Central game. I like IU. It’s a great facility there to be in, great fans. He thinks I’m one of those players that can come in and play right away.”

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  • marsh21

    If his game continues to improve he will be a strong get. Recruiting must be a huge balancing act in showing interest and promissing playing time. The modern coaches preach playing time to lure the recruit but in the Knight days that stuff just didn't happen very often if at all. I'm sure that hurt him in his later years.

    Time have changed but Crean appears to move in this environment pretty well.

  • HoosierChan77

    I am truly not an hater but why is Ohio State always on every recuits list….t dont think of them as a powerhouse type program, just annoyed by the suck eyes!

  • bussdawg

    Does anyone know if buss is going to stay with Indiana Elite or is he going to move over to EG all-stars with Jeremy Hollowell?

  • hm07

    Not a big fan of him saying he had to put the team on his back, and him questioning his coaches style of play. Oh well, if the kid can play ball I'll take him — we can correct the attitude problems later.

  • BaseballBuc

    I disagree. He said, “I tried to put the team on my back.” I think that speaks to his leadership and his character already, while only a sophomore. Also, if he doesn't like the coaches style of play and preferres the run and gun, thats good for IU in the sense that its the offense Crean likes to use.

  • hm07

    it is kinda ironic how he says he “tried to put the team on his back”, but ultimately his team fell short because he had an actual back injury.

  • Kelin Blab

    The best thing to happen to Patterson was the coaching the change this year. According to Mawby and others it has made RP and better defender and with a more structured system they were able to win the city championship for the first time in years. …with a young team.

  • Indiana Elite

  • He wasn't questioning the coaching. All he said was it was a big change and in some games it worked well and others not as well. I loved the putting the team on the back comment. To me, that's what a leader does and this kid clearly doesn't shy away from the ball at crunch time.

  • tg1438

    I also love the comment. As a sophomore to realize that you are the best option to lead your team (they have a pretty good junior who was hurt most of the year), and to have the confidence to do it speaks highly of the kid. It's that mentality that many of the greats have/had, the swagger that IU is lacking right now.