World Basketball Festival: Jerry Colangelo talks Eric Gordon

  • 08/12/2010 1:48 pm in

I’m in New York for a couple days for the World Basketball Festival. During today’s media session at Radio City Music Hall, I snuck in a question to USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo about what he’s seen from Eric Gordon, and what his chances are of making Team USA as they trim the roster down from 15 to 12 soon as the World Championships approach at the end of the month.

The squad is guard and wing-heavy, so Gordon has some competition to make the final cut.

Here’s his lengthy quote in its entirety:

Well there was a guy that worked for me for years and many of you will remember the name —  he’s gone now — Cotton Fitzsimmons, who coached in the NBA for many years. I hired him out of Kansas State back in the 70’s in his first NBA job. He used the line: “You can never have too many shooters.”

So when you get down to looking at a roster, and if you truly believe in a team concept and components that you need to be successful, it’s not just a group of stars or the 12 best players. “Who complements one another?”

And people coming off the bench should be specialists. And shooters are at a premium — especially in international ball. So for that reason, I would tell you that Eric Gordon has a great opportunity. Now, he has to earn it during the course of what happens in the next few weeks. But he can shoot the ball.

He kind of reminds us of a few players — not that he’s that similar –but the name we keep coming up with is Vinnie Johnson, who played with the Pistons a few years ago. [Note:  It’s been more than a few years.] Because Eric is a strong kid, big body physically, can really go to the basket when he gets a little speed up, but he can definitely fill it up. He can shoot it.

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  • Young Kelin Zeller

    Are we sure that is Jerry Colangelo? that guy looks like his is 104…wow

  • it’s Indiana

    Excellent VJ reference! He was my favorite back when pro basketball was worth watching. His nickname was “The Microwave.” Back then microwaves were a big deal because they heated up so fast. Eric is MUCH better overall, but I love the comparison.

  • N71

    VJ…not sure I’m excited about that comparison. How ’bout World B. Free or Mary Poppins? EJ is still young in NBA years so if you track out where he could be headed he’s much, much better than VJ. Clipper might not be half bad this year if Blake G. is healthy.

  • Anonymous

    Go EJ! I’d love to see him represent the USA.

  • Anonymous

    Thought maybe it was Jerry CLOWER. Do you think Marcel Ledbetter will make the team?

  • rhinohoosier

    I have been reading on this site for a long, long time, and it has taken a Jerry Clower reference to take finger to key. Neat.

  • Anonymous

    It would be dumb to cut Gordon. I see no reason to keep Rose, Billups, Westbrook, and Rondo. It seems like Gordon is probably the best overall scoring guard on the team (Curry can shoot a bit better, but Gordon is a superior defender and better at getting to the line) and therefore should make it. I’d absolutely take Gordon over Rondo. Rose, Billups, Westbrook, and Curry can all play the point. Rondo can’t shoot, and with the prevalence of zone in the international game, he’d be less of a weapon than Gordon. The lack of zone is why Rondo’s excelled in the NBA whereas he struggled in college. In the NBA Finals, Kobe guarded him and just sagged 10 feet off. He couldn’t do anything.

  • Anonymous

    Wait. D Rose is the #2 player on the team behind Durant, no question. In international play you have to have accurate shooting. Gordon and Curry are the two best on this team. But any team needs some experienced leadership-thus you have to have Billups and Odom on the squad. Westbrook is a great athlete but an average shooter. Rondo proved he is a true PG, who can do everything at a high level but shoot the ball. This team is short on Bigs, so you need to drop two guards. A very tough call. I would drop Rondo and Westbrook and take Gordon and Curry.

  • Anonymous

    Hanner Perea had an unofficial visit yesterday. We need an ITH blog post about this so we can let the commenter speculation run rampant!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. I need baseless unsubstantiated rumors about what he did on campus!

  • GFDave

    It didn’t take long for the Jurkin excitement to die down, did it? We’re all in need of a new fix already.

  • Anonymous

    Die down? No way! I’m still thrilled about Jurkin. I want to fly back to Bloomington and give Tom Crean a bear hug over it. However, I need to participate in random recruiting speculation right now. It feeds my Hoosier soul these days.

  • Azur Allen

    I’m still excited about the Jurkin commit…that dude is a FREAK athlete for his height and length.

  • Anonymous

    I just happen to have a rather large closet full of “baseless unsubstantiated rumors”: 1) Perea verbally committed to IU, 2) then Korman, as a departing gesture, told him IU had a freeze on A-Hope scholarships until 4-Guards was neutralized, 3) then Crean decked Korman, 4) then Korman decked Dustin who had just entered the room, 5) then Korman man-hugged Crean and together they bought Perea a Sam Adams, 6) then Dustin came to and saw the beer and drank all three, thus saving Crean and Korman from legal charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and saving Perea from illegal consumption charges, and saving IU from improper gift charges from the NCAA, 7) then Dustin was immediately promoted to Sports Editor of the HT on the spot for his heroics, 8) then in a drunken stupor he resigned this position and accepted the Editorship of the Nashville IN monthly called “What’s Up W’td Tat” focused on the ever increasing Hip-Hop population of Brown County. Fortunately, or unfortunately, NONE OF THIS EVER HAPPENED!!

  • Anonymous

    I am a loyal and devoted reader of “What’s Up W’td Tat” – the height of journalism as we know it.

  • Roninjeffersonville

    Off subject. Kentucky is getting the best team money can buy. But I will take experience over talent anytime. With that said: Indiana will hang another banner before Kentucky

  • southport65

    Outoftheloop, That is the best post I have read in weeks. I about rolled of my chair in laughter. There is one thing that bothers me. The Indy Star said Perea was there for an unoffical visit, this site and others have mentioned it, but the HT and it’s sports news team right in Bloomington said nothing that
    I could find in the paper or on the Hoosier Scoop. I find that strange. Maybe they were all at football
    practice. So, I ask about it on the Scoop and got no reply. hmmm

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. The HT sports team may have been chill’n with frosty jars.

  • bluegrassHoosier

    Will there ever be a topic posted here again that will not, somehow, turn to recruiting? How in the world doest this intial topc have anything to do with an HP visit?

    I can see it now, the next topic posted…..

    “NOTICE: ITH will no longer be able to stay open due to impending nuclear catastrophe. The world as we know it may be coming to an end”

    And the first post/comment……

    “Do you think this will put the pressure on CZ to go ahead and commit? I mean with the world ending, it may make him want to sign before it’s too late. This can work in our favor. Come on coach, go make it happen, time is running out. Wooohoooo, I love IU”

  • Scott

    Yeah I think today is the day Perea would have to commit from what the commentator was rambling about the other night. It is the end of the week right. Seriously though, according to the Indy Star, he visited along with Patterson, Devin Davis, and James Blackmon (class of 2014) visiting today. Does anyone know how any of these went? And preferably some info not based on random speculation if possible.

  • Diesel

    MileHigh – All joking aside, I do think the Perea visit is significant. It’s no coincidence it comes right off the heels of PJ’s verbal. You gotta believe CTC was doing everything he could to get Perea on board too.

    Also of note, James Blackmon Jr was on campus today, a 2014 top level kid and AAU teammate of Trey Lyles. Both have offers. As far as I know, CTC is 1st in on these kids and hopefully it will pay off down the road.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    Probably the significance of Hanner on an a visit is, he did so with PJ and he isn’t at Baylor contrary to all the ‘he’s going to baylor chatter’.

    You are 100% right and 0% wrong on the 2014 kids like Blackmon and Lyles. They are in first, not PU and Trey and his dad has spoke highly of Coach Crean.

  • Anonymous

    Do we break the ITH record for most comments for one topic when HP announces that he will be catching and throwing down his alley oop monster dunks at Assembly Hall ?

    Don’t know what the record is but I bet this one will set a new one when it happens. ( The power of positive thinking ! )

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    mmm that is a tough one IUMIKE1… I fully expect if Zeller picks IU this entire site will crash and I am going to go with minimum 275 comments if he does. Not sure if Alex has those stats but I would bet some of the highest postings were…..

    1. The day IU was rumored to have found a coach, I know I was on here a ton especially when I heard it was Lon Kruger and Mike Montgomory

    2. EJ committing to IU

    3. Sampson getting fired

    I think Hanner could pull a solid 200 post, especially if PJ pulled 117 in one thread….That would be a good poll question which player could pull the most post….Hanner, Zeller, or BJ Young

  • superhoops

    I just read on Hoosier Scoop a comment that Perea is a near lock for Baylor and transferred to the school in Laporte to be only 30 minutes from Valpo where Scott Drew’s dad coaches. Interesting take on that transfer.

  • Diesel

    Easy there big fella….100% speculation.

  • Kelin –

    Site wasn’t launched yet when Gordon committed. Biggest 3 days have been, in order: 1. Sampson canned. 2. Crean hired. and 3) Moses: The decision.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    Never would have thought ‘the decision’ would be top three, boy were we desperate. Still believe Cody will trump the decision easily.

  • Anonymous

    I think CZ will break the record ( positive thinking at work again ) and not only will he break the record he may destroy the record. Now my mind is racing trying to figure out what could come along, that isn’t bad news, that will top CZ signing. Ironically BJ Young helps us at the position where we need the most help but will probably have less posts than CZ or HP. IMHO

    I guess winning another B10 title might have to happen for us to break CZ’s number and something tells me it sure would be nice to see us set maybe an all time high mark when we hang another banner. Now that is really really positive thinking but we are on our way.