adidas Nations interview: Christian Watford

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INDIANAPOLIS - MARCH 11: Guard Michael Thompson #22 of the Northwestern Wildcats defends against forward Christian Watford #2 of the Indiana Hoosiers during the first round of the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse on March 11, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)IU sophomore Christian Watford is a college counselor at adidas Nations this weekend in Chicago. I intercepted him for a quick interview while he was on his way over to chat with IU commit Austin Etherington, who was taking in the action of the United States 2011 vs. United States 2012 game earlier this evening.

Here it is:

Talk a little bit about the new guys.

Guy-Marc Michel: He’s progressing. He came in a little out of shape, but now he’s getting it together. I feel like he can be a real key asset to the program. Defensively, and he can also score inside. He gives us an inside presence that we need.

Victor Oladipo: Vic is a real athletic guy. He’s strong. He can shoot the ball and he’s going to be able to help us a lot also.

Will Sheehey: Will, he’s an energy guy. He always around the basketball. Always seems to find the right spots. So he’s going to help us as well.

A couple of your teammates met with the media on Thursday and talked about gaining weight and said you’re bigger. Do you agree with that?

Oh yeah, I agree with that. I’ve been working hard and putting on weight.

Talk about Cook Hall. Has it been easier for you guys to train a little more?

It’s been easier. Being able to get in there any time of day helps a lot. We’re going to access it to the full potential.

Is there anything specific you’ve been working on this summer?

Strength, and my outside game more. I’ll be playing more of a 3 this year.

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  • HoosierMick

    Good stuff… thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Any pics of the current Watford? I’m anxious to see his new frame. And how has he been playing in the counselor games?

  • Yeah, sorry I didn’t get a picture. Would have helped. But he certainly looked bigger to me. (Though, I also have never seen him up close before today.)

    And I would have liked to stay for the counselor game that was after the regular games, but I had another obligation.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    Ryan…”another obligation” On a saturday night in Chicago and there is something more important than IU basketball. I just find that hard to believe, have you no shame?

  • Dmglotz

    i’m really excited about this year because we are going to see so many different lineups. After hearing comments from our current players, its seems to me that Jordy is our go-to point guard and Guy is our center. Mo Creek is definitely our starting shooting guard and Christian per his words will be playing a true wing. This leaves one position where we can plug in an unlimited amount of players.

    If we need to play a 3 guard offense in a run style offense…VJ3, JR, Will, VO, Roth (for when we need to attack the zone)


    Elston, Pritchard, or Bobby C when we need more size…mainly defensively. A lot of options…should be fun to watch…definitely going to be a more physical team due to the lack of foul trouble worries. If Guy is a player, the dividends will be huge!

  • Rob

    Playing more of the 3…I believe that’s what most on here have wanted. Watford is underated in my opinion, will be a 4-year guy, and will be a MONSTER big ten player by his senior year.

  • JerryCT

    You are right on the money. In fact it probably misses the point to worry about who starts. The number of possible strong lineups which we can mix and match against the opponent is the key.

    Example #1 BIGS: Even though TP shut down Sampson3 I can see GMM starting/playing against Minn especially if they decide to play Iverson and Sampson3 at the same time or against Lauderdale at OSU

    Exammple #2 POINT: I fail to see how we win if Hulls is forced to defend NW, MSU or IL guards and maybe even Michigan if he has to handle ( not ) Novack again. Then JR plays point.

    Example #3: WINGS: Against Wisky I think I would press, trap and run them to death such that VO and Sheehey would see time on the floor

  • Irish1one69

    I like your breakdowns, but I feel VJ3 is going to be more of a go to guy than we think, at least until everybody else finds thier role.

  • BaseballBuc

    Agreed. I still think VJIII will have the biggest role on the team. That will probably include handling the ball some.

  • GFDave

    It always comes back to G-MM. If the guy (get it?) can play, then everybody slides to their natural position and we’re much better off at both ends of the court. The bench becomes deeper too.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I’m still confused as to who will run the point, if Mo is our 2 now and Watford is the 3 then VJ will be the point? I don’t see VJ not starting. If you look at last years stats: We know VJ excelled in amost all stats over Rivers and Hulls.
    Rivers and Hulls played almost the same amount of minutes as one another.
    3pt Rivers 0-5 to Hulls 47 to 117 (.40%). Reb’s Rivers 134 to Hulls 66 almost half. Ass to TO Rivers 106A to 66TO and Hulls 45A to 37TO. Where Rivers pulls away is in Blks & steals. Blocks Rivers 18 to Hulls 0. Steals Rivers 41 to Hulls 18.
    I know Rivers seems to be better on the D but Hulls makes up in the balance…IMO.
    My point is…who is our real Point Guard….VJ, and then Rivers or Hulls off the bench?
    Just curious as what you guys might think?

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    Yeah I think VJ3 will be on the floor a majority of the game, no matter what. I think it is clear he is the leader of this team, they look to him, and he seems to want the ball in his hands. I am getting the feeling with how things are shaping up in the big ten, IU will be more competitive, and will win more games. Just a hunch…but the talent gap has closed some and the experience gap as well.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    I think in the beginning….JR or Jordy may start at the point with Mo coming off the bench. Once Mo is settled in I think he moves into the starting lineup and VJ moves to point. I think each guy brings their own strengths to the table on both ends of the court, but I always say we are better with VJ on the court…now where is up to Crean.

  • Anonymous

    Jordy can play defense, especially with a 7’2 Guy in the middle, and 6’5 Creek, 6’9 Elston and 6’9 Watford for help D.

  • Anonymous

    VJ to start. Hulls as the first sub for any of the four non-centers who is not playing well, with everyone shifting as needed. Rivers, Oladipo, and Sheehey for 15 min/game to attack on defense and run on offense, giving Guy a break. Watford and Elston would love to run with those 3, giving Mo a break as well. Capo and Pritch coming in to really pound and run to keep Guy, Derek and Christian fresh, and Roth to get off 3 X 3-pt shots quickly and to hit 2.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    FYI…twitter chatter talking about Perea and Jurkin making a decision in the next 24-48hrs. I am not going to get excited or comment further, nor will I change my name again to Peter Kelin Perea….it just seems to good to be true…waaay too good to be true…but dear Lord, you know I went to church today!

  • BaseballBuc

    I hope so too!

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    Apparently it is Jurkin who is more likely to decide tomorrow on tv, Hanner is waiting….as I search I see three schools that have offered Jurkin…IU, South Carolina, CLemson….but IU has been there since he was born!

  • BaseballBuc

    Hopefully he won’t wait till 10:00 p.m. and keep delaying so we are all staying up all night, only to find out he commits to Clemson.

  • Hopefully if Jurkin picks IU the wait for Hanner won’t be too long. I get way to excited just thinking about it….

  • jgongora86

    I’m glad you went to church for me as well Kelin. Kind of nervous man.

  • jgongora86

    I’m glad you went to church for me as well Kelin. Kind of nervous man.

  • BaseballBuc

    This all happened 1 hour ago.

  • BaseballBuc

    My facebook sources/stalkers are at it again. This time on Peter Jurkin’s profile. Someone leaves a post that says, “Lets go Hoosiers!” Peter then comments on it saying and I quote, “yeah let’s go big red.” I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I try not to put too much merit into this stuff but I just couldn’t ignore it.

  • Scott

    That’s exciting! Hopefully a 2012 commit or two will help persuade CZ when is ready to choose. Everything seems to show that Jurkin is still leaning toward IU so I’m feeling good news is coming soon! It was funny that he was absent on Rivals board. He was a four-star recently (I believe) and there is no reason for him to slide all the way off the board after good camp performances this summer. Perhaps the same confused individual who snubbed AE?

  • jgongora86

    I really do think that Jurkin is the steal of the class. The man is athletic, runs well, and is fierce when he goes up with the ball. If Crean tells him to gain weight, he will be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Hearing an awful lot of Jurkin to IU and that it will be confirmed sometime tomorrow. Would be great to have him in the fold this early and cannot hurt our efforts with some of the other players we are after.

    Could Jurkin end up being the answer a few years down the road for the IU bball trivia question, What player was it that started the wave of top talent to Bloomington or as it was referred to at the time of his commit ” the domino effect”. Of course the wave has to take place for this to have a legitimate chance of being an IU bball trivia question but it sure isn’t going to hurt the chances of that type of wave. Maybe the dues are finally paid and it will be a tsunami rather than a just a wave.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely agree. I think his freshman year he will be what Bawa could have been by his senior year. Most importantly, he has 2 years to put on weight and work on his offensive game.

  • Diesel

    What do you think? If Jurkin verbals to IU, what is the percentage that Perea ends up at IU?

    If Yogi were to verbal to IU alongside Etherington, what is the percentage that Zeller ends up at IU?

    I’m going 75% and 60%. Looks like the CTC train is about to take off…..all aboard!

  • I would obviously like both Jurkin & Perea to commit to IU like, yesterday, but I’ll take PJ tomorrow. I WANT SOME GOOD NEWS!!! This will definitely endear PJ to the IU fanbase — I mean, we already would’ve liked him, but being the first of the 2012 class and committing during a drought where we’re desperately wanting good news … yeah, I like the idea of PJ committing tomorrow (esp. before the Chicago Sun-Times finds out that IU paid his dad $200,000)! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Whatever the percentage was it will automatically go up with a PJ commit. As far as a verbal from Yogi along side Etherington isn’t he in the “12 class ? Regardless the percentage goes up again if Yogi does verbal before CZ or HP. If Perea verbals before CZ then the percentages go up yet again and I would think that CZ is a lock for committing to IU. I for one cannot think of one legitimate reason why he would go anywhere else if even part of this comes to pass.

  • Diesel

    Yes, Yogi is ’12 but he has been playing up a class this summer with Zeller and Etherington, and the 3 seem to have become buds with Etherington the lead recruiter for both.

  • Anonymous

    Yea that makes a lot of sense. If Yogi and / or CZ end at IU and playing at the next level doesn’t work out for Etherington then it looks like he has the makings of a good assistant coach with recruiting expertise already established. Just the fact that AE has been out there selling IU so hard and to the kids that we want him to sell IU to makes me feel really good about him coming to IU regardless of who else is there when the recruiting dust clears. He seems to be the exact kind of kid we need to establish the kind of foundation that we can build on for years to come.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    No I think you are wrong on that one, IU was only charged $125,000, Jurkin was not high enough on rivals or scout, so they got a small break. Briefly, I don’t know what will happen with that entire story but the reason I believe it is, if the Sun Times is saying other universities told them the same thing……I just don’t think this entire thing would be pulled out of the air. Nor do I think the sun times would continue to stick by the story….This is really bad for the kid Anthony Davis if it turns out to be true and we may see another case of a kid divorcing his parents.

  • I simply want Criminalipari to get caught already. How many times can there be smoke but no fire? I talked with a UK fan today (she’s in college so I know she can read, which elevates her into the 90th percentile of UK fans) and she absolutely confessed that Calipari is a sleaze. You gotta figure that more than half of their fans know what kind of guy Calipari is … but they’re clearly ok with the Faustian deal they’ve made.

    After Osama, the next person want to be caught and found guilty is Calipari.

  • (Lest anybody think I’m being flippant, I realize that Osama is 9,000 times more of a turd than Calipari and that while Calipari may be a sleaze, he is not evil in the way that Osama is. Disclaimer complete.)

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    I thought I would post this again and point out something I noticed and Will Sheehey noticed about this Jurkin video that is very positive….

    At the 15sec point, I noticed a couple of familiar faces Jurkins is playing against….#51 7ft 270 pound Fab Melo, the 3 best center in 2010 and #31 will sheehey. You should also notice the 70 pound difference doesn’t seem to bother Jurkin.

    The Box score on the game
    Jurkin 15pt 8 reb 4blks
    Fab Melo 19pts 6 reb 3 blks

    Have to include will who put up fantasy numbers….19pts 5stls 10 reb.

    In other words…Jurkin will be fine!

  • Anonymous

    If you could line up all of the pUKe fans and inject them with truth serum I firmly believe that at least 95 % would say they know that he is one big blue ball of slime. Putting it as ‘more than half ‘ is giving them the benefit of the doubt and then some. As long as we had them all together and speaking the real truth it would be too sweet for the Infractions committee to be there listening.

    Now that would be some real Sportscenter material….no, wait a minute I think that raises it to the 60 Minutes level. Talk about your must see TV !

  • Anonymous

    Gotta believe the chances of IU getting Perea are excellent with Jurkin. With Perea really only considering one other school and all his ties to the state of Indiana, we should be in excellent shape to get him.

    My only concern may be if a Perea commitment would hurt our chances with CZ since they will both likely play the 4 spot. Could be a threat to his playing time?

  • Roninjeffersonville

    If I am not mistaking. I think Perea,Jurkins, CZ, Etherington,Ferrell,and Smith-Rivera all play on the same AAU team. Indiana Elite. They been playing together for awhile. That should help if the play together at the next level

  • Anonymous

    I heard Kenny Kaminski on I’m the radio this weekend (I was picking up Cleveland radio in Canton–go Emmitt!) and he was talking about Perea being on his AAU team I thought. He at the very least mentioned him by name as a good friend, and I think he mentioned Jurkin, too.

    FYI, Izzo was basically THE reason he chose Michigan State.

  • JerryCT

    He actually reminds me of how quickly Bill Walton could get off the floor. I am just saying I think he will be better than Melo as a result of this quickness . I am preparing my $200k now in small bills

  • Plane1972

    If you look at the just the headshot of him on the roster page, you can see he’s filled out a bit more. His face and neck just look bigger.

  • Plane1972

    Agreed on VJ3. It’s clear from the interview last week that he has put time in the weight room. He is our go-to guy until Creek proves himself fully recovered and ready for the rigors of Big Ten play. I’m stoked to see what Watford can do this season at the 3.

  • Garyindiana_311

    let’s just hope we don’t see him commit to cornell.

  • Marquisimo

    Perea, Jurkins and DSR all play together on Indiana Elite…these guys are all 2012

    CZ, Etherington play together on Indiana Elite…Plumlee, J Davis also play with them…these guys are 2011

    I believe that Yogi did start playing with the older guys recently on Indiana Elite

  • Anonymous

    I had been avoiding Jurkin clips b/c I didn’t want to be disappointed but this was pretty solid. Obviously needs to put on some weight but he really is quick and pretty coordinated for a 7 footer.

    Best part – LOVED how he kept blocked shots in bounds and in play rather than Dwight Howard’ing them out of bounds.