July evaluation period: 2012 class (part two)

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Inside the Hall hit the recruiting trail for the start of the July evaluation period and made stops at the adidas Invitational in Indianapolis and the Kentucky Hoopfest in Louisville. Here are our notes on prospects in the 2012 class with IU recruiting ties:

(Editor’s Note: The 2011 Recruiting Board, updated on 7/17/10, can be accessed here.)

+ Matt Costello, Bay City Western (MI), Dorian’s Pride (pictured): Costello, a high-energy prospect that rarely takes a play off, is a versatile forward that can knock down shots from the perimeter and also finish in the post. His mid-range game is solid, too, and he doesn’t shy away from taking the open look. Costello excels at doing the little things it takes to win — like setting hard screens and diving for loose balls. He’s listed at 6-8 or 6-9, but looked to be closer to 6-7 based on observing a game and then standing next to him for an interview. It’s tough to imagine Costello leaving his home state with offers from Michigan and Michigan State already in-hand.

+ Kenny Kaminski, Medina (OH), Indiana Elite Team Indiana: Kaminski will announce his decision on July 31 and four schools remain in the mix: Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin. Speculation has him leaning towards MSU and he admitted in an interview that his preferred destination is beginning to come into focus. Kaminski is an elite shooter with an improving game in the paint. He’s a better athlete than he’s given credit for, but his ball handling and rebounding are two areas he’s working to improve upon. In a meeting with the Birmingham Storm at The Kentucky Hoopfest, it was Kaminski’s leadership that helped pull together IE Team Indiana for a second half rally in front of Tom Izzo, Bo Ryan and Tim Buckley.

+ Peter Jurkin, United Faith Christian Academy (NC), Indiana Elite Team Indiana: There are a lot of things to like about Jurkin’s size. He’s a legit 7-footer and does a stellar job defending the lane. His length is such that he can often block shots by simply standing his ground with his arms up. He also runs the floor extremely well and shows a pretty nice touch from the foul line. A bit concerning, however, is his lack of upper body strength. It’s no fault of Jurkin’s, but he’ll need to improve in that area to become a real difference maker at the next level. Offensively, he’s still pretty raw and will need to continue developing a go-to post move or two. Still, his ceiling is high enough that it’s a bit surprising he’s not held in a higher regard by the national scouts.

+ Kaleb Tarczewski, St. Mark’s (MA), NE Playaz: Tarczewski is in demand by high majors all over the country because he’s an elite prospect in a tough position to fill — center. At 7-0 and 225-pounds, his post game is advanced and he runs the floor extremely well. He also appeared to be solid on the offensive glass and was able to finish plays with both hands. It’s tough to get a solid read on Tarczewski’s interest on IU because his list of schools is still rather lengthy. He attracted Bill Self, Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams and several other head coaches to his games at the adidas Invitational.

+ Wanaah Bail, Trent (TX), Franchize All-Starz: In two short viewings of Bail at the adidas Invitational, it was difficult to not fall in love with his explosiveness. His athleticism seemed to be near the same level of Hanner Perea, which is quite the compliment. It was tough to get a sense for his offensive skillset in the fast paced environment that is AAU basketball, but Bail was impressive on the offensive glass where he managed to get his fair share of put backs. Defensively, his length makes him a threat to block a shot at anytime. His agility at 6-9 and ability to guard the wing or the post will likely allow him to play multiple positions at the next level.

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  • Petersch

    Any reason Hanner Perea and Garry Harris weren’t included on either of these?

  • hoosierfan2

    You've gotta love players like Costello who go down in the paint and do the dirty work, but it doesn't sound like IU is in a great position. I think Jurkin would be a great addition, specifically if IU manages to land CZ and Perea. I think Jurkin needs time to develop and get a lot stronger, but behind those two guys (hopefully) and the '09 bigs there wouldn't be as much pressure for him to come in and immediately make a big impact. I agree with Alex that its a bit perplexing as to why he's not in higher regard by the recruiting analysts, but I also think recruiting rankings can be very overblown.

  • Kelin Blab

    + If you look at the bigs in that class including Hammons, Jurkin IMO is a better prospect. He gets a bad rap because of his weight which is something that can be corrected (see JaJuan Johnson) and he is NOT a project like Bawa. He has been playing basketball at a high level longer and you can see he poses a real defensive presence and a strong fundamental foundation.

    + From the highlights of Bail I have seen, the Perea comparison is valid. He is an exceptional athlete and I don't think he is a Perea back up plan but just another option. I have heard the KG comparison.

    The reality for 2012 we all must accept is there is a lot of local 'star' power…and you know the names…however IU will need to look outside the borders for other players and role players. Sure, a class of Yogi, DSR, Patterson, Perea, and Jurkin would be great….but Bail and Tarczewski are equally as solid. I think Perea and Jurkin are honorary Indiana kids because of their long ties with Indiana Elite.

  • Didn't see them play.

  • JerryCT

    ” wanna bail ” ? …. thought at first it might have been another Todd Leary story

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I thought that was the team motto after Sampson was fired…?

  • JerryCT

    I agree on the national thing. I think all state schools including KY should have players representing their state but if we want to make a case as a “national” program then we need to develop a “national” roster and recruiting program as well.

    I am guessing a 60/40 split between Indiana and national.

  • I Bleed Crimson

    I like the list of players that would be on that years team. Strog upperclassmen (you forgot Matt Roth for Seniors assuming he redshirts). The think I like about the Fr. and Soph. on your list is that the majority of those guys have played together for several years on the AAU circuit. The fact that they would not have to come in and learn each other’s tendencies should not be underestimated. They would have to gel with the upperclassmen, but by the time the Fr. and Soph were Jr and Seniors, you are talking a top 5 ranked team IMO.

    GO HOOSIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stonaroni

    It would only seem fitting if Wannah Bail ended up at UK. If he were in jail, he would “wannah bail”. If he had academic troubles and had to buckle down on his ACT test he would 'wannah bail”. If he was a freshman at UK he would “wannah bail” after just one year in the program.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Let's just seriously hope that with such a loaded instate and out of state class in 2012 with kids that seem interested in IU that CTC can land a full five man recruiting class out of these guys and not have to fall on back up plans and fill the class out with guys we have never heard of or projects.

    Any combination of these reviewed players (parts 1 and 2) in addition to Perea, Harris, Hammons and a couple others would be a stellar class and I can't imagine it being less than a top 5 class with 5 of these players and that's what CTC and IU need so desperately. Let's face it, IU and CTC can put to rest all the past issues and doubt among fans and critics if he can land a good 2011 class that includes Cody Zeller and then follow it up with a class like many of us have wished for in 2012. What would a team look like with this type roster:?

    Seniors: Elston/Capo/Watford/Creek/Hulls
    Juniors: Sheehey and Olidapo
    Sophomores: Zeller/BJ Young/Etherington
    Freshman: Perea/Jurkin/DSR/Yogi/Patterson or any other players like Harris/Hammons/Kaminski/Tar(whatever his name is)/or Costello

    That's 15 guys that are all capable of contributing to a strong Big Ten contender with star players and depth at every position and everyone would forget completely about the Denim Shirt era and even the Mike Davis era.

  • Kelin Blab

    This group is a sweet 16 team

  • GFDave

    With the parity we have in college basketball, just about any team that makes the second weekend of the tournament is a real threat to make it to the Final Four. A lot depends on match-ups. Butler, a 5th seed, beats a 1 and 2 seed to make it because it destroyed the Syracuse Zone and KSU wasn't physical enough. Because of earlier upsets, MSU was only faced with a 9 and 6 seed to get to the F4.

    So what I'm saying is this: a team like the one people are projecting could go a long, long way.

  • Diesel

    A little of subject, but caught MPOS on the drive home and he had Neddenriep from the Star on talking recruiting. They were talking about Smeathers verbal to Butler and Patrick asked him who some of the other best shooters in the state were, and Neddenriep uncomfortably repeats the question and then says he can't really come up with anyone besides Smeathers, then says Nic Moore can shoot it but he is more of a PG, and Cody Zeller can shoot it for his position too.

    Clearly the recruiting “guru” was struggling. I was thinking Spencer Turner and Austin Etherington, and I'm sure there are plenty more. Wow, I was stunned.

  • Diesel

    Should clarify, the question was in reference to 2011 top shooters in the state. And, JMV was on a commercial as I do not make a habit of listening to MPOS.

  • Outoftheloop

    Aceman, we can only have 13 at a time. Who has to leave for 5 in 2012?

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I would say you send Jurkin to prep school for a year making him eligible for a scholarship in 2013 and there would be one transfer, I'm not sure who at this point, maybe Capo just looking at this list of players.