adidas Invitational: Yogi Ferrell, Jeremiah Davis, Cody Zeller

  • 07/06/2010 11:41 pm in

A trio of Indiana Elite teammates and IU recruiting targets — Yogi Ferrell, Jeremiah Davis and Cody Zeller — met with reporters following a 69-64 win over Dream Vision on Tuesday at the adidas Invitational at North Central. Watch and listen to what all three had to say in the embedded video players below:

Yogi Ferrell (2012)

Jeremiah Davis (2011)

Cody Zeller (2011)

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  • Kelin Blab

    Putting aside these kids talent….all three seem like good kids and good players. Yogi stock continues to rise, I didn't think we had a chance before but I think IU is moving in the right direction with him.

  • guest

    Zeller's comments, “a lot of things have changed since my brothers, like coaches, players, and facilities” sounds a lot like what has changed at IU

  • VillasHoosierFan

    ***OFF TOPIC***
    When will the schedule be released?

  • Plane1972

    Do you think we love Cody Zeller so much because he looks like Peyton and Eli's baby brother?

  • marcusgresham

    Then maybe Lynch could use him, too.

  • GFDave

    I found this link of video of Zeller playing yesterday on Peegs, although obviously produced it:

  • tg1438

    Thanks for the video. This showed a wide variety of his skills. I also love how they show AE getting the ball to him in positions to score. You also could get a glimpse of some other hopeful Hoosiers (JD and Yogi). Nice find Dave.

  • kristheboss

    I think tonight I'm going to have to take a different approach than Crean's been using to recruit JD. Alright here's how I see it there's 12-14000 girls at IU, and of which 6500 or so are 'skeezers' , now I'm not math major (anymore) but I can still tell thats well over 1460 which would b a new girl everyday.

    of course I think kentucky got in trouble for this sort of advertising to players back in the 1960s

  • Taskmaster75

    I think Tennessee got busted for doing this recently.

  • We'll have video of Zeller, Etherington, Davis and Ferrell. It's just a matter of editing it and putting it all together.

  • GFDave

    You guys do a great job and you know I love this place. I'm just an old school guy citing my sources while I bring something new to my friends at ITH.

  • walton

    Yogi seems like a real smart good kid – noticed him thinking out his answers for a bit and being completely honest about everything they asked of him