Hoosiers speak on Nebraska

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This release just popped into the inbox from J.D. Campbell over at IU Media Relations. Normally wouldn’t be posting much about Bill Lynch on here, but under the circumstances, it can’t hurt.

“We are excited to welcome the University of Nebraska to the Big Ten Conference.  They are a perfect fit to what we believe is a group of institutions committed to combining the best that academia and athletic competition have to offer. We look forward to building on this new relationship.”
Fred Glass
Director of Athletics

“Nebraska is a first-class institution that for years has competed at the highest level in intercollegiate athletics and have a loyal fan base with obvious great support.  I have followed their programs for many years with great admiration.  We welcome them to the Big Ten Conference.”
Tom Crean
Men’s Basketball Coach

“We are excited about Nebraska joining the Big Ten. We think it’s arguably the best conference in the country and adding a powerhouse like Nebraska who’s great in all sports, particularly football and women’s basketball, it just adds to the Big Ten. We welcome a great program like Nebraska to the Big Ten Conference.”
Felisha Legette-Jack
Women’s Basketball Coach

“Nebraska is one of the outstanding institutions in the country,” Lynch said. “It is a great fit for the Big Ten both geographically and competitively. Nebraska’s football program is one of the truly elite in the country. It is a model program many of us have studied over the years and it will be a great addition to the Big Ten Conference.”
Bill Lynch
Football Coach

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  • cooper

    Nebraska adds nothing to the Big 10, the point of bringing in a new school is to increase exposure, which is why an east coast team or Texas was the best choice. Nebraska brings more exposure to corn fields.

    Change the name of the conference too

  • Nebraska Football is the 4th most valuable football program as rated by Forbes.

  • BornRed

    Nebraska is a big national brand with lots of fans and lots of interest. They bring a lot to the table. Texas was desirable to, but they were never going to go Big Ten.

  • Jay

    Not to mention the fact that Nebraska isn't even in the same ball park when it comes to academics with the rest of the big ten. They are a bottom-end public school with a group of tier 3 grad programs.

  • BornRed

    Actually, Nebraska is a Tier 1 school that was ranked in the top 100 in the nation. http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/b

  • Taskmaster75

    I believe Texas is 1 and Notre Dame is 2 if I recall?

  • slikyslim222

    That's because then their football players would have to go to class. :o)

    I think Neb. is a good pick up if the inevitable is happening. Throw in Missouri and Iowa State too because they seem to fit also.

  • Bryan

    Bill Lynch looks forward to adding Memorial Stadium in Lincoln to the list of places his team has had touchdowns reversed by Big Ten officiating.

  • slikyslim222

    Maybe we can pick up a couple of refs who make better calls in the deal. :o) IU's football was certainly cheated out of a few wins last year.

  • Bryan

    Maybe the Huskers are bringing along High Def TVs for the review booth. The only way I could fathom some of last year's decisions being above board is if the booth had hooked a Tivo up to a really old CRT set.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I talked to Kevin Noreen's doctors and they indicated that the Big 10's growth plates are still open.

  • millzy32

    You must be too young to remember that Nebraska competed for Football titles year in and year out not so long ago and they seem to be on the rise again and got robbed of a win last year vs Texas in the Big 12 title game.

    Who did you want Rutgers? UConn? Rutgers is a never was in all sports and UConn is only good in basketball and only because of their current coach who is very old and will soon retire where they'll fall back into the obscurity that they had for decades before him.

    Nebraska is a good fit and a good brand. They are the only team out there and everyone there supports them. The pro comparison would be Green Bay and I think it's a pretty good comparison.