IU avoids penalty with improved APR score

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Among the various landmines Kelvin Sampson left in Bloomigton was an APR (Academic Progress Rate) score that was, in a word, unacceptable. Let’s go to the archives from May of 2009:

The NCAA released its Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores this afternoon and the result was a public notice for IU baskeball in response to a score that, well, isn’t pretty. To put it into perspective how low the figure is, the other 23 athletic programs at IU all had scores well above the NCAA benchmark of 925. The men’s basketball program checked in at 866.

“We take this public notice very seriously,” Indiana Athletic Director Fred Glass said. “The poor academic performance for which we’re being cited all occurred under two coaches who are no longer at IU.  We are confident that under Coach Tom Crean’s leadership and commitment to academics, responsibility, and character, we will soon be able to put our previous academic issues fully in the past. Coach Crean’s outstanding academic record at Marquette, including the graduating of all of his senior players, speaks for itself.”

Fast forward to June 2010 and the APR is headed in the right direction.

This PDF report, released by the NCAA, shows the APR score for men’s basketball jumped to 975 for 2008-2009. The multi-year score also jumped 12 points to 878.

The multi-year figure is still the lowest among all IU sports. But the improvement, coupled with the fact that IU already self-imposed the loss of two scholarships during Crean’s first season, means that no additional penalties will occur.

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  • guest

    Saw Purdue got a perfect 1,000…. how do you get a perfect score?

  • chitownhoosier

    Purdue’s basketball had a 919, not a 1,000. GPA was 3.15. Interestingly enough, they were below the cutoff of 925.


  • XLI

    Well that's good… I want to kick Kelvin Sampson in the junk just a little less than I did before.

    Tom is getting every other area cleaned up nicely, now we need to see on-court and recruiting progress come to fruition. It was a large, rancid mess he inherited so I will be patient, but IU Ball needs a few major positives to go our way (Zeller, I'm looking at you big guy).

  • marcusgresham

    You can just tell from interviews that the current bunch of players is far and away more intelligent/dedicated than the previous group (with no disrespect to Gordon or DJ, who were both on the ball.) Glad to see a measurable result of this.

  • GFDave

    Congrats to the players, coaches and tutors for a job well done.

  • IU_Fan_99
  • If (and its a big if) Lebron comes back to Cleveland and they make some good players moves I think it is going to be tough for Izzo to turn them down. If Lebron comes back I put the chances he goes at 75% percent or better. If Lebron doesn't come back I put the chances he goes at 10% or less. If Lebron leaves I don't think even the money, jet, or anything else will get him there. On another note looks like at least Nebraska is in the B10 now why didn't we go after Texas?

  • Uncle Kerfuffle

    This is off topic but I thought it would be of interest to everyone.

    I've been traveling cross country from Oregon to Indiana and have stopped for the night in Lincoln, NE. The local news is reporting that UN AD Tom Osborne will announce on Friday that Nebraska will join the Big 10.

    Take it for what it is worth.

  • Well I was wrong….looks like Izzo is already gone. This is a huge blow to MSU. It will be interesting to see what players/recruits leave now. I guess it is true that money outweighs everything….at least in this case. Link below saying Izzo is leaving


  • Outoftheloop

    I think that Coach Crean, his staff, his players and the IU Athletic Dept leaders all deserve our thanks and cheers for a job well done! On April 3, 2008, this was priority ONE. It took great leadership and effort to turn the APR numbers around. The next building block was to recruit very good players, who are very good workers in class and on the court, and who want to be “Indiana”. This was priority TWO. The recruiting class of 2009 did this and set the stage for future recruiting classes. The next step is to win 20 games and play in the post-season. We have our work cut out for us in 2010-11, but let’s do it!

  • Outoftheloop

    I don't think that Izzo has the option of waiting to see what LeBron does. That is why he is being offered the really big $. With Izzo signed as coach, then LaBron will really have to look at staying in Cleveland.

  • Bryan

    This, of course, is the stat where Tijan truly shined for us. I don't think we can thank that first post-Sampson class enough for dodging this bullet.

  • Plane1972

    I got two words for you – Brett Finkelmeier. He's the MVP in this category. Not to be too preachy, but we have to remind ourselves of these things when we all, myself included, get worked up over the on-the-court issues. The job is getting done off the court. Nice job, guys.

  • Since he was a walk-on, I don't believe his GPA would have been figured into the APR score.