Around the Hall: Big Ten expansion, ACC-Big Ten Challenge, more

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Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall crew. So go ahead, get your read on, kids.

+ After Sports Radio 810 WHB reported early Monday that the Big Ten had offered four schools the opportunity to join the conference, a league spokesperson denied the report to the Chicago Tribune.

Citing multiple sources close to the negotiations, here’s the meat and potatoes of the Sports Radio 810 WHB report:

The Big Ten Conference has extended initial offers to join the league to four universities including Missouri and Nebraska from the Big 12. While nothing can be approved until the Big Ten presidents and chancellors meet the first week of June in Chicago, the league has informed the two Big 12 schools, Notre Dame and Rutgers that it would like to have them join. It is not yet clear whether the Big Ten will expand to 14 or 16 teams but sources indicated Missouri and Nebraska are invited in either scenario.

+ Early power rankings for next season for the Big Ten from Big Ten Network editor Brent Yarina.

+ A few of the ACC-Big Ten Challenge matchups were revealed by Jeff Goodman of

+ The Courier-Journal’s Jody Demling has video interviews with Branden Dawson and Jeremy Hollowell and an update on Mitch McGary.

+ Michigan broke ground Monday on a player development center for its basketball program.

+ Jarrod Uthoff, a 2011 wing out of Iowa with an IU offer, talks about his recruitment with Daniel Poneman.

+ The Dagger’s Matt Norlander writes that the Big Ten looks like the strongest league next season after the deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft.

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  • danielponeman

    Jarrod Uthoff's mom tapes all of his games, and she is sending me a few of his high school games to chop up and post, so ill try and get those up soon….

    Though he was playing against sub par comp, I was extremely impresses with Jarrod- as if you couldn't already figure out he was a stud based on the fact that Illinois, Indiana, Arizona State, and Butler all offered him in the past 2 months. He was also a pleasure to be around off the court.

  • Hardwood Wizard

    Since there was no place to respond above, I will do it here. You know nothing of my recruiting philosophies other than I am disappointed with where our 2010 class stands. I have my serious doubts about a guy who scored 7 ppg in JUCO ball. Sure he can play defense, but can we find a guy who can do both?

    7 ppg is very, very average at best, especially for a 7'1″ kid. Do you think the Yankees call up a kid hitting .239 in AA or AAA in July because he plays good defense? Nope, they take the kid that plays solid defense and is hitting .296 because stats don't lie.

    What is your recruiting philosophy? bring in average guys and hope they become better than average.

  • Hardwood Wizard

    Pay up MillaRed!

  • Hardwood Wizard

    Actually Duke does it the right way. Great school and there kids tend to stay. Nice try.

    Here is my deal…Talented kids want to play….right away. They may love UNC, but don't want to split time with others. IU is in a situation where it has great fans, traditionally a great program, and mass playing time for talented players.

    That means we should be able to land at least 1 top 100 guy in the class of 2010. Yet, we have 0. This is a problem.

    On top of this Etherington in the class of 2011 is already better than Sheehey and VO. So down the road, Sheehey and VO will see decreased playing time. Especially if Creek stays and we sign JDavis.

    Maybe I just see a bigger picture down the road in forcasting where these players will be, what kind of guard log jam we will have, the level of their talent and the style of the IU offense.

    I don't need a chill pill, just think you and others might need a dose of reality.

  • Hardwood Wizard

    Thanks MillaRed. But unfortunately, the 2010 class is what we have to move on with.

    It is no secret amongst the coaches and players that Rivers has been difficult in the team chemistry department.

  • Hardwood Wizard

    I guess this is where my frustration lies and then i am done for today. By having a subpar 2010 class puts that much more pressure on CTC to land a better than avg 2011 class. And in reality, CTC needs a top 10 recruiting class in 2011 and or 2012 in order to secure us aa a top 20 program.

    I see the issues at hand with all of the talent in the state and our lack of wins. When Purdue, ND and Butler are better than us, these other schools become stronger players amongst the in state talent. The 2011 class has 10 top 100 players from Indiana, we have 1 committed.

    A 15 win season in 2010-11 and another weak class in 2011 and we are in big trouble.

  • FWHoosier

    I am looking for big movement on the player development front. I suppose its been said before but the best teams are those that have played together, know each others strengthes and weakness, and can anticipate each others movements. It seems that the Hoosiers didn't have that last year. Adding new players always changes the dynamic of a team. For the Hoosiers, the newcomers almost outnumbered the returning players for the second straight season. I am sure it was an awkward year in terms of team chemistry and leadership. I hope that having our core player in place means a stable off-season environment that will lead to better team chemistry and development.

  • FWHoosier

    I like the early rankings. A 6th through 8th place finish in the Big Ten should mean between 6 and 9 conference wins. Without looking at a schedule, I think this team will close out more non-conference wins as well and should fall in the 14-18 win range. That placement in the Big Ten also means a better seed in the Tourney and possibly one more win. The NIT could be squarely within reach this year.

    That said, the key to the season could be managing momentum. Never underestimate the force of a streak. This past year, the team was playing near .500 ball and then a couple of tough losses really set them on a streak in the wrong direction, losing to teams that they shouldn't have lost to and by a lot (i.e. Iowa). The same thing could easily happen in the B-Ten this coming season, but hopefully not. Who knows what happens if the team pulls out tough wins against Purdue and Illinois?

    I hope a more experienced team this year can manage momentum and keep it going in their favor.

  • Taskmaster75

    “Do you think the Yankees call up a kid hitting .239 in AA or AAA in July because he plays good defense?”

    It depends on the situation really. If the team averages 5 runs a game but gives up 5 as well, then you would go for the guy with better defense in order to balance out your team and make it better. That's what my point is, because I think the team will grow to have plenty of firepower when they mature, and rather than give up so many points in the paint for scoring (Tom Pritchard, and to an extent Derek Elston), they might go for the weaker offensively center in Michel in order to make the team balanced and help defend the paint.

    “Nope, they take the kid that plays solid defense and is hitting .296 because stats don't lie.”

    Do we have anyone in the 2010 class or even on our team that can play the 5 and have solid numbers + defense (Elston is a 4 in my view). No, and that's why your example means little in this context. I wish we had a Derek Jeter who plays solid D and hits well at the 5 spot, but we don't, so live with it.

    And yes, stats do lie, that's why the idea of sabermetrics is so popular in baseball, in that stats do not tell you everything. There are certainly guys who hit .374 over a season, so they must be a great hitter right? Sabremetrics can tell whether the guy had a high BABIP (Roughly, a stat measuring how lucky they were) and say whether or not the players skill is legit

    “What is your recruiting philosophy? bring in average guys and hope they become better than average.”

    No, but going off on Crean simply because he recruits one JUCO player is incredibly shortsighted, which is what you are doing. Maybe it's possible that Crean is right in that these players just might make an impact, but no, if they don't have any shiny stars next to their name or big numbers, they must suck right? I'm just saying give the class a chance before you bash it. Stephen Curry is a great example of a kid passed by on big school radars (Duke, UNC), and shined to become not only a great collegiate player, but a top 3 ROY candidate in the NBA.

  • Taskmaster75

    Indiana plays Boston College in the ACC/B10 challenge. That's a good draw for us, as BC isn't good….yet (They have a great coach imo)

  • walton

    I think I understand where you are coming from Hardwood. The question for each fan is how “great” do you want to see this team in the near future? I think Hardwood wants to see them like an Ohio State – tall, athletic, and solid solid players – and go ahead and throw in “in my opinion” the best coach in the B10 (who I could see coaching IU before his career is over :). I think we would all gladly accept a program like Ohio State.

    What I don't think you are seeing Hardwood is the decent amount of talent on IU's team. I got a small glimpse of how competitive this team can be in the last regular season game against NW. The lineup of Watford, Capi, Elston, Hulls, and VJ gave me a small confidence that these guys can compete. That core group looked very promising by themselves at least enough to compete and improve. I feel good in including Creek to that group this year. Ohio State plays the same 5 basically the whole game. The group of questionables I have left have a great deal of potential and could be solid part time contributors: Oli, Sheehey, Guy, Pritchard, Rivers, Roth, Bawa (i know i am leaving someone out and it isn't moore – sorry – nothing personal).

    Please come to IU Oufitt !!!!!!!!!

    The core is there – and with more additions the next couple years there will be enough talent to win and make the tournament with a chance to win it all.

    You did have the funniest quote I read today:
    “In 3 years from now we are going to look back at this 2010 class and realize that it killed the instant rise of IU”

  • walton

    sorry – your reply above

  • BaseballBuc

    Wow Poneman on the blog. Don't know if you follow us but it's one of the better blogs out there. I think you interviewed Anthony Davis a week or so ago, just curious what your thoughts are on him and who has he indicated as a leader in the recruiting process.

  • SW Ohio Hoosier

    I saw 3 misses within 3 feet. I saw two blocks of shots from guys who were maybe 6'2″. i saw a kid who got about four inches of elevation on his jump shot and he looked a bit slow.

    Austin Etherington is 2 inches shorter, can make those same passes,is better with the ball, gets about 20 inces on his jump shot and isn't so weak attacking the rim.

  • walton

    Chief JerryCT – you could hire a few of us ITHers if your looking for opposition every now and then.

  • Hardwood Wizard

    No, the Yankees bring up a guy who is well rounded to give them a little of everything to fill the void. This is what makes them great.

    Trust me, if a major league player hits.374, he is legit. Screw the sabermetrics, that is a subjective view of stats. Tell me what the guys average is and then tell me what he does with runners on base, there is your stud. tell me how many walks and strikeouts he has. show me how many dick high fastballs he takes on the first pitch?
    Just like VJIII. IU fans are stroking him, but what did he shoot from the floor. clutch guys aren't shooting 27% from three pt range and 39% from the floor. We will see in 2010-11 that he is a nice role player.

    Crean did a poor job with this class. There is no way getting around it and he has only put that much more pressure on himself in years to come.

    Stephen Curry had a good game, he was just told he was too small. Every one knew he could score. Please don't insult my intelligence in comparing him or refencing him to Guy. There is no comparison.

  • Kelin Blab

    That is one thing I like about Etherington, all of his misses are at least 3 and a 1/2 feet away.

    Is it physically possible to get 20 inches on your jumpshot?

  • Kelin Blab

    Didn't know he had a blog, saw his stuff on youtube….what is his blog?

  • BaseballBuc

    I was referring to Insidethehall as one of the better blog sites out there. But his website is very good also.

  • walton

    What's up with the name change?

  • jpniles

    I was in no way saying that recruitment is of no importance. However, I find it unreasonable for people to expect IU to bring in a top 10 recruiting class every year especially right now. I know that this topic is debatable. I just think that a “lesser” class this year is acceptable with a heavy focus on the development of Creek, Watford & Co.

    Come this time next year, and we have nothing but two #140+ recruits and a 7 ft JUCO player, my tone will not be so optimisitic. I think the team right now… the players right now… have a very high ceiling.

    As far as Rivers and Pritch go, you would have a hard time arguing that they are the class of players as Creek, Watford & Co.

    Walton – I do take it personally. Just like everyone else should. They're our team! There is a difference between being constructively critical and consistently sounding like a UK fan posing as a Hoosier fan! However, I am fully aware of “free speech” on the blogosphere. That is why I posted what I did.

  • it's Indiana

    Charlie Weis also had a problem with “breathing cheeseburgers.”

  • SW Ohio Hoosier

    Maybe not on your jumper, but AE does on his.

    I am trying to attach some pictures that prove this , but having troubles.

    That is Okay though, when yoe see him shooting over the defenders in a couple years you will see that it is possible.

  • it's Indiana

    W…mark it down. I challenge the first naysayer. The bet? A haiku in your honor posted on ITH. I'll even make it rhyme.

  • Hardwood Wizard

    Sorry my brother is here and I was showing him the site. he decided to post but didn't set up his acct.

  • JerryCT

    As usual you are fun to hear from

  • JerryCT

    To cool things down think of it this way.

    Rarely do freshmen make a huge difference unless the rest of the team is very established and already successful. EVIDENCE => Our own freshmen last year that so many are high on .

    Yet we think somehow the current class is supposed to make a big difference this coming year .

    The only and best time to know about this class is in the 2012 season. I for one will wait until then to finalize my grade , just as I am looking forward to this coming season to evaluate last year's class

  • Outoftheloop


  • Outoftheloop

    I don't know Danny Moore, but he is the only player that we have that has a “mean nasty” streak, maybe Capo also. Sometimes you need to irritate the other team! Not many minutes-but occasionally to get under some player's skin.

  • Outoftheloop

    Thanks JerryCT! I enjoy this site. There are a lot of thoughtful, knowledgeable “good guys”. It is like a decent sports bar. You argue, you learn, you complain, you get excited, and then, you BUY the next round!

  • Outoftheloop

    You could be right. But I go with Phil and Kobe, they are on a mission for all-time greatness.

  • Outoftheloop

    Exactly! IU should have a very deep, talented, experienced and versatile team now. I have my fingers crossed.

  • Taskmaster75

    That's valid, they are a good team, and have the experience to boot. I think they have the same weaknesses the Cavs do though. Plus, I don't think they will be able to keep up with the Suns. They are that one team every playoffs that just catches fire at the right time and plays really well.

  • marcusgresham

    The Yankees don't bring up a guy from AA or AAA. They buy the major leaguer they want. IU doesn't have that luxury. No one in college has that luxury of buying the guy they want. Oh, wait, that sounds like Kentucky.

  • walton

    always a guy that likes new business ideas (recently started my own), but not so much a Wall St. guy

  • Yeah I have checked in here from time to time but never posted till now, originally heard about insidethehall from my friend and former colleague Ryan Corazza….

    The other day a buddy of mine who goes to IU (Vinnie Pine) mentioned that you guys linked out to one of my Uthoff vids so I came on to join the convo. I know my bread and butter is providing content that fans can use and be informed by, so I always like to make sure I join the conversations whenever I can so I can be accessible to fans, use their feedback to improve my content, and answer any questions they might have.

    Let me know if anyone on here has any requests for interviews, highlights, or has any questions for me- I'm always happy to help in any way I can.