Matt Carlino to UCLA … in the 2010 class

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Multiple media outlets are reporting that Bloomington South guard Matt Carlino will graduate high school a year early and attend UCLA next fall as a member of the 2010 class.

Carlino, who originally committed to IU back in August of 2008 following an Elite Camp, re-opened the process on March 25. And now, Carlino will enroll as a Bruin next fall. Here’s what he told Dustin Dopirak of The Herald-Times about his decision:

“It has great tradition. It’s close to home and they’ve got a great coach in coach (Ben) Howland. There are great players coming in there and there currently. I just feel like it’s a great situation for me to come in and help out.”

The Carlino situation is an interesting one with many dynamics. First, he committed very early to Indiana, so it’s not surprising that he would end up changing his mind. It happens quite often.

But beyond that, Carlino and his father, Mark, moved from the Phoenix area to Bloomington last spring to get a closer look at the IU program. And now, he’ll leave Bloomington South, graduate high school a year early, move across the country again and re-classify to 2010. While it would be easy to question the decision making here, the better route is to wish Carlino the best and move along.

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  • Dave

    I see Christian as a Alan Henderson prototype. Big Al loved to bring the ball up the court!

  • HoosierNshaker

    I've moved on too, watched him play in HS at Bloomington South and wasn't that impressed. But Sterling Gibbs is an ouch, does ITH have any good recruiting news? haha

  • Hardwood Wizard

    I agree that we need wins now. If Eman can get us a few more, and we miss out on Zeller, so be it. A winning record this year makes IU a little sexier when it comes to selling the fact that CTC is rebuilding IU.

    The 2012 class is rich with some instate bigs and IU recruits with interest already. eman has 3 years left any way and could make a huge impact. Everyone is crazy about Zeller, but his brothers were highly recruited and neither have been that great.

    JR and his inability to score more points than turnovers need to stay on the bench. Georgetown hasn't missed a beat since his departure. Hulls can get the ball up the floor a step slower than JR, but can drain 3's in the flow of the offense or secondary fast breaks. I will take 6 three point shots and 2 turnovers from Hulls over 0 three point shots and 6 turnovers from Rivers.

    Sheehey is not Whitman!!!

    As far as Carlino is concerned, peace out. Have fun sitting at UCLA. Don't tell anyone, but Spencer Turner and Dee Davis at Bloomington North are happy to not have to share time with a guy who didn't want to be here. Hopefully, Spencer will get some better looks this year and Dee can showcase his jets and ability to take over a game.

    Dee will be great at Xavier, too bad we don't have him at IU. I have never seen a guy his size be able to weave down the lane and not get his shot blocked into the 27th row.

    Dee is better than Hulls. Dee would have been great lobbing the pass to Eman.

    JDavis would look even better making those passes and knifing through the lane, taking the hit, and finishing the lay up……..And 1

    Look for Jdavis to sign very soon!!!

  • Hardwood Wizard

    Bloomington South… bad

  • Kelin Blab

    I hope you are right about JD, if you are not I am going to hold you and crean fully responsible for him not coming to IU…….then heads will roll….or we will just cry.

  • Outoftheloop

    I like your post and comparisons. But just for me, obviously everyone else already knows, who is “EMan”?

  • walton

    Is there no time table for his commitment?

  • Outoftheloop

    I agree that Sheehey is not Randy Whitman-NOW. He is much better at defense, much better at rebounding, and much better at the dribble. He is nowhere near the shooter. But Randy was not as good as “Randy” until late in his Sophomore Year! I watched him become great, not arrive great! Isiah arrived great!

  • Outoftheloop

    IMO Sheehey is very good on the dribble for a 6'6 wing. He played “point-forward” on his team against the good teams because the other guards were BAD, TO after TO! He fed Melo and Days well and was tough on the pull-up shot or the dunk at the rim. That could be a potent switch between he and Hulls when they play together. Sheehey driving like a PG and Hulls knocking down the open 3

  • GFDave

    Curious as to the basis for your J Davis optimism.

  • JerryCT

    He can fly. he is also a track athlete. If he can play D he could better than VO becasue he can pop while VO has yet to show us that. DDDDefense is the problem with all our wings/guards except JR. I am excited to see him play in our transition offense

  • marcusgresham

    “Eman”uel Negedu

  • garyindiana

    one of the comments says “one guy is negadu, the other guy is negaDONE.” i can't wait to start saying that.

  • Uncle Joey

    I call BS.

  • MillaRed

    I dunno Jerry, sending Tijan out front to trigger the traingle and 1 was about as exotic as a defense gets!

  • MillaRed

    I think getting Offut is a real sleeper situation for IU. He is a major upgrade over Moore and brings things to the table a few other guards do not. I like the kids that have been through the ringer a few times. It gives them a different perspective on the game. At this point he has very little to lose and a lot to gain.

  • JerryCT

    I forgot about that. i still remember Hulls running the baseline on the 1-3-1 so he had to defend Sampson3 however.

  • JerryCT

    Dillard is another 6' guard although he can deliver assists really well. Booker is 6'8″ and delivers less than 4pts and 4reb per game. I donot think we want these guys

  • Outoftheloop


  • walton

    I know you said “a major upgrade”, but I still don't think its fair to Offut to be compared with Moore. I agree though – people should stop looking at him as a typical “walk on” because I think his talent level is greater than most other walk ons – he did take a scholarship at Ohio State.

  • BaseballBuc

    Michael Chandler had a facebook post today that read, “Uk?”.

  • Bryan

    I really hope so – I'm cautiously optimistic (JR has kind of made me that way in regards to transfers). Though in this case, if he's walking on, it's a bit like found money.

  • garyindiana

    no way, alan would rip watfords head off in the paint.

  • garyindiana

    being mr. basketball in illinois is the equivalent of being the smartest undergrad at UK.

  • garyindiana

    you knew it would happen as soon as teague committed.

  • firstinlineforsugarhigh

    I.U. has big problems and I remember one of the announcer at one of the games late in the season when everybody new they were destined for another dreadful season, making the statement that I.U. is not going to get any better until they get some height and better players. The announcer stated that they are getting beat and over manned at every position, and whether they correct that by going the junior college ranks or whatever, until they do they are going nowhere. I agree, the two new players simply are not going to make the difference!!!!!!! I.U. needs something really big and pretty darn soon too. They either need Tom Crean to do a National coach of the year award next season, like winning the big ten with the crew he currently has, LOL. or a no. 1 recruiting class in the nation. Something needs to happen to turn things aroung or they may just find themselves as the Northwestern's of the 90's. You know the one where most of the teams pencil in as a win. Another really tough and I mean tought season ahead, and I just can't see this thing turning around at all. The program just does not have what it take to get it done. You gotta love Tom Crean cause he was the only one in my opinion only that took the job. I believe their first choice let be known thanks but hell no thanks. Tony Bennett I believe his name is, and we are very fortunate to have a coach, cause I don't know anyone that is breaking down the doors to coach for I.U. People wake up things aren't going to change minus “coach of the year” or No. 1 recruiting class. for a very long I.U. Betcha. Sorry.

  • marsh21

    Agreed that not a lot of coaches were beating down IU's door for the job. However, we don't need a #1 recruiting class to be back in position again. That's the easy way and the Calapari way but would be short sided. We need player development kids with upside like VO coming in. Few freshmen make a difference even if they are highly rated. What you have seen with UK was not the norm. What about UNC this year?? They had 7 all stars on that team and the best recruiting class and couldn't even make the NCAA.

    Recruit solid kids with D1 talent and upside who are willing to work at it and we will be fine. We will be better next year but I've said since day 1 of Crean's hire it will be 5 years before we should expect anything. Our program was close to not even having a team two years ago.

    Crean is perfect for this job and will bring us back to a top 25 program again. Whether he wins Championships is another matter.

  • Diesel

    I don't think he is comparing them as walkons – Walter would obviously be a major upgrade. I think his point is that Danny was often the next guy off the bench, and obviously Walter would be next in line scholly or no scholly.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Hold on a sec, I need to go vomit in the corner…

  • walton

    The team needs to find an identity.

  • g_bo

    Mo Hoosier Bound Creek: Hardwork beats talent if Talent Doesnt Work Hard….U get what u put in…Put in little work u get little success…put in Major work u get Major success…

    Gotta love it whenever you see players feeling like this during the middle of a tough training period. I think the players are buying into Crean and how he runs things. This means great things to come for IU. Love the roster and recruits coming in. Next season will be better than we think if all the players are carrying the same attitude as Mo Creek.

    Keep working hard fellas…

    BAWA is going to develop into a gem too, mark my word!

  • g_bo

    and I got on the facebook and couldnt find the UK status?

  • jaywiz

    You may be right, but he wouldn't have to because Pritch would just foul him.

  • jaywiz

    I am confused. Both of these posts suggest that Rivers is our #1 pg with Hulls backing him up. Has anybody heard of Verdell Jones lll a.k.a. the leader and best player on this team? His maturity level and leadership capabilities play a tremendous role in act 3 of the CTC era.

  • marcusgresham

    I agree, I don't see similarities in their games at all. Not that one is better than the other, but Henderson was a legitimate post player. Watford is more of Keith Van Horn than Alan Henderson.

  • Hardwood Wizard

    Instincts, insight, and the fact that we do not have one guard on the team who is 6'3 who can handle the ball at the point and go strong through traffic. We need him and as more kids sign to go to the schools who have recruited him, the IU option looks better and better.

    Personally, I hope W.O. stays away so it doesn't detour an Indiana kid like JDavis from signing here.

  • HoosNation

    Agreed with everything….until that part about Pritchard??? He would be the guy i saved on the bench “just in case” every player but 4 got ejected and we happened to have TP sitting there so we wouldn't have to forfeit. Who cares if you can't move him off the block cuz all hes doing there is taking up space. He whiffed on 90% of the screens he tried to set. However, the 10% were solid screens. He has no post game at all and 80% of his rebounds came off of free throws when the rules are the only reason he had inside position. His frosh year he was decent with a lot of potential……not sure what happened this year?

    Anyway, we can win with the players we have. Crean needs to google some offensive and defensive schemes cuz his are bunk. Maybe “crazy eyes” has a playbook. If you watch any film you will see that when we pushed the ball we had the lead against UK, PU, etc. When we ran the plays Crean called, we lost the lead and were unbareable to watch. He would sub the players out that were in the middle of a run. Nice alley oop- Tweet – now go sit down. He is active and animated, but his game plan is suspect. Player development is the #1 factor in college bball. If you can't get the most out your players, than you aren't going to win. Period. We will see how sophs progress over the off season. Not hating on Crean, just want to shed some light on the dark areas nobody is talking about.