The latest on Muncie Central’s Jeremiah Davis

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Rumors began circulating on Monday that 2011 Muncie Central guard Jeremiah Davis would make an announcement this week on where he’ll play in college.

But Davis, who has maintained throughout the process that a decision would come once the right fit is found, is staying the course with that philosophy.

“My pops says he wants me to wait off for a little bit,” Davis told Inside the Hall on Monday evening. “Once I feel I’m ready to make the right decision, I’ll make the decision.”

Davis, the No. 54 player nationally in the 2011 class according to, said he wasn’t sure where the rumors of a Wednesday announcement originated and added that his decision is not dependent on any of his peers.

“I’m not waiting for anybody,” Davis said. “Whenever I feel I’m mature enough and everything is in the right spot, that’s when I’ll make my decision.”

On April 16, Davis received a visit from one head coach on the first morning of the NCAA contact period. The visit was from Tom Crean and it gave Davis the impression that he’s a top priority for Indiana.

“That’s kinda how I took it,” he said. “It was a real honor to have him at the school so he could watch me in weightlifting class. It was pretty cool.”

Davis, who averaged 16.1 ppg and led Muncie Central to its first sectional title in three seasons, said he’s also getting an earful from his Indiana Elite teammate and IU commit Austin Etherington.

“He’s definitely trying to convince me to come play with him and room with him in college.”

As he prepares for the spring and summer AAU circuit, the 6-3 guard says his focus is continuing to master the mental aspect of the game while becoming a more efficient playmaker. He also echoed the comments of his high school coach Matt Fine, who credited the maturation of Davis as a turning point in Muncie Central’s season.

“I think I’ve come a long way,” he said. “I’ve worked hard and have stayed focus on what I need to get done.”

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  • Kelin Blab

    Kids make sure you listen to demling on Dakich show…good stuff on Teague, Dawson,VO, JD, Cody Zeller and Gibbs. Good Good Good Stuff….

  • Marthas_Broom

    Bringing in Sampson may have been a mistake, but firing him under the circumstances at the time was a far worse one.

    Let's face it: we committed seppuku over what amounted to a misdemeanor. Yes, I know the NCAA was huffing and puffing and wanted a scalp, but any other university would have done the smart thing and CIRCLED THE WAGONS. Lawyer up. Lose the call reports. Whatever.

    Unfortunately, IU has a pipus streak a mile wide, so we felt we had no choice but to self-report this gross transgression….and then fire our coach and blow up our program in an effort to avoid NCAA sanctions.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. The universal lesson from our act of self-immolation is this: NEVER, under any circumstances, should a school self-report. After all, if an “elite” top 5 of all time program like IU can get flushed down the toilet over freaking phone calls, imagine what would happen if the violations were actually meaningful? Like, say, faking test scores to get kids qualified. Or paying players' families under the table. You know, the stuff that goes on in about 50% of all top D-1 programs.

    Never self report. Ever.

    The next time an intern finds some inconvenient phone records, burn them.

  • I hope that IU sign sort of becomes his signature, or a signature for the university. Not that I want guys doing it every time down the court, but it would be cool if it became a staple. This is going to sound ridiculous, but I believe IU has been lacking a “cool” factor the last 10-15 years and something silly like the players making that silly IU sign with their arms could be something.

  • Kelin Blab

    I expect to see that continue, hopefully the traditionalist will let the kiddies have a little fun. Not to mention I think there is a uniform change coming this year too….

    I look forward to a fast break….J.Rivers pushing it up, VO on a wing Mo Creek on the other, J Rivers dishes it to creek, VO points up, Mo lobs it up to VO and the results…..equate to this crowd response…

  • Thanks for the link Kelin! I'm going to tread on dangerous territory here, but is there any worry that Dakich is at AAU events talking to kids and their parents? I know he and Crean have some sort of relationship and I'm not in-state so don't listen to his show or follow Dakich much, but I just got a weird a vibe especially when he was talking about speaking with Zeller and his family?

  • I agree with you on hoping fans let the kids have some fun. Above a lot of guys were talking about when and how things went wrong with IU, and I've always felt a little part of it was that somewhere along the line Indiana wasn't “cool” anymore.

    We were late to letting kids have longer shorts, we freak out when people talk about new uni's and IU just became kind of boring IMO. Some would say 'we don't need new uni's or names on the back, we just need good solid players'. I would say, those people have a point, but it applies in the other direction. We don't need to keep some of the status quo, if changing some things can help us become more relevant, then who cares.

  • marcusgresham

    I'm pretty thrilled with the decommit, because I think he'll get someone better than Carlino—or at least someone who plays a position of need.
    And I really don't think every coach is as driven in recruiting as we've seen from Crean.

  • marcusgresham

    I say take the candy-stripe theme and make pinstripes on the jerseys a la the old Charlotte Hornets' unies if you're going to change them.

  • Kelin Blab

    BGleas the zeller thing threw me off a little also…however, Dakich and Crean have a good relationship and on his show he is always defending Crean on going a little into what he and Crean have talked about….he is also always talking IU fans off the ledge. Dakich during the final 4 spilled the beans on the 30 failed drug test while denim shirt was there………I don't think he bad mouths the school at all and the only critical things he has talked about was J. Rivers play and attitude, the teams defense, and they need to listen to the coach more……….

    If Zeller wants to see how big men are coached, elston isn't a bad example…..

  • I don't hate that idea. Might be fun to try!

  • Good thoughts Kelin. I also don't think he bad mouths IU, but you can also get a message across using less obvious language. For instance on the Zeller part, Dakich seemed really excited when talking about Butler, then goes into a part saying how he's telling Zeller's parents that he needs to go to a school with a really good big man coach.

    I don't disagree that Zeller should be looking for a big man coach, but at the same time Dakich went from sounding so excited about Zeller/Butler, immediately too talking about something IU had an issue with this season (the MacLeod issue).

    I'm making it sound way more blatant here, but I just caught it as a real subtle, yet potentially effective, thing.

  • marcusgresham

    Click on the link Kelin has right below this post to hear Jody Demling talk about VO's defense. If that's what excites you, I think you'll like what you hear.

  • MillaRed

    I'm not shedding many tears about Carlino either. His stock has dropped steadily over the last two years.

    But I still think the pressure is on coach right now. You commend him for his tireless recruiting and I'm sure he is doing exactly that. But I am also saying at this point he doesn't have much of a choice!

    Go get em coach!

  • MillaRed

    I totally disagree with you.

    I totally disagree with you.

    I totally disagree with you.

  • Marthas_Broom

    Believe what you want, including the satisfying morality fable that we “did what we had to do” because we would “inevitably” have ended up at the same place. It's hogwash, in my opinion.

    There are something like 350 D1 basketball programs. How many of them face serious sanctions in any given year. How many of the top 50 programs? The top 25? The top 10?

    Now, ask yourself: do you believe that all of those programs are “clean?”

    Guess what: they are not. The only difference between many of them and IU is that they were never so foolish and self-deluded as to think that self-reporting phone violations(!) to the NCAA would be a good idea! And as a result, we have a basketball program that may NEVER return to prominence while UK, UNC, Duke, W. Virginia, Louisville, K-State, Kansas, etc etc etc land top talent, keep their fans happy, and make tourney runs virtually every year.

    Sampson was a scapegoat, for both the university and the NCAA. IU had buyer's remorse from practically the moment he arrived on campus. The NCAA wanted a pelt to hang on the wall. It was a perfect alignment of interests, except that IU was too damned stupid to realize the long-term consequences. Typical of our Administration.

    Bear in mind: I am NOT saying that Sampson was blameless or that he was a great guy. I just don't think he was any worse than 99% of the coaches out there on the ethical issues. And he was a heck of a coach and recruiter–clearly on an elite level.

  • IUDan

    I don't think we're above any of those programs and I don't claim the moral high ground. That being said, Sampson was a bad fit from day one, and anyone with a brain could see that. Yes, he's a good recruiter (certainly he was better at IU than at Oklahoma), and you're right – he's a heck of a coach. Which means he didn't need to pull nonsense to be successful.

    He's also an arrogant idiot – anyone who would blatantly flaunt rules like that deserves what they get, especially when they know people are looking. He doesn't deserve to be defended, and yeah, he deserved to be fired – absolutely, no question.

    And I agree with the poster above – our problems began WAY before Sampson – no question. Crean has a bigger job than I think anyone realizes.

    I think you and I will just need to agree to disagree . . . what Sampson did clearly is not as bad as Cal and some others, but I'm glad he's gone – it's been a steep price to pay, but hopefully it won't matter in a few years.

    I cannot believe we may never return to prominence – IU has WAY too many built-in advantages to be meaningless.

  • IUDan

    Just one more point . . . if this was only about phone calls, I'd agree with your point. However, if you add to that the drugs, the abysmal academic record and various other behavior issues, it's pretty clear this program was on a downward spiral – even with talent.

    When all taken together, this program was going in a horrible direction . . . and we're better off without him.

  • marchus

    Cody Larson commits to Florida

  • knoxvillehoosier

    That is disappointing with Larson, seems like people think he will be an absolute beast. Does anyone know if he went to Florida because of the Big Ten rule or what?

  • MillaRed

    I'm with Dan here. Marthas Broom, you seem to be concentrating on why Sampson was let go but that was just a sideshow in the big picture. Our kids were FLUNKING out of college and smoking dope. This pales in comparison to whatever KS was doing or not doing.

    That is terrible leadership and it just doesn't cut it for the IU Nation. That guy was banned from NCAA coaching for 5 years. In contrast, that is as tough as it gets in the NCAA. His career is toast.

  • MillaRed

    You just named 3 starters on the All-JerryCT Team. Nice work Walton.

  • MillaRed

    I totally disagree with you.

    I totally disagree with you.

    I totally disagree with you.

  • Kelin Blab

    The pin stripes sounds good to me, I don't think anyone in college has that….or I would go with a Black Cream and Crimson road uniform or a home Gray, Cream, and Crimson

  • Kelin Blab

    It probaly was a combination of things…..the rule, it's florida, and probaly a better fit for both parties. Given he was compared to Mike Miller who went to florida, I could see Florida selling him hard on those comparisons….. I don't think he was the answer to IU's post issues….I also think the time is getting late…larson off the books, wilkins and mccombs are probaly the last two….

  • marcusgresham

    The opportunity to get as far away from South Dakota weather could have been a contributing factor, too.

  • millzy32

    Marthas Brown is about as on point as anyone I've ever read here. Any other top program would have washed this away and kept on trucking.

    These so called flunky druggies are starring everywhere else and no one seems to mind. Armon Bassett, Jordan Crawford, Devin Ebanks and on and on.

    Kentucky fans don't seem to mind having Cal bring in one of the top recruiting classes year in and year out. They are relevant again.

    I live in Ohio where college basketball is an afterthought and no one cares that OSU has one of the best recruiting classes coming in this year and is using the best kid in Indiana to do it. It really makes me quite ill to think about a school like OSU getting this type of talent when the fan base is almost non-existent. If it Ain't football they don't care. They might watch a tournament game if it's the Final game or maybe a Final Four game if it's convenient to watch.

    Dan, it was just about phone calls. The grades and drugs are a problem in every big time program but you don't hear about it. I don't even think that phone call rule is still a rule anymore. Point is if we didn't self report Sampson wouldn't have gotten caught and we'd be relevant period. He was a great recruiter and is a good if not great coach and he could have won titles at IU. He would have won titles at IU (with the talent he would have had probably this past year).

    IU is down because IU wanted to be a morally righteous program and clean out the bad apple.

    I pray IU can rise again but as you can see it will be a struggle.

    I know we have the right coach to get the upstanding citizens to come to IU but do we have the coach to get the top talent? Maybe? Maybe with wins that comes. Maybe not.

    In Sampson we had a somewhat shady great recruiter and great coach (Kinda sounds like Kentucky except replace somewhat with very). In Crean we have a squeaky clean decent recruiter and somewhat unproven coach. I hope that changes to a great recruiter and great coach but the verdict is still out.

    Some will say no way he's proven look what he did at Marquette. Marquette was in the Conference USA for most of his tenure and he had a superstar a couple of years and only once did they win that conference. Once they got to the Big Least he never finished higher than 4th in the conference.

    Would we be happy with 4th in the Big Ten? Sure right now we would but that's really not acceptable.

    I hope Crean can do it. I really do and I think he deserves a chance to prove it still for sure but the people who think he's the savior are basing it on hope and not fact. I hope he can find another diamond in the rough like Dwyane Wade (remember he wasn't a top recruit out of HS).

    Sorry this was way too long but I love IU basketball and we need some good news soon.

  • garydavid711

    All I have heard is his bad attitude and lack of fight. Suprises me TC likes him.

  • Marthas_Broom

    MillaRed: I agree that our problems started long before Sampson, but firing him under the circumstances at the time may well have been the death blow.

    The academic problems began in the 2nd semester, after it became clear to the kids that the administration was at war with their coach. The drugs….meh, who cares? Kids smoke pot. Athletes smoke pot. Happens all the time in every single program and under every coach (yes, even RMK). Please tell me you don't believe that we had to blow up our basketball program because a few kids were smoking too much dope…

    As for Sampson's career, we'll see. He's got what, 3 more years on his show-cause? My guess is that he will be coaching again (just like Tim Floyd–who friggin' gave MONEY to a player) and will probably be back in the late rounds of the NCAA tourney before IU.

  • Marthas_Broom

    Based on the private messages I get (and used to get at Peegs) as well as the conversations I have with fans, I believe our viewpoint is far more common than the Administration would have you believe.

    Sampson was made out to be the ultimate villain. But the phone call rules he violated are NOT EVEN ON THE BOOKS ANYMORE. In other words, the NCAA decided that the violations that caused IU to flush its entire program down the toilet are not even important enough to keep in place.

    Let that sink in for a minute.

    Now, ask yourself why the incompetent buffoons who run the athletic department and the administration took a self-imposed death penalty.

  • MillaRed

    Ya knows guy I'm hearing you I really am, but to say this drug use and crap grades are common and to say it's sort of “acceptable” isn't “acceptable” at IU.

    I learned how to hoop on the playgrounds of Evansville Bosse and the Anthony C. Oates projects where I grew up. I have seen my share of drugs and bad grades. I'm not going to condemn anyone for making those choices, but with a full ride to IU, I ain't buying it.

    How do you think DJ White and Eric Gordon felt when these guys were smoking it up and showing up around campus drunk as hell?

    It sounds like sour grapes and a bunch of excuses. I have no problem with the house cleaning and IU will be better because of it in the long run.

    To quote Mr. Anderson on South Park, “Drugs are bad Okaaaaaaayyyyyy”

  • Diesel

    I'll chime in here. I was listening to this live yesterday. I have heard Dakich talk about the Zellers a lot and he knows the father on a bit of a personal level, so I'm sure that's why they talked at the AAU event. It was pretty much in the backyard here in Indy, Dakich is in Zionsville, probably took is son and met up with a bunch of old friends, thought it would make for some good radio later in the week.

    Dan always talks a lot of IU, but he does a good job of speaking well of Purdue and Butler too as to remain unbiased. The big man coach comment did get me thinking, but I don't believe there is any ill will toward the program. I think he is just friends with the Zellers and being honest. Makes for good radio.

    (…..just realized my picture is Dan…….)

  • Diesel

    I've posted this before on this site, but I had the chance to see J.D. play last year at the Top 100 Workout for Indiana high school underclassmen. Mostly sophmores and juniors, a few freshman. Usually the big big names skip out on these events due to other commitments. There were some pretty good players there though including Russel Byrd (a steal for MSU by the way, kid will be a stud up there in a few years, and a great kid too), DSR, Travis Carroll (saw him play a few weeks ago – glad we didn't offer), Spencer Turner, etc. Lots of these types of players. JD was a stud, clearly the best player there, and did it all – defense, rebound, assist, score. He was a good teammate and you don't typically see those things at an event like this. I was sold. EJ type body with less height and not as good with the jumper. He would be a huge get for us.

  • GFDave

    I listened to the file this morning. The big man coach comment was curious to me. Traditionally, I think of big men as back to the basket players who try to control the block and the paint. I just don't see Zeller ever being that type of player because I don't think his frame will allow it. I see him being a hybrid 3/4 who spend most of his time facing the basket. Now if I were the Hammonds, I would be looking for a big man coach because he is going to be a true post player.

  • garydavid711

    i hope you are right
    Izzo greatest strength is his assessment of talent as MSU always tough
    with no Macdonald's players

  • Diesel

    Really good point Dave. I guess a lot will depend on how his body continues to develop. I think he is already a bit thicker than Tyler, although that's like comparing blades of grass….we'll see, hopefully as a Hoosier.

  • aceman07

    I hope we get him. I'd also like to see us get Patterson because he looks like a beast with E. Gordon type size and strength. If we don't start getting some of these guys I'm going to have to start drinking to kill the pain!