Around the Hall: Former Hoosiers doing damage in March

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Xavier v Minnesota

Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall crew.

+ Eamonn Brennan writes that after a long journey, Xavier guard Jordan Crawford has arrived. (

+ Dave Curtis points out that Crawford found inspiration in a former teammate, Ohio’s Armon Bassett. (The Sporting News)

+ Bassett tells Stu Durando that he tries to take it all in stride and learn from everything he’s been through. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

+ Columnist Bob Ryan writes that so far, Ohio University’s long-range plan has been a hit. (Boston Globe)

+ Ben Allen says the fan support at Indiana was great, but he’s never regretted leaving for St. Mary’s. (Contra Costa Times)

+ Michael Vega writes that other programs shouldn’t try to out-recruit St. Mary’s in Australia. (Boston Globe)

+ KJ breaks down Michigan State’s opening round win over New Mexico State. (The Only Colors)

+ Eamonn writes that Ohio State’s supporting cast stepped up during an off-night for Evan Turner. (

+ Trevon Hughes says that experience got the Badgers through their first round scare against Wofford. (

+ Jeff Washburn writes that Purdue put a dent in President Barack Obama’s bracket with a win over Siena. (Lafayette Journal and Courier)

+ Tubby Smith says he’s looking forward to returning to Minnesota. (USA Today)

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  • HoosierfaninTN

    Who cares about these guys, as far as I am concerned they quit on our program or abused authority. Do not care to hear about what they are doing. They are a part of the ugly past and wish no harm or anything to them but do not care to hear about their success. They had a good thing here at Indiana and chose to disrepect the tradition, the University and its coaches. Good ridence!!!!!

  • superhoops

    Amen. I thought this was an Indiana University basketball blog, not a “what are the transfers from our program doing after they brought down the program” blog. Still cannot understand the love affair with these guys or any player that chooses to leave for that matter.

  • iu77bu81

    Sure it is a nice story that these former Hoosiers are successful having left Bloomington and the issues that they inflicted upon the IU program.

    Feel free to mention the APR hits to IU, their mysterious suspensions in 2008 and the fact that Jordan Crawford left IU upon seeing Tom Crean apply discipline to Brandon McGee (running steps, hmmm- he might make me do that too!).

    We could also talk about other staff exiles like Travis Steele/Ray McCallum who had no qualms about tampering with and helping teammates from that underperforming team get out of town.

    Perhaps we need to remind ourselves about the first round BTT loss to Minny and quick exit at the hands of Arkansas in their last NCAA appearance (with two NBA first rounders, plus Bassett, plus Crawford, plus Holman).

    As far as I am concerned- enough is enough or any future summaries of their exploits can be balanced by an update on the others who were obliged to leave two years ago and whom haven't had similar successes (Ellis, Thomas, McGee).

  • Taskmaster75

    Lighten up, not like we have anything else to talk about until Tuesday or so. I think it's fascinating to see how a guy like Bassett, who has experienced problems in his life, adjusts and excels in the tournament.

    It's not a damn love affair, all it is really is just curiousity.

    I do wonder if Tubby will ever leave Minnesota. He seems to have a decent pipeline of recruits coming there. Will he chase a bigger job?

  • vslice

    The only one I even give a pass to is Ben Allen. IMO, Ben felt he would be better off at another university and it appears that he made a good decision. Bassett was kicked off the team, he didnt leave on his own accord. They had enough of his attitude, failed drug tests, and who know what else. Jordan Crawford, I really dont know. Seems like a kid who isnt happy unless he gets his way. He wasn't recruited by TC and I guess he didnt like what TC told him. He now finds himself firmly planted in the middle of the tournament getting all kinds of attention from the media while IU still finds themselves looking for good recruits to get their program turned around. Indiana made some horrible decisions with Sampson, hopefully we have turned the corner and IU can start joining everyone else as far as enjoying a good basketball season like all these kids have had a chance to do since they left.

  • vslice

    Now we all know why all these kids wanted to come play for Kelvin. I always wondered why that was. Was it that he was a great coach? Maybe he was a players coach or maybe you didn't have to attend class. Maybe you could get away with a lot with and still be able to play. Yea, that's it. This is exactly why Kelvin was able to recruit all these great players, players Indiana so desperately needed at the end of the Bob Knight era but could never get. Makes sense to me.

  • I don't think there's been a love affair, at least not on this blog, with the former players. All we've done is report the facts. When criticism was warranted, that's what we wrote. And this is a collection of links from the first couple of days of the tournament including updates on former players and other teams from the Big Ten. Everyone's certainly entitled their opinion, but don't get carried away and imply that we've given too much attention to guys like Crawford or Bassett. It's simply not true.

  • it's Indiana

    Winning is still the best deodorant. Bassett didn't have problems with authority, responsibility, and drugs, he just had “hiccups.” If I remember correctly he had hiccups with Ohio too, but they let him back on the team. If he got his life turned around then good for him. I'm just not going to be his biggest basketball fan.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Personally, I wish all these kids well. I wasn't there, and I don't have any first hand knowledge of what went down between them and Indiana University. They are doing well with their new teams and we should be happy for these guys.

    As far as the “love affair”… give me a break. How many times has ITH reported on what's going on with transfer and former players? Take a look back and you'll realize that there's hardly any coverage on them. I have no problem with some updates on what former Hoosiers are doing…whether it's in the NBA, as coaches, or as transfers.

  • indiananorthshore

    We are sitting on our sofas for the second straight year watching the tourney, with no prospects of ever returning. The university selected the wrong coach with a bad recruiting class coming in. Kelvin Sampson may have destroyed our program, but it was Dan Dakich who put the nail on the coffin, by putting Crean's in a position where he had to get rid of Crawford, Basset, and Holman. It sucks having to watch this tourney without IU. I would take these guys back in a heartbeat and compete!!

  • cooper

    the team didn't under perform until Dakich took over.

  • cooper

    nice to see someone who realizes what Dakich did to the program. Not sure how Bassett brought down the program because he smoked weed. If that brings down programs then there wouldn't be college basketball anymore at the majority of schools.

    as far as Crawford not sure what he did to bring down IU other than transfer. why would he have to stay, he didn't come to IU for IU he came for the coach, just like every other player in D1. he has the right to leave if he wants.

    Sampson screwed up making extra phone calls. That was the issue, not the players. you all sound like bitter ex-girlfriends. you shouldn't take it so personal, if you don't want to read how former players are doing don't read the article its not hard.

  • HoosierChan77

    IMO they are not Indiana guys dont want them dont need them and certainly dont care about them. Although I dont wish them any harm, they werent true HOOSIERS and thats what we need. Basset and Holman will figure out a way to sink their ship once again and if Crawford doesnt have to run 8-walls and keeps his passy and diapy strapped on he might make it….As always thanks to the ITH gang for their great coverage!

  • indiananorthshore

    Great point, they aren't real Hoosiers because they are winning and not whining. It makes me sick that Hoosier is becoming synonymous with loser.

  • HoosierChan77

    Not quite sure I understand your point….Those guys were punks, bottom line.. Freedom of speech is a great thing huh, RICHARD.

  • unclekerfuffle

    After reading both your posts I have no choice but to take you at your word. Of course, your comments would not have caused me to reply if your user name was something like BigBlueSuckUp rather than Indiananorthsore.

    Winning is all that matters? Were you hoping Calipari would come to IU?

    Winning without ethics is empty unless you have no ethics.

  • marsh21

    I wouldn't want any of those guys back just to compete. We need good and talented kids to build this program back. IU is more than just putting a bunch of talented, weed smokin kids who don't go to class on the court! Come on gents lets strive for more than just a few W's.

  • marsh21

    We do not need talent if it comes in the form of Bassett, Crawford and the others Sampson so kindly dropped at our door steps. I would rather sit through the last two seasons 10 more times than to have these types of players in B-town again.

    Sampson is a really good coach but he had zero standards for the people he signed up. I'm glad we are on the road to recovery.

  • I love this story! I was and still am in the EXTREME minority in being angry at the NCAA instead of Kelvin Sampson for their selective choosing of who to bust while the rest of you cried about Sampson saying “thats not how we do it here at IU” and “he made phone calls at Oklahoma”.

    Do me a favor, give me a break

    Guess what, you watch and cheer for a college sports team and this may be a shocker to you, EVERY successful college team cheats in one way or another. Either deal with it or stop watching the NCAA and if thats not good enough for you I suggest you find a time machine and go back to the 60's. Oh, no wait, John Wooden was cheating back then too and won 10 titles so never mind. We ran Sampson out of town like a leper for PHONE CALLS!!!! while Cheatapari sits at UK coasting through the tourney with a team of retards that he miraculously has made eligible by having them declared “learning disabled” in 10th grade with NCAA loopholes. (Its no coincidence he has won 30 games 5 years in a row with the 1 year rule)

    If you don't like it I suggest watching something other then NCAA sanctioned sports because the NCAA is a JOKE! Wake up people. I know a few IU players personally from the mid 90s and , guess what, they got extra “gifts” on the side too, yes under coach Knight. Believe it cause its true people. Stop being morons, we did this to ourselves by acting “mightier than thou” like we have never cheated and ended up running a great coach and recruiter out of town for a couple extra “text messages”. All the while saying “this isnt how we do it”. Well people, If you want to win there will be some amount of shady business going on behind the scene, and, if you don't think so, you are an idiot. And again, stop watching NCAA sports cause there is nothing more shady then the NCAA. Just ask any team that has had to compete against Pete Carroll and USC for the last 10 years while the NCAA turned a blind eye before eventually saying “well there may be something going on here” after 6 years of accusations.

    I love this story because there is a great chance we would have a banner if Sampson was still at IU. Lets not leave Devan Eubanks of WVU off this list who was coming to IU.

  • Exactly

  • thefreedz

    Or Terrell Holloway or Kevin Jones who was ready to sign his LOI

  • marsh21

    Like you I was very upset at the “phone calls” charge as I felt it was weak at best. But it wasn't the phone calls that got him, it was the fact he lied to the NCAA investigators several times, had his assistants lie and lied to the IU compliance department. As little extras he recruited kids who wouldn't go to class, got poor grades, smoked weed and generally were not good off the court.

    So if Knight cheated with the “extras”, then bring your information forward. He was at IU for almost 30 years and I never heard an ounce of information that he was cheating??? The only thing I remember was he let Jay Edwards stay on the team after he got caught with weed which was a shock because most of the time he would kick the players off the team.

    Yes, the NCAA does appear to be inconsistant but they are attempting to control 357 D1 programs and things slip. It's frustrating but its reality.

    Devan Ebanks and the rest of the recruits would have been a good team but that just means we would have had more W's but poor grades, off court behavior and everything else.

    We will be back but this time the right way! I don't care about other teams and their cheating as IU is the only program that counts for me!!!

  • cooper

    Good points, too many fans are naive about what really happens at a college campus. I was there in the late 90 early 2000s and saw many players doing stuff a scholarship athlete wasn't supposed to.

  • marsh21

    Like what?