• matt

    His court vision, like you said, is what has impressed me the most. Carlino’s passing will be well received at IU.

    Guys that can get into the lane and either dish or take it to the hoop are so important, and we didn’t have any of that after Creek went down. I believe Carlino will be able to do that in the Big10.

    He also has the frame to put on some muscle. I would really like for Carlino to turn out to be similar to the pg/sg at Gonzaga (Bouldin?). I don’t think Carlino is as quick, but i can see some comparisons.

  • I Bleed Crimson

    I have heard him compared to Luke Recker (however I have not seen him play in person). Anyone agree or can compare him to a past IU player or other college player?

  • Kelin Blab

    marchus…..Saw him play once, talked to some guys that watched him all season…..I will put it plain….the IHSAA is not the only reason he played JV ball this year. Not impressed AT ALL!

  • HoosierChan77

    What little Ive read on MC sounds like a good fit…What does he bring to the table in regards to his strengths and abilities….Anyone???

  • Solid handle, heady player, tough, can get around people, above average passer, can shoot it, plays hard and guards people.

  • kesims

    is that all?lol…he seems to be getting bigger every time i see a video of him. if he stays in the weight room his senior year he will be a contributor from day one

  • What the??? Nobody cares about his skills nor his potential nor his ability to play with a team How many stars does he have next to his name???

  • plane1972

    MattJ is right. How are we going to beat the Kentuckys, Purdues, and the rest if you don't have the HYPE, baby? It's all in the stars.

  • Kelin Blab

    Carlino for 2011, makes me be ok with not getting teague. Having seen both kids play on quite a few occasions, Carlino has 'stuff' that teague does not. I am not saying he is better, but they are different players and Carlino brings things to the table that teague currently does not have which makes this entire 'star' thing pointless……

    +Carlino is a better shooter, both kids are athletic
    +Teague is alot quicker and can get to the basket off the bounce, however Carlino can do the same just without as much quickness and more footwork
    + Both players have a solid mid range game that rivals the great Vj3

  • GFDave

    He has a B10 ready body. This isn't some little frosh we'll be getting, this kid will be strong from the get go. He'll be able to push through screens and hedges and not get knocked off his dribble. Just think, he's got another year to go!

  • runelord

    I really liked how this whole video went. The coaching staff must be first rate as all the kids were pretty much on the same page with their comments and their performance on the court speaks for itself. I agree with GF Dave and Kesims, this kid is definitely bigger and stronger than any current guard that we have.Loved the sarcasm from Matt J as well.

  • marchus

    I am interested in his teammate T.J. Bell. He is a power forward in the 2012 class and has an IU offer. Don't know much about him other than some input i got over on the Peegs premium board. He is a 4 star prospect. Anyone know much about this kid Bell?

  • tberry

    The video makes it clear that one of the primary reason for the move was to get him closer and immersed in Bloomington and IU Basketball. Isn't it a no, no to move primarily for sports?

  • GFDave

    The dad also made it clear that they loved B-Town and wanted to live there. The review was conducted and it was determined that they didn't do that.

  • UMAD25

    Actually Carlino's stock has dropped over the past year or two. If you follow ESPN recruiting they had Carlino a top 20 player in the NATION about a year or so ago before the move. They still have him highly rated (in the 60's now I believe), but he once was considered a top guard in the entire nation.

  • Taskmaster75

    I've heard John Scheyer as well.

  • GFDave

    Recker was 6' 6″ and played shooting guard/small foward and was more of a slasher.

  • marsh21

    This kid gets better every time I see him. If he has a solid AAU season his ranking will rise again.

    A solid get and will contribute to IU's success.

  • garyindiana

    does that mean he'll transfer?

  • marcusgresham

    I swear the recruiting services will drop or raise a guy's rating depending on who he has signed with just to make themselves look smarter. It's like dosage on a racehorse–they'll change the rating after the horse shows he's better than they thought he was just to prove their dosage system is accurate.