Source: Abraham down to IU, Georgetown; decision tonight

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Moses Abraham, a 6-foot-9 forward from the Washington, D.C., area, has narrowed his list down to IU and Georgetown, and will make a decision around midnight, a source familiar with the situation confirmed to Inside the Hall Sunday afternoon.

The Herald-Times reported that Tom Crean is in the Washington D.C. area today to watch Victor Oladipo play in the city championship. (Editor’s note: Crean will be unable to meet with Abraham because it’s currently a no-contact period.)

Abraham’s recruitment has been, from IU’s perspective, quite rapid. Crean only offered the 2010 four-star forward in mid-February, but interest from the player has ramped up quickly. Joe Boncore, Abraham’s adviser, has said in recent interviews that Abraham is attracted to the idea of being a major player in rebuilding IU’s program.

Georgetown was considered a favorite for the big man when IU entered the mix, and Steve Yanda of the Washington Post (who first prepared me for life covering Tom Crean — Yanda covered Crean when he was at Marquette) has reported that Maryland and Georgetown are Abraham’s favored two. So it’s going to be an interesting night.

Also, take this for what it’s worth, but this just rolled across my Twitter feed:

(via @TomCrean)

From the cornfields to the Capitol we are out and about today. We need to get the guys added that can help us get back to Selection Sunday.

Size, toughness and athleticism is the ingredients of the day.

(Photo credit: Mark Gail/the Washington Post)

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  • Kelin Blab

    I agree 100%. I am not sure why I am still watching it. It is really sad that this day has become meaningless. I wonder what is the ONE thing that could help ease my pain…..?


    Sounds like another near miss. DAMN !!

  • gocubsgo16

    So you wanna have crean cheat, so then he can get fired and we can start a whole new rebuilding process? Great plan moron!!!

  • I agree Kelin, this whole midnight thing seems really weird! Why do it at midnight, and why even do it now, unless it's G'Town and he just wants to get it over with. Why not take another week or two and visit the IU campus if you're serious about the school?

    I don't have a better word, it's just weird.

  • Hardwood83

    1-No idea on the Siena jersey- but PU has proud tradition of choking, so it may not be needed.
    2-I say yes, shut it down with Moses signing…unless there are defections we aren't aware of yet.

  • btowniualumn

    For the record, a source says that the meeting will be by phone……

    Things are looking pretty good here, but we will see. I would like to see if we could pick up Yeguete as well…need to free up a scholly though.

  • Kelin Blab

    I saw in this mornings paper wal mart has a sense of humor on sale, I am sure there is a location near you.

  • Holding my breath…………


    Guess it's kinda like being in the desert dieing of thirst you want water so bad you start seeing and hearing whatever it is you want/need so bad only to find out it was really only your mind playing a cruel joke on you. Hope we find the “oasis” soon my throat is parched.

  • tyguyhunt

    tried not to get my hopes up. damn

  • HoosierSmitty

    So I guess that means we're toast.

    Well it was a good effort. Do we just ask recruits to let us be “in the top two” even though we know we won't land them? So many near misses.

    On to the next recruit….

  • Taskmaster75

    Clearly, you missed the sarcasm.

  • GFDave

    If its a no contact period, how is it that Mo was with their team celebrating? Just sayin….

  • robhann

    Let's try to put out on Twitter and Facebook how awesome Moses Abraham will be if he chooses IU #IUBB

  • firstinlineforsugarhigh

    Well Kentucky did it. UNC did it. Duke did it when their coach was absent. Why can't I.U. do it sooner whether than later?

  • firstinlineforsugarhigh

    Well Kentucky did it. UNC did it. Duke did it when their coach was absent. Kansas did it once upon a time ago. Why can't I.U. do it sooner than later.

  • iulineman

    As much as any of us would love to see this noone would be happier than Christian He NEEDS this Couldnt agree with u more

  • HoosierSmitty

    Can't we just sign up for a text alert or something? I'm tired of waiting for bad news.

  • ghoya

    its official he chose gtown

  • gocubsgo16

    Yeah I did miss the sarcasm it's hard to see that on line, and the scary truth is ally of IU fans think that they would rather have a cheating coach that wins than why crean brings! And I don't need to buy a sense of humor, sorry I don't find anything about anyone that put IU in the crapper funny! Just saying!!

  • GFDave

    Re-read the G-town post. I presumed that the team was there, but the post didn't say either way. My bad.

  • HoosierSmitty

    So when he makes the decision, how soon will it take before we find out? I'm all up for staying up tonight to hear the news and do shots if/when he selects IU. I'd rather get my hopes up and be bummed, than just figure we're going to lose him.

    Is there any chance our next assistant coach is someone connected to Abraham and his ability to improve as a big man? Or is that just pure coincidence that we are trying to land this big man and a new assistant coach at the same time?

    Come to IU Moses! We will love you!

  • MillaRed

    Kelin was called a moron today. Not very nice but sorry under the circumstances it was pretty funny. No worries Kelin, a moron you are not.

    I think we are all just plain desparate for good news. I'm not going to lose any sleep over this. Actually, I will stay up to hear the announcement, so I will lose sleep. I am an IU junkie and a liar.

    Crean needs this right now. For his sake I hope it happens. “Almost” counts for diddly in the recruiting game. There isn't a second place. Unfortunately we are “just missing” with regularity.

    Good luck to Alford at New Mexico and their solid 3 seed in the tourney. UAB just missed out with Mike davis after a solid start to the season.

    Moses! Moses! Moses! Moses!

  • hm07

    also the guy on that message board used like three periods in his entire statement. it sounded more like a 13 year old girl than a well-informed individual. not saying he isn't right, but i'm certainly not going to believe him.

  • StuHoo

    A Sox fan would never miss the sarcasm; a classy response by the esteemed Senor Blab. gocubsgo16: welcome yourself in as an ITH regular and you'll find that no one is more true blue (true Crimson?) than Kelin. An ITH fan might even be a Cubs fan that I could like!

  • tyguyhunt

    heard he still can't make a decision

  • HoosierSmitty

    That has to bode well for us…if it was Georgetown easy, then he'd just go with it. His gut has to tell him IU, even though the “smart” call is Georgetown. Trust the gut Moses! You'll be just another big man at Georgetown, but you can be part of something special at IU.

  • babydaddy08

    Get DJ on the phone to him!

  • Indiana Red

    How am I supposed to go to bed with this looming? Damn you, Abe.

  • babydaddy08

    Luckily I don't have to be in till 9 in the morning but c'mon already!

  • it's Indiana

    “And the Lord said unto Moses, get the up into this mount Abarim and see the land which I have given unto the Hoosiers of Indiana!”

  • hoosier scoop said it may be monday now

  • it's Indiana

    “O Lord, why have you brought trouble upon this people? Is this why you sent me?”

    -Moses (Bible quote)

  • babydaddy08

    IDS reports from text that Moses possibly waiting till morning-arrrghh

  • Taskmaster75

    Lol I understand it happens, but as a Cardinals fan, I completely understand why a Cubs fan couldn't pick it up that easily….


  • Indiana Red


    Time for bed. I'll sleep with my fingers crossed. Go eye you.

  • Kelin Blab

    StuHu….this may answer your question…

    1. Growing up wanted to be dave kingman
    2. Loved Barry Foote then Jody Davis
    3. Lee Smith was nasty
    4. Rick Sutcliff and Bruce Sutter were my all time favorite cub pictures
    5. and I do believe in the curse unfortunately
    6. Harry Carry broadcasting from the bleachers with no shirt on is what Cubs baseball is all about, along with THROWING the damn ball back on an opposing team's HR.

  • Kelin Blab

    Ok a couple of things……..

    1. WHere can I get a Siena jersey just for the first round
    2. If IU signs moses….Do you want Crean to shut it down for 2010? Do you want Yeguette too?

  • IUDan

    At the risk of being a spoil-sport .. .I'm excited at the possibility of landing this kid. But even if we do . . . let's keep expectations realistic .. . he may or may not be an impact player. He may or may not be a future all-conference player. I'm content to focus on who we have rather that who we may or may not get – we have a good nucleus. If Moses chooses Georgetown we will move on – if he WISELY chooses IU – welcome, and let's get into the program!

    Go Hoosiers.

  • IUDan

    I'd love them both . .. but there are big fish still out there for '11, and would hate to shut that down. Although my GUESS is that if we do accept two for 2010, that's all you need to know about our shot with the 2011s . . .

  • btowniualumn

    I personally want Yeguete as well. He seems to be tremendously athletic. You throw him into the mix w/ VO and Sheehey….possibly the addition of MA and Crean has put together an extremely athletic class. You can teach the fundamentals, adjust a players shot, footwork, and overall grasp of the game. You cannot teach athleticism and these guys have it. I think VO is going to be a big surprise here and Yeguete could really add a lot of depth as a 3/4. Im excited about where things are heading…..Crean is making the right strides for the future!!


    Maybe CTC's phone conversation had something in it that might have made him give a GU commit second thoughts. Trying to stay positive and realistic at the same time. Tough to do.

    But then again maybe it's just him being an eighteen year old that just decided to make a decision tomorrow instead of tonight. My three sons have made me realize that trying to understand the decision making process that most 18 year olds use is an exercise in futility let alone one making this kind of decision.

  • dcbhelpus

    Moes, whether he is here or not is not going to make or break our future or our team. He blocks shots of HS athletes- does not mean that he is set on skills. It would take a lot of work to get him to not foul out a third of the way through a big ten game. He seems to be a good kid and I am sure is prayerfully considering his options. My guess is he will pick GU but is praying about it after CTC's phone call this evening.


    Did you hear the whole piece on it or just catch part of it ? How sure were they about it ? Did they say who their source was ? And if you are just someone trolling and trying to jerk the IU faithfull around let me tell you that that is something that you really don't want to do on this blog. Your real name and address are only a few mouse clicks away and the IU faithfull are every where and we all know several people that have last names that end in vowels and have unusual nick names (just kidding) and if you are not somebody trying to do something like that then nice find, nice post and tell us more if you have it. Your post did gain some credibility pretty quick I will have to say when I read the part about “those cheating SOBs south of the river where the water starts to turn blue and begins to get a foul smell.

  • jgongora86

    The honorable Kelin Blab always holds IU on a high standard. I say it's been a pleasure to discuss all things related to the hoosiers. I salute you sir, but I am sorry that your a cubs fan. When you get cursed by a goat you know things are difficult.


    Don't say true blue, if he missed the sarcasm he might think you meant that Kelin is a pUKe fan and it would be pretty cruel to give anybody that impression about Kelin. We need to reserve that kind of thing for the people that deserve it you know murderers, pedophiles and such.

  • aceman07

    If you read through the GT blog sites then you see how in just a few days the fans went from, “Dude, Moses will be a great replacement for Greg Monroe,” to,”This Joe Boncoere guy seems like a real attention whore,” and other comments that suggest they are very nervous and JB has already said that he thinks Moses' decision will really surprise people, even him so hopefully this is good news for IU!!!

  • dougy

    YYAAAWWWWWWWNNNNNN. geeze Moses, why you keeping us up? Isnt tomorrow a school day? lol


    Good question…..hmmmm…..have to give it some thought as I would not give myself the go ahead to think seriously about if we should sign both of them as I did not think we even had a real chance of getting Moses. I know I know I know we don't have him yet and we may very well not get him but we seem to have a little bit better chance now then we did have a day or so ago. I will have to come to a decision rather quickly on this because the last thing I want to do if CTC calls is say I don't know I hadn't really thought about it. LOL

    Kelin, you really must try harder in the future to not hide the sarcasm so cleverly !!

    gocubgo, I am assuming that you are very new to this blog……I hope……to miss the sarcasm in a post like that from someone like him. If so hang around and you will be laughing along with us and will see why the regulars were laughing. If you are new than welcome and I think that you will find out that you will not find a better place to discuss IU bball and hear the latest on IU bball than right here.

  • StuHoo

    Growing up I wanted to be Mike Squires, drink Falstaff beer, and be the third wheel with Harry C and Jimmy Piersall in the booth. Looks like ITH can be a place where the Hatfields and McCoys can agree on things…like…PLEASE MOSES PLEASE!