Rivals: IU offers 6-foot-9 senior Moses Abraham

  • 02/19/2010 6:54 pm in

What a name. We’re working on trying to confirm this, but seeing as it’s dinner time on Friday night, that’s proving rather difficult.

Some vitals: Rivals has Abraham, who coach Tom Crean reportedly offered last night, listed at 6-foot-9, 237 pounds, with offers from Georgetown, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, UCLA and UConn, among many others. Rivals’ player page suggests Georgetown is leading for Abraham right now, something we’re also working to confirm.

Again, we’ll get back with you as soon as we know more.

Update: Here’s a YouTube video (thanks to B-Town IU Alumn for pointing this out) with some Abraham clips. He’s wearing No. 12 in the black.

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  • Cliff

    IU needs someone who can play right away especially in the middle. I’m new to this and if you have info on this let me know so i can get back in on the conversation.
    Thank you
    [email protected]

  • B-Town IU Alumn

    There is a video out there on Youtube….he seems to dominate down low. Decent footwork underneath. Not enough, though, to really get tremendously excited. His stats are good, but he is also a lot bigger than most of the kids he is playing against. Believe it or not, I still feel better about Yeguete’s athleticism and ability to create a difficult match-up. That’s more of Crean’s style anyway…we’ll see though. Apparently this kid was very impressed w/ Crean.

  • Well it seems like this kid is being looked at by some major schools including kentucky, Uconn, Tenn, texas, Georgetown, ect….

    This kid seems to have the size and weight we need and by the looks of who is watching him he must not be a joke. I'm not scared of a 3 star player….jordan crawford was a 3 star.

  • kentuckyhoosier

    we always seem to get in on the tail end of recruiting these players.

  • cooper

    Not sure why he'd pick IU over those schools unless he wants to play right away

  • marsh21

    If we had one solid low post player who could score with his back to the basket and rebound with some defensive presence IU would be a different team next year.

    At least he's not a 6-5 wing player….

  • Rivals has him as 4-star. Although not sure how he can be a 4* but not in their top 150. He definitely has an impressive list of school offering him.


    Sooner or later one of the high rated recruits is gonna bite on the Chance to be the program changer.. Until then we need to take what we get and build.. That includes 3 star Wings, Guards, Small Forwards or Big Men..

  • HoosierChan77

    Holy Moses, this would be a major piece of the puzzle if we could land this beast. Come on MA commit to IU!!!!!

  • valpohistory

    It's because he has only been in the country to a few months. He will probably be on their list at the end of the season

  • Jmac

    we should have been recruiting some other bigs before Moses. I would take this kid in a heartbeat but it seems we are behind on recruiting him. I realize those 5 star guards would have helped us out tremendously if they would have committed to us but now it is late in the game for a 2010 big man and as of right now we are sitting with neither.

  • coachv

    you two are nuts. this guy is already better than any player we have now, and that includes the guards. and he’s better now than bawa will ever be.

  • GFDave

    Can Moses lead us to the Promised Land? Ok, I'll leave the children of Abraham stuff and wandering around in the desert lore alone. Too heavy and predictable.

    I think the video shows that he seems to be much less of a project than Bawa or Tijan. He understands the basic concepts and can keep pace with the action mentally and physically. Beyond that, its not that revealing, at least to me.

  • vslice

    Wow, this game seems loaded with potential college players. Moses definitely has the basic's down. Decent foot work, but I agree that with all the college offers he has already received it would take a “miracle” to get Moses in the Hall. I love the pun. It so fun……

  • Disco_Briscoe

    We're getting in the game a little late and those are some schools competing. Looks athletic and has the ability to get up and dunk with authority, which is good. Kind of looks like he can use some work with his mechanics.


    For the record Abraham Could be the DJ white we have been looking for In a year or two… DJ didn't have that 13 ft fade away perfected until he was a SR. But how pretty it was…

  • Kelin Blab

    B Town…I am with you on Yeguete…nothing against Moses but I didn't see anything that Bawa could not be taught to do. I read last night Yeguete was the third best player on the Nike Florida team and they liked his leadership, explosiveness, and rebounding. Three things IU could use. I would not be upset bringing in Vic O, Sheehey, and Yegette…who would immediately be our three best athletes on the team along with Rivers.

  • marcusgresham

    This guy looks more the part than Yueguete (if I spelled that right,) at least from a size standpoint. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that Crean has a recent history with African-born players (not that there's been on-court success so far, but at least a future teammate in Bawa who has some common ground to discuss) could be a tipping point. I know, it's a stretch, but any advantage you can find at this point is one to go with.


    Do you think that they would be the three most athletic as in vertical hops and quickness or do you mean that they would be the three best players on the team ? Either way I think we have not seen enough, or I have not anyway, to know that for sure. I think VO or WS neither one will be better than Jones, Creek or Watford by the time they suit up for the first game next year. As far as the two bigs that have been recently noted on here I think that they stand a better chance of helping more and in less time but still don't come in and make an immediate impact but then again I don't think anyone really thought Creek would make the impact that he did either. Here's to hoping I'm wrong.


    Agree. Plus we don't know excatly where Bawa's game is going to be when we play our first game next year. Right now schollys are like gold and we must use them very wisely, but then again with where this team is big guy wise we wouldn't have too many bigs by adding either one of these guys.

  • cooper

    Bawa is not going to be good ever. Big men are either good or not. Rarely do they greatly improve. He has to greatly improve just to be serviceable.

    This guy and Yuegette are blah. Maybe they help on defense but where are the points going to come from next year? I'm sure 90% of you will say Creek, even though a majority of guys take 2 yrs to get back from bad knee injuries. Who else? VJ, Watford (who apparently may leave). Still not enough points to win consistently

  • IUDan

    I have to say I completely disagree. If anything, most big men are developed – rarely do they come in and dominate immediately. Those that do are exceptions, not the rule. The statement that Bawa will never be good is just crazy.

    Watford leaving? Where are you getting your information? .

  • HoosierChan77

    I beleive MA would give us a solid 5..Back to the basket looked good…footwork and hes wide…as long he can run and play team D he would be valuable.

  • BucketBrigade

    Watford leaving?!?!? Where did this start?, you can't just throw that out with out some source, explain yourself.

  • HOo_Hoo_Hoo_Hoosiers

    Watford isn't going anywhere. I would love to land Abraham. He's a player.

  • Kelin Blab

    IUMike….when I say they are the most athletic, I am talking these guys are active, finishers on offense and defense. I look at IU they don't have a guys that have the activity, speed, or length to play the passing lanes, come from the weak side and block shots, finish above people etc. For IU to get 2-3 guys like that is not the cureall but it would help. I good example of a finisher to me would be Chris Kramer, the kid from Tennessee, or a good IU finisher would be Keith Smart…..hopefully this is making some sense. I don't consider athletic just the ability to catch an alley oop but a lot more.

  • Kelin Blab

    I don't see enough of him to say that. What I did see last year, a you tube clip of a 7 footer built like a house, dunking, running the floor, and blocking shots….that was Bawa. Getting this kid would be great but I need to see more or read more…..


    Its really funny how the fair weather fans come out and critique every move (Recruit) Coach makes… Then they Critique the players.. Truth is Coach Crean and these 17 year old kids have a higher basketball IQ than 90% of those posting on this forum.. Its our Job to support the team. Coach is out here trying to do his best to bring this program back to life by bringing in the kids that belong in Indiana and fit his style of ball. Most of you guys just degrade him and the recruits everyday. Maybe those guys should stop trying to call themselves fans and put an application in at ESPN and see how far that gets them. But then again in 2 or 3 years when the Hoosiers are a top 10 squad they will be praising Crean like he is the Messiah.
    Go Hoosiers!


    For the record Abraham Could be the DJ white we have been looking for In a year or two… DJ didn't have that 13 ft fade away perfected until he was a SR. But how pretty it was…

  • cooper

    During a game chat, someone from one of the sites said there was talk of a player leaving or that Watford was disgruntled. I'm not saying it I don't have a clue thats what was said which was why I put apparently may

    Look at most centers, Shaq, Mourning, Mutombo, Ewing, Duncan, D. Robinson, started off good or very good. I can't think of many that went from straight stiff to good

  • IUDan

    Every player on this team should be disgruntled – it's hard to lose so much. I'd be surprised if Watford left though.

    Given your list of centers, it's hard to argue – all those guys are NBA All-Stars. That's not who I'm talking about. No believes Bawa will be an NBA All-Star – but he has the physical attributes to be an NBA player. By the way, Mutombo averaged all of about 11 minutes and 4 points per game as a freshman – not exactly a dominant force. Robinson played pretty well as a freshman, but he also played for Navy.

    More than any other position, big men can be developed – most do well in high school b/c they are simple so much bigger than everyone else – then they get hit with reality in college. But many go on to have productive college careers, even after slow starts.

  • plane1972

    Agreed, IUDan. Cooper is listing the greatest centers (and some 4s) of the past 20 years as the only serviceable bigs to play the game. There are guys like Uwe Blab who were projects and became quality bigs, but they do have to find the floor eventually. Bawa may not ever become, even, an Uwe, but they can fill a role with time. The guy is a freshman. Let's get a grip.

  • YouWillNeverKnow

    Rarely do big men improve. WHAT? Big men always take the longest time to improve.

  • jaygo97

    Rivers is a joke!!!!!!