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FINAL SCORE: 74-55 | Box score

Kicking it old school tonight.


1) Derek Elston. Not sure if Elston got more run tonight because he limited his defensive mistakes tonight, or because well, he just deserves it. (Because I think he does.) But he pumped in 13 points and seven rebounds in 24 minutes before fouling out, on 5-of-10 shooting from the field. He offers a nice, controlled, smooth, inside, outside dynamic on offense, and for a team full of guys that turn the ball over time and again, Elston turned the ball over just twice tonight.

He needs to play this much every night. He’s a guy that, if he defects and transfers this offseason, it would be a shame. The freshman has a shot at developing into a solid player in the years to come.

2) Motion and creation. At times tonight, this IU squad looked like the competent version from earlier in the season against lesser foes: Jeremiah Rivers was penetrating and it opened up more opportunities on offense. When this team dribbles and holds, holds, holds the ball around the peremiter, they’re unimaginative. When Rivers and Verdell Jones drive and move the ball off the top of the key, there’s more there for IU, because defenses have to rotate and adjust.

One particular play that stands out in the first half: Rivers took the ball from the left wing, dribbled near the hole and passed it off to Bobby C. Bobby C. found Daniel Moore near the top of the key. Moore shot-faked, got his defender up in the air, and then had a nice open shot just in front of the three-point line. He missed. Bad.

Someday, this will be Maurice Creek getting such a shot.

IU also tried getting out on the break and transition at times tonight. It wasn’t always successful, but these were two dynamics this team had early on, and have the Tom Crean seal of approval all over them.

IU just simply doesn’t have the personnel or talent to execute in these schemes night in and night out yet.

3) Bawa played. And scored! Then Tijan poked him in the eye. Bad Tijan.


1) Dear ITH reader,

I will pay you the sum of $1 million U.S. dollars if in IU’s remaining slate of games, they go the entire 40 minutes without catching a pass, having some sort of brain aneurysm and randomly traveling for no good reason at all. Ha. Just kidding. No. I won’t do that.

It’s a mental, timid, unsure hiccup,  like going in to kiss a girl, and putting your lips to her eyes.

How many times has IU done such a move this season? By my count, it’s eleventy gillion.

But, for serious: IU had 18 turnovers tonight. And Purdue was able to score 22 points off these turnovers. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

2) Lots of fouls tonight. Purdue didn’t do the greatest job of converting (they were 21-of-31 from the line) but when your best two true bigs — Tom Pritchard and Bobby C. — along with Elston all have four fouls with just over 10 minutes to go in the second half, this is not a good thing.

3) Defense. Way too many open threes in the first half. Some difficulties helping and rotating.

And honestly: Yes, I know IU lost by 19 points tonight. And its the same as it ever was these last 11 games now. But let me paint you this picture. Say IU doesn’t dribble the ball off their feet and turn the ball over like the local Y team this evening. Say they close out on shooters, and instead of fouling so much, they make Purdue work for their points, and make them miss here and there.

This game is much closer. This is not IU down in the mid to high teens when it matter most; it’s IU within high single digits with a chance to strike and make things interesting. Of course, I’m not saying IU wins this game. That’s silly.

But I am saying that if this team can cut out some of the nonsense come Big Ten season next year, Creek and Roth return and the program doesn’t see wide-scale defection, the seeds are there for improvement and success.

And at this point, that’s all anyone’s asking for.

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  • Wish

    How many games in a row can the point guard play where the reason he doesn't get assists is that his teammates don't hit their shots? Is it 12 games? Please let me know because I'm not agreeing with that excuse at all.

    One of you is saying that might be his best game of the year and another says he had a poor game. I think it's probably about par for the course at this point.

    I'm not saying he needs to have 8-12 assists a game but he only had 8 assists for the entire month of February (8 games). He's had 18 total assists in 2010 (16 games) in almost 29 minutes a game.

    He's not the A#1 reason why IU is struggling but I think they need to upgrade at that position.

  • MillaRed

    I hear you Dan.

  • marcusgresham

    Watford shouldn't be able to transfer because he should be locked in the weight room for the entire off season with no possible way of getting out. There is NO excuse for him being guarded by Chris Friggin' Kramer on the block and not scoring at will.

  • jwoody

    Yep, it's not about donations, but I'm sure Doc's connections and influence can help in recruiting. I wonder how much that influences CTC's treatment of JR. Is he willing to look the other way and just accept that we're going to be bad for a couple years? Hopefully, the Doc connection can help us in the future? I don't know, but it's obviously clear that JR's poor play and attitude are bringing us down.

  • MillaRed

    It is a million dollar question isn't it? The only way it makes sense to me is if Austin lands at IU. I'm sure that after watching JR at the point for two years we will be even!

  • aceman07

    Even if he does back out of his verbal to Florida, I hope he's a much better player and shooter than his brother!


    I really don’t see CTC’s lineups or substitution sceems are centered around whether Doc Rivers is a significant donor or not. Nor do I beleive he would want it that way. He is well respected and not for those reasons. His son, JR has palyed for two historic programs in College basketball. One in which he transfers from, if attitude was a problem at Georgetown and Docs money was no good there, what makes someone think that it would be good at Indiana. Crean set him last night for good reason. Even though it may be a little late, to be doing him or the team any good this year. It could be sending him a message for the off season and next year. I see 2 transfers. I just hope we don’t lose someone we really need to stay. CTC will bring this program back, but it wont be with players that do not want to play his way. I do question what kind of work that is being done with the bigs. Go back to basics for heavens sake. Good ole George Mikan drills….anything..really, if anyone still remembers them. Just an observation…. CTC has to many coaches just like him on the bench…High energy…to many people talking during time outs. It appears as if they tune one of them out quite a bit…TB…. These kids need one voice in game situtions…timeouts questionable. Don’t see much teaching when they come out, to begin the correction process. I’ve said way to much. You guys butcher it up for a while. Bring on Moses, if Indiana comes back prominence with him he will more popular for years to come here than anywhere else he could go. Go Hoosiers

  • valpohistory

    I agree that it's really hard to watch and it's because we get buried so early. When we come out and hit shots, we play SOOO much better for the game. When we miss like five buckets in a row, we're screwed. We essentially have to make our first basket of the game, or we lose by twenty.

  • valpohistory

    I laughed real hard when I read your comment about being locked in the weight room, however, I disagree with your statement about Kramer. Let me stress, I HATE CHRIS KRAMER. He's such a little **** and thought I don't know him, all of my friends who go to Purdue insist that he is a d*** too. However, he has been doing the same hounding of players for other teams too, and he shuts most of them down too. He guarded Raymar Morgan and Delvon Roe for Michigan State the other night and whenever he was on one of them, he shut them down. Kramer is an outstanding defensive player, which it kills me to say

  • valpohistory

    See, I've felt that way all season. Especially in the last half of the season when we started playing the top teams in the big ten. I made the same argument you just did, but last night, in my opinion, they quit. You could see it in the faces of the players. They were completely defeated. They looked like they wanted to season to be over. I wish I didn't believe it, but unfortunately I do. I just want one more win. One more, that's all. I want them to come out hard, and beat NW on Saturday. The Hoosiers are an addiction I can't beat

  • IUMike4

    The only place I differ is with VJ at the point. I think IU needs to have Hulls running the offense because of what he sees and how he distributes. Not really as much to knock Verdell, but his vision is to score and drives with his head down – although with nice control. I like Verdell off the ball where he can focus on the pull up jumper. With a little more confidence and a full season under his belt, I think Hulls will be more confidant in getting into the lane and can create for others. But I like the idea of mixing in the bigger line-up with C Wat at the 3.

    I’d like to see a Hulls, MO, CW, Elston, and Capo – with VJ3 getting equal minutes off the bench and going 3 guards as necessary. TP, Bawa, VO, Sheehey, Roth and JR can all take complimentary roles as able.

    I see C Wat taking this off-season and letting the game slow down for him a bit. He just needs to learn to read the defense when he attacks and next year and he’ll be a monster.

  • valpohistory

    I don't think anyone is arguing that we don't need an upgrade, hell, we need an upgrade at every position. That's the reality of college basketball. However, I'm going to have to agree with ronb about the shooters not making their shots. We shot approx. 38% yesterday. We have no idea how many times Hulls dished it out, and someone missed a shot, but 38% is never a good number to shoot from the field. Not to say that the TO's are good, because they're not, but choosing to dwell on only the TO's and assists is a dangerous game to play, as it doesn't show the whole story. I will agree with you though, it is becoming pretty much the par for the course as of recently

  • valpohistory

    I saw the same argument being made on another site, and I think that's extreme. Putting him on the bench won't do anything. I'll bet one of the assistants or someone in the office found out, told Crean and he “handled it.” Let's just say, I'm sure River's legs are very tired today. Crean is a disciplinarian, but he can't do it on the court right now, because we don't have the depth to remain competitive if we have to bench one of our players for insubordination. But, believe me, I guarantee he took care of it.

  • valpohistory

    For the outrebounded thing, I think we will get better with that as our freshman develop. We have a lot of guy's with size, they have just recently looked lost. They had been rebounded the ball pretty well. Experts most often say, you gain the most development between your freshman and sophomore year so let's hope our bigs can gain a TON of a strength and do a nice job for us next year. Add in some other bigs that can rebound that basketball, and we should be in a good shape.

    I also cracked up about the offensive rebounding comment. Hilarious

  • valpohistory

    He played good defense and rebounded well last night, so he stayed on the court. It's as simple as that.

  • MillaRed

    I like the philosophy as long as we don't use the same plan they used with Pritchard. (I know I am horrible)

    In Crean's 3-guard offense the bigs really do the dirty work more than score. I still think this would be our best 2010 line-up if Bawa can get his feet under him.

    PG – VJIII
    SG – Mo
    SF – CW
    PF – Elston
    C – Bawa/Capo

    I have the most hope for scoring and rebounding with this group on the floor. Hopefully Verdell commits himself to defense. I think Creek will be there already.

  • valpohistory

    Agree with every point. I'll be there too, holding a sign about Abraham too.

  • Kelin Blab

    IULaw….I am glad to hear that about Yeguete, I have seen nothing of him and not sure if he has visited IU but I would be thrilled to get him. Moses I like that he is big and brings some skills, I just want a big that is ready to play…….I don't know how much longer bawa needs…

  • Hoosier in Ohio

    Didn’t anyone notice that after 2 straight turn overs that led to 2 Layups and a free throw, Purdue’s lead went from 10 to 15, Rivers asked Crean to take him out, even JR realized how bad he had been playing. Indiana then scored the next 3 times down the floor until Crean took out Elston, too much of a good thing. Shortly after JR came back in then the Purdue lead went from 12 to 18 in just a minute.
    I just wonder, if we might have won a few more games and would be a bit more competative if Hulls had been playing point guard all year. Some wishfull thinking.

  • GFDave

    I think we respectfully disagree a little. Cool. But I'm sure Coach views the toughness issue as a broader problem than just Jones. Crean talks about it all the time these days.

  • GFDave

    I think this goes deeper than dollars. I bet Doc helped Crean at Marquette. I think Doc can still help IU with recruiting and endorsing Crean as a coach.

  • Hardwood83

    I have to agree. This is my single largest let-down this year. I thought IU would have a MAJOR upgrade at point guard in Defense, distributing the ball and some offense. Obviously that hasn't happened with any consistency. I think he can still contribute, like you said as a defensive stopper and back-up point.

  • JerryCT

    Really good questions. Is it the strength coach ? The position coach ? The players' attitude toward work ? The schemes ? …… and the players need answers.

    This is why I have suggested CTC needs a consultant (like Lute Olson, Eddie Sutton, Dick Bennett) to use as a “sounding board” and to add some fresh insight into our program. When they confirm his approach he gains confidence , when they suggesst changes he gets ideas……… could this hurt a losing program ?

    Also alot of teams collapse this time of year when they have failed to live up to their expectations. Example: GTWN and ND last year or UCONN , MICH this year. It happens.

  • Hardwood83

    I tend to agree with all of your assessments…..Crean inherited TP, and now has 2yrs invested with little apparent improvement, Rivers has regressed to the point he's a huge liability and Watford looks physically & mentally exhausted. What to do about it? Kicking a bunch of guys out of the program to start over or look for JUCO's -especially at this point in time- is more then a little scary. I say continue developing this roster (unless they manifest un-coachable attitudes) since there literally isn't anyone to take their place. Juco quick fixes are very seldom the answer. IU needs to bring in quality, talented kids (preferably some big ones soon) and develop them, IMO. There are no quick fixes.

  • plane1972

    I live in Oklahoma City and have become a transplant OSU Cowboys fan. Eddie Sutton is largely responsible for Oklahoma A&M's rise back to respectability, but he is allowed nowhere near my alma mater's hoops team, Jerry. I agree with your thoughts, though. Counsel from other experienced coaches is invaluable.

  • Kelin Blab

    My hope is as this season comes to a close that we don't get caught up in the “who's going to transfer game” or “who should leave”. I know of another message board that allows that but it serves no one any good. Sure we all want the team to do well and in all honesty I want all the guys to come back, work on their game, and get better. These are kids and it is obivious they read this stuff and unless ONE OF THEM does an online interview with Alex and the gang and says they are leaving…I believe none of the rumors.

    Now keep the recruiting rumors coming, those are fun 🙂

  • HoosierSmitty

    Look, I'm with those of you who are just praying that this team can put it together one more time and get another win out of this season. We're down to basically two chances.

    From the way we've played lately, it doesn't seem likely that we'll win a game, but I'll keep watching and hoping. It'd be nice if we could at least just keep it close for longer than 5 minutes.

    I like that Elston has stepped up lately and Hulls has knocked down some good jumpers. Our defense is miserable, but I'll take those offensive baby steps.

    I'd like Crean to just bench Rivers for an entire game and see what happens. Am I crazy for thinking that Daniel Moore might actually hurt us LESS than Rivers?

    For the last two games I wish we could see a lot of Hulls at PG, a lot of VJIII at SG, and a lot of Watford at SF with Elston spelling him some minutes and getting a lot of time at the 4 as well. Capo and Pritchard can split time at 4 and 5 and Bawa should see some court time. Dumes can play as needed, but let's see what the young guys can do on the court together.

  • marcusgresham

    I was glad to see Bawa on the floor, too, but I think I noticed something. He was originally 7'0″ when we first heard about him, then he became 6'11″– one inch, no big deal—but it looked to me like he was even an inch or two shorter than JaJuan Johnson

  • marcusgresham

    I think a light bulb just went on for me thanks to this post. We all keep saying “play the young guys if you're going to get beat anyway,” which I don't disagree with, but what about this one: “if you're going to get beat anyway,” play the up-tempo offense you want to run when you get better. What good is it to slow things down if you're still going to get beat? Why not keep trying to run, hopefully improving on that for next year when everyone's a year older, a year more experienced, and (presumably) a year better instead of drudging along and having to learn a whole new approach?

  • kesims

    Please someone explain to me what happened…i did not catch it

  • vslice

    I think the thing that kills me the most is when Rivers turns the ball over and looks at the bench and mouths, “MY BAD, MY BAD”. Like its no big deal at all, no change in his face just kind of this cocky frown and then continues to play. I do think Rivers care's it just not that die hard kind of concern that Indiana people have come to know and expect. He has flat out been exposed and because he is athletic, he is able to get steals, rebounds, and a few assists. His all around play is horrible, his shot is just unreal, his constant circus layups (always trying to make the headline on ESPN) , and the fact that he doesnt make people around him better — he actually makes them worse. I think Doc knows that his boy isnt that great and really appreciates Crean for letting his boy get these kinds of minutes cause I can guarantee you he would not get the amount of minutes at any other school. Besides Pritchard, Rivers has got to be the most frustrating player to watch, I'm not sure if he is even capable because I have never seen it, I've seen his energy but energy doesnt win you ballgames. Look, one more year and he's gone and I'll be honest, I wouldn't be upset at all if Rivers had to fight with these freshman for playing time. Hulls should be our PG and Rivers should come of the bench to give him a blow and thats about it. Its really sad because I thought Rivers was going to make this team better, not worse and thats exactly whats happened — he has made this basketball team worse. Sorry if this offends anyone, but it's not like this has been going on for a game or two. This has been going on since the beginning of the year, its been a constant downward spiral.

  • marcusgresham

    I don't want Rivers to go anywhere only because he's already transferred so he could only go to a D-II school and I don't want to take the chance of him going down to Evansville and screwing up USI's team!

  • vslice

    We dont play a standard post game — a triangle. We dont down screen — somekind of motion offense. We dont feed the post — what kids learn in the fifth grade. We dont do any of these things. We play a dribble drive offense, which eliminates any chance of assists. We play this high post screen and weave game that turns into a dribble drive and once again takes away any chance for an assist. Maybe it sounds like excuses to you, but even when Jordan does have the opportunity to make a nice pass its either fumbled away or they don't knock down the open shot. Think about it man, when is the last time you have seen VJ catch a pass, take one or two dribbles and shoot???? — NEVER. Everything is off of a dribble drive, we do not run an offense thats is conducive to assists. You will see more assists from the bigs then you will from the guards. This is why I cant understand why TC didn't change things up a bit when Mo Creek went down. Oh well, I'm just a recliner coach, but to constantly harp on the fact the Hulls isn't giving us assists is something that I think is out of his control. At least he doesnt hurt us with constant turnovers. For being a freshman and playing the minutes that he has I'm impressed with the fact that he has been in decent control for most of the season.

  • vslice

    Scary thing about it though is that Nick Williams followed Crean to IU. He was going to play for Marquette but then followed him to IU and still transferred. Thats seriously scary. Malik Story is a completely different story, ha ha no pun intended. Seriously he was from LA and originally wanted to play for USC (I think), but decided to play for TC. After a long year he realized he wanted to be closer to family and friends which is completely understandable, but the NIck Williams thing as always bothered me, bothered me bad cause this kid pretty much decided to play for Crean when he was a junior in high school. This team would be so much better/different with him on the team, WHY DID HE REALLY LEAVE???

  • kate545

    >>if his attitude wouldn't of got in the way

    Honestly, I was a bit stunned to find out IU (Sampson) was recruiting a student who had been suspended because he hit a ref.

  • kate545

    check out that Michigan blog that compares Fresh point guards for perspective.

  • kate545

    check out that Michigan blog that compares Fresh point guards for perspective.

  • marsh21

    I feel the same way many of you do about Crean's offensive system. What is it? I'm actually serious. I don't understand his goals and what he's looking for. The dribble drive weave thing at the top of the arc doesn't pay off. His high ball screens are 30 feet from the basket. I do see some set plays but the screening is so poor there's no impact. The out of bound plays some times have the kids just standing there trying to do a 1 on 1 move.

    This team has needed structure all year long and an offensive outlook that takes into consideration their individual abilities. Early in the season he kept saying “i don't want to give these players too much to think about” and I think that's back fired a little. Why does he force CW to play the low post every time??? He's a three man, not a four! Yes, I know there are few options for the four position on this team, however CW has not been effective in the 4 position. Why have him force the ball into the crowd instead of creating a little space and pulling up for the 8 footer? TP has been bad most of the year but it takes Crean forever to make the switch to Capo???

    I'm a Crean supporter but I'm seeing some things that concern me. Slow to make changes, erratic substitution patterns, etc… You know my 16 month old girl stops trying to fit the square peg in the round hole after failing and starts trying something new.

    BTW – the transfer talk is valid. I'm sure we will lose 1 or 2 but that's expected after difficult seasons. No way this team improves to 500 next year, I'm sorry but I just don't see it. Rivers could be a bad seed for this group. The wave off was very disrespectful and speaks to his character which might be bleeding into others.

    Go IU

  • Dumes and Jobe are probably the worst Juco's we have had at IU. If we had a guy like Rob Turner, Marco Killingsworth, Lynn Washington, Lance Stemler, William Gladness, Mike White, Keith Smart, or Dean Garrett (to name a few) this team would show improvement by leaps and bounds. All of the Juco I mentioned played signicant time and significant roles for IU. They would be a great fit because they would bring experience to our team. They guys we have now = 9 or 10 wins a year. We do have talent on the team that is young, but big keys to us loosing this year have been because of Tom Pritchard and Rivers. I mean we were down by 11 for a while against Purdue and Rivers had to have 3 or 4 unforced turnovers that could of equaled anywhere from 3-12 points for us. If they team is down by single digits they play harder and their mind set is better. Bawa never gets to play so I don't even see why he would want to stay. Replace these 3 with guys like Killingsworth, Turner, and Mike White (or even players a little less gifted) and we are in the NIT. I don't care who Rivers dad is or how good he thinks he is…..these are my hoosiers and I'm tired of loosing due to lack of effort and completely stupid turnovers. I can not bear to watch Rivers make us look like the biggest idiots in the league next year….I just can't bear to watch it.


    Thanks that was very interesting. Not quite sure exactly how they have come up with the numbers but a person can make out enough of it to see that Hulls has not played as bad as some think he has. Plus I'm sure that if you took his team's situation and factored that into the equation somehow his numbers would look even better but like Bob was so fond of saying you can make statistics say just about anything you want them to say depending on how you apply them. Even with having said that it does shed some light on the fact that he has played better than some think he has.


    I didn't get to see the game so am in the dark as to what happened also. Can someone elaborate.

  • Hey guys..

    The stats are just pretty much standard. Hulls stands out because of his shooting. Jump shooters typically have higher offensive ratings (the stat includes a number of factors). But you will also notice Hulls doesn't use a lot of possessions which means he doesn't take a high percentage of IUs shots.

    Most freshmen point guards can't shoot and it's clear that Hulls is at least a decent three point shooter at 36%.

    The biggest thing to remember is not to get too down on a freshman point guard I think. Especially on a struggling team, they are probably being asked to do too much.


    Was doing the exact same thing and would have typed it almost the exact same way. Thanks for saving me all the key strokes. The Rivers thing may be a moot point next year in that Hulls may make it so obvious that he should be the starter that it has to happen. Check out the link, well above these, that kate545 has on her reply to Wish it is the UM Hoops site and has some pretty interesting stuff. While it just compares freshman guards I would still like to plug the numbers Rivers has rung up into it and see how his numbers match up against all of those true freshman.


    Perfectly put. We are not deep enough not to be hurt by anyone transfering at the end of this season plus say what you want but there isn't any underclassman that either will help us or definately has the possibility of helping this team in some way or another next year. A deep bench is one of those things that there is just no substitute for plus it allows us to absorb an injury more easily ( we all learned the hard way just how much that can affect a team ) and it allows us another coach at no cost to the university. Coach Splinters, used correctly, can be one of the most effective coaches there is.

  • MillaRed

    I'm not sure IU will put VJ at the point or not next season. I was just thinking it might be a possibility. But to say he will come off the bench next year just isn't realistic.

    I realize Creek was on a great roll to begin the season, but Verdell has been our best offensive player for the last two years. I feel he has more then earned a starting nod.

    If Hulls starts knocking down those 3-pointers at a 40% clip he becomes much more valuable. The concern for me is his complete lack of assists with major minutes. I think he may be year away before he is a solid PG in the Big Ten.

  • Kelin Blab

    Marsh I agree with you on the “crean” system not being very clear. I would love to see some more off the ball movement. However, if you look at his dribble drive, he does not have the pieces to pull it off right now. Jones is the ONLY one who can get to the basket and finish but has few options to kick out or off too. Rivers can't finish and Hulls is not a penetrator. If you look at KY Wall and get to the basket and finish or kick out or dump off to a patterson……VJ3 can't kick it out to roth and our post are constantly getting shots blocked…… I think it will improve more with Creek returning, finishers like VO and Sheehey….and hopefully a big man.

  • marsh21

    Agreed. JR is a major negative for this team and it's all his attitude. I noticed his nose in the air as well when Copo was trying to speak with him. Listen, he's a rich kid with a famous father and mentally this might be too much for him to handle. I remember when I was 21, if I had money and a famous father hell I might have been the same way.

    I would like to see him go now!!!

  • tyguyhunt

    So Moses may not be coming to the NU game…

  • trailrunner

    Good evaluation. But once in a while we do play an offense where we toss it inside and set screens for passes to produce open shots. The offense we run does not work and is easy to defend. When the defense plays zone pass quickly around the edge or send it inside and when they collapse zip it to the open jump shooter. Basketball 101.

  • trailrunner

    In my opinion this is what IU needs to do to improve next year.

    – Change offensive philosophy to fit the players skills.
    – Put Watford at his natural position SF.
    – Practice, practice, practice FT's.
    – Give Capo and Pritchard a football scholarship and bring in a talented big man from JUCO or somewhere else.
    – Start Elston at the 4
    – Weight room 2 x day and 5 mile run 3 x week.
    – Crean is the only one who talks during a timeout.
    – Re-evaluate assistant coaches.
    – Crean dialogues with Izzo or others to gather different perspectives.
    – Recruit a natural point guard with passing and dribbling skills.
    – Play Bawa or find him a good home.
    – Practice fundamental drills every day.
    – Watch the movie Hoosiers and write a short essay about what you learned to read to the squad.