Hartman’s buzzer beater lifts Cathedral over Roncalli

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Throughout the season, Inside the Hall will keep you posted on how 2010 signees Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey and 2011 commitments Austin Etherington and Matt Carlino, as well as other notable prospects being recruited by Indiana, are performing at their respective schools.

You can send us stats or results for this report at [email protected]. Here’s our latest update:

+ Victor Oladipo – DeMatha (MD): No scores reported on the Washingon Post’s Web Site this week; games likely cancelled due to weather in Washington D.C. area.

+ Will Sheehey – Sagemont (FL): Finished with nine points, six rebounds, three assists, two steals and a turnover in 51-40 win over Coral Springs Christian on February 13 to win district. Eight points and seven rebounds in 67-32 win over Parkway on February 12.

+ Austin Etherington – Hamilton Heights (IN): Did not play this week. Up next: Northwestern at home on February 16.

+ Matt Carlino – Bloomington South (IN): Missed the second half of South’s 62-51 win at Warren Central after suffering a mild knee injury. Carlino finished with six points, three rebounds and four assists as Bloomington South moved to 17-0.

+ Collin Hartman – Cathedral (IN), 2013 (pictured): Jumper at the buzzer to lift Cathedral over Roncalli, 45-43, on February 11. Finished with a game-high 18 points. 18 points in 72-40 rout of Heritage Christian on February 13.

+ A.J. Hammons – Carmel (IN), 2012: Four points in 44-34 loss to Lawrence North on February 8. Six points in 68-65 win at Hamilton Southeastern on February 11.

+ Aaron Thomas – Aiken (OH), 2011: 30 points, six rebounds, two assists, two steals and two turnovers in 87-58 win over Woodward on February 12.

+ Branden Dawson – Gary Lew Wallace (IN), 2011: Did not play this week as game at East Chicago Central on February 9 was canceled. Up next: At Gary Roosevelt on February 19.

+ Cody Zeller – Washington (IN), 2011: 20 points and 11 rebounds in a 78-35 win over Owen Valley on February 11.

+ Darryl Hicks – Shelby County (KY), 2013: Nine points in 72-56 win over John Hardin on February 13.

+ DeJuan Marrero – Bowman Academy (IN), 2012: Nine points in Bowman Academy’s first loss of the season, 59-55, at Culver Academy on February 11.

+ D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera – North Central (IN), 2012: 17 points in blowout win over Terre Haute South on February 13. The win was the 11th straight for North Central. 14 points as North Central downed Terre Haute North, 60-41, on February 11.

+ Gary Harris – Hamilton Southeastern (IN), 2012: 15 points in 68-65 loss to Carmel on February 11. Bounced back from loss with 12 points in 52-34 win over New Palestine on February 13.

+ Jeremiah Davis – Muncie Central (IN), 2011: With Tom Crean in attendance, Davis scored 30 points, including 5-of-7 3-pointers, in a 84-58 win at Anderson on February 11. Scored 10 points in 72-59 win at Logansport on February 13.

+ Jeremy Hollowell – Lawrence Central (IN), 2012: 20 points in 59-47 loss to Mt. Vernon on February 13. 22 points in 59-53 loss to Franklin Central on February 11.

+ Kellen Dunham – Pendleton Heights (IN), 2012: Game-high 17 points in 54-44 win at Yorktown on February 8.

+ Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell – Park Tudor (IN), 2012: 15 points in a 52-28 win over Scecina on February 11. Knocked off Broad Ripple, 40-38, on February 13.

+ Marquis Teague – Pike (IN), 2011: 23 points, as Pike improved to 11-5, in 81-61 win at Manual on February 12. 19 points in 83-66 win over Bloomington North on February 8.

+ Ron Patterson – Broad Ripple (IN), 2012: 16 points in 49-40 win over Southport on February 11. Broad Ripple fell at Park Tudor, 40-38, on February 13.

(Photo credit: Indianapolis Star)

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  • q95

    i have always felt that tc's success at getting this thing turned around rests in his ability to land the states top players. as fans know full well, our success at getting this done in at least the last 10 years has been dismal. in looking at this years 16 man roster, i believe we have seven kids from indiana. (purdue's roster has something like 13.) next years class looks decent, however both kids are from out of state. also, i must admit i never get to excited about florida recruits unless we are talking football. the 2011 looks solid…both indiana kids. hopefully we have many more to follow in the years ahead.

  • Kelin Blab

    The bigs out of this bunch, Zeller seems the best fit and the most likely, J.Davis I think is playing the “WWTD” game (What Will Teague Do), and can IU break into the region…..lets hope so.

  • Guest

    Man Kelin in regards to Zeller I just hope it doesn't turn into a situation like his older brothers. First of all they both went elsewhere and with Luke it didnt pan out due to him just not being a very effective 7 footer and Tyler cant stay healthy. That being said I hope a kid like Cody realizes that sure it would be great to go to a school like North Carolina or a top tier program RIGHT NOW, but if he realized that he would get so much love from the in state fans and would get immediate PT and could be a big piece to the puzzle he would probably have a much more substantial career than at least Luke (Tyler if he could stay healthy is yet to be seen how his career at UNC will pan out).

  • q95

    i have always felt that tc's success at getting this thing turned around rests in his ability to land the states top players. as fans know full well, our success at getting this done in at least the last 10 years has been dismal. in looking at this years 16 man roster, i believe we have seven kids from indiana. (purdue's roster has something like 13.) next years class looks decent, however both kids are from out of state. also, i must admit i never get to excited about florida recruits unless we are talking football. the 2011 looks solid…both indiana kids. hopefully we have many more to follow in the years ahead.

  • jaywiz

    Whats up with Carlinoi's knee?

  • Don't believe it's anything serious or that he will miss any time.

  • I'm not sure how much of Luke's failure was his own issues, or the system that Bray tried to force him into. If there's someone who can underutilize talent, it's Mike Bray (see, Thomas, Chris).

  • Agree! I really think a lot of Tom Crean's fate the next couple years rests in the hands of Zeller and Teague. If he can't land a commitment from at least one of them, and maybe even both this summer, then he better win an unexpected number of games next year, because the heat will begin to get dialed up if both those kids go elsewhere.

    I'm not saying I'll be on that bandwagon, but this program desperately needs some good news, and if it doesn't come soon, people will really ramp up the criticism. Landing both Teague and Zeller would send a strong message that Crean can land big-time recruits, and it would send a message that IU/Crean plan on locking up the state going forward.

  • marcusgresham

    Aw, c'mon! Charlie Miller was from Florida and he was, uh, wait, you're right….

  • Kelin Blab

    I think the IU system is ideal for Tyler as from what I see our post need to be able to face the basket, have some mid range game, and rebound….three things I think Cody is strong at. Not sure how his back to the basket game is but I think for Crean's system it could work.

  • Kelin Blab

    BGleas I think you are somewhat right, but what could ease the pain of not landing Zeller or Teague would be, continuing to land in-state players….If we did nothing else for 2010, and lost out on Teague and Zeller in 2011….but added J.Davis to that class it would not be horrible. I think Creans big splash is 2012 with DSR, Patterson, Perea, Hollowell, Jurkin, Hammons etc.

    I know we want bigs, I want bigs but to lock down this state would be huge and it hasn't been done at IU since bob…..

  • I agree '12 could be a big splash, but unless some of those guys are committing this summer, then I think Crean really needs a win from '11. I'm in the patience/this takes time group, but a lot of people aren't. I just think the heat is going to be raised a notch if we go into next season only adding VO and Sheehey along with Zeller and Teague committing elsewhere.

    Not that I really know anything about him, but just from reading boards and different sites, it seems like Davis would be a really good get, but not a “splash”. IMO CTC needs a splash. Does that make sense?

  • While I agree that Davis might not be the “splash” or “big name recruit” that some feel Indiana needs, he would be a huge pickup. He's an athlete that can play either guard position and unlike Teague, he'll likely be in college for 3-4 years.

    The bottom line right now is that Indiana needs talented players and Davis fits the bill. If he wants to come, then you take him.

  • Kelin Blab

    Gleas and Alex maybe both of you can chime in on this…..Looking at this team now, I don't know if this team next year with Selby or Irving is a tourney team…close maybe, but not a sure thing. Which is why I don't think Crean needs a big splash like on of those kids right now. What do you think?

    Why I would go with locking down the state…in 2011 if IU signs , J.Davis, Carlino, and Etherington, IU then has three of the top 10 players in the state, including 2 and 3 with carlino and davis.

    2012 IU signs lets be generous and say DSR, Patterson, Hammons or Jurkin…once again you have 2 of the top 5 players in the state, maybe three. There is your big splash that has been lacking in Indiana since Knight…davis or sampson could not keep these Indiana kids in Indiana.

    Now in 2011 or 2012 Crean could sell hard to a one and done kid, you are the final piece to the puzzle on a good team. I just think he is struggling now closing the deal and selling kids on having a lot of P/T and national exposure, but uncertainty on winning. I love basketball, I played in college in Division 3, I sure as hell would struggle going into a rebuilding project having come from a successful winning h.s. program …….that is why Crean gets paid the big bucks.

  • No, I agree with you. I probably didn't word it as well. My desire for Teague is more for off the court and the potential impact that could have on future recruiting. But, I agree that getting a reallygood 3-4 year player like Davis is maybe just as, if not more, important.

    Imagine if Crean can land Davis and DSR back-to-back. DSR's freshmen year you'd have Hulls, Creek, Davis, DSR, Sheehey, Ethrington, Carlino and VO in the back court. That's a pretty dynamic and diverse group. Add in Elston, Watford, Capo, Bawa (hopefully developed) and hopefully Zeller on the inside, and I think that's a pretty good team. I'm sure not all those guys will still be around, but that's a good building block for Crean's first really-really good team.

  • I'm with you. Add Selby or Irving and I think we're a potential bubble team, but a lot of that depends on Creek's rehab and everyone else being healthy. Also, my theory on Teague being a big splash is more about the same Indiana thing you're mentioning, as opposed to getting a one-and-done. Davis is good, but IU needs to start getting the #1 guy in the state consistently.

    I think I'm just doing a terrible job of explaining what I mean :). I think the fan base and Crean could use the message that landing Teague would send to the surrounding rivals and the country. On the court, I don't think the difference between Davis and Teague is that big of a deal, especially considering Davis would be there 3-4 years.

    I do think Crean has to come out of '11 with Zeller. I like a Davis-Carlino-Ethrington class, but IU need's help in the paint, and couple that need with losing both Teague and Zeller (the big you needed) is a tough blow.

    And yes, I realize I'm debating both sides here 🙂

  • Kelin Blab

    No you are making some good points….today ….my odds are…
    IU and Teague 40/60…..I think we are ahead of L'ville, behind KY, but if the rumor of him cancelling his Ky trip over the weekend for that big game is true…you never know.

    IU and Zeller..I reverse it..60/40. Zeller knows what he has in IU and his opportunity. He and the family knows why the other two didn't really consider IU, and it was more the coaches fault. I am sure Crean has made peace and is doing all he can. I honestly think we land Zeller because he knows the program, he knows the opportunity, he has Indiana elite teammates heading their in Carlino, Etherinton, and possibly others…and most importantly he goes to IU he wins Mr. Basketball….unless Teague commits to IU then he wins Mr. Basketball…

  • Funny how committing to IU can help you win Mr. Basketball. Have you seen Davis play? Just curious because a lot of chatter says he's not having a good year. Know what that's about?

  • Kelin Blab

    I saw him play against teague ironically. First he is on an ok team, very very structured system. He could do more but the system won't allow it.

    + STRONG STRONG body, solid ballhandler, combo guard
    + Can get to the basket and would over power a lot of smaller guards
    + OK defender, must improve his range.
    + I would say he is similar to the strong guards wisonsin usually has, and as a 3-4 years player would be a load by his upperclassmen year

  • HoosierSmitty

    I wouldn't exactly say Carlino's an Indiana kid….he just arrived. But I guess he still counts.

  • Matt S

    While I dont disagree about the statement,….i do disagree with the player you chose as an example. That kid was overrated his whole career.

  • Which one? Zeller or Chris Thomas?

    Was Thomas overrated? You bet. But he also probably would have done better in just about any other system.

    My personal opinion. I gutted through too many ND games with him at the point while I was there.

  • Matt s

    yea i was talking about chris thomas….Luke I feel really never had big expectations. I know he won Mr basketball, but I never got the feeling that people thought he was going to make a huge impact anywhere he went. I think people expected him to be a little more than a role player, but nothing much more than that.