A look at 2012 recruit DeJuan Marrero

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For those who do not know, I also moonlight as a freelance sports writer for the Times of Northwest Indiana (whuddup region readers) covering Notre Dame sports and local schools when they make the trip east. As such, I got out to South Bend Washington High School for a game against No. 1 Bowman Academy, and when I went to sign in, whose name should I see above mine but Mr. Matthew Painter.

The Eagles sport a deep and athletic roster that’s gotten them a 14-0 record and the top spot in 1-A boys basketball. They’ve also got DeJuan Marrero, whom I presume Painter was present to watch.

Some vitals: Marrero is a sophomore, listed at 6-foot-5, which seems about right. Rivals and Bowman both have him as a forward, and he’s thus far received offers from Indiana, Illinois, Purdue and Ohio State, and interest from Michigan, Kentucky and Wake Forest. So dude’s a recruiting magnet with more than two years left to polish his game.

Painter might have had cause to leave South Bend a little bit disappointed, as Marrero spent most of the game on the bench with foul trouble. But Marrero got onto the floor for good in the fourth quarter, and his coach even left him out there when he pulled the rest of Bowman’s starters, presumably to make sure that the kid got good exposure in front of a Big Ten coach.

Marrero didn’t disappoint either, dropping 11 points in the final period to finish with 13 and 11 rebounds. My unofficial tally had him at 5-of-12 from the floor, and 1-of-2 from behind the arc. I might be off on the 3-pointers, but it stood out that the kid didn’t waste shots from behind the 3-point line — he did a good job of attacking the rim and taking what was given to him.

As with most high school games that are overwhelmingly one-sided, it was hard to really get a sense of how Marrero would fit into a traditional small forward role. Washington really didn’t have anyone that could guard him, (or anyone. Teammate Chris Bond pulled down a triple-double on the Panthers) so Marrero spent a lot of time scoring inside off layups and putbacks against a team with no real way of stopping a player of his size and ability.

But he did move well with the ball, he was judicious in shot selection and his range is legitimate.

Sorry I can’t offer a more in-depth look, I’m not the most skilled at breaking down recruits. But considering I got an up-close look at a guy for whom Alex had high praise, (and Alex does know what he’s talking about) I thought it important to bring it up.

See everybody on Saturday.

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  • Downing’s5th

    There used to be a wonderful Italian restaurant in South Bend…It was called Nikola’s..My parents would take me there when I was a kid…

  • BaseballBuc

    Hey guys, If everything works out, I will be traveling to Gary Saturday night to watch Bowman Academy host Deshaun Thomas and The Luers. I've seen Marrero play many times, and he's big time. Expecially if he grows an inch or 2. Bowman is a 1a school but virtually everyone on their schedule is 3A to 4A. I'm from northwest indiana and everyone is talking about this game. If you guys have an email or something I could send my analysis report to, I will be happy to do it.

  • valpohistory

    What up region

  • GFDave

    I think Alex wants this kind of thing sent to [email protected]. I look forward to reading it. Especially excited about the prospects of Thomas and Marrero going at each other.

  • willie gladness

    there used to be a beautiful blog called the basketblog. this guy named downing basically ran it. it ruled.

  • Bawa
    VJ 3
    Hulls or Rivers

    This is the line up that needs to be on the floor. I really like what I've seen with Bawa early on. Crean needs to quit taking him out everytime he makes a mistake. Pritchard doesn't want to play so don't play him. Bawa is the missing piece of this puzzle. Creek and Watford came out of the gate playing fairly well. Elston is playing better than most expected a 2A kid to play. Hulls got his game together as far as handling D1 gaurds. Bobby C is starting to show signs of promise. Now we need Bawa to be that 7 foot rebounding monster that dunks the easy bunny Pritchard misses.
    I want to see Bawa for 20 minutes.

  • GFDave

    DeMatha lost to Gonzaga tonight 67-65. Traditional rivalry game between two perennially good teams. Victor O had 19 points. I don't know how many boards or assists. I was not there.

  • Taskmaster75

    Do we have another cupcake on the schedule? I want to see Bawa start a game just to see how he plays for 30+ minutes.

    My lineup at this point would be


    If we fail at Rebounding with this lineup, I give up.

  • Kelin Blab

    I sure hope we can break into the region and get a kid out of their. South v Pike last night was a decent game with a GREAT 'single class' basketball atmosphere….

    Carlino….Crafty, good size, more athletic than I thought, matched up well with teague defensively
    Teague….NO ONE can stay in front of him PERIOD, end of discussion. Needs to be more aggressive. On his team should average 25 for them to win more.
    Dee Davis…The one that got away
    Spencer Turner……don't think he will land at IU, but a helluva shooter, and has worked on his game…
    TJ Bell….has potential, young, needs to play harder

    Bloomington South vs. North Central or Carmel would be a great state finals.

  • AndrewWilson

    Is anybody as excited as I am that he is coming to IU? Maybe, he is not a five star but he is someone that well give a huge huge huge spark when we need a play to be made!

  • R. Mandeville

    Kelin – As an IU and Butler fan – I'm curious about your thoughts on Fromm. He had big numbers last night. What about his game? You like?

  • GFDave

    my bad. its [email protected] sorry

  • GFDave

    Link to video highlites of South v Pike:


    I would pay real American money to see South and DeMatha play.

  • kristheboss

    Kelin couldn't agree more, I knew coming in Teague had the athletic adv. on Carlino but in reality I was very impressed with his ability to even stay as well as he did on him. I playd with Jeff in middle school AAU and watching Marquis is like a mirror image with a faster first step. Kids unreal, dos anyone kno the odds of him makin IU his home??

  • Kelin Blab


    Fromm is such a sound sound fundamentally good post. I LOVE his game because he is ALWAYS around the ball, has 3pt range and a nice inside game. He will play immediately at Butler and I commend Coach Stevens for getting him signed and sealed. Pike had NO answer for him and to be the only big man for South he rarely gets in foul trouble…..

  • Kelin Blab

    Odds of him making IU his home….I have waivered from 50-50, to 60-40, now I am holding at 60-40….I do believe IU is above L'Ville, may sound crazy but two years from now when he arrives in College IU could be as competitive as L'Ville….however…I think Cal has a great chance given he is ONE and DONE….and Cal is the point guard one and done king.

  • GFDave

    You may be right about that. Cal has shown he can get the kids he wants. But I don't think Teague is in the same league as Rose or Wall. Both are much bigger and stronger players and their body types lend themselves to NBA play much more readily than Teague, who has a slighter build. Also, I think Wall and Rose are less mercurial than Teague, who, if the reports I read are accurate, could use some time in college to mature physically and emotionally. But none of that is a real deterrent to Teague and Cal walking down the NBA aisle together. The question becomes: is Marquis just staging a prolonged tryout or does he want to improve himself?