Zagoria via sources: Arizona, Kansas lead for Selby

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If there’s been one common question among the recruiting chatter fans partake in on this here site, it’s this: When is Indiana going to land a five-star recruit?

I could argue that Maurice Creek and Christian Watford warranted five-star consideration, but hey, I’m not Dave Telep, Jerry Meyer or Clark “Ivan Renko” Francis.

The name Josh Selby still comes up quite a bit when discussing Indiana’s recruiting efforts for its 2010 class. Selby, a five-star point guard from the Baltimore area, added Indiana to his list shortly after Kyrie Irving eliminated the Hoosiers.

Selby took an official visit to Bloomington on November 14 and since that time, information about his interest in IU has been scarce. The Lake Clifton guard, who originally committed to Tennessee, is not speaking to the media about his recruitment.

So here’s the latest on Selby: According to Adam Zagoria, one of the better recruiting reporters on the east coast, Selby is favoring Kansas and Arizona. Kentucky is also in good shape, but John Calipari seems to be focused on chasing the nation’s No. 1 player, Brandon Knight.

As much as fans continue to hold out hope for Selby, the reality is that Indiana remains a long shot.

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  • Korey

    Well, it was always a reach for us to sign Selby. Hopefully Crean is done recruiting for 2010 and is focusing on the massive amount of in-state talent for 2011 and 2012. While there is no chatter about him being unable to sign 5-star recruits that I have heard of yet, I wouldn’t be suprised if that becomes an issue in the near future seeing that he has yet to sign a 5 Star in his entire coaching career. If we can land two or three of the following: Marquis Teague, Branden Dawson, Cody Zeller, Ron Patterson, D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, AJ Hammons, Jeremy Hollowell, Jeremiah Davis, then I could stay off Crean’s back for awhile

  • IUDan

    Thanks for the update, Alex. I hope this topic doesn't begin the “Crean can't land a 5-star recruit” (although I don't think there's been alot of that on here per se), I think it's unrealistic to expect we get serious consideration from 5-star players until we're a sure-fire NCAA tourney team – hopefully next season, but more realistically the season after that.

    There's no exposure like the NCAA tournament, and I think when recruits realize that they are the missing piece to making a deep tournament run, then we'll get our fair share.

    That being said, getting in with some of these players early on could pay dividends – something we couldn't do with the 2010 class, but have a shot with 2011, 2012 and down the line . ..

  • hoosierboy

    What a surprise. Arizona and Kansas are two great schools. Best of luck in the future Mr. Selby. It would be nice if u could bring some scoring to Assembly Hall.

  • Kelin Blab

    Help me with something people….

    Arizona and Indiana have almost the idential record…….9-9 vs 8-9
    As far as I know the Arizona program is rebuilding also…….
    Sean Miller and Crean both very good coaches……..

    Soooo why is it Kansas and Arizona…….

  • Disco_Briscoe

    Do you really want to know how to land a 5 Star recruit? You get players drafted in the 1st round of the NBA Draft. Winning does help alittle but I'd say 95% of these (studs) kids really care about is how can you get them to the MONEY as quick as possible.

    So here are the questions I'd ask myself if I'm a 5 star…Does the coach have track record with getting kids to pros? Does the team run pro offensive and defensive systems? Does the team have talent to put around me to help me look better? Did past players fair well in the draft and in the NBA?

    I think you see why Kentucky (Memphis), Kansas, UNC, and other (answer-yes) teams always have 5 star recruits and we don't.

  • IUDan

    That's a good point on AZ – they are in a situation a bit similar to ours, however I'd argue they are probably a year ahead of us in terms of rebuilding, current record notwithstanding. While their cupboard was fairly bare, retaining Nick Wise and incoming recruits after Miller got there was key – and he was able to build on that with a good haul in year 1.

    I think all things being equal, they are slightly ahead of where we are now as a program. I think another factor is that Miller was coming off a great season, and was a hot commodity in terms of coaching jobs and as a recruiter. And to disco's point, AZ has a history of sending early-entry players to successful NBA careers.

    As I said before, I hope that beginning next year we start to get some serious interest from these types of players, particularly if guys like Creek and Watford look like NBA draft picks

  • Kelin Blab


    You are absolutely correct in your assessment. The issue is… Indiana, it's fans, crean, and university willing to do and be like the Memphis and KY's or do we want more of a Purdue formula. I know this not good to hear but it is our reality….

  • BFowler

    Thanks for the update. I hope this is not the end, but I wish Mr. Selby the best wherever he attends college. It's a good thing we still have Austin Rivers in the recruiting circle (just pulling your chain, Alex).

  • marsh21

    It too early for anyone to get miffed at the lack of 5 stars coming in. 11 & 12 will bring help from in State plus player development with our current group will get us to the NCAA post season in 11.

    Shelby was never coming to IU and it should be no surprise.

  • IUDan

    I think there's a middle ground – think about when we got EJ – he was a 5-star, sure-fire one-and-done, but we brought him into a team with experienced 4-year players (with DJ another first-rounder). Kansas, UNC, etc are able to land 5-star players that fit into their team concept without selling their souls. UK feels like a group of hired guns, as did Memphis, and I think most of us would be against getting talented but troubled kids (see Ferguson, Lance Stephenson, OJ Mayoetc).

    So there is a middle ground there.

  • because it's Indiana

    I think our formula lies somewhere in the middle between KY-Memphis and Purdue. MSU (remember that Crean is an Izzo deciple) has been successful using:

    – Mostly in state talent
    – 3-4 star guys that play tough (rebounds)
    – Faster pace game (by B10 standards)
    – Some 5 star talent that stays at least 2 years

    MSU also goes up against an in state, football school, with good connections to the state's “more urban” areas. Michigan is practically Purdue in maze and blue!

  • hooseyes

    Off topic, but Alex, you mentioned via twitter the other day that you thought one of VO's teammates (the 6'8″ forward) looked to be a big that would fit Crean's system well… Do you know if Indiana is actually involved in his recruitment? Or was it just more of a general observation…?

  • Just an observation on Mikael Hopkins. Here's his Rivals Profile:

  • BaseballBuc

    Kelin, I was thinking the same thing. But I have some things to add.
    +The Pac 10 is awful, it doesn't even compare to the Big 10 in overall talent and competition.
    +There is no way you can get more national exposure at Arizona than at Indiana.
    +When a team like Arizona, who got in on Selby very late in the game, leads me to believe that there could be recruiting violations going on. I'm not trying to accuse Sean Miller or his staff of anything illegal, but things things do happen

  • peaychris

    i am torn how i want to go forward. i HATE ONE AND DONES, but i like the instant impact it can make. i would really like to see the NCAA adopt the football rule so there is some continuity and the kids actually have to get an education. if a kid for NBA purposes has to be a year removed from high school to play in the NBA let them to overseas for a year and then to the NBA. i wish college basketball was more about developing players than using them. for elite college stars the system is being used..

  • Nate

    For goodness' sake, it's SELBY not Shelby. We're not recruiting a souped-up mustang here, kids. Get with it.

  • Hey Kelin,

    Great topic, I think a distinction needs to be made between Kentucky and Memphis almost going exclusively one and done, and UNC, Duke and Kansas who seem to bring in 5* players that stay longer. A while ago I looked back at Kansas and they had something like 6 or 7 five-stars over the last 5 years and not one had been one and done, and only 1 had left after just two years.

    I think a school like IU is too good not to bring in the best and too good to model themselves after Purdue. I see no reason IU shouldn't consistently recruit 5 and 4 star recruits, it's just up to Crean to not only get them, but get the ones that fit the IU brand. They're definitely out there.

  • cooper

    Modeling yourself after Purdue is silly. They've been irrelevant for the last 10 years or more. Last year they were ok, this year they haven't shown they are great. they are a team that may be tournament bound every year but they aren't going to challenge for a championship very often.

    There is nothing wrong with recruiting a one and done guy. You dont build a team full of them but having a guy good enough to leave after one or two years is usually what puts you over the top.

    Disco is right on. Crean has to show he can get players consistently to the pros to before IU gets the absolute top players year after year.

    I'd be shocked if Selby came to IU for the fact he isn't going to be here when IU is ready to compete for a championship.

  • I'm pretty sure we said almost exactly the same thing. I should have added that I'm not against one and done players. I really honed in on Kansas, but also mentioned UNC and Duke as programs in that group, and they've had one and dones, difference is a majority of their 5* aren't one and dones.

  • FYI Selbys mom has shot down any rumors that there is a leader in his recruitment. Per ESPN…