Zagoria: Echenique headed to Creighton

  • 01/13/2010 4:30 pm in

Well, we promised you we’d get you more information on this Gregory Echenique fellow, and so we have. OK, more Adam Zagoria than us, but still.

Echenique, who listed Indiana as one of five possible destinations after announcing his intent to transfer from Rutgers, is headed to Creighton, says Zagoria. Indiana joins Georgia Tech, Maryland and Miami as one of the spurned.

In truth, the chances that Echenique ever ended up at IU are tough to figure.

The player expressed his interest, obviously, but it’s hard to tell whether he would have fit coach Tom Crean’s up-tempo style. There was also some Twitter chatter (Chitter? Yea, probably not.) recently suggesting Creighton was a favored choice, something Zagoria elaborates upon in the above-linked story.

Either way, Echenique can apparently be crossed off the wish list.

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  • Indiana Red

    There goes any chance of ever using “He has great tEchenique” or “tEcheniquel foul” jokes. Back to schuare one.

    /not even sure how you pronounce his name, I'm just bored at work
    //Zachary, it's better than “Twatter”

  • Creighton? seriously?

  • marsh21

    Pro about these sites is we hear a lot more than before but the con is paying too much attention to recruiting news as it's a very fluid process which can leave us miffed without ever knowing the true story.

  • Hey I was at the Illinois game and was at the north lobby and saw Austin Rivers and his mom. I see a lot of mention of him being there recruiting wise and also talked to a guy at halftime who said Doc told him he would like to see Austin go to Indiana. I saw he was commited to Florida during his game on CBS. So, I checked out rivals or scout and it said he was commited but another 5 star at his position was commited there also…..are we recruiting him? What is the deal with Austin Rivers?

  • dougy

    The deal is that he is coming in 2011, and cause his dad is Doc Rivers, he is going to pay for college out of pocket, leaving iu with an extra scholarship which we use when plumlee and zeller commit. DUUHHHHHHHH lol

  • cooper

    i really don't see Rivers going to IU. IU won't be ready to win a championship or maybe even make the tournament and he probably won't be a 4 year player.

    As far as this Echenique guy its sad to say but Creighton may be closer to the tournament than IU is.(i write this without having checked their record but they seem to make the tournament pretty often)

  • Kelin Blab

    Cooper after starting the Austin Rivers to IU rumor ( I am glad to see it is getting some legs) I looked at IU and Florida in 2011. It is NOT far fetched that IU and Florida could be fairly competitve with one another in 2011 with an austin rivers being a difference.

    Not to look to far ahead but a group of the following should and could make the tourney in 2011, Austin Rivers could all but gurantee that, not to mention a Soph class of Sheehey, Oladipo, with a Frosh class of Carlino and Etherington……

    G VJ3 -Sr
    G Jordan Hulls-Jr or Austin Rivers
    G Mo Creek-Jr
    F. Wateford-Jr
    F- Elston- Jr

  • plane1972

    I love the “beat” that you cover. I have sources telling me that Selby and Austin Rivers will be sharing backcourt duties in Bloomington, as Selby will be commiting and staying two years. I was holding off on reporting this because I was struggling to find a second source. Let me know if you would like to serve as a confiming source.
    Keep pounding the pavement, my friend. I enjoy reading your stuff.

  • marchus

    Plane, Are you serious about what you are reporting on Rivers and Selby? Please don't give us false hope.

  • DJ5

    Florida is probably headed to the NIT this year. So, I guess that puts them ahead of IU, but lets not kid ourselves into think Florida is that much closer to a championship.

  • plane1972


    Unlike Kelin, I will let you off the hook. No, I was joking. My source for the Rivers/Selby backcourt was my own colorful imagination, and if Kelin was willing to share his imagination as a second source for my rumor, we could have had gotten some traction.

    I guess Kelin is not willing to share the rumor mill.

    Dream big dreams,