ITH Video: 2011 commitment Austin Etherington

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Inside the Hall got a look at the second member of Indiana’s 2011 recruiting class, Austin Etherington, at Wednesday’s Hamilton Heights Classic in Arcadia (IN). We’ve put together sixteen HD clips from Etherington’s 17-point performance in a 76-51 win over University. Etherington is wearing No. 23. Enjoy.

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  • Luke72

    Thanks for the clip! Austin has great mobility for his size! By his freshman year IU might have more depth a the 1 and 2 of any team in the country!!

  • Kelin Blab

    + Bouncy
    + Very goog wing athlete
    + Good looking shot
    + Crafty

    Good get by Crean……Great HD by the way

  • Dude

    As one of the players for the opposing team in the video I've got to say this to put this game in context:
    We are a school of 200 while Heights has at least 1,000
    Our tallest player is 6'4″ – Etherington is 6'6″
    We are 2-8 on the season
    Not saying Etherington won't be good, but college basketball is quite a step-up from a high school game against a 1a opponent that is 2-8.

  • BaseballBuc

    I saw some highlights of a couple of his sectional games last year and I'm not sure about him. I just don't know where he really fits into iu's equation. He can do everything pretty well but not anything extraodinary. My advice to him would be to gain a lot of strength, really work on his defensive game, and shoot, shoot, shoot.The more Dane Fife players we can bring in the better. The upside is there, but i'm not completely sold yet.

  • I don't know if Ethrington is going to be a good player at Indiana or not, but I definitely hear what you're saying. I'm not trying to say anything bad about you or your team, but since you brought it up, all I was thinking while watching the video was that there didn't seem to be a player on the court that had mid-major size or athletic ability, let along Big Ten.

    I definitely appreciated the video from the ITH guys (any and all video of these guys is much appreciated), but really tough to tell anything from that.

  • q95

    the type of recruiting i think we are seeing from tc are solid, well-coached players who are likely to stick around for 4 years. please, no more “one and done” types except on a very limited basis. what frustrates me most about these guys, ie…eric gordon, is they never really buy into the program. we need continuity in the program as purdue has shown. you knew after watching hummel, moore and company as freshmen, they were not declaring for the draft. now, 2 years later they are a solid top five..

    as for the video, nice size, nice looking jumper, but you must be able to defend at the next level baby. can’t tell a thing from this clip. thanks to the kid from the opposing team for putting things in perspective.

  • GFDave


  • Definitely wasn't playing against much competition, but nothing he can do about that but dominate.

  • no matter who he's playing, u can see from the vid he is athletic, nice hops and nice mobility. matt carlino is also an athlete, but that factor i guess is often overlooked on him. kinda like zach novak from michigan. many, including myself thought novak as just a shooter, i had no idea he was the best leaper on the michigan team. if u look on carlino's facebook, there's a vid of him nonchalantly doing a very nice windmill dunk. though carlino and etherington may be white, they're athletic even by D1 standards

  • Kelin Blab

    I think we can begin to see a Crean trend here with some of the recruits…..
    + Athletic -Etherington, Vic, Carlino, Sheehey
    + Long Wings – Etherington, Vic, Carlino, Sheehey
    + Able to play other positions – Vic, Carlino, Etherington, Sheehey (Zeller)
    + Not a TRUE PG – (Teague, Selby), Carlino
    + Mobile Post players – (Zeller, Perea, Leek)

    This leads me to believe Crean is big on players being able to run, jump, and handle the ball at 4 out of the 5 positions.

  • Kelin Blab

    The best thing that happened to Carlino's game was a move to Bloomington. The competition he is playing against with Pike, Carmel, Lex. Catholic, etc. has made him step his game up big time. From what I have read he has been on a tear recently………..

  • agreed. seems like he had some teams like this at marquette. but now that he's at indiana he's getting them higher up in the rankings. btw, that oj mayo thing. think it will leave usc in worse shape than iu was after sampson? seems to me even after the dennehy scandal at baylor even they werent wrecked as worse as us, who self reported violations and was squeaky clean.

  • marsh21

    This kid has another year and a half to mature plus playing the AAU season this summer. He's a solid get who appears to have a lot of upside. Hell he might even grow some more…

    When you can have a mobile 6-6 backcourt player who's athletic and plays with a defensive mindset it makes it very difficult to match up. Look what VIII is doing to players this year and I beieve Austin is a better player already.

  • Neil_Reed

    He ha scored 0 points against Elston in 3 years while Elston was at Tipton.

    Over Rated!!!

  • MillaRed

    IU knocks off a Pitt team that is having an “off” year, then they beat undefeated #6 Syracuse.

    Michigan just isn't the team we all thought they were, then they take care of #15 Ohio State.

    Then you see posts about how our incoming recruits are going to stink.

    As IU gets better, and oh boy, they will get better….and better….and better……..expect more random, negative posts about anything and everything that is IU. When reading them over, consider them compliments. Because in another year or two we'll be back to the Sweet 16 baby!

  • BigRed3588

    First off, hes only a junior, so this will only be his third year and second, I'm pretty sure he was out most of last season with a knee injury. That would mean he only played 1 game against Elston, that being his freshman year

  • wow. u make some very good points about pitt and michigan. maybe we are better than many think, we just had a few off days here and there, liek against loyola, gmason, and boston. games we cudda and shudda won and we'd be 10-3. but its a young team and these fluctuations are expected i guess right?

  • MillaRed

    Puerto Rico is what it is. We lost a few close games and were trying to find a groove. It just didn't work out. Pitt and Michigan are top 50 teams and we took care of business.

    I think we can beat anyone in the Big Ten if we put it all together. Will we? I doubt it. If Rivers can shut down the likes of Travon Hughes, Kalin Lucas, Taylor Battle like he did Manny Harris it puts a lot of pressure on the opponent.

    I think we can win 6-8 Big Ten games if we continue to improve.

  • MPmike

    He could be a good player but he is not playing against very good competition, so the verdict is still out.

  • Hey Milla, not sure if you were referring to my post at all. All I was saying is that the video is inconclusive as far as being able to gauge his talent. Not a knock on Ehtrington. As Alex said, he's playing his schedule, that's all he can do. He might be great at IU, I'm excited to see him arrive, just saying that the video is against a very small unathletic high school team.

    Happy New Year!

  • MillaRed

    I agree the video doesn't tell us much. We're all hopeful as always. I just thought it was funny after a big win for the Hoosiers there were a few stones cast at Austin. Probably my imagination……..

  • As a follow up to my comments, let me say that I watched Austin play this summer against high major competition. There's a reason he's rated among the top 75 players in his class by the team of Dave Telep and Evan Daniels. The kid is talented, athletic, can shoot the ball and is just scratching the surface of his potential. He definitely has work to do, but he's definitely a very solid pickup in my opinion.

  • Thanks Alex, much appreciated! That's definitely good stuff to hear.

  • MillaRed

    I know one of the major recruiting sites has him listed as a 4-star recruit. I'll take any kid at this height that can move like a 2-guard and shoot the three. I wouldn't have known he was this athletic without the video so thanks Alex. Be it vs. good competttion or not.

    With all of these combo guards on the 2010 and 2011 rosters, I can only imagine how they will be pushing each other. This is an aspect of recruiting Crean understands that many seem to undervalue. The cream rises to the top. Between VIII, Creek, Oladipo, Sheehey, Carlino, (I see Etherington as more of a 3, but if he could guard the 2 at this height, wow) I would venture to say it gives IU tremendous flexibility which CTC seems to covet.

    Someone noted Watford as a future PF but I really think IU will be at its best with Christian at the 3. Just not sure who will be surrounding him on the floor.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Kid looks like he has some game, but he has to fix that free throw shot. All that extra mumbo jumbo before the shot and the fade away release needs to be corrected.

    I guess after our “struggles” from the line this year, I picked up on that rather quick.

    I like his hops and his shooting ability, however. He is going to be a solid player for us.