Visuals of Basketball Development Center construction

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It’s been lost in my mind — as things often get — since the last time I visited Bloomington and saw it over the summer, but yeah: Indiana is still constructing the new basketball practice facility. According to a release from IU Athletics yesterday, we still have some time to wait till this puppy is complete. Construction is scheduled to run for several more months, and they’re looking at a spring 2010 completion date.

The Basketball Development Center isn’t going to make every top recruit rush to IU, but the Indiana mystique, Tom Crean’s charm and an improving team can only go so far: at some point, you have to show a teenager something fancy. This practice facility is it, and it’s a facet the Hoosier basketball program has lacked. Other top programs can bust out the trump card with one of these facilities. Right now, IU only¬† has a virtual tour to show off. Actually taking a kid inside this thing when it’s complete is a whole other level.

I included a few more photos after the jump, but you can see a whole gallery of the progress on IU Athletics’ Web site, which I would recommend you peep as well.



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  • the6thmanning

    This is just another step in bringing Indiana Basketball back. It is simply not enough in today's recruiting climate to have great tradition, this facility was needed, and Rick Greenspan was smart to see to its construction. New facilities are essential, the construction of a new arena should be put onto the agenda as soon as the economic climate improves

  • the6thmanning

    IU has posted a virtual tour as well.

  • BaseballBuc

    Isn't there supposed to be some sort of underground tunnel that leads to assembly hall?

  • Ryan_Btown

    Yep. If u go check out the pics, they have one inside the tunnel

  • a501

    Has there been a motion to name this after Bob Knight? It is the least we could do.


    Started to say this is a real building block in the rebuilding process but then realized that it falls more in the category of cornerstone of the rebuilding process. Will help in recruiting for sure because that is just the way it is now days plus something like this was badly needed at a university the size of IU. Start planning now for AH's replacement so that when the economic climate comes back around we will be ready to start building. This too has got to happen sooner rather than later.

    P.S. Mr Glass a winning football program would bring in a large infusion of badly needed money for more projects such as this nice new facility.

  • nathanzimmerman

    Found this awhile back.

    On June 22nd 2007, Indiana University trustees approved the demolition of Assembly Hall and the construction of a new basketball arena “when appropriate.” HOK Sports was hired to assess the benefits of renovating or replacing Assembly Hall. The trustees decided against renovating the stadium for $115 Million because construction of a new arena would cost $130 Million. Construction of the arena has not begun because funding has not been secured. Sources within the IU Athletic Department have said that the New Louisville Arena, Maryland's Comcast Center, Wisconsin's Kohl Center and the Mizzou Arena are being studied as possible blue prints for the Hoosiers' new arena.

  • redinthehead

    That landscaping sucks. I hope those trees don't grow any.

  • HoosierDavey

    I think AH is going to need a replacement eventually, but I hope they keep some of the character of the Hall in a new arena. Kinda like what they did with the new Yankee Stadium. Definitely bring the balconies down a bit, would be a big suggestion. And, if IU policy allows it, I would be in favor of naming it Knight Assembly Hall.

  • PortableStorage

    Looking at the photos it seems that the construction of the Basketball Development Center is going on at a good pace and I hope that I will get the further updates on this construction.

    Portable Storage,