Visuals of Basketball Development Center construction

  • 12/16/2009 3:52 pm in


It’s been lost in my mind — as things often get — since the last time I visited Bloomington and saw it over the summer, but yeah: Indiana is still constructing the new basketball practice facility. According to a release from IU Athletics yesterday, we still have some time to wait till this puppy is complete. Construction is scheduled to run for several more months, and they’re looking at a spring 2010 completion date.

The Basketball Development Center isn’t going to make every top recruit rush to IU, but the Indiana mystique, Tom Crean’s charm and an improving team can only go so far: at some point, you have to show a teenager something fancy. This practice facility is it, and it’s a facet the Hoosier basketball program has lacked. Other top programs can bust out the trump card with one of these facilities. Right now, IU only¬† has a virtual tour to show off. Actually taking a kid inside this thing when it’s complete is a whole other level.

I included a few more photos after the jump, but you can see a whole gallery of the progress on IU Athletics’ Web site, which I would recommend you peep as well.



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