• how do you know that the toothbrush was invented in Kentucky?

    because any other state would of called it the teethbrush!

  • Good game, guys. You guys shot lights-out, and I was afraid you guys would keep knocking out jumpers and out-hustling the Wildcats for every 50/50 ball. We are just really, really quick on defense (when we want to play defense).

    Crean's a fantastic coach, and he's going to have you guys competitive soon.

  • Druid

    This game illustrated the fact that we (1) don't have any bigs that can jump and rebound on the offensive boards and (2) that we still don't have a clue how to box out on the defensive boards. However I saw a whole lot to be excited about with our team. I would like to say that I got really sick of hearing the entire game how good Wall was for kentucky and never any mention on how good our own Maurice Creek is. Creek made Wall look awfully bad in this game by nearly out scoring him by 22. Even at the half time the announcers just went on and on about Wall and never mentioned Creek. It disgust me badly. I pray that CBS doesn't do another IU game.

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